One night I went out and brought this girl home. We had s** and then I thought it would be over because I didn't really want a relationship. Like a week later my roommate and her started talking and within a couple weeks they begin dating. I was like whatever until she started giving me weird looks and texting me. I ignored her at first but one night I was really drunk had s** with her again. She promised she wouldn't tell my roommate. Now I have s** with her a couple times a week. Its great because she is dating him and always hangs out with him. We just have s**. I feel bad though. Do you think I should stop?


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  • Well Duhhhhh. YES. YOu Should stop.

    Deceit is NEVER a good policy. No matter WHAT the social engineers might try to convince you of.

    You are lying to others and you are lying to yourself. Lying is lying and once you start it gets easier and easier.... to lie to yourself.... not to others. You see others can ALWAYS see through your lie. If they care then they KNOW you to always be a liar. If they don't care then you don't matter enough to them to be a factor in anything they find important.

    Liars never prosper for long.

  • If she wasn't dating your roommate, I'd say go for it because you have already told her what you were or weren't looking for. But that's not the case. It will stop when someone finds out or gets your roommate. Or when the girl starts to develop feelings and wants more or she gets pregnant. Or maybe when you develop a conscience about treating people as you'd want to be treated.

  • f*** it, your young keep it going as long as you can. you got nothing to lose.

  • That's so wrong how would you feel if someone did that to yuh

  • Yes, you should do the right thing and stop. How would you feel if he was doing this to you?

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