Any other woman felt this?

Ive been married for almost 20 yrs to a great guy and great dad for our 2 kids but hes never ever ever been good in bed so ive almost always cheated a little bit here and there with differrent guys just so i can get the s** that a woman like me needs. but last year i found something that really lit me up in ways i cant explain but just want to see if anybody else has done it and gotten turned on by it. early last year i found out i was pregnant and then found out it probably belonged to one of the guys i was flinging with at the time and definitely not my husbands. i was totaly freaked but after a few days i started to like being pregnant for a man i wasnt married to. i didnt tell anybody but i just loved the feeling of walking around my husbands house and laying in bed with him and going to family functions and even to our church while i was carrying an illegitimate child inside me. i aborted it before i started showing but i couldnt get that feeling out of my mind. so last summer i went out and got myself knocked up again and i kept that baby even after i started to show and lied to everybody about who it belonged to but my husband never remembers when we f*** so it wasnt a big deal. but that baby might have been black so i had another abortion to keep anybody from knowing and told my husband i had miscarried. after that i wanted another illegitimate feeling and started timing my ovulations and went out the whole weekend before valentines day with my new LTR boyfriend while my husband was out of town and got pregnant again this time totally on purpose. this time i think i want to keep it all the way and raise it like it belongs to my husband. the feeling of being pregnant with another mans baby and telling lies to my husband and kids and parents about it is just way too f****** exciting to describe but i totally love the idea and i think that raising a child like that would be even more exciting, knowing that i got pregnant outside my marriage the way i did.

has anybody else ever done this? i know its weird and probably sick but i just wanna know if anybody else loves this way sooooooo much like i do.


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  • I loved it when my wife was pregnant by another man, she told me who she was sleeping with several men all married, but didnt know which one did her, but knowing it was anothers baby in my wife was so exciting i loved it, we had daughter, later we had 2 more kids from other men it has been wonderful, family all love our kids.

  • This is a child. Surely an adult, understands capitalization.

  • Troll. This is phonier than a 3 dollar bill. Grow up, kid.

  • Wat happened if your husband found out, I tell you what happened, you lose your home your two sons, the person you will hurt most is your husband, how do I know I have a baby by another man, by having affair, now I wish i said no to the other man, I have nothing, I lost my husband and my children, respect from my parents, and his parents, just think what you have now, it can be all gone, if your husband found out, if I was you, I would stop what I'm doing, before it's too late, believe me it's not worth it

  • How did your husband find out?

  • His best friend saw us togather coming a holet room and told my husband, my husband ask me that was truth,i said yes,

  • Do you still have a relationship with the baby's father?

  • I admit that I've been aroused by the thought, but I've never and don't think I would ever go as far as acting on it. I must say I don't agree with acting on it; I think it's feelings like this that this website exists for- having the chance to admit to it without pursuing it, because the latter might involve hurting other people (e.g. the aborted children).

    But it's so interesting- so many men cheat (and I'm not going to say "almost all"), yet when a woman confesses to cheating she is called a w****. Why does it make people so angry? How many men had makes a woman promiscuous? How many women does a man need to deserve the same word?

    My boyfriend is so selfish in bed, never listens, cares only about himself. And although I'm too much of a coward to physically seek other people, the only way I can get off when I'm with him is by mentally changing his face to someone else's. That's my own confession.

  • i promise you that its only scary the first time you cheat and after that it gets a lot easier. but one thing that doesnt ever change is how exciting it is to go against your wedding vows and the way it feels to get into bed with another man who isnt your husband and then go back to your family right after you finished the flinging. youll love it. and you should definitely do it if your man isnt giving you what you need at home. were women and we deserve great s**.

  • You're a troll, arent you?

  • It's one thing if you want to cheat on your husband because you're not getting what you need. But do the guy a favor, and leave him and so you both can find someone who can fulfill your needs. Cheating is deceitful and hurtful. But the idea that you actively seek men to get pregnant by random men intentionally only to abort the child is disgusting and unforgivable. Or that you get off on the idea of raising an illegitimate child? You sound like a gigantic a******. You are supposedly an adult and a mother and you pull this sort of s***? Really? What the f*** is wrong with you? You say "we don't know"'re right, no one wants to know someone who cheats on their husband and intentionally gets pregnant just to get an abortion. There is nothing sympathetic about you or your pathetic acts. People should be given licenses to become parents, yours should be revoked. What you do does not just involve you and your needs, you selfish w****.

  • i know its not just about me but the s** is totally about me and whatever man i happen to be with at the time and that doesnt hurt the two of us it only makes us feel better and makes us better people.

