Wow You need it so badly..

You ever have a friend, family member, coworker, or just an associate who's uptight or just grouchy? Like being around them is such a buzz kill. We all know that one person who you just say to urself or to a friend "man he/she really needs to get laid."

I know a sexy ass latina that REALLY really needs to get laid..she's 22 and is a workaholic, uptight, and dead serious ALL the time. She spends her time all day on her laptop watching anime, reading manga, and posting random s*** on forums. As a friend i've kinda hinted at why she doesnt interact with someone of the opposite s**. Her excuse? "Because no guy is worth changing my schedule over and besides i'm just way too busy for a relationship right now." Like naruto or that damn laptop is f****** going anywhere.

Me ,being the righteous gentleman that i am, Want to lay her. Why? Not for be but more for her.'s not healthy to go through life so tense. That's how ppl get illnesses and constant migrains from anything stress related.

Wish me luck :)

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  • "I'm too busy" is just an excuse. The truth is she's terrified of being in a relationship or even just having a little fun. Deep down she knows this but lies to herself and puts up that serious, uptight attitude to scare away any potential suitors. She'll try to scare you away too but if you're persistent she may eventually agree to go out with you. She'll open up very slowly because she's afraid at any moment you're going to hurt her but once she warms up to you and feels she can trust you it will unleash a torrent of repressed sexual desire. She's gonna wreck you.

  • I can see it now... "Man sexed to death by girlfriend" Probably one of the best ways i'd wanna die..

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