My boyfriends brother

I confess that im in love with my boyfriends brother. Oh dont get me wrong, im in love with my boyfriend too, hes amazing, and adorable, but his brother, hes a lot like him, and you cant help but love him. Hes innocent, hes 18 though also, i feel like a horrible person or even thinking o him in that way. But today i realized, maybe the feelings mutual. Me and him talked about how we have a 'problem' and we both said 'its really bad' and 'maybe one day youll know' it made my palms sweat talking to him, and hinting about it. I can never tell him completely, i can never tell anyone, we will never have a shot, and it hurts.

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  • Hey hun, just given the time he will come around and wont care for what others think. If its true love, nothing can get in the way. good luck snd i hope all goes well. Im sure it will, just dontgive up or loose hope. :)

  • I think you'll have a shot and real soon. The dude should be making his big move soon and then you'll need to decide if you can trust him to stay quiet.

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