  • you people dont know anything about me or my life and i dont need any of you judging me ever. i came here looking for some support for my choices and all i got was meaness and judging. i cheat on my husband because he doesnt care about f****** and he doesnt f*** me enough to keep me happy and he never has. every man and woman either cheats or they want to cheat because cheating is so hot and so much fun. so all i am doing is taking it one step farther than cheating by getting and keeping the mens babies inside me. i dont think that is sick. i think that is love and it is definitely something that i love totaly. you people dont know. you just dont know.

  • Are we not adults? what adults do is their choice, if hubby dont like tofuck why should wife have to do with out? yet to have anothers baby is heavy decision, me I loved it when my wife was pregnant from her lover.

  • Hey F*** YOU!!! If he never satisfied you, the word "divorce" exists for a f****** reason. You sick child abortionist, statue of a w****! I hope you die and burn in h***!! <--- Not really, but you as a human being f****** suck. I cannot believe such specimens exists!!

  • It's possible that this woman is still in her mid-thirties, so it's possible that she could be popping out these illegitimate children for several more years, a thought that is as frightening as the thought of her raising ANY children. She doesn't just need to get an abortion: she needs to get sterilized. H***, we ALL need her to get sterilized.

  • I think I've got about fifteen kids out there from attached women I met off the chat line; (includes three sets of twins). I love the feeling of shooting my seed into them knowing that they're going to be left with a permanent little gift(s). Also like blowing my load into single chicks with condoms that have their reservoirs cut off - i'd wait until they were orgasming, then change condoms, and shoot inside. I never had one tell me she could feel my come inside her while she was busy shooting her own. I love the feeling that I have all these kids wandering around who come from me.

  • this is one of only two people who wrote nice things to me and i appreciate it. this man sounds like somebody i would like to meet because he has the right way to think about knocking up somebody like me. he likes knowing that there are married women hes been with who are out there in the world raising his kids with their husbands. see you other people? this is the good way to do it.

  • how do I get in touch with you? I put up this posting.

  • god if i wasnt already totally knocked up i would so totally come and get on you. the way you talked about having sooooooo many children out there with women who are already married and how good it is to give them your seed and leave them with the gift their looking for was just beautiful. do you know what that sounded like? it sounded just like love. and i really think that it is love. i think the feelings you have for married women and for giving them babies for you are feelings of love. i think it is a wonderful thing in this world. thank you.

  • love to hear from you when you're ready

  • i have thought a lot about you over the last 2 wks so i hope you get to read this so youll know that. the thing ive thougt about is how sexy it would be to be pregnant and to have the real father actually know it was his and go through the pregnancy with me and for him to love the fact that it was illegitimate as much as i do. my current LTR boyfriend knows im pregnant but he doesnt know its his and he would totaly not ever want me to have it much less pretend it was my husbands so that is realy different than if you were the father because you could know it was yours and you would be cool with it and even like it. so thats what ive been thinking, that if you were the one who had knocked me up this time and if we had planned the pregnancy together that it would be sooooooo f****** hot to have your baby in me instead of my boyfriends and then together we could get off on making such a totally ilegitimate baby and then for its whole life we would know where it came from and my husband would never know. the only thing that worries me about that is that if we did it once i think we would think it was so f****** sexy that wed never be able to stop knocking me up with more babies like that. GOD i love how hot that is and that you made me think about these f****** things.

  • I can hardly wait til we get together and make our first one.
    The thought of him or her growing inside you is so incredibly f****** hot. The thought of everyone thinking it would be your husband's is such a great turnon. I have been thinking about this more and more. If you get a private email address, let me know what it is here, then just junk it once we reach each other the first time. I love the thought of having more kids running around and no one knowing who they really belong to. It would be great to see them come out of you knowing that we made them together.

  • hi its me again. the pregnancy is going okay except for the nausea but thats only sometimes. but thats nothing compared to how exciting it is to have this baby in me and know it doesnt belong to my husband. i do feel like a w**** sometimes but i really really really like that feeling when i get it. is that crazy?

    anyways i told one of my girlfriends about you, and about how you knockup all of these women and girls. and how you sabotage the condoms sometimes when they arent watching. she doesnt know that my baby isnt davids baby so i just told her that you were somebody i met online. and i just wanted you to know that she was TOTALLY turned on knowing that there was a man out there in the world who had made so many bastards and was still making them. she is about 15 yrs older than me and she is postmenopause but she said if she was still able to have babies she would want you to father them and maybe have about 8-10 of them by you without telling her husband. then she told me i ought to think about doing that myself with you and i just laughed and didnt tell her i was doing that just this time with this other man (who she knows). so i thought you would want to know that it wasnt just me that you had gotten all wet and hot and bothered with the lifestyle you have. evidently a lot of women want what you have to give and a lot of us are totally glad you give it.

