Retarded Step Son

I hate my step son with every fiber of my being. We used to only have him every other weekend and I would just hide in my room those weekends. Now we have him 100% of the time and he is driving me INSANE. I think about divorce at least once/week just because of this f****** r*****. He did horribly in public school, so his dad decided I should homeschool him. He is ten years old, but my three year old is smarter than him. More than once, my three year old has answered a question that the little fuckwad didn't know the answer to. He can't do simple mathematics, can hardly read (and chooses to read my daughter's board books when he's forced to read), still can't spell three letter words, etc etc etc. I will present information to him in a million ways and try to make it as fun and as exciting for him as possible and he won't grasp a f****** lick of it.

He still p***** AND s**** himself. No joke, one day I kept smelling something foul and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I thought maybe the cats and taken a dump, so I cleaned their box.... NOPE. I smelled it all through breakfast and while I did my morning chores. I took a shower and had to pass his room and realized that I smelled the stench again. STILL didn't occur to me that the idiot had s*** himself, so I went downstairs. About thirty minutes later, he was on the couch (watching f****** Thomas the Train, because he is a COMPLETE AND UTTER R*****) and I FINALLY realized that the smell was coming from him. He NEVER EVER responds when you talk to him, so I just asked if he knew he smelled. NO RESPONSE. Then it hit me - HE S*** HIS G****** PANTS. I say "Did you p*** your pants?" and he just stares at me. Eventually he says "I guess I'll go take a bath." UH DUHHHHH!!! Did you really f****** eat breakfast, play with toys, and watch tv ALL WHILE SITTING IN YOUR OWN S***? Yes, he did. And Daddy Dearest doesn't f****** care. UGH.

He p***** his pants CONSTANTLY. I find pissy underwear hidden all the time. I even found a stash of my daughter's pull ups that he'd p***** in and hidden under his desk. STILL, Daddy Dearest doesn't give a F***.

He is also ugly as F***. He has buck teeth that are brighter than the sun and I want to punch them out of his scrawny f****** face every time he stares at me when I ask a simple question.

My daughter adores him and tries to play with him, but gets so frustrated because he won't ever respond to anything she says. I eventually have to yell "RESPOND WHEN SHE TALKS TO YOU, PLEASE!" and he'll eventually say something totally f****** stupid.

He is a complete follower with no imagination or personality of his own. When he is around his significantly younger cousins, he copies everything they say and do and laughs when he has no f****** idea what is going on.

He has like three chores that he has to do every day (make his bed, empty the trash from the bathrooms, and put his laundry away). YET every single day, if you don't break it down g******* Barney style for him, he "forgets" how to do them. Seriously. The other day I told him to take care of the trash and he came down with his arms full of used toilet paper and pads and s*** because he "forgot" that he was just supposed to take the bags out and replace them. WTF? THAT IS A SPECIAL KIND OF RETARDED!!! Literally EVERY SINGLE DAY, I have to tell him how to do his chores again.

His NANA, who lives right across the street, babies him like f****** crazy. She still picks him up and carries him on her hip through stores (he is small for his age) and rocks him. HOLY F***, I cannot stand it. She thinks that he is right on track academically (nevermind that I had to purchase kindergarten curriculum instead of grade 5 after realizing that he didn't even know all of his letters) and that it is other kids who are "too advanced". She tells my husband that it is completely normal for him to pee and p*** himself and that it will just go away. SOOOO DH doesn't do s*** and just lets him run around completely uneducated and having more accidents than my potty trained three year old. Oh! And one time, my daughter had colored stuffed blocks with her and R***** said "This one is blue!" and Nana actually said "Good job!" and made a giant f****** stink about the idiot knowing what blue looks like.

I am embarrassed to take him in public because people have literally asked if something was wrong with him. So I just stay locked up in my house with the f****** r***** all day long.


