Halloween as a girl

I have been dressing as a girl all my life, I started at a very young age. I came from a family of two older sisters, my mom & dad & myself, we were raised back when, a s** change was just being heard of, so I had to be really sneaky to not be caught. The more I dressed, the more embolden I became & the more chances I started to take. The closest I came to being caught was, I just finished washing my makeup off & I went into the kitchen where my mother & my aunt & uncle were sitting having coffee, my mother asked me if I was wearing mascara, she said my lashes were looking darker & darker every day. Then Halloween came around, my mother & my sister started hounding me two weeks early about letting them dress me up as a girl for my costume. I finally gave in, little did I know what I was in for. My mother kept me home from school starting Wednesday all the way until Monday, Halloween was Sunday. Wednesday, my mom & my aunt took me out shopping for a dress, panties, bra, & everything else related to being a girl. When we got home, mom had me get dressed in one of my sisters old skirt & sweater & had me put on the new heels she bought for my costume, she said I had to break them in so they didn't hurt my feet. At bed time mom gave me a nightgown to sleep in & she put curlers in my shoulder length hair to sleep in. I had to dress as a girl every day until Halloween. On Friday, mom had me dress in a turtle neck sweater with a jumper over it, bra, panties, hose & my new heels, she brushed my curly hair into a girly look then gave me a purse to carry. I didn't know what was going on until my aunt pulled into our driveway & blew the horn. My mom & aunt took me to a salon & had long nails put on my fingers & polished bright red along with my toes being polished red. The lady who worked there said she was going to give me a makeover & style my hair. After a couple of hours I was done, I was not allowed to see myself until we got home. From the salon, they took me to get my ears pierced, I acted like I didn't want it but deep down I loved it. When we got home, my mom had me change into my new dress, so I could see the full effect, she said. When I came down the stairs, my sister was there & she couldn't believe her eyes, she told me I looked beautiful. Her & my mom led me to the full length mirror, my sister was right, I was beautiful, I couldn't get over the makeup they put on me, it looked perfect, then I seen my eyebrows, they were just two thin, arched, lines, they made my face look so feminine. I was speechless, I just stood at the mirror looking at myself, my mom said something that snapped me out of my daze, mom repeated what she said, you look more like a girl now, then anytime you got dressed & did your own makeup, don't you ? I looked at my mom, I felt my face turn red, my sister was laughing, we know all about you dressing up in your sisters clothes & using my makeup, mom said, we thought since you wanted to be a girl, we would help make you look like a real girl, do you like how you look now ? without thinking, I looked back at the mirror & said, I love it. My sister got a shopping bag & removed a small box, she opened it & said, just wait until your wearing these, it was a pair of large, over sized, pair of silver hoop earrings, I asked my mom if I could wear them now but she said no, I had to give my ears a day to heal with the studs in them. I was so happy that I hugged my mom & started crying, telling her how happy she made me. Mom told me I had to go back to being a boy on Monday, I told her I never wanted to go back to being a boy but she told me, I was going to have a hard enough time explaining my new hair style & eyebrows when I go back to school.

Sep 7, 2021

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