I walked out without paying

The other day I got photos printed at a store by me. The lazy kid didn't want to ring me up and the photo booth. He told me to go to the front register when I was ready. I walked around the store pretending to be browsing then walked out the front door without paying. I don't feel bad. I've done it before. I'm not a thief. I just enjoy getting away with it. I've also stole money from my friend once out of his wallet just because I could and cause he p***** me off. If he left money laying around I would take it because he doesn't need it as much as I do and doesn't deserve it. I'm not a bad person. I donate to charities. When the opportunity presents itself I just take things.

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  • You're rationalizing. The truth is you steal when the risk of getting caught is sufficiently low to make the expected gain worth it. It's cold calculation, nothing more. Sooner or later you will get caught, of course. Law of averages and all that. A general policy of honesty may miss opportunities but it is safer and saves you the trouble of deciding whether to risk it each time.

  • I'm not a bad person. I only do it rarely. It's like I was meant to do it because the kid was too lazy to ring me up so I deserved something. Call it rationalizing all you want. I've found people's wallets and returned them. I've found money and turned it in. I'm not a bad person.

  • Reminds me of a girl I knew once. Her boyfriend was being a real j*** to her and I told him off. Afterwards she was trying to defend him, saying that he wasn't always like that. I told her he doesn't 'always' have to be like that be a j***. You don't 'always' have to steal things to be thief. Returning wallets and money 'sometimes' doesn't make up for the times you don't. I don't think you're a bad person. You wouldn't feel the need to justify your behavior if you were. I do think you need to own up to the fact you find ways to excuse behavior you know is wrong. Next time you're telling yourself why it's okay to steal 'just this once' ask yourself if you'd buy it if you were in the other persons shoes.

  • That's a totally different situation. I am not a thief. I've always turned in wallets and money I found except for once and I know that was wrong. If I were to find a wallet today I would turn it in. Not turning it in is wrong because I wouldn't know the person's situation. It could be someone who really needs it more than me. Even so thats wrong. I don't think not paying for items every now and then that come to less than 20 dollars is wrong. At least not when I feel the situation is such that I deserve it. I'm not a thief. I would never take anything from someone that really needed it. If its something small every now and then (and I do mean rarely) no one is getting hurt. I give to charity, I donate my own blood to help people. It's not like I'm taking things from people who really need them. I am not a thief. I don't like thieves.

  • You're in denial x Reassess your definitions,on what a thief is.Just like most things in life,there's different scopes and variables,pertaining to specific things e.g There are different types of thieves,like there are different types of good,bad and evil people.A good person can commit a crime,a bad and evil person,may commit at times,acts of goodness.
    I think you try too hard to defend your behaviour,for it not to affect you.I think you know what you do is wrong and you try to justify it,to make yourself feel better,in order to live with,what you've done.You're irrevocably,in self denial.
    A thief is a thief regardless of,how you justify your thieving actions x Own it,deal with it and stop doing it x

  • At least you donate to charities rather than stealing from them...

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