The awkward stage ruined me.

Elementary school, though trivial in the grand scheme of things made quite an impact on me. When I hit puberty as many of my classmates, I started noticing the opposite **. I also started to notice I wasnt the prettiest, nothing I used to care about, I was carefree I was me, and no one could contain me. As I grew older, I would like a guy, rejection, like another guy, rejection. Middle school I would look in the mirror until I couldn't look anymore, i would get sick of looking.Im still sick of looking. I wasnt myself anymore. If youve ever read its kind of like I had two souls and one suppressed the other. I wonder who I could have been if I jus didn't care. And my biggest fear is that Ive lost her forever, that I kilked myself, someone who could have so beautiful and daring, charming and alluring. Looking back onto my elementary and middle school years that alluring charming and daring woman is who I could see myself becoming, but no. Me with my self esteem issues ruined her and maybe forever. I can't function. The awkward stage ruined me.

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  • Resist! You have a choice to change!

  • The adolescent years ruined me. nothing but bullying every single day both @ school and @ home. i'm still fighting my way back even though i've been fighting a lot longer than the years of isolation and torment lasted. maybe i'll finally succeed, maybe i'll go out in a blaze of gunfire taking out the people who made my life **. your guess is as good as mine.

  • I would encourage you to love yourself and give yourself confidence

  • Start to walk and do the mantra I do..get out in the fresh air, walk a dog, just borrow one if need be.. and say " I am wealthy, healthy, happy and wise, I love money, money loves me and money is attracted to me like a magnet, I am beautiful inside and out and like minded people are attracted to me and are my friends :-) you sound wonderful :-) **

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