My girlfriend cheated

Here's my story I have a girlfriend I been dating going on 5months now.... We fell in love very quickly do to our chemistry and bond she had a ex boyfriend she been with for 8 years they broken up in January and I've been with her everyday up until this point. We had a Fallin out due to some sis honesty between the both of us we separated for only a few days and now juss confess to me during our minor break out she seen her. Ex boyfriend one time and had s** with him knowing they had a very very bad break up which force them to hate each other I love her and she seems to be very sorry and her apology seems honest idk wat to do because I'm hurt and still don't understand why would she do something so foolish should I forgive her???

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  • Well, you were "broken up". She's allowed to.

  • You have seen how she reacts when she is mad at you - she goes and f**** someone else just to hurt you. If you stay in the relationship with her, you will fight again, and she will probably do the same thing - with this guy or someone else, just to hurt you. It is part of who she is. If she f**** someone else so easily this early in your relationship, what do you think she will do when she is bored with you after many years and mad at you? I think you know the answer.

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