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  • U are saying what many other people feel, but would not dare say. The people who responded harshly are either lying to themselves or never cared for anyone retarded, now called intelligently disabled. I feel they are a strain on families and society. They serve no real purpose and are not productive citizens, just burdens. My boyfriends daughter is a retarded adult. She cannot read, write, tie shoes, style her own hair nor cook. She works at a meaningless job, which gives a stipend. The stipend is very small. People like her is costing tax payers a lot of money for funded programs. I feel it''s a waste. I don't know what the answer is, but I wish they all would go away.

  • Honestly shoot your self in the f****** face you dumb . b**** I would s*** my pants too if I knew you hated it . your completely the reason what's wrong with world. People like you ruin people's lives. Take your missable daughter to foster care and kill your self

  • Someones mad their child s**** their pants

  • You are messed up, you don't deserve kids, help yourself before you try and go near him, get serious brain help did it not occur to you that he might have a learning disability, fml some people don't deserve kids and you are the prime example of why smh

  • I'm in the same boat. I got with a younger woman and wasnt thinking at all. I was just out of a bad situation and was a single father, wish i' d kept it that way. But we now have a baby. I feel like a fool shes only here to lay o. Her f***** but whats worse is her kids are both brain dead. I can't believe it. They are 10 and almost 13.
    The boy can now read 3 letter words because ive made him i f****** hate his guts and hers for allowing this s***. The girl 10 is brain f****** dead cant remember her abc's cant spell cat it do is just they have never been taught. I had a nice home its gone to h*** because no one gives a f*** anymore i got her a nice ride it smells like a f****** trash can it is a trash can. Food wrappers junk dirty mess. I am so p***** at her i hate her f***** how could she not care her kids cant even read. Tbey cant even talk normal. They know zero plurals its always i do not i should not go outside. Or about the baby her crying she want bottle. I hate tbem the boy was trying to f*** his sister on the trampoline and tbe mother does nothing he tben ask to suck a neighbors d*** and tbe mother does nothing. I just know he will molest my daughter if i divorce her and im not there. But like above poster yes ive tried to help the stupid f*** learn how to to read and he ingores me. I wish he would move in with his gma. His dads a convicted repeat child molester. Hes gonna be the same. I really worry about him i wish hed go play on the train tracks but he wont leave his video games and f****** cartoons to go play tbe girl is just brain dead 10 years old nearly 11 and cant read s*** not a f****** tbing. Why did her mother let it get this far wtf. Will my daughter be retarded like them. I hope not. My life is f****** over have to baby sit slobs and retards forever so he doesn't molest my baby.

  • Kill your self

  • You are a piece of s***. Never tell someone to kill his or herself! Kids are not perfect angels. A lot of them are a******* and special needs children are no exception. This is called "confessionpost." She was venting. F*** you and your self-righteous bullshit, you evil son-of-b****!

  • About time someone says the truth. F*** this s***. Every day I look at my autistic 4 year old stepson I want to strangle his manipulative a****** neck. He knows damn well he's an a****** and because he's autistic it makes it OK? Don't judge if you don't have one, you have zero room. When I get woken at 1, 2, 3, 4 in the morning because he's losing his s*** when his socks aren't sitting right on his feet, or he lost his stuffed animal that's sittning on his god damned pillow, I hold back punching his petty ass face. It's like living with a dog you hate that never does what you say, s**** on the floor and doesn't acknowledge you unless it wants something or benefits him. I hope he never reproduces and makes anyone suffer ever again.

  • My soon to be stepson is autistic and he p***** and s**** himself all the time! He's almost 9! It's f****** disgusting! He grates on all of our nerves even his father though he won't admit it. He's a pain in the f****** ass, and the truth is life would be easier without him! That being said, I do my best to work with him, bond with him which is near if impossible, and he is never treated badly. But it perfectly okay to vent true feelings and frustrations when dealing with these kind of kids!

