A paper trailed revenge

This isn't so much an act of revenge but a word. To everyone who has ever been made to feel worthless by a significant other, don't give them the satisfaction. Instead, laugh at them through a wordy lens....

I thought it was okay that I let you sleep with me and for us to just be 'f*** buddies.' Ew that term is so sick. S** should really not even be co-aligned with the word 'f***'. It's too dirty. You had my body for multiple nights and that's all I was, a body. A body is not just that, it's a structure on which imperative other structures are reliant. Structures that are not dead weight. The most important of these just might be the heart. A living, bleeding, feeling heart. How can I not expect to get close to you if you kiss my body and make love with me that's so reflective of the noun: passion? Well Sevana, you'd say, because it's not love. But honestly d*** wad, I don't give a f*** that it's not love. That doesn't matter. You shouldn't have messed with a young girl's vulnerability, naiveté, and willingness to try something new in the f****** first place. Ya the boyfriend thing didnt work out for me, but trust me this is worse. You make me feel discarded , dirty, and worst of all, you make me feel an inkling of hate towards myself. You're a nice guy, but buddy, you should know by now how a girl reacts...it's not rocket science mr. 30 year old. Grow the f*** up. Im 22 and can honestly say you're a notch on my belt. But what am I to you? Oh ya, the best you'll ever have.

May 30, 2013

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