I have no place at school.

I am in the first year of middle school in a k-8 school. This means everyone else already has friends, but I don’t. I want to make a good friend, but a sort of popular one. I have one friend, but sometimes she ignores me. I really want to be friends with her, and it’s not the situation where it’s because she is popular. She has a phone, and discord, while I have none. She also has a laptop which she plays genchin. I want to play too but… I CAN’T! I don’t know what to think or do.

Mar 14, 2022

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  • Let her go….
    By the time you reach high school she will have turned you into her little b**** making you do humiliating things just because you will do it ( a laugh for her )

  • I feel you..I've struggled the same..but that's okay, if she ignores you, let it be but start distancing yourself from her, she don't deserve your kindness...let go of those people who makes you feel an outcast..Trust me, focus on yourself first and stop pleasing people..then youu will attract new friends,new people who will make you feel belong and will treat you better❣️God bless you kid and be happy with those beautiful simple things in life☺️

  • You poor m***********. Another single-mother household. Invest in bitcoin, you can strike rich on a good night, and then you can date some nasty Hollywood bytch for a while, and turn her lesbian.

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