I want to Marry my Best Friend(s)

Im a girl and I've always been choosy with my friends because i would get teased for being a tomboy. I've only recently realized that because of that, I'm initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing my warm side over time. Every year or so I have a new best friend. [i still remain friends with the last ones we're just not as close] Anyway, I only have 1 Female best friend that I've known since kindergarden. Im 20. All my other "Best friends" have been males. I would do everything with whoever my current best friend was. Im used to people wanting to be my friend just because i seem uninterested in them while having a great time with others. However, since I'm so available to them due to my limited amount of friends [not to mention I'm considerably attractive] they start to pry on my love life [what BF doesn't?]. I tell them that I want to skip the pregnancies and heartbreaks and just wait for a guy that I feel I simply can't live without. Then comes the question... Don't you get h****?? [Of Course!] Are you gay!?! [No!] After a heart to heart or two... the friendship turns into this awkward more than friends but not officially lovers type thing and eventually they find a girl friend [to satisfy their needs] and brag about her while still doing BRO-like things with me. Im tired of being the available down to earth tomboy that sells real estate in the friend zone but i just can't take the leap from virgin to lover without someone willing to legitimately love me. Should I keep waiting? If so, how do i cope?

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  • The problem is when you meet a guy you right away try to be friends with him because that's what you know how to do. Once you're friends with him though he'll always see you as 'one of the guys'. One of the guys with t*** of course but still one of the guys. Even if you manage to turn that into a romantic relationship he'll still think of you as a friend first and a lover second. What you need to do is date a guy properly, make him see you as a woman and build the relationship on that basis. THEN you can be his friend. Most guys love tomboys. A girlfriend (or wife) who would rather watch the game than go clothes shopping is a dream come true but you must always make sure he sees you as a woman first. That means showcasing your feminine side now and again, getting dressed up and letting him treat you. Also, you'll need a guy who doesn't mind you having male friends. A relationship built on trust will help avoid feelings of jealousy when you spend a night 'out with the guys'.

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