Should I take my stepdaughter out of karate class?

It seems to be getting to her head. When I asked her this afternoon to finish her chores before her mom comes home she told me to watch out and leave her alone because she knows karate.

It's embarrassing that I'm even worried about it, but I don't know what she learns there or of she can kick my tut like she says.


Ps: she's 14

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  • Have a frank discussion with her instructor. Studying martial arts can build confidence but it should also teach respect. He/she should be able to incorporate a few 'karate is for self defense only' messages into their lesson plan without singling out your daughter or letting her know you ratted on her.

  • OP...ur the parent right...? Why didnt u nip that in the bud and let her know she's under YOUR room and remind her who's paying for the damn classes?

  • Tae kwon doo.

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