I think I may have been molested

When I was three we moved here. The neighbor was already living next door. He was around a lot. He started coming over right after we moved here. He was around so much it was like he was part of the family.

He went into the hospital when I was 7 or 8 and died when I was 8. From the age of three to like 7/8 he was around me a lot.

My parents trusted him, thinking he was just a nice old man . It's called adult grooming. He was very generous with money and took mom and me places.

Now my parents trusted him. So, I assume as I played on the porch I stayed on the porch with him as mom went in the house to make coffee.

Now from 3 to 7 or 8 he was around me a lot. I'm concerned he may have molested me but I don't remember. I have a flashback of something really evil happening in his room one day but my mind has blocked out what happened. I just remember standing there and I remember his bed. Don't worry I'm not posting graphic details,my mind blocked whatever happened out.

How can I know if he hurt me? If he did I am sure I wouldn't have told because I have trouble expressing when I'm in pain or scared. I'm scared because I know it's very likely since he was around me for years.

I'm concerned because someone said he was supposed to have molested a child before. And I found out from someone he had thoughts of me in a bad way [I can't say how the person found out,goes against forum policy].

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  • You could probably get hypnotized to try and bring back the memory but do you really want to remember details?? I would just forget him and move on

  • This. If your daily life and relationships aren't impaired in a way you can't explain, there's no need to go digging. I'm sure someone as eager to be a victim as you could find something to be oppressed by. No nonexistent "repressed memories" required!

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