Caught my wife

I came home from work early one day to walk in on my wife having s** with her best friend's husband. This is a man that has been married to my wife's best friend for 14 years and someone I am friends with. I opened the door to our bedroom and my wife was riding him. She turned around and looked at me and so did he. I was in absolute shock. I closed the door and went to get my keys. They made no attempt to come out of our room, which leads me to believe they continued having s**. I left the house and went to a bar to get drunk. My wife called me an hour later asking where I was and saying she was so sorry that I had to witness that. I went home ad asked her how long it has been going on, she told me for the past year and a half. I'm devastated but don't want to divorce her. We've been together for 21 years and I would hate to see it end like this. I asked if her best friend knows and she said she doesn't. Part of me wants to snap and part me wants to let it go.

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  • After i got over shock at seeing my wife s******* the next door neighbour i went next door and told his wife, she said i know but what could i do he just ignored me and i don't what to do.I said how about i take you to bed and we can f*** each other, she said well i don,t know. i said what good for the goose is good the gander and gave her a kiss, as i was kissing her i slipped my hand up her skirt and slipped my finger up her c***, Collapsed in my arms and Oh yes yes f*** me give your p**** and f*** me hard and fill my forty year old c*** with all your s**** please so i really began to f*** her.We f*** each other all afternoon.we were laying there when the bedroom door opened their fifteen year old daughter walked in and saw us both laying there naked,she looked and said Oh i'm sorry and went to leave. her mother said don't go sweetheart let us explain and she told her about how her father was s******* my wife so we were getting our own back by s******* each other. The daughter could not take her eyes off my eight inch c***, so i said would you like to hold it, she looked at her mum and said can i mum. her mum replied why don't you get undressed and join us. I looked at her mother with surprise and she said i'm sure you would like to f*** her, I replied Oh yes very much, well help her get naked she said and let's have a orgy. I then got to strip her daughter naked and i laid her down beside her mother and opened her leg and slipped my c*** all the way the daughters c*** and f***** and taking her virginity. i had a talk with my wife and my neighbour and told being as he was f****** my wife i have f***** his and i am moving next door with his daughter ok, gave me a smile and said he loved my wife and was quite happy with it.
    i now live next door and i now have a harem because now am f****** mum and daughter.

  • Why don't you go round to his house and f*** his wife and daughter. i did when caught my mate f****** my wife, so i went round to his house and f***** his wife and two daughter's

  • Hope he gave it to you outside!

  • I gave into my secret attraction for the boss. I flirted with him during my employee review. He lost it and pushed me over his desk and pulled my skirt up. Before he could do it, another worker came in. We both got fired.

  • I'd say learn to like it. Maybe even get in on it.

  • I think of revenge but that's not how it should be but as a man that would have been my first thought

  • Just join them for a threesome

  • I feel sorry for what happened, do you have any updates? please?

  • This whole story seems fake. Some guys are into the cuckoldry fetish, and instead of posting their fantasies on a place like Literotica, they do it here. I don't get that fetish myself, but apparently there are more than a few sad bastards who get off the humiliation. If, by some miracle this is a genuine account, then you generally have 3 choices moving forward: (1) leave the b**** & make sure the guy's wife knows, try to get as much as possible in the divorce; (2) if for some reason (financial? kids? whatever) you want to stay together, go ahead, but treat your wife like a room mate, expect her to pay for her share of your living expenses, divide your assets, removed her from creditcards, wills and health/life insuranced, etc., open up a private bank account, transfer your funds and paychecks to it, go out and find a nice girl to start a new life with; (3) if you're getting off on being a cuck, congrats on making your fantasy into a your reality, the only thing left is for them to let you watch and eat his creampies out of her.

  • If you have kids in the house then try and make it work. If not tell her to get the h*** out. S***

  • I say u start banging other chicks in your bed too

  • I have f***** hundreds of married women.Most of them cheat all the time and are very easy to get...most of them just don't get caught.I have been f****** a married co-worker for the last two months.Her hubby works out of town.In your situation,your wife is bold and brave,she does not seem to be the one to shy away from a good d*** because she is married or has been caught.She is hooked. Just tell her best friend's hubby and move on with your life by healing and later seeking a different woman. If you want to be a cuck,hang around. good luck

  • I told her I didn't want to end our marriage. She said she doesn't want it to end either but also is not willing to stop seeing her lover. At first I was angry but after I calmed down I let her know that it is fine with me. She also told me that she wants to continue having s** with her lover in our bed. I told her that's fine with me too. I just don't want our marriage to end.

  • Same thing happened to me and I could not be happier

  • It's been a solid week since I decided to come back home. My wife and her lover have had s** in our bed once since I came back. It is a little humiliating to know my wife is getting f***** in our bed while I am in the living room but I chose to stay so there's not much I can do. I could hear them moaning at one point so I put my headphones on. They eventually came out of the room and took a shower together that lasted a good thirty minutes. I noticed that when we have s** her mind isn't there at all. She is probably thinking of her lover the whole time.

  • I'm sure you're right. My wife does the same, and her "other man" is much younger black stud that she claims is the love of her life. She doesn't want to leave home or leave the kids, but she can't quit this black master.

  • I hate to say it but the last poster is right. Have some self respect! I know it is hard, but if you don't put a stop to this right now, you will be a cuck for the rest of your life. At least tell his wife that he is f****** yours. She will probably have the b**** to kick his ass out.

  • I told her I needed some time to think things over. I have since been staying at a friends house. Yesterday I drove by the house and saw his car there again. I knew they were inside having s** but it surprisingly didn't make me mad.

  • What you really need to do is talk to your wife and tell her firmly you'll get a divorce if she doesnt seduce the other guy to bring his wife into the action so you can f*** her too!. see s** and marriage are 2 different things. youve been married so long it doesnt make sense throwing it all away, so the best thing is to follow the play and enjoy some of it too. eventually the adrenaline she has will die out and leave the other dude... you'll see. trust me. email me with progress or advice. by the way... be sure not to look as if you need her. take charge buddy. be the man.

  • Break it off don't be a dumb ass if its not him it will be someone else...!!! Its sad ur even thinking about staying with her... don't be a loser... and kick that m*********** ass for being a b**** like that!
    I can't belive u just shut the door and LEFT! "to drink ur problem away" that's prob y that c*** is cheating bc ur not man enough! U should have beaten him senseless and slaped the s*** out of her and break his arm so he has a cast for 6months to remember who the f****** is!

  • S***! Look, the next time fuckstick comes over to f*** your ole lady, stand at the door and watch. When she moves to get f***** from behind, walk your dumb ass over to her and put your d*** in her mouth and force it down her throat and send a load of c** down her throat. F***! at least be a participant in her f******, and if big boy is bent over, f*** him square up his p***-chute. You catch the old lady with her ass in the air, same thing, F*** bring a friend to help out if you need to. but see if you can find your b**** and face f*** the b****.

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