Is my mother inlaw overreacting?

We've been staying with my mother inlaw for a couple weeks now and the other day when I thought I was alone in the house I started masturbating. I've been using my mother inlaws photos to get it done lately, but she was still home and comes into the room without knocking and sees everything. She was really mad calling me a disgusting perv and she wants me to delete her photos from my laptop or she was going to tell my wife. I don't see why she's so upset. I feel like she invaded my privacy by not knocking before coming. Is what I did really that bad or is she overreacting.

Apr 2

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  • She is over reacting.

    She was probably shocked and did not know how to react. She knows idd to s wrong but probably could not help but feel a bit turned on at the same time.

    Over the next few months find some time to be alone with her. Work on a gardening project with her or something. Find a reason to find her a a weakened position and help her. Tell her how beautiful she is and lean in for a kiss.

    I bet she allows you much more than a kiss

  • Yeah she will hit him with a shovel! Real life rarely goes like these ** stories.

    Take her gardening?! What planet are you from?

  • From earth. Just say’n it has worked for me twice when in my 20’s with women in their mid to late 40’s.

    Ended up having a sexual relationship with my mother’s friend and with the lady that was our neighbor

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