Cold sore's in young children should never be ignored by peer's.

Cold sore's in children and teen's and young adolesent's should never be ignored by children,and parent's,and school teacher's.cold sore's are just a real bad sign,that the child is sufferring severe momory loss,which is caused by bad untreatable stress.this severe momory loss is a sign,that children are lossing their childhood momories alot faster.ask your child about their first 4 or 5 birthday,ask them to recall what they did at their last 4 birthday's.they all will alway's say the same thing.they cannot remember,they have severe momory loss caused by tenporarily alzeimer's symptom's.if your child has more than 1 cold sore,if they have 2 or even 3 cold sore's in their mouth.then this is a real bad sign.that your child has real bad severe momory loss,caused by bad stress,problem's at school,trouble getting a good girlfriend,bad problem's playing sporting activities such as soccer,hockey,cricket,golf,other sport's such as football.also biting these cold sore's to the point that they become badly infected.can lead to bad problem's.they suffer from severe stress.this is the first stage of problem's for your child,they alone(your Child),all alone.facing this severe bad stress alone without help.they can only treat this bad stress with alcohol,smoking cig's.doing bad drug's.if your child bite's their cold sore's,to the point that these cold sore's are infected.then this can lead to dementia,mental illness,bipolar disorder,PTSD,panic disorder.and more badly,schizophrenia.Cold sore's in children and teen's must never be ignored by anybody.Cold sore's in children are a real bad sign,that something is wrong with your child,we must make thing's right for your your children before it is too late.

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  • How is this a confession?

  • I guess it's a confession because this moron has cold sores. And he bites them. And it affects his use of punctuation.

  • Yeah.... except that cold sores are caused by Human Herpes Virus I (Herpes simplex virus) and are just an infection of peripheral sensory neurones... They have absolutely nothing to do with the central nervous system.

  • Than,what i am saying is not true.

  • R-E-T-A-R-D

  • A rule that's easy to remember, and worth remembering: you NEVER pluralize ANYTHING with punctuation. Please do us all a favor and rip the apostrophe key off your keyboard.

  • Are you that f****** retarded? I had many cold sours and I have the best memory then any of my friends! I can remember what happened on my 3rd b-day. I had a rugrats theme party, pie (hated cake at the time) and had a cold sour that day. Plus things like that don't connect to anything important enough to cause anything like memory loss.

  • What i am saying is a scientific theory based on year's of study of the human brain of the degeneration raising of today's my friend have a perfect life.alot of other kid's in this world do not have a perfect life like you do.alot of kid's today, do not have perfect loving parent's like you do.therefore,they(today's kid's) have miserable live's based on year's of abuse,neglect,misery,depression.they don't have perfect live's.alot of people in america make alot of money to keep today's kid's happy.but for other kid's who do not have any money to be happy.then they will suffer bad mental health problem's,just like i descibed on my confession post.all i am saying about my post is a scientific theory,that all life on this planet is not perfect.are you happy,that you are not mentally ill.Mr.perfect.

  • Pray tell, who was involved in said study and resulting theory? I would love to read the research.

  • You are indeed an idiot. Do everyone a favor and power down your computer, unplug it, and toss it in the nearest trash bin. You are a cold sore on the entire internet.

  • My reply to your comment,if you don't like my post.than don't f****** read it,have a nice p****.

  • Who COULD read it??? It has no basis in any medical fact, and it was obviously written by a delusional psychotic fool. Find a shrink pal....

  • My reply to your comment is,you are right.I AM INSANE.and you speak latin f***** s***.you are also a butt f****** q****,you f*****.i also love hitler.

  • are a necrophiliac as

  • Dude, you're a f***** moron.

  • Hey man,i tried my best to tell the truth,don't blame me for my you get older,than you get these mental health problems i just told you about.than you are in deep crap.

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