Spanked by my sister during a study group

Our college sent us all home in the spring semester because of the virus, and my older sister lived closer to the school than my parents so I went to live with her. Our classes were online so I spent most of the day in front of the computer with a streaming thing going on. Despite her reminding me to pick up my dishes and put them in the dishwasher (among other reasonable requests) I used my classes as an excuse for why I was too busy.

She got fed up a few months in and told me that I was acting like a spoiled brat. "Do you remember what happened when we misbehaved as kids?" she'd ask. Of course the answer was that mom would spank us, but I pretended not to remember. She sat down and pulled me over her lap. I was caught off guard and before I knew what was happening, she had my sweats down and was working on my underwear.

It was in between classes and I was having a study group sort of things with some friends. The camera wasn't pointed right at the sofa but the microphone picked up the rather brief spanking that followed. I wasn 't aware of it though. When I git back to the computer, one of the girls in the group asked me if I had picked up my dishes, then laughed. I knew then that they had heard the whole thing!

After the semester ended I hoped the joking would end too, but now two of the girls are texting me, asking me if I'm being a good boy.

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I had ** with my nephew

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  • I'm sure the girls will want to give you a bare bottomed spanking over their knees when you get back to school. Who knows, they may be in a sorority & take their paddles to to too. I know, my wife was in a sorority years ago & takes the paddle off of the wall from time to time to dust it off on me.

  • You are a lucky one! I haven’t been spanked by my sister since I was in high school. 👎

  • The teasing from my schoolmates has continued all summer. At least one of them is planning to spank me herself if I don't study.

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