  • Man, I feel the same way. I am with a woman (not married) that has a child with autisim and when I met him he was 10 and he was not bad at all, But now he is 13 and he is WAY worse now. He says the stupidest things, he makes me ashamed to take him out in public because of his odd behavior, he has a habit of touching his self no matter where we are and that is my biggest concern because I have a 6 year old daughter and if he try anything on her he will have a rude awakening. Me and the woman I am with have a child together (boy) but I also have children that live with me. I am thinking about taking my kids and getting my own place because I feel like things with the autistic child will only get worse and honestly I don't like the kid, he is more then I want to deal with, if he was my own child I would have to learn to deal with him.... but he is not my child and not any of my children have these issues. I am near bailing point.

  • I understand. Same here. But I took on two of them. Cartoon watching morons. I hate their guts. Ive tried not to but I do and her for letting it go this far.

  • Dude your a f****** piece of s***....Spend some time with your stepson and figure out whats really going on....Maybe he takes after his stepdad u r*****....You married her kids too you know have some f****** responsibility fuckwad

  • Walk don't run to the nearest exit with your precious daughter and keep on going AWAY from the mix made in H***!!!

  • He may be autistic

  • You need help yourself!!!

  • This is completely normal to feel for a child that's not your own. Evolution dictates it. Other animals would not even allow another child that's not their own around them - they literally eat them. Not saying you should, of course! I'm just saying that these instincts are more primal than one might think. Being a step-parent is extremely difficulty, and I've done it for 10 years. The reality is, when faced with a choice between your own child and one that is not your own, you will ALWAYS favour your own. They look like you, and act like you. It's called being HUMAN. The level of hostility indicated that your situation is unsustainable, and I've been there as well. I know this is 3.4 years ago, so I may be talking to someone not listening, but here is my point anyways. It's ok to feel this way, but it's also an indicator you need to GET OUT. This can only lead to something bad happening, so please to get out, and either leave this woman or have the kid stay elsewhere. Sorry to break it to you, but no easy solution here.

  • What worries me more is the way you talk about a child like that, when there is clearly something really wrong with him. You shouldn't have gotten involved with the family in the first place if you couldn't handle things. And with a foul mouth like that, I fear for your 3 year old!

  • F*** you! What do you know, you judgmental piece of s***!

  • You're an a****** too!

  • I understand him. I fear for my baby yall will really hate me after reading my responce. I cant understand how its ok to not give a f*** if your kids can read and write. How about him humping his sister how is this ok? I hate the little dumb f*****. Tbe girl i just feel sorry for she is a pretty kid with a good personality but she is dumb as a rock. Im just at the end of my rope. I didnt know tbey were like that. Ive spent two years trying to teach them. Im tired of it. They dont want to learn. Back to back autistic children is not common i ask my doctor he said drugs

  • Keep your uppity opinion to yourself until you have lived a day in this poor step-parent's life. I am in a similar situation. Albeit not quite as severe. I totally agree with how you feel OP. I frequently daydream about curb stomping my Autistic stepdaughter American History X style

  • Yes! F*** all these judgmental people! My stepson is autistic and he's a j******! I'd love to punt his ass into the woods or some s***! Stupid ass little m***********!

  • I shouldn't laugh, but I am at this part: He is also ugly as f***. He has buck teeth that are brighter than the sun and I want to punch them out of his scrawny f****** face every time he stares at me when I ask a simple question.

  • This kid really must be retarded. You need to put him back in public school and get him in a special ed program, stat!

  • I don't have any children

  • Omg. Have you been stalking me and actually wrote this about my life? And I really f****** hate my step tards gramma. My step tard is also very small for his age so she carries him around and just treats him like an infant in general. Every summer when he goes with his dad who just dumps him off on gramma she puts him back in diapers and un-potty trains him. She also dresses him, holds his fork to feed him, and spoils him beyond belief. After every summer when he gets home he has lost so much muscle that he can barely walk on his own. And when I don't baby him like she does he goes to school and tells them that I hit and choke him. I f****** hate him and can't wait until he is old enough to enter a f****** group home.