  • Hi, glad to hear you're doing ok! Thank your friend for the compliments, lol. I'm still at it going strong! I've found out from personal experience that there are a lot of women out there who want it to happen to them - I'm only too happy to oblige. The feeling is terrific; when I c** and know that its working its way into a girl's p**** to join up with one of her eggs, its unbelievably hot. Then knowing she's going to tell her boyfriend or husband that its his, is icing on the cake. I love the repeats too, and a lot of the girls I've knocked up have come back for more. I've gotten a lot of referrals too from women who've talked to their friends, like you. I don't know how many little bastards I've got running around right now, but I want to make a whole lot more! If you know somebody who's interested, let me know how I can get in touch with them; we could exchange emails/phone numbers more privately than posting here. Any ideas? Are you in the US/Canada - hopefully we live close to each other. Kiss the baby for me when he comes - tell him I'd love to give him a little brother or sister!!

  • hi to you too. :)
    i called my friend barb just now and read her your last message and then she had me read them all but i left out anything talking about my situation because i do NOT trust her not to tell people that david isnt the father of my baby so i just skipped those parts and i hope you dont mind about that. i just cant take the chance that anybody would find out what i did and that i did it on purpose.
    just so youll know i think ive just about decided definately to keep the baby this time. i got about 9 more weeks before i have to decide for sure whether or not to abort it but since i know this one is white i dont have to worry about anybody figuring out that my boyfriend is the father. david is just completely clueless about when we f*** so i am so not worried that he will ever figure it out. plus david and everybody is so excited for me to have another baby and that makes it even more exciting to me. and even more nasty feeling. i love it. i really love having another mans baby in me all the time. theres one other big reason i might abort it but i dont want to say that just yet but i may say it to you later because i know you and i know you can keep secrets.
    ill tell you what barb said about what you wrote when i read it to hrt. she said that if you said you had 15 bastards out there the real number is probably more like FIFTY because you may have some you dont even know about and you probably wouldnt actually say the true number. and she said "g****** just think about that and think about how much of a f****** man he has to be to have 50 children in the world being raised by other men and to still be out there f****** more girls and knocking there tiny little a**** up!!" i think barb is right: you must be some kind of a f****** man. jesus!!
    btw........i live in the east part of the US now but david might get transferred sometime this summer but he doesnt have to take it but he might.

  • hi! loved your last message. (We should be sending these messages by private email. The comment section is open for
    anybody to read). Your friend is right - I have a lot of little bastards running around, lol. The more girls I meet, the more I f***, the more I f***, the more I meet; the numbers just keep on growing. And women like to talk about it especially if it feels good to them. So then I get more. I love the excitement of it, the feeling of nobody except the woman I've knocked up and me knowing who the real father is. I love getting calls in the middle of the night, when a woman I've knocked up whispers that she wants my c*** inside her - or that she wants another baby. I love having first call on her p****, where she'll tell her boyfriend she's not feeling well so that its my c** that makes her belly rise.
    Then there are the women I meet off chat lines, or when I'm out shopping or something. Some I f*** and never see again - I don't know for sure if I knocked them up, but I'm pretty fertile, so I'd say, odds are, they're gonna have a baby, lol. (I try not to knock up girls who are single - I don't think I'm a p**** that way). Would love to meet you sometime - guess what we could do? lol. Some secrets feel really good. Every time you kiss the baby, you'll know where he or she comes from. And nobody but you will know.
    I love the feeling of other guys raising my little bastards and not having a clue!!

  • all the things you said about the babies were so beautiful that it made me cry. knowing that you are giving the girl the baby, knowing that its growing inside her and then seeing it coming out and her holding it in her arms, that kind of feeling can only be love. its true love for all those girls and all those illegitimate babies of yours. but the best thing you said and the sweetest thing there can be is what you said about the mother kissing her baby and kissing her child every time while its growing up and remembering how that child got conceived and who the real father is. god!! that is so f****** beautiful!! but how can a thing that is so beautiful be so m************ hot at the very same time? i think you know things about women that most men would never understand. jesus!!

  • I need your number. I want to hear your voice.

  • Do you like Chinese guys?

  • oh god yes i do. i dated several asian guys in my life but my favorite two were chinese. they are really gentlemen in public but both of them were nasty when they got me alone. i did things with them that i never did with any other man of any race. and one of the chinese guys had a d*** like a horse and i couldnt get enough of that thing. so yes i do like chinese guys a lot. they are really sexy and they do nasty things with american women. so i do love chinese men.

