Try an hurt me. Test me PLEASE. I WANT TO FEEL ALIVE AGAIN.

Everyday I WISH someone would say or do something to provoke me. It's been about 9 years since my last street fight. After kids i stopped the partying and gave up my friends to be a responsible adult....Im about average in size 5'10 190lbs an as long back as I can remember I've always been in fist fights and have won ALL except one, dude was skinny an got the first shot in...then ran..I consider that a loss.....I love boxing and if it wasn't for me wasting my younger years partying I would of pursued it. I've been in close to 30 fights. I hardly ever started any of them. I just never take s*** from anyone. When I'm fighting people say I'm smiling the entire time. And for some strange reason it's like in slow motion, I can see their punches coming. My timing is uncanny. I've had MANY knockouts but I LOVE a good scrap. Anyway, there isn't a day that goes by that I wish for a scenario in which I'm forced to physically beat the f*** out of someone. I miss the adrenaline. I miss the way people would talk of me to others. I miss the way I felt when I would go out and someone thought they could take me. I miss being tested. Nothing has EVER made me feel more ALIVE. I thought one day I'd grow out of this feeling. But I'm 36 now and it hasn't. Does anyone else have these tendencies? Or is something wrong with me? I grew up an Air Force brat and have never been abused. I just feel ALIVE when I fight.


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  • I am very surprised at the comments I read, I would recommend getting fit and doing boxing again, many people start or restart things laer in life, if you have a passion for it, you will succeed, its better to leave innocent people with families alone, and do it as a sport :-)

  • Why you you go hide the f****** pickle in the hair sandwich,you f****** c** dumpster.

  • wtf?

  • When I read this, I totally thought you were a woman and was confused by why everyone assumed you were male. I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying the fight. Just don't get yourself too f***** up, you've got kids to take care of now, after all. Learn how to keep wounds clean and avoid blows to the teeth [and, y'know, getting arrested :P] and I think it's just fine!

  • you could totaly pound me as much and as long and as hard as you wanted

  • Same here, in all three of my holes. Also, I think you must be one of those men who know how to ragdoll a girl and who are strong enough to actually do it. Reading all this just makes me weak with desire for a man like you.

  • he is so hot

  • Yah, and I bet he has a d*** like f****** HORSE!!!!!!!!

  • I wish he would f*** me with that giant horse-d*** of his.

  • he makes me weak with desire...........

  • I want him too.

  • WOW!!!!!! I never thought I'd get any responses from any one!!! Ladies Ladies!!!!! Hahahaha. U women are crazy!!! And as far as that punk prison thug hahhahahahahaha!!! I'd f****** have u cleaning my car and walking my dog after. Believe that. Anyway....thanks for all your comments. I'd love to help u with your "mans" problems......u ladies are HOT!!!

  • I would love to have you come into our home, beat my husband senseless, and then f*** me right in front of him. And then tell him you're going to come back and do me over and over and over again, anytime you want to, right in front of him and the kids just to show everybody that you own me. You are like the hottest fantasy for sooooooooo many married women. THANK YOU!

  • my husband hasn't satisfied me in like forever. a man like you could satisfy me. maybe only a man like you could satisfy me. i need satisfaction so badly. you really cant imagin how bad i need to be satisfied. you are such a man.

  • Obviously there are a lot of terribly unsatisfied married women out there, and a lot of horribly unsatisfying married men. I thought I was more or less alone in feeling that in my marriage, and feeling like I was hoping for too much when my husband stopped having interest in s**. Now after reading these posts I see it's not me, it's him, and what I actually need is a man who can not only take the initiative but do something with it! When I sit here and read about what a strong strong man you are and how all these women want you and need you so bad, I imagine myself bending over the back of the sofa in the family room, spreading myself open, and taking you in me. I know you would f*** me so hard and so rough and give me load after load, and right now, that seems like exactly what I need. My husband never gave me that in the best of our times, and I realize now he never will. But I know what you would do.

  • You would make us feel safe, and that means so very much.

  • I hope you have a heart attack soooooo big,it kills your whole f****** family.

  • I get it. You're too smart to go looking for trouble but you wouldn't mind if it came looking for you. All I can suggest is pursuing a career where dealing with "trouble" is part of the job.

  • UFC,MMA,ultimite japan,the ring of honor.not the wwe

  • You are so damn hot.
    I need a man like you

  • same here. i'm married to a p**** of a man who never confronts anything. i'd love for you to kick his sorry f****** ass and take me away from him and these pitiful spineless kids he fathered: they were both a total waste of my womb. i'd love to bring him to a bar somewhere and have you beat him down in front of me while you told him and everyone else in the bar all the filthy things you were going to start doing to his wife. you are a real man, and you're probably one of those men who can get any woman he wants, any time he wants her, especially the married ones. you make me f****** drip! but i think you probably make all women drip don't you?

  • I feel the same as her. Every woman wants to be with a strong man, a man who can protect her and the family. I'm married to a man who can't do either. I'd give anything for a man to take me from them and start my life over, living in his protection and subject to his overwhelming power: that is the kind of a man a woman can submit to and be controlled by and respect. A man who can and will keep his b**** in line.

  • ditto for me. i want his f****** c*** and i want his f****** babies.

  • You make me realize just how unsatisfactory my husband is. You also make me wet.

  • When you're done with all those other hungry h**** married girls, will you please come take care of this one? PLEASE??!!!????

  • i am one of those girls who actually like to get beat. it shows you care and it proves who is in charge. a man like this would not let us get away with our usual s***. and he would not let us get away. we could truly love a man like this.

  • Sometimes I need a beating to get off. Crazy, I know, but true.

  • F***! I see what they mean. You make ME drip, too. My husband doesn't. Damn, you are some f****** man!!!

  • you would probly think im too young for you but i have dated guys your age before but none of them were like you but i wish i could find one like you.

  • How old are u?

  • Time for you to come out of the closet, you little f*****. You are totally pitiful. You should be wearing dresses to identify yourself as a q****, you sorry c*********.

  • How about you mess with a prison thug like me,i will beat you,ass rape you,put mayo on my butt and make you eat my ass .kick you in the f****** teeth,kick your teeth down your f****** throut.make you suck my nice d*** with a b***** wanna f*** with gotta toss my saled after ward.and if you do not like what i am saying.i have no problem kicking your b**** up somewhere near your your b**** off,and kick them up your the next time you s***,you will be s******* all over your b****.also i am brtish c whatever it is,it does not matter what nation i hail from.all people have to meet there worst nightmare someday.and that nightmare is prison.come to quebec.all f****** guys get f***** up in quebec.i used to be a hockey player,i love to make people bleed and prison is millhaven institution.J unit former inmate.

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