  • Steptard!!!! Love it! Gonna use that one!

  • I completely understand your post. I'm there with my AS stepson. Those who don't live this situation, just can't possibly understand it. I appreciate your post... I'm looking on the web now after giving myself permission to feel the way I do, and looking to see if I was the only one with those feelings (glad to see I am not).

    The boy in question has completely destroyed my career, finances (we lost our house), my relationship with the mother, and frankly... my sanity. There's not a minute I don't think about divorcing his mother, but don't for the sake of our other child.

    I might add, he has also utterly destroyed his mum in the process. She used to be a goddess, now she is a bitter, depressed and broken person. Every few hours, the little b****** does something that drives her nuts, and she gets angry, then turns that anger on the rest of the family and herself because she feels bad taking it out on the him.

    For those who can't understand how this feels, just imagine a child who takes everything from everyone, from his mum, sister, me, and the school and his biological father and his new family (oh they suffer just as much as we do btw, although not financially), without giving anything back, without a SINGLE SINCERE WORD OF THANKS ever.

    I sometimes look at the boy and wonder... how can anyone be 10yo and not have ever given a hug or kind word to anyone else FOR THAT PERSON not themselves in their whole life?

    An child like that... is not a person... it is a huge sucking void in people's lives.

  • I dont give a s*** who hates me for saying this, but trying to get pregnant and I swear to God I would either abort it or give it up entirely rather than deal with Autism, Down's, or a all out ducking r*****. I have been reading experiences like these just to reinforce that harder in my head if I am ever presented with any of that. Thank you step parents for being honest. I would probably smother one. I cannot and will not deal with it. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Smothering a kid because it isn't perfect? Really? Don't bother getting pregnant, get professional help instead before you hurt someone.

    That you "cannot and will not" accept your potential child's difficulties in life speaks volumes about your immaturity.

  • It's called autism. Look it up. The word is self explanatory. Auto = self. It's about ones self. Always. They can't relate. Not a choice.

  • Doesn't mean they should be allowed to be a*******!

  • Hugs. It sounds like you are suffering from caregiver burnout. If possible leave him with someone for a day or two, take a breath, a hot shower, doll up, and relax. After that you may need to seek counseling so you can share with your husband how you feel in a constructive manner. Look into some respite care for him. One step at a time it will get better!

  • You sound like a b****

  • Isn't there programs for this like a group home he can go to ..
    No one has the right to judge you , I am sorry you are going threw this ..

  • Are you sane. Humans judge everything and everyone. I feel terrible for the boy for the crazy sick b****'s daughter. Anybody that has ever had to be around this ugly vile disgusting person. I personally would rather die than be assick as this b****. No offense to normal b****** intended. Damn could you imagine the shame the husband must have realing he married the female version of Pol-Pot?

  • That is the funniest freakin' post ever! Definitely get out while you can. Sounds like grammy dearest can pick up where you left off. They'll all be one happy family. I'm a mom of an autistic stepson, and there are so many times I wish I could say what you just said. Hats off for being brave enough to speak your mind. Don't listen to what these other judgemental people say, no one understands til they've been thru it. And an autistic son is very different than an autistic stepson, I don't care what people say. Never hold your concerns inside, you'll end up hurting someone or yourself. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  • Get out and get hit by a f****** bus and have to sit in your s***** pants for months because noone can stand to be sround your f***** delf. F*** everyone that defends this sick b****. Please get out indeed. The young man deserves much better. Man the husband must be the dumb one in the family.

  • Yes! She's the sick person when you're saying she should go get hit by a bus. Eat a d***, you piece of s***!

  • Diaf a******

  • Omg lmao x1000!!!!!!!!!! This was INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I have a friend who is dealing with the s*** and I am well-entertained with her stories!!!! I don't have kids so I could never understand!!! I would probably throw my retarted kid away if I was his or her parent!!!!! Thank you for the laugh!!!! Bravo!!!!