  • What you should do is give the child up for adoption, and get it away from you permanently, to give it a chance at a normal life. But I know you wouldn't do that, because you're too f****** selfish. So, I have to go along with the abortion voters. Go back to your abortionist: by now, you should be entitled to the frequent killer rates. Abort.

  • im not going to keep the baby the whole 9 months and then give the thing away. that would be stupid. i want to feel how it feels to not only give birth to a baby my husband didnt father but actually raise it like its ours. that is hot. im sorry you dont agree but it is totaly hot.

  • My guess is that over the course of almost 20 years of marriage, and almost 20 years of cheating, you've already picked up an STD or two (or ten) and passed some on to your husband, and then lied about what they were and how he wound up getting them. Nobody as indiscriminately promiscuous as you are could have possibly avoided STDs, and so your husband is likely also a carrier. And don't get me started on what you might have passed on to your poor, poor children in utero, much less how your disregard for marriage and your sexual behaviors may have impacted their lives and their futures. As much as I dislike abortion, particularly when practiced as birth control, I agree with a prior writer: get an abortion, and don't you DARE raise that b****** as though it were your husband's. He deserves better than you, but he doesn't seem destined to get it. At the least don't make his life even worse by presenting him with that b****** you've got in you. Get rid of that thing.

  • if i abort it wont be because of all the s*** written here. in fact all the s*** that was written here makes me want to keep the baby the whole way and just be the w**** everybody seems to think i am.

  • For the love of God, go get another abortion and sweep that unlucky child out of your filthy womb before it's too late.

  • I'm sure there ARE other women who feel the same way: they're called "whores". Have a great life.

  • im not a w****. i never have been. i just have more sexual needs than the average woman and ive known that ever since i started having s**. going out and finding men to meet those needs isnt wrong and i wont be made to believe that it is. s** is an act of love and i love s**. it would be wrong to let my marriage get in the way of my own satisfaction and keep me from loving other men.

  • Getting pregnant by accident is one thing, but going out and getting knocked up intentionally by one of your nasty little f*** buddies isn't just wrong; it's f****** sick. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • i will never ever ever ever be ashamed of loving s**. not ever. yes i love to f*** and so do most people. and yes i love the feeling of being pregnant in a situation where i shouldnt be pregnant according to society and things like that. thats my right and my choice. i can have s** with who i want and for what reasons i want and i have a way to deal with the consequences that i went looking for. this wasnt a surprise and i wont be ashamed of loving the way this feels. you will never understand it and you arent trying to and so your opinions arent important.

  • In the long run, it is very likely that your secret will be revealed.

    This baby will have the true fathers DNA. Appearance differences, eye color, blood types. Your decision can also affect how doctors treat your child. Family medical history can be very valuable. You obviously have no ethics when it comes to your marriage. Do you not feel any responsibility for the repercussions this will have on your current children as well as the unborn child.

    I suggest that you seek treatment with a therapist to try to cope/control these destructive behaviors.

  • you're disgusting.

  • When you said "hes never ever ever been good in bed so ive almost always cheated a little bit here and there" I thought, shame, although she's making up lame-ass excuses to try and justify her infidelity, she sounds sincere enough.

    Just comes to show one should never judge to soon. Turns out you really are a s***. A b**** who should not even get custody of the (legitimate) children once your husband wakes up and divorces your s*** ass. Leaving you to raise the b****** child on your own, because, guaranteed, the father will not be helping you.

  • you just havent been in a marriage where you werent getting what you wanted so bad you would do anything to get it. or else you dont like s** any more than my husband does. i have always done what i needed to get what i needed. as for my other kids and divorce well it isnt going to happen because nobody is ever going to know that the man who knocked me up isnt the one im married to. im a good mother and i still will be if i have the illegitimate child of my LTR boyfriend. its not like he knocked me up on a one-night stand. we love each other and the baby is the proof.

  • If this is true, which it probably isn't, you are a sick b**** who should die like all those poor little babies you murdered just because you wanted to be a stupid w****.

  • You are a cruel b**** for being so horrid to your husband. I just hope to god that you don't catch a vd, for your poor husbands sake.

  • im actually very good to my husband. im good in the bedroom and i take care of the house and the kids. my husband is a happy happy man and he gets the best s** in the world and its enough for him. its just not enough for ME. and thats why i cheat. people cheat every day. marriage isnt like what it used to be and cheating is not a big deal anymore. im not cruel. i actually care about the men i fling with.

  • what a sweet uplifting story

  • really?

  • The story is fake, like the rest of these stories.

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