Confused about her

I am a 19 years old guy. My best friend (girl) and i are very close to each other since childhood. We share everything with each other. She is the best part of my life and i never wanna lose her.
Few days back, me and my best friend went for shopping where she had to buy some stuff. After our shopping we went to her house where both of us were alone. I go to her house almost daily but that day was a bit different. We entered her room and she asked me for some coffee, and went to kitchen to make it. I waited for her in her room.
When she came back she locked the door. I looked at her while she walked towards me with a mysterious smile. Then she hugged me very tightly, i could barely breathe. I hugged her back. I asked her whats going on? She looked me into my eyes and there was a serious expression on her face. She then hugged me again and this time she was rubbing my back with her hands passionately. I then looked at her, confused and dazed. She then pulled me against a wall and started to kiss me passionately. For a second i just froze but after that i started kissing her back. We smooched for about 20 minutes untill my phone rang and i went out to answer it. When i came back, i saw her sitting on her bed, she looked disturbed. I asked her the reason, she just said that whatever happened was very wrong. I tried to make her comfortable with the situation but she told me to go back home. Since then, she is not talking to me. I am confused at her behaviour. I am trying hard to talk to her but all in vain.

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  • Bang her you f****** idiot....what are you waiting for?

  • My guess..When she was looking into your eyes she was looking to see if you looked at her as more than a friend. She's probably hurt that you answered your phone in the middle of kissing. It sent the message that you weren't interested, so now she's embarrassed. It probably took her a lot of courage to make that move. It may have been helpful had she shared her feelings for you prior to being so spontaneous..but whatever. Have you ever thought about her in a romantic way? Figure out how you feel about her and keep on calling her regardless and get her talk to you. She probably just needs some time, she'll come around.

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