The awkward stage ruined me.

Elementary school, though trivial in the grand scheme of things made quite an impact on me. When I hit puberty as many of my classmates, I started noticing the opposite s**. I also started to notice I wasnt the prettiest, nothing I used to care about, I was carefree I was me, and no one could contain me. As I grew older, I would like a guy, rejection, like another guy, rejection. Middle school I would look in the mirror until I couldn't look anymore, i would get sick of looking.Im still sick of looking. I wasnt myself anymore. If youve ever read its kind of like I had two souls and one suppressed the other. I wonder who I could have been if I jus didn't care. And my biggest fear is that Ive lost her forever, that I kilked myself, someone who could have so beautiful and daring, charming and alluring. Looking back onto my elementary and middle school years that alluring charming and daring woman is who I could see myself becoming, but no. Me with my self esteem issues ruined her and maybe forever. I can't function. The awkward stage ruined me.

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  • Resist! You have a choice to change!

  • I feel that way too. I got into a some disagreements with 1 b**** on youtube who was constantly attacking meghan and not justified argument just bullying which is just working against what she sent out to do. so I said to her to stop being so mean. now she is attacking me saying on her dr phil clip about how billy graham and ash etc are dumb and saying I would never graduate from college or anything ever. and its none of her business what I do and she has no right attacking me over my dropping out of school and going back later in my 20s. how dare she. see i was loyal fan til she got rude. and attacking her own fans is not normal. she is a plant, a spy and scam. she is a kate stooge. she is not helping anyone but herself. she has no right attacking her views so I don't watch as much now.

  • Don't let a nasty person ruin you.

  • My sentiments exactly. it is a awkward stage but she won't ruin you because she is the bully and she can't get rid of her anger by attacking her fans and rise above her and don't watch then. she is bring people down with her. I liked her debates in the beginning but not funny now. just hateful. she is going to kill her viewer numbers and they will just run away from her.

  • The adolescent years ruined me. nothing but bullying every single day both @ school and @ home. i'm still fighting my way back even though i've been fighting a lot longer than the years of isolation and torment lasted. maybe i'll finally succeed, maybe i'll go out in a blaze of gunfire taking out the people who made my life h***. your guess is as good as mine.

  • I would encourage you to love yourself and give yourself confidence

  • Start to walk and do the mantra I do..get out in the fresh air, walk a dog, just borrow one if need be.. and say " I am wealthy, healthy, happy and wise, I love money, money loves me and money is attracted to me like a magnet, I am beautiful inside and out and like minded people are attracted to me and are my friends :-) you sound wonderful :-) xx

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