Is it bad that I hope I am pregnant?

I've only been dating the guy I am with for 2 months. We've had s** a lot. He didn't pull out. I really hope I am pregnant. By the way, we're only 14. Is that bad?

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  • A girl did this to me when I was 15. Atleast tell your boyfriend how you feel. I was ok with it,mainly cause she told me

  • Of course that's bad. Have you thought about what having a baby entails? That's a life you've created. How're you going to feed, it, raise it, educate it if you're going to school yourself? If you've got all that planned out then go ahead and get knocked up. If you're planning to dump your baby on your parents then don't.

  • I'm a single mom in her late 30s and i am so so so proud of you for not being afraid of a possible pregnancy. VERY proud. most girls your age would be s******* their pants but you're being very mature. i'm also proud of you for being excited about it, and for being grownup enough to make love to a guy and not use any protection whatsoever. that feels soooooooo much better than any other way (expeciually with condoms) and it heightens the arousal and release and thrill (for you AND for him) to have him doing you so often and never having anything between his c*** and your puss: so hot! for 14 you really have it together (my middle daughter is almost your age and I wish she were as together as you) and you know what you want, and that is totally admirable. and no.......that is NOT bad!!!!

  • Yeah, f****** without protection and bringing a human being into the world to suffer when you have no means to support it is SO BRAVE!!!

  • Just tell ur parents that u r pregnant and and i am sure that they r gonna stand on ur side

  • You must be insane. Tell her parents? She can't even consider that until she knows for sure, and she shouldn't consider it.

  • if he wont marry u and raise the baby with u then i totaly will. u sound so hot!

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  • yes...............abort, abort, abort!!

  • What kind of person are you?

  • i am the kind of person who thinks that a 14yo is nowhere near able to care for or raise a child and who believes that abortion is the right choice for any girl in this situation.

  • Aree you f****** nuts? Abortion is wrong... and you are crazy... don't listen to this nut case!

  • Yes, it's so much better for a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD CHILD to throw her life away by giving birth to a child she cannot afford to take care of. Such a good idea. Abortion is so evil and wrong.

  • No, it's not bad, not if you don't mind being called a "w****" for the rest of your life. Get an abortion.

  • I can understand wanting to be pregnant and having a brand new baby to hold but after the initial fun wears off you're going to be stuck with a squalling infant who will require enormous amounts of your time and attention. Forget about going out with friends or dating, you will be responsible for that child for the next 18 years. Do you understand? By the time that child is 18 you will be 32 years old. Is that really how you want to spend the best years of your life?

  • You're f***** for life you little f****** w****. People like you are the reason I have little hope for the human race. You're g******* disgusting. Might as well kill yourself so you don't have to live with a greater pain for the rest of your life

  • You ruined your life,or did you? live with it.........

  • Yes, it's really bad. Trust me. If you have any brains in your head, you'll realize that you don't want children. That s*** lasts FOR-EV-ER. Costs more than a house over time [and that's not just a few dollars here and there that add up! you will be broke for LIFE!]. If you're 14 you probably have never held a job/paid bills, so it's hard to understand money right now, let alone having babies, I know. But trust me.
    If you find out you are pregnant, please see a doctor about having an abortion. There is absolutely no shame in it, and nothing wrong with it. It is a good decision for more reasons than I can even name here. At 14 no one will judge you, or if they do, they're douchebags and you should pay them no mind.

  • How do you feel about you support it,or are you against abortion at a young age.

  • I support it 100%. It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I support it at absolutely any stage of pregnancy [late-term abortions almost never happen, but on rare occasions they are needed], and the age of the girl/woman does not matter to me. I would never want to be stuck in a position where I was FORCED to wreck my body forever in the process of giving birth to a child I don't want in the first place.

  • ^I support abortion, I certainly don't want that right taken away from me. But I do not support it as a form of birth control, because someone was too dumb or naive to not use birth control in the first place. People need to be educated, responsible and respectful of their bodies and protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Multiple abortions can prevent a woman from having a baby when she actually wants to. Even resorting to Plan B multiple times is not safe. It's not that hard to go to Planned Parenthood and get protection.

  • I should point out that almost no one uses abortion regularly for birth control. It's f****** expensive, not to mention unpleasant and painful. It is not a method of birth control except in emergencies. I don't recommend it for regular use myself, but it's not like 99% of anyone has the means or desire to do it that way.

  • I really don't care whether you f*** or not, or even who you f***, but you have to stop letting these guys c** inside you. I don't care how good it feels to have them in you without a condom, or how good it feels to have their c** making you all sloshy and drippy, or how good it feels to have it running down the insides of your legs when they give you so much of it that it overflows. But I do care whether or not somebody as idiotic as you creates more idiotic offspring for the taxpayers to take care of because you're too idiotic and broke-ass to take care of the damn thing yourself. Make your parents get you on the pill, or better yet, go get yourself fixed, because it just doesn't seem like you're going to get any smarter no matter what age you live to be. You need to not ever have kids.

  • Yes, it's bad. And it's also stupid. You need to go get the Plan B pill (or have your older sister or girlfriend get it for you) and take it. ASAP. Wipe that mistake out of your body. GO!!

  • F-A-K-E

  • Yes, only an idiot would hope they were pregnant at 14. Also, only idiots would be "having s** a lot" at 14. You're children.

  • Yes, You should hope you're not pregnant. It's bad and you're an idiot. You're selfish, immature and ignorant. Sorry, if that sounds harsh. But maybe someone who doesn't know you needs to say something so you can see what you're doing. You are so caught up in this "relationship" you are oblivious to the reality of your situation. Having a baby isn't like playing house when you were 10 (which wasn't that long ago). Do you have any idea of how a baby is going to change your life? It's not something you can just put down when you're tired of taking care of it. A baby is a lifetime commitment and they are expensive. All those things you like to do with your friends, you won't be doing because you will be at home watching your baby. You guys can't even get jobs, so now you would have to burden both sets of parents to raise a child. Here's the real reality..teenage dads rarely stay with their teenage baby mamas. He's an immature 14 year old boy who is only interested in s**. You think he wants a baby? You've only been dating him for 2 months..How long do most high school relationships last? Get your heads out of the clouds. If you are going to have s**, then be smart and protect yourself. Get on the pill and use condoms (protects against disease: HIV, Hep C, STDs, Herpes etc..) Live life, have fun and have a baby in 10 years when you're done with college, have a career and are married and can plan to have one. A child deserves to be raised by adults, not children.

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