I'm glad you were able to move on....and are happy. I'm truly happy that you're happy (seemingly so). However, agreeing to marriage after just 8 months??? Are you totally insane!!!

Have I, have we (our relationship) meant nothing to you?
It's so like you to just jump into something this quickly. I wish for once in your life you think, really think about what you're doing.

Yes I'm angry!!!!!!! ..... I'm hurt..I'm still in love.
I know I ended it, you know I had to, there was no way that at that time that we could have our happily ever after. But not a day goes by that I don't wish we became involved those 15 years ago.

I wish for you all the happiness in the world, I just wish it was me that was sharing it with you.

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  • Time will heal it. say good riddance cuz you are better off without someone like that.

  • Ya gotta let that s*** go, bro.

  • Dogs you broke your own heart deal with it.

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