I pray that my dad needs to die of cancer,i hate him.

My dad needs to die of cancer,i want everybody,reading this right now.to pray that my dad gets cancer soon.why,you all ask.because my real father drove my beloved mom,to kill herself by drinking too much alcohol.i want my jerkoff father to die of any kind of cancer.you all pray to give him cancer any kind of cancer,you can give him any kind of cancer you want.any kind of cancer will do,as long as he die's slowly,painfully,that he scream's,when he die's.just make sure that he does not die real fast.make sure he is on life support.and that he suffer's for a long time.make my father pay for what he did to my beloved mother.making her drink alcohol,until she died from it.my uncaring father deserves to die,but he needs to die of cancer.i don't care that he is my father anymore.he was bad,racist,prejudice,everybody hated him,he abused me,he beat my mom.he beat my brothers.he deserves to die of cancer.i pray that he dies of cancer.i will never cry,when he is dead.i am coldblooded,but i am only coldblooded toward my b****** father,who needs to die of cancer.

Jun 4, 2013

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  • My Mom was an Alcoholic and had to be put away for a while. When she came back home from the Hospital my Dad sat the Bottle of Jack on the Counter refusing to remove the temptation for my Mom. Of course she began to drink again soon after. I always thought that was pretty s***** to do.

  • I am truly appalled at both sides of the responses left here. We are a plaque on this earth and we are self centered and self absorbed with ourselves. Wishing for any horrific thing to befall another is evidence that we lack the moral obligation that any sentient being should to show compassion to even those who have hurt us in ways some could not imagine. That is not our sword to wield, We can only heal ourselves and continue to forgive so that we are worthy of this gift of life.

  • The word you were looking for is "plague". Much more serious than a planet feeling a need to brush its teeth.
    As far as lack of morality, I'm glorying in my Harvey Dent-like fall from my former heights. "Karma" is palliative bullshit ladled on people with no recourse who have gotten screwed by this world. Now it's MY turn to get what I want by any means necessary and laugh at my victims who bleat about "karma" as I leave them writhing in the dust.
    You should have been kinder, world. Now you start getting back what you gave.

  • I had a piece of s*** father too. I understand your pain. The best thing you can possibly do is remove him and anyone else like him from your life and let yourself grow beyond your s***** roots. Thinking of you. <3

  • Same here. My s*** father has been dead twice as long as we were both alive. I'm older than he ever got and can see him now for the sad violent buffoon he was. I encounter losers like him in convenience stores all the time, and it's a little laughable to think of something like that having such an influence over an intelligent person's life. But that's what happens when an innocent child is born to someone who's not capable of raising it. He would not be problematic for me now.

  • You piece of f****** s***.

  • Get back to doing d*** for 5 bucks an hour s***.

  • Maybe your get c*** cancer.

  • Pray all you want its not going to happen, stop being so butt hurt, grow up, move on.

  • I hope your hated father didn't take his huge c*** and place it forceably inside your sweet very young c*** where he dumped his mighty load.

  • Don't listen to these other posts keep praying no lone understand what you've been through !!! Yeah having hate inside you isn't good but who cares he made you be this way and when he does you will have some sense of relief !!!!

  • Be careful what you wish for.

  • Whether or not you have any religious faith or belief, you probably have some sense that karma exists in the world, in some form. If so, then you must recognize that what you are wishing and hoping for can come back at YOU. And even if not, then you still need to lose all this hate, if not for the good of your family, then for your own selfish reasons, present-day: it is going to eat at you until it kills you and/or destroys any chance you have at a normal, happy life. Let it go.

  • You must have been so upset that you didn't pay attention in grammar class. You're supposed to put spaces after punctuation, too, not just between words that have no punctuation.

  • That's a very sad story and I'm sorry to hear about it, but cancer is a serious topic. People die from it everyday, it rips families apart, and destroys lives both young and old ones. I'll pray like you asked though, but I won't pray for what you asked. Instead I'll pray for your heart to heal and your brothers' hearts too. I hope your mom is acting as your guardian angel and is watching over you. Do not worry about your father, karmas a b****. No one gets away with what they do. If pure guilt doesn't hurt them , then when their time comes, the won't see the pearly white gates and will be meeting a fiery inferno instead. Be patient and believe that what comes around goes around . Hope this helps you see things a little bit clearer

  • This is ridiculous. My mother whom I love very much had stage 4 breast cancer and also cervical cancer. I watched her hair fall out as I would brush it when she was too weak to lift a finger. Wishing cancer upon anyone no matter what they've done is not only offensive but just down right stupid. Grow up. We've all suffered tragedy some more than others but you should focus on bettering yourself as opposed to wishing death upon someone. That makes you no better than your abuser. I speak from experience on both sides. Grow the f*** up.

  • Seriously, you have no idea what this person is going though, ans maybe his way of letting out anger,,and GRIEVING is ridiculous to you, but its his way. I understand its offensive to you but come on, give the dude a break, you totally read over the part where their mother took her own life and jumped straight down his throat judging. Hes angry, hes hurt, and he needs to vent, whether what he is praying for is right or not.

  • Wait now....writing this down....he needs to die of chat? You mentioned cancer exactly a dozen times, but I want to be clear.

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