I hate Catholics

I really hate Catholics and there stupid f****** religion!! Fenian bastards!!!

May 20, 2013

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  • Catholics are responsible for more child rape than anything

  • Aye! Damn those black Irish bog-men and their transubstantiation! And don't forget those Orange Protestant bastards with their Elect and contemptible ideas of predestination! And damn those vile Mohammadians (that's an old-school reference to Muslims for all you silly non-academics... pretty much everyone here) with their caravan-driver prophet and miserable iconoclasm and jihad! And the Jews! Well damn them too for their vengeful, material god, and the whole f****** old testament, and... and... s*** man, for f****** everything! Cuz we all know Jews are the cause of it all, especially for inventing guilt (all you Jewish mothers know what I'm talking about!). And if we gotta damn the Jews we might as well damn the Zoroastrians (if there are any left) for inventing monotheism and their heretical dualism! But perhaps the most damnable are the f****** Pagans (yes, I'm lumping all you polytheistic groups -- Easter and Western, extinct and still kicking -- together in one big group, how insensitive of me) for being a bunch of superstitious sods and for starting all of this nonsense. Long ago one of you a******* saw an odd-colored rock in the desert and thought it would be a good idea to start worshiping it. And that lead to this, and 1000s of years of wars and suffering and idiotic babble. You're the a******* responsible for all these other a*******, and especially the idiot with the original post.

  • Oh, I fergot: to the guy that says Catholicism has an internal logical consistency and cannot be proven or disproven....

    One of the reasons for the schism and religious wars that resulted during Protestant Reformation was the Catholic belief in transubstantiation (i.e. the belief that during mass, priests can call-upon or channel the holy spirit to re-create the miraculous transformation of bread and wine into the body and blood of christ, as Jesus first did at the last supper). Some protestant groups argued that this ceremony (the Eucharist and sacrament of mass) was symbolic only; that priests performed a non-miraculous re-enactment; that the bread and wine remained bread and wine. The papacy insisted that this was not so; that their substance was indeed transformed! Most modern "Catholics" are more protestant in their thinking towards this issue than they are really catholic. But a true Catholic, a pope-fearing, card-carrying, true-believing Catholic must by definition believe that a miracle happens at mass every Sunday... that the substance of the bread and wine is transform into the substance of christ's human blood and flesh. I ask you to go to mass and take a look at the consecrated hostie and tell me if that looks like human flesh to you.

    In addition, I will only mention that even after the bishops at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD culled dozens of heretical and schismatic gospels to create the orthodox (official) scripture that is the basis for Catholic faith, there remain thousands of inconsistencies, biases, and illogical statements in the new testament, and the writings of the later Church Fathers.

    Like every other cult or religion, Catholicism was created ad-hoc and by its organic development is naturally inconsistent. Its authority relies on philosophical borrowings, and fabrications (such as the "Donation of Constantine," and the Psudo-Isidorian decretals... look them up). Faith, not logic, is its core. It is fundamentally illogical.

  • Alot of Catholics, the pope included, think they are channeling God but they are really channelling aliens. Earthly priests in exoteric religions fo not have the ability to channel God.

  • The priests banging wee boys for a start!! The whole religion is just not ethical!! F*** off back to the Darkside and let us get on with life!!

  • The Pope is the Protector-in-Chief of child abusers and paedophiles

  • Yes, he is the King of child-molesters.

  • The pedophilia is a personal, human failing, not one of the religion. Yes, one group of humans committed crimes against children, and another group attempted to hide it, but Catholicism isn't responsible for either. [And just so you wont make a further unsupported assumption and false accusation, I myself am not a Catholic and never have been.]

  • I once worked with a Catholic and we got to talking about religion. Catholicism has an impressive internal logical consistency (my impression is they've had a few centuries to iron out the kinks) and they've clearly learned their lesson about making claims that can be subjected to empirical testing. That being said there's nothing to suggest anything in Catholicism is true, there's just no real way to disprove it either.

  • There is, actually, many ways to disprove the catholic church.People have been doing it for centuries, they just keep their opinions to themselves. They view catholics as the kindergarten class of philosophic, spiritual and religious thought.

  • you must separate your feelings about catholicism from your feelings about those who practice it. the people in the church are wonderful people whether or not you agree with the tenets of their faith.

  • I hate everybody who hate my Catholic Church.

  • Jesus said you should love your enemies

  • Jesus is the ghost of a dead jewish man.

  • Off base in every respect.

  • Fenianism has absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism. Nonetheless, the Catholic faith is anything but stupid, and it has carried or created much of the world of both theological and philosophical thought for over twenty centuries. I suppose you have the right to hate Catholics and their belief system, but you should have some better reason than the possibility that some of them might have Fenian positions or leanings.

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