Life would be easier if everyone agreed that they were a pervert. i have yet to come across anybody who has not had any sexual thoughts of any kind, and yet we treat those who dont hide this sexual progression as deviants, and ** who are doing a disservice to society. jealousy is a nasty look. all of the stiff neck ** who pretend that they are perfect and pure and have never have a sexual thought in their life are the biggest hypocrites of society. what they say catholic girls are the sluttiest, the loosest are normally the quietest. those things arent going around for nothing. AND YET they are the first to scream, that someone is a sinner or a black mark on the world. **. think of it like this, politicians try to look clean and all knowing, like they are the ones who know whats best for your life. and they are not to have any rumors spread about them, but they are always in some kind of nasty gossip, first to preach is the first to do. ** would not be legal if people truly believed half the ** they said about **.i mean they were quick to make prostitution illegal, but ** no of course not doing the same thing getting money for the same thing whats the difference oh i know one is paying taxes for their service while the other might and might not. diseases can still get spread, some is still having **, someone is still being paid to have **, OH WAIT MY BAD, the difference is prostitutes aren't being recorded and sold on the internet.

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  • The fear and hatred of sexuality [especially in women] has its roots in Christanity and other Abrahamic religions.

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