I find pain a way to relax. By that I mean sharp pain. For example, I am a hopeless procrastinator and then because I have left things until the very last minute I get really stressed and can't think straight. So I found that sharp pain can help me focus.

So one way is I put nipple clamps on my nipples (obviously). It's kind of like totally focussing on the pain helps clear my mind. Then there is a tightening across my chest and I enter this state where I set myself a goal to start or reach a milestone with whatever is stressing me. I have to do this before I stop wearing the nipple clamp and if it stops hurting I reposition it. I have even work them at work while doing a presentation to management that I was really stressed about.



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  • That's nice. At least you're not one of those stupid cutter kids that blew through here a few years ago.

    Yes, pain can help you focus or come out of a bad mood, and people use it for that. Nothing wrong there. The stupid part is the teenage girl add-on where they're so "ashamed" that they have to not-display their cuts for the world to "accidentally" catch a glimpse of. And yes, I include the boys in that idiocy too.

  • #metoo

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