  • You sound evil

  • OP here. The replies I got were pretty harsh - but totally deserved. I actually do not hate my step son, though. I know that nothing is his fault. His mother and I have never gotten along, so I feel like that carried over to him, which is totally unfair. He does have learning issues and they aren't his fault at all either - I get that. There was some bitterness about having to quit my job and homeschool him (my husband suggested it while in the same room as his entire family, so I couldn't exactly say no), but most of the time these days, I actually enjoy it. I would also like to add that I have never caused him harm and never, ever would. I have probably only even raised my voice with him five or six times in the six years I've been in his life. A few people wished death upon me for the terrible things I said - feeling this way sometimes made me wish death upon myself. When I posted this, I let all of my feelings build up and somehow came across this stupid site and decided to let it all out. Despite, at times, feeling like I hate/dislike my stepson, I have always TRIED to love him. I don't know that I am there yet, but I hope to be one day. I try my best to give him a good life and when I have these sort of feelings toward him, I feel SO guilty. It's not fair AND I KNOW IT. I know that I have to overcome all of these feelings for him AND for my own sanity.

    I am sorry about all of the ugly things I said in a fit of rage a year ago. I don't remember what all happened that day that I felt the need to vent every little thing that has ever bothered me about him, but it clearly was not a good decision on my part. Please know that I understand how s***** it was and that I am constantly trying to be a better person, even if I come across as the world's worst human being ever above.

  • I understood you were posting during a breaking point. It's okay. I have the same thoughts run through my head.

  • Dont apologize to these f**** for feeling the way you do!

  • It's okay...I could tell how frustrated you were when you wrote this. Sometimes we all think horrid things and need to write about it "from the id." Having mean, ugly thoughts doesn't make you a bad person. If it did, there would be no good people. I've written a few mean-spirited, nasty things on websites like these. I meant them at the time, but as soon as I hit "post" and let it out there, I felt better. You probably did, too. It's better that you said those things here rather than to your stepson.

    And for what it's worth, it was s***** of your husband to railroad you like that in front of his family. I don't blame you for feeling bitter about having to quit your job and take care of a special needs kid that isn't yours.

  • Dont apologize to these a******* in how you feel.

  • I think it is healthy get it out where ppl don't know you. Vent and move forward. You sound like an amazing person to me!

  • I just laughed so hard. Please don't murder him his stupid ass wouldn't be worth the effort or the jail time. I bet you'd wanna hear the stupid sounds he mare as he gasped for air though. Divorce daddy dearest and say enjoy lil jimmy r*****. You sound competent enough to do better, have your own children and be hapoy.

  • Totally agree. Not worth jail time.

  • You should burn for this..

  • F*** you

  • Not to worry: she WILL burn. And soon.

  • And you know this how? Some entity died and made you God and now you can say whose gunna burn?

  • F---- You, I hope she leaves and finds happiness elsewhere....she WILL burn? Is that a threat?

  • Wow... i cant believe a mother could have such awful feelings toward a child. To me it sounds like you're the fuckwad. Since you cant seem to understand this yourself let me spell it out for you- he obviously has a learning disability. or hes just been through so much s*** in his short life that he doesnt know whats up from down. Your 3 year old has more emotional capabilities than you do! Have you ever took one second to put yourself in his shoes? The boy needs help. Not your hateful attitude and constant critism. Idk why you would even agree to homeschooling in the first place, for many reasons. As a mother of a12 year old step daughter with ADHD, 3 year old and one year old of my own im apalled at your story. Have a heart lady.

  • Some people should learn punctuation, spelling, amd grammar before attemptig to dress someone else down. Were YOU the failed abortion, by chance? How many lil re-res have you birthed? A special-ed classroom full? F*** off.

