I want to write a novel,but i cannot pass grammer.

I want to write a best selling novel.but i cannot pass grammer.can anybody here give me a sample of how to write a great novel.i want to write a best selling novel about the hard life of an alcoholic sociopath.which a kind of like the catcher in the rye,and resident evil the city of the dead.and a tale of two cities.and kind of like the lord of the rings.but this story or novel has to be about alcohol and drugs.i just need a sample of how to write about the hardship of alcohol and addiction.this story has to be more than about school.it has to be a strory or novel about the hardship of dropping out of school.and the real bad consequences that come out of it.and the real bad fallout that will end in death,or badder,prison,or teen pregnancy,or drug addiction.or youth homelessness.just give me a sample of how to start my novel.

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  • Start by creating your character. Then decide what sorts of things happen to that character. Use your understanding of the character to decide how they react to these things. (Be realistic, the reader has to believe your character really would react that way.) Finally, use your own life experience to decide how things turn out. If your own life experience doesn't cover that situation try talking to people who've been through that experience. The best way to improve your grammar is to read a passage from one of those novels, close the book and try writing the same thing but in your own words. Keep trying until you can express yourself as well as the original. If you're not sure ask a friend to read both and tell you which they like better.

  • FIRST: you need to put a SPACE after a period and before the next letter/word. That's not just grammar, it's common sense.

    Another biggie is a PARAGRAPH BREAKS versus the wall of text that's your current style.

    Thirdly, who the h*** in their right mind is going to *show* you how to write your book; wouldn't that be the same as *writing* it?

    For f***'s sake, take a beginner's creative writing class and go from there, if you feel whatever it is you have to say in a book is important enough to be written down, in the first place, and will interest others enough to be picked up and read, in the second.

    Oh gosh, good luck~

    ~ Your Bad Little monkey

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