All Species Fight!

Dear PETA a*******,

Most species of animals do one thing you keep claiming they do not do, and that is fight. Apes,monkeys,ants,bees,wasps,hornets,dolphins,wolves,
lions,tigers,bears,etc,etc., they all fight for territory,food,mating,water,and even other things that
are on par with human emotions. For example, did you know that dolphins are racist against porpoises? They will kill them on sight for no reason that makes sense.
So please, animal rights groups, shut the h*** up and stop posting about things you know nothing about.

Jul 9, 2013

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  • If seti contacts aliens that r hostile u might get treated worse than the animals..

  • It's a losing battle humans are to retarded to realize that the balance in the world is keeping them alive....

  • Nature, red in tooth and claw.

  • PETA is a piece of s*** and knows nothing about animals. Don't lump them in with people who actually work for the rights of animals, who protect them from humans who, without those groups, would have driven many many more species to extinction than they already have. And I agree with you. All animals fight. That is quite normal.

  • Do goldfish fight

  • Probably, but how could you tell?

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