My dad has cancer.

This is actually a combination of health, family and friends and religion. I was in my room watching YouTube when my dad called me from downstairs. When I opened the door to my bedroom and said, "What?" He responded with "Just get down here and don't give me any attitude." I told him I wasn't giving him attitude. Only that I asked what. He told me tomorrow that we would be going to T-Mobile for cheaper internet and that the routing number for my bank would be needed. When I asked why, he said because I was going to pay for it. I was confused and when I asked why I was paying, my dad suddenly started shouting and swearing. After screaming to forget about the Internet, I said I'd pay. I was only curious as to know why I was paying. That's when my dad shouted he had cancer. I went to the bathroom and when I came out, I asked if the cancer was treatable. He said they were going to try and cure it. The thing is, I know in my heart that if my dad dies, he won't be going to Heaven. My dad fought in the Vietnam War and has killed people. My mom is his third wife, the first two marriages ended in divorce. From the moment I was 5 until I turned 15, my dad was physically, verbally and emotionally abusive. He never protected me when I was bullied. He's racist and homophobic. He has to be right about everything. This is why if, my dad's cancer is incurable and he dies, I believe he will not go to Heaven. The worst part is that will now just leave me and my mom to fend for ourselves. My mom has never gone to school and never had a job in her entire life. I have a job that doesn't pay enough but, if my dad dies, I'll need to keep it so I can provide for me and my mom. Regardless of the kind of person my dad is, I'm going to pray for his soul every night before bed so that if he dies, he'll be in God's hands and learn that in a way, that not only was he wrong about everything, but also that he finally see the truth of who he really was in life.

Oct 2

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