The 7th grade lie.

I was always a person you'd get along with. Not a care in the world. I remember being small and in elementary school. All my older siblings always said it was tough going to middle. I told them, a girl like me? No way. I'd get through it easy, being as friendly and nice as I was. I guess I was a little too friendly and nice. 6th grade came, and it was fine. Until one day I was looking and dazing off, and it happend that I was looking at a girl's bottom. Another girl saw. I guess they assumed I was lesbian. So, my parent's said they were moving. I agreed to go! We left. We ended up coming back, and I forced my parents to get me out of my old classes. They put me somewhere else. When 7th grade came, I was alone. Quiet. I couldn't take it. No one talked to me. It was terrible. But they didn't talk to me cause I was shy. These kids didn't know about the other terrible rumor. They thought I was just intensely shy. So, I wasn't exactly "popular" anymore. I wanted to get a way out of that school..but how? Then a boy came. I was with him. Everyone said not to go with him. But I did. I thought everything was fine. And it was! But I still wanted to get out of that school. And I found a way. I broke up with him on purpose. I always skipped class, too. I would hide in the school bathrooms to avoid talking to people. And my teacher found me a couple times. So, it added on to the effect that I was not lying. I said I was getting bullied. That kids were calling me, "w****" "s***" and all these other things. Sooner or later I started cutting myself. My parents saw, and confronted the school after I told them I was cutting myself for being bullied...It was not true.
To this day, I am going to 9th grade at a different school (Even though the school I left, most people are begging me to go back like a bunch of f****** c****), my parents still don't know about the LIE I had told. And it was eating me alive and I had to come confess somewhere.

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