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Im a stay at home mother to 3 kids. im young, 32 and I take great care of myself. im in shape and I think, quite attractive. my husband is a little bit older, hes 41 and the last year or so ive started to feel that hes bored with me. I NEED the attention he used to give me so ive started going into chat rooms and skeevy hook up sites late at night. I love it when guys tell me im hot and that they want to see me. I have so much fun and im satisfied when I go to bed but in the morning I hate myself. every morning I tell myself no more but by the nighttime im doing it again. im so ashamed. people would be shocked if they knew. we seem perfect.

May 29, 2013

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  • Arrange to meet some guy that you have known in the past and that you can trust ..dont go on a date with these guys online its too risky ..flirt with him get him to seduce you and give you the best f****** of your entire life ...your husbands a fool he's not fulfilling your needs need another mans attention and believe me there are plenty out there who will give you what you want so get out there and start looking ...don't feel guilty for what you're doing just now thats nothing to worry about ...plenty of other married women f*** other guys without their husbands knowing about it so why should you be different ...the other poster was right ...listen to your heart and your hormones ...good luck and i hope you get what you want and need

  • Honey, the reason you hate yourself is that you're only play-cheating and only play-f******. If you got any of the real thing, you'd never hate yourself. You'd be too busy loving all the f*** you'd be getting, and you know you would LOVE adultery, because you already love it only. Get out of your comfort zone and GO GET SOME OF THAT D*** YOU'RE FANTASIZING ABOUT.

  • go out and meet one or two or three of the guys your dating online and just see how it all goes for you. if you love it keep doing it and if you feel bad or just dont like it then stop. its not difficult. try it and see.

  • My wife and I have always had this agreement. If we see someone else we want to f***, just do it. BUT don't bring home a disease, and be discreet about it. Also, don't just f*** anyone and everyone who happens to come along. Ignorance is bliss. My wife and I are still the same persons even though we may have f***** someone else. Neither of us were virgins when we married. So, it's a given we have both had s** with someone else in the past.

  • Same here, people always tell my wife how lucky she is and how they wish they had a guy like me...if they only knew the stuff i have done behind her back

  • Don't listen to these a*******. You will ruin your life if you have an affair. Tell your husband that you need to talk to a therapist. His work will probably have an assistance program that will pay for it. Your therapist will help you figure out what you want to do.

    What you are doing right now is not hurting anyone, but you are feeling guilty. Can you imagine the guilt you will feel if you cheat on your husband? If you get caught, your marriage will probably be over. But even if you don't get caught, you will feel so bad because of the guilty feelings you have.

  • This response is idiocy. If you need the extra attention or the extra love or the extra s**, you should have it. Listen to your heart, listen to your hormones.

  • I sincerely hope youre joking. Im gonna assume youre American, and one of the reasons this country'smarriages are going to s***. Be faithful and talk to YOUR HUSBAND, about youre insecurity. If you can't talk to him you shouldn't have married him. You choose to commit to him, nobody forced you. Be a woman worthy of respect, and if you cheat on your partner all respect goes out the window and it may feel good but as you said in the morning you hate yourself. And I wonder if you could replace the time you spend online spending it with your husband. If he is bored and does leave you, he becomes the one with a bad rep. him with all your heart and if he does not reciprocate then it is his loss.

  • shes going to feel a whole lot better about herself when shes getting laid on a regular basis

  • I agree, have an affair. Your kids will still have a mother, your husband will still have a clean house and meals cooked on time and if he starts banging the secretary at work or something you can look the other way.

  • absolutely so.

  • There's nothing wrong with what you're feeling. Others will tell you that you need to discuss your feelings of abandonment with your husband, or with a therapist, or with a couples counselor, but what you really need is an affair. You're obviously capable of carrying one off, so you should go for it. If the guilt becomes too much, or the complication becomes too tiring, you can always quit it. But if you love the extra sexual and romantic attention like I think you will, you will keep it going and keep expanding it. You're young, and you need the thrill of sexuality and the taboo in your life. Go for it.

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