Can unattractive guys get girlfriends ?

I am an unattractive guy, and I know that I will never have a girlfriend and gave up on girls. Why do some people refuse to admit that if you want to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, you must have the looks ? Some people might say that i'm wrong and all I do is self pity or b*******. I think it is to have self esteem but not too much. I think being honest ourselves and realistic is more important. Can unattractive guys get girlfriends ? By the way, I already know that some of you are going to say that they already have hot girls with not good looking guys. But we all know that is false or hypocritical it happens rarely or only in fary tales..

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  • Women don't like whiny effeminate b******. You just gotta be patient and make a girl feel important and cared about, just don't talk about wanting to get married or have kids or anything long term. Let things develope and don't put too many expectations out there. Go with the flow.

  • Well, with that attitude, probably not. People can tell when you're confident or not. Others see you how you see yourself. Tell yourself you can talk to the most attractive girl. Do it, rejected? Oh we'll there are many attractive ladies in the world. Just be yourself but I man this in a way that is not standoffish or immature. Start off the day everyday look in the mirror and say hey ______ you're a good looking guy. Go out there! If you don't like your weight then exercise. One you'll build confidence and most importantly it's healthy for you. So go get them tiger!

    If this is a bunch of bull, Im a short Asian dude but h*** my humor and confidence gets attention from others... Whether it is positive or not Hana jk jk but CONFIDENCE

  • Confidence and a good sense of humor will take you far.

  • Clean yourself up and work with what you got. I'm not trying to preach, but I doubt that you're unattractive. "Unattractive" is a term with a definition that changes between person to person. I could think you're unattractive, and fifteen other girls could think you're very attractive. It's a matter of perspective. Put yourself out there and be confident.

  • Want my advice?
    Be nice, and work out. Abs, fat stacks, and a sweet heart are all girls really want. Oh yeah, and being clean helps. Short hair, all that good stuff.

  • I used to be kind of like you, too. Girls didn't find me very attractive, but guys did. So instead, I just started having s** with guys, and everything turned out perfectly. Give it a shot, I think it was worth it.

  • I am an unattractive female. Well im not unattractive, just fat.
    However with the proper lingerie i look great.
    But ya know i dont go out in lingerie.
    So i figured "forever alone."
    However in december i joined a thing called MeetMe.
    I met this guy in feb and in may we decided to meet up.
    Hes not the best looking, but i find him very attractive.
    That doesnt make sense. Its hard to explain.
    Long story short, he spent the night and we've been bf/gf since then.
    Unattractive people can get laid. And even get a relationship.
    It happened to me.

  • I agree with you. I am just like you, not really attractive guy but really fun to hang out with but girls just don't think me as a boyfriend material because of my look. But I always say this, it only take 1 person out of 6 billion people to like you for who you are and you just have to keep at it until that girl comes around. Stay strong buddy..!

  • That's not true my ex and I went out for three years. I was 18 he was 35 when we met. He had suffered a stroke. But I still loved him that is until I found out he cheated. So good luck in ur search for the right one.

  • Yes. i know this guy who isnt attractive at all. and my friends say it all the time. but i like him (secretly that is) and hes had 2 girlfriends already. Two long relationships. Now, I keep asking myself why I like him. He isnt attractive at all. But He's smart, funny and super nice. I know that this is different because it's not l***. I know it's real. I'm still saving up courage to tell him the truth. There is someone out there for you. You just have to find her. The one who wouldnt care what you look like. And if you find her, dont ever let her go because girls like that are rare. Cheer up!

  • Yes you can,there is always a woman for every guy in this world.well that is not true at all.move to the people's republic of china,you will find it hard to find a girlfriend or even a furture wife.your future in china is real hard,because you cannot find a good woman to love.sometimes,even cousins in china,marry each is true.

  • I used to have bad acne,bad acne scars.bad scars on my face from using a bad sponge from taking a bath.scaring up my face to get rid of my bad acne.i hated myself for doing that to my self.but girls and women still loved does not matter if you a ugly.there is always a girl or woman in this world,who will always love you.soooooooo,it does not matter.

  • I think it mostly depends on the girl, if you go after a girl who thinks she is the s*** then you aren't gonna have a chance in h*** of getting her, because she will take one look at you and say you aren't for her. But if you go for a girl who has had problems dating the hot guy and is looking for something else you might have a chance. I agree with what you are saying it does depend on how you look most of the time, but if you can get someone to look past your features then it would be worth it in the long run. I mean would you seriously want a girl to only go out with you because of how you look? It would get really boring really fast. Like I said if you can't get them to date you for your looks work on your other redeeming qualities and you might find someone who is interested in them.

  • Yes. You can have a girlfriend, if you really want one. There really is someone for everyone, but you have to get out there to meet her. Sure, there are people who only date others who are good looking. But looks don't keep a relationship going. Just because someone is good looking doesn't mean they don't have problems or don't have their own insecurities or flaws. No one is perfect. The best thing you can do for yourself is to work on yourself. Never rule out dating a hot girl, confidence goes a long way and you never know. Self pity, low self esteem and negative attitudes are usually not on people's wishlists for what they look for in a mate. So if you don't feel your best, do things that grow your self esteem. Get out there and get up the courage to ask out as many women as you can. All you need is one to say yes.

  • Can an ugly girl,have a good looking boyfriend?please answer me?

  • For a while....if she gives good head and can keep a secret....

  • Lol what a s***** answer

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