Don't like this, yet I do

My morals towards relationships are changing. Before I used to think that people who mess around with others who are in relationships as horrible, but I've been sleeping with a guy I knew for years even though his girlfriend lives two houses down from him and I've been flirting with another friend of mine who is engaged. Lately I've also been thinking about contacting an ex (even though when we were together I couldn't stand him) simply because s** with him is amazing. The only reason why I won't is because he seems genuinely happy with his girlfriend, but he's always had a place for me in his heart so it would be easy for me to strike something up with him. Even while I'm doing all this and still leading on others guys I have a genuine crush on someone. He Doesn't know all this and I don't want him to find out, I don't want to bring him into any of this but I also don't necessarily like what I'm doing. I want to leave others relationships alone but for some reason I can't. If I want the guy for something, I usually go after him no matter what the situation. I don't like who I'm becoming.

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  • Why aren't you focusing on the guy you have a crush on instead of continuing the no go relationships? Eventually you will feel bad about what you are doing, especially if the significant other finds out. I am not going to say you are the only one at fault, but it will bite you in the end.

  • Since YOU don't like who you are turning into STOP your compulsion to interfere in the lives of others as you're prone to do. You sound like you realize your morals are out of whack and need some tuning. It appears you are becoming more selfish.

  • I've done things I'm not proud of that relate very closely to your what you're saying. I've flirted with married men, lead them on, talked to guys knowing they had a girlfriends, and even carried on friendships with some of the girlfriends of the guys I would mess with. Let me just tell you, it's not worth it. When you eventually find that person you genuinely love, it makes you paranoid and you constantly wonder about things. I've cheated, and been cheated on. I don't think the 'once a cheater, always a cheater' thing really applies to everyone. I'm FINALLY in a relationship where I truly love my boyfriend and trust him completely, but I'm considered a 'late bloomer' in my family because I spent TOO long messing around. Leave other's relationships alone, find someone you connect with, or if you're not ready to commit, then find other single people who are down for casual fun. In the end it will work out better for you.

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