  • No, even with autism.. the kid can just be an a******. I've seen it before the kids that are f****** geniuses when it comes to playing games and manipulating people at whatever cost to get their f%cking way....YET it takes them 40 minutes to wipe the dust off a small coffee table because the b****** is too busy looking past you with his bulging eyes and buck teeth to see what's on the t.v. behind you. Even the people who are caregivers at heart and sacrifice thier own wants and needs for the sake of others get tired of getting s*** on by a 9 year old who would normally get reprimanded for their deplorable behavior but because they are on the autism spectrum they end up getting a free pass. I have an autistism spectrum step son who is 9 and still s***'s all over out guest bathroom carpet then without a care in the world plops his ass on the couch twirling like a windmill and I'm expected to wipe adult sized turds off the carpet, smeared s*** off the toilet handle and light switch BUT 5 minutes later this little a hole is telling me my brain says youre a bad mom and I hate you while....he is correcting me constantly about avengers etc and schooling me about when Hitler ruled and what Harriet tubman did. F*** ALL OF YOU who say this woman is evil for venting. Until you've been there yourselves you van ALL go f*** yourselves.

  • Id kill it. Sorry. Yuck.

  • Lmfaoooooooo
    Sorry for laughing but your post was funny.
    I feel your pain though.
    Keep your chin up.

  • YOUR the most horrible person I have ever met or read about, this poor child has either ADD or Autism, and you being impatient and angry towards him will only make him worse, take him to a doctor and change or get the f*** out of his life. HE doesn't know what he is doing because you get angry and shout at him. Leave the dad and die in a hole, when he gets over his disabilities and has a decent job and supports his family, YOU will hopefully be dead in a ditch somewhere.

  • Okay then YOU adopt them.

  • F*** you.

  • Hey...go f*** are dillusional and don't have any experience to know what this woman is going through. OMG, BFD!...she needs to vent ! I have an 8 yr old ASSS who still s#its in his pants at school because he was too busy during school lunch listening to his friends talk....and I had to go to his school and clean adult sized turds from his underwear while he it reprimanding me about how I spelled Grey wrong. have NO f****** idea how much we try to make our step children's lives enjoyable...usually whIle the deadbeat REALLY mom calls about once a month just to establish dominance over YOU instead of trying to connect with the poor step mom who is treated like Benson and show real consideration to her autistic childs needs. Yeah sooo ...F*** YOU....yeah I said it .....walk a mile in someone else's shoes...maybe live life a little...THEN get back to me.

  • Not until you deal with retarded do you understand. AdHD is s*** compared to retarded.

  • YOU are a piece of s*** that poor boy has some sort of learning disability and he is copying others since what he does is wrong. And all you can do is embarrass him you should take him to a doctor and be his supporter not his f****** enemy rot in h*** shitbag karma is a b****

  • You adopt him then, o saintly one.

  • F*** you too.

  • You don't know what you're taliking about. Do you want us to drop our autistic stepchildren to you and see how you do having to take care of them day aftet day with no emotional reciprocation or connection? Mind you this would be while you wipe thier assessment even though they know how to put together complex Lego sets in less than half an hour and you'd have to DAILY brush thier teeth for them, wipe their s*** off all the bathroom floors and constantly remind them of simple thing like...Your pants are on backwards again and oh let me tie tour f****** shoe because you are too busy watching ninja turtles on t.v. to concentrate for even a second

  • As said before: I'd kill it. But not before being p***** I wasted 9 mos and ruined my body to birth it.

  • I get asked a lot why I'm never having children. This is why. Actually this is only one reason why. Never getting with anyone that has kids as well, male or female. Not effing happening. Sorry for your lot. I would not judge you if you left the kid's dad, he clearly doesn't understand you.

  • Well said, have a great life

  • Let him sit in his own s***! Sleep next to his s***** pants and making him hand wash his own pants maybe if he has to clean up his own mess he wont wanna make one!

