Pantie fettish

I love sniffing my wife's worn panties while I m*********! The smellier the better as I I just love the smell of her p****. I have tried a few of her friends panties but there's dont have the same aroma as my wife's.
I love getting a pair when she just takes them off and they are still hot and moist from being worn against her wonderful smelling p**** all day and once I've c** I sometimes suck and lick the p**** juice from them!
Does anybody else love this?

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  • Started sniffing my sisters panties their friends panties my moms panties my mother in-laws panties...momspantysniffer

  • I would rather tongue their slick hairless p****-slits until they c**.

  • I sniff little girl panties. Ages five to ten are the best.

  • Yum

  • I always used to sniff my moms panties but I have found a new favorite of mine! It's my girlfriends mom's panties. They are always so moist and musky and smell heavenly. My favorite part of it is where the thong or g-string rests on her a****** all day.

  • I too love the smell and feel of my wife's panties. She's got a couple of friends I'd love to get some used panties from.

  • Not to long ago some s*** I met was blowing me I grabbed her little panties and began sniffing them I got so turned in i immediately came in her mouth.

  • I do the same only I love to wear them as well. I get them out of the laundry have a sniff then a lick which gets me right hard then i pull them on over my stiff c*** and look at myself in a mirror while i w*** myself off. All the time wishing that another guy in panties is watching me w***. So hot and h****. am I gay?

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