I just f***** my neighbor lady. I have lived next to her and her husband for about 6 years now. I have always thought she was hot but she is married so I never thought anything would happen. I have dated a few different girls since I moved to this place but nothing too serious. I'm not dating anyone right now so obviously I came home from work and was just about to fix something for dinner when I hear a knock. It's my neighbor lady asking if I have a minute to look at her computer because she can't get on the internet. So I flip open the laptop and take a look at her connection. As I'm looking to see what is wrong she started b******* about her husband. Telling me how she caught him f****** around with some girl he works with and how she kicked him out until she decides if she's going to forgive him or not. Still not thinking that I had a shot with her I comment about how he is stupid and that anyone who was with her would be a fool to s**** around. She didn't say anything so I look up and she's looking straight into my eyes. So I'm thinking there is something wrong, and I say what? She leans over and kisses me. Next thing I know she's ripping my clothes off and we're f****** right there on the kitchen chair. After we got done she put her clothes back on while I finished up her laptop. She kissed me again and said thanks as she left. The next day I saw her husband back and I asked her if she forgave him. She said she had and to never say anything about having s**.

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  • Now phfuck her husband.

  • She used you so she could get even with her husband so she could take him back. If you play your cards right, this could happen again in the future the next time her husband screws around.

  • My neighbor looks like this girl I used to j*** to in a magazine. Every time I see her I think about those nice t*** and her full curved body and how I used to c** to someone who looks just like her. I don't really know her but she always says hi and gives me a nice smile

  • Definitely blackmail her for more s**.

  • Blackmail her for more s**

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