  • I actually toilet trained my autistic step son when he was 10 by making HIM clean up his own crappy messes. It only took him one week to be fully toilet trained when he realized that I was not cleaning up his crap off of his body or anywhere else. Btw, I have my own biological child who is autistic and he was 18 at the time. I toilet trained him the same exact way. No one is going to tell me that I showed favoritism. For some reason it is harder with a stepchild because habits were already instilled in that child before you were in the picture. It is a struggled for any stepparent and some resentment is normal.

  • Agree. Let him sit in his own s*** for a few days. It'll stop pdq.

  • Might have Autism, or ADD, and is developmentally delayed.

    But I think the one who wrote this post also has some patience issues.

    Please don't beat your son. This can really lead to child support services into taking action upon you,

    oh and P.S.

    Lol umad

  • Child support services? Are you f****** retarded? Also, she never said that she hits him.

  • You are a horrible person. If he has special need then that is why he asks that way. It is not his fault at all. You knew what you were getting into when you married your husband. Understanding that you are frustrated when he behaves like this but to compare him to your children states that you don't like him because he has a spot in your husband heart that you can't reach. Your antics will not go unnoticed, you will get caught. You are no type of good mother.

  • L****.... no maybe she loves the d*** that made the little monster. Where is the rule that says anyone has to actually like their step kids???

  • F*** you, ya judgemental twittwat!

  • Life is hard, then you die. you can make a change or make excuses...the boy is mentally retarted, that is clear, you are not responsible for his problem... but your mental health is on trial.You did not create the world and you can not fix it. I say give him to the proffesionals and live your short life. life comes with challenges but we can avoid some of them. Do the right thing for you without killing anyone. you are a strong and good woman. YOUR FREEDOM IS IN YOUR HANDS.

  • Hi 30 something,

    It's not funny but I had to laugh, you just inherited the product of a moron breeding with another moron. I saw s*** like this in high school, you run out and f*** the biggest moron that you can find (BECAUSE HE'S BUFF WITH A BIG WEE WEE)and then b**** later that your kids are all f***** up. in this case I know it's not your fault, but might I suggest not having kids with your idiot hubby.

  • You might want to suggest he gets an evaluation for attention deficit disorder. There are cases where people who have attention deficit disorder accidentally mess their pants because their attention is focused elsewhere. Does he have a high tolerance to pain? Does he seem like he is usually spaced out? Please get him checked.

  • Obviously the boy has mental or emotional issues. The r***** seems to be the step mother and the parents.
    He does not even know he soiled his own pants would lead any adult to realize this child is mentally handicapped and needs to be assessed not beaten.

    Home schooling from this brain dead step mother will not help much. She seems to be as challenged as the boy.

  • Assessments won't help. Beatings will.

  • yeah, beat him. beat him til he s****.

  • I know this is a terrible thing to say, but your comment made me split my sides laughing

  • What that little punk-ass b**** needs is a series of good beatings. And so does his Nana, especially her. As for you, you just need to divorce that s***-sack husband of yours, because this situation IS NOT GOING TO GET BETTER. Get out now.

  • i agree. grandma needs her ass beat. BEAT!!!!

  • yeah and then beat grandma til she s****, too.

  • This home-teacher needs a lot of schooling.I thank the lord she is not my wife and I pray that I never date or marry a hateful person like her.I have two kids with a woman who hates my other adult kids and it hurts.I will pledge $100 towards the husband's legal fees during their divorce,good riddance.As the world turns,the princes daughter could sustain an injury and end up worse than the step son(knock on wood).I am sure the poster will expect the partner to love and care for the daughter unquestionably.

  • Why the f*** did you marry his father if you hate the boy so much? Single parents, whether they live with their kids or not, ARE A PACKAGE DEAL.

    Sounds like YOU'RE the f****** r*****, lady.

  • I understand frustration but it sounds like you truly hate this child in which case he could sense that regardless of how 'retarded' you say he is. Honestly your post kind of disgusted me, not because of him, but because of how hateful you seem towards a child who clearly has learning disabilities and needs help. Have you tried making a doctors appointment for him? I certainly hope you don't act this way towards him and this is strictly a venting post because otherwise it sounds like no one truly cares enough to get him help for his own well being. Might want to try doing so for your own sanity as well

  • Totally understand the frustration. And it doesn't help that your husband is not supportive in the way you need him. But it sounds like there are other things at play here. That 10 year old is dealing with far more issues, than a normal kid his age. For one..where is his biological mother-and was this kid witness to her behavior? Thinking something is going on if she's not in the picture. Are you mean to him or is this vent strictly for this post? He's either acting out because he feels neglected from both birth parents and it doesn't sound like you two have not bonded. But some of the things you mentioned like the p***, slow learning aspects..point to something else then just acting out? Homeschool may be great alternative for a normal functioning 10 year old. But he sounds like he could be autistic - has been tested?? This child could turn around if his behavior, mental and emotional needs were being attended and met. Maybe a group home or day care center for kids with learning disabilities.. Not saying that it will be super easy, but it may give you a new perspective so that everyone can live in harmony.

  • He might be sick or he only wants attention that all you should go to the doctor with him that's all or just give him away to adoption if you don't want him

  • He sounds like a really stupid r*****, when your husband isn't home you should hit him and force him to learn. Or give him up for adoption when your husband leaves home. Or make it look like he ran away. When you actually kill him. And you should make him eat his p*** and spoil your daughter and not let her play with him. We don't want a smart child to catch his retardism.

  • There is no way this post can be for real, because no one can be this stupid. A "r*****" is nothing more than a real human being, with limited abilities(sometimes, like my own daughter, very severely limited abilities which requires her to be cared for at all times), which can be both mental and physical. They accomplish as much as they possibly can, even though to those who are ignorant these accomplishments may seem very small and insignificant. The real R***** are those who have so much ability that these people lack, and yet choose to do so little. The big difference: one cannot help their situation as far as retardation and the other makes a conscious choice to be retarded.

  • I never understood the point of parents keeping retarded children. I have a step kid that is autistic and he is nothing but an inconvenience to society. He can't ever provide value to anyone or anything. He is gonna grow up to probably clean bathrooms at Wal-Mart and that's IF someone can make him get his LAZY ASS off the couch. He is almost a teenager and still s**** and p***** himself. I can't stand when he looks at me or tries to mumble his stupid gibberish at me, I just ignore him. Survival of the fittest actually has value, it keeps retarded stupid genes out of the gene pool. All he eats is processed food, got forbid you try to get him to eat real food. I love his dad to death and wished he never knocked that dumb b**** years ago. What a nightmare. Anyone that isn't or hasn't been in this situation doesn't know jack s*** about what it's really like!!!!!!

  • I have to agree with you about why anyone would choose to have retarded kids. I have 2 retarded stepsons (NOT autistic although their parents insist they are). Their IQs are in the low 70s, so... Anyway, after they had the first one she got pregnant again because she found out she could collect social security $$$. B****. Anyway, now these kids are nothing but a burden to society and to me every time they come over. I have anxiety and I'm germophobic so I get way freaked out when they are around. They are never clean and always have runny noses and they are mouth breathers and slobber a lot. Gross. Husband freaks out on me for hiding out in my room but he won't let me spend the weekend at my parents' house to avoid them. I only married him because I was in a chronic state of depression and, well, I was...stupid. And now I'm too ill and broke to get out of the relationship. Anyway, one of the kids s**** his pants all the time and it is disgusting! The boys are 15 & 16 and their disability often kills by age 18-21. I know I'm awful for hoping that happens soon, but if you've never been in this situation, I don't think you can judge. Besides, who can really feel good about the taxpayers footing the bill for a r***** just because their mom wanted the money?!? She's neglectful and abusive to the kids but if my husband were to get custody, I'd be history, so he won't do it. Nothing but a waste of space is what they are. Very sad. I'm glad the op posted this. Now I know I'm not alone.

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