I don't feel love towards almost anyone in my family.

I have not spoken to my father for over two years, he's a piece of s*** and abused me for almost my entire teenage life, and he's the reason i'm so f***** up in the head in some ways. I have no intentions of making things right with him, because every few years I get soft and try to go and visit him and every single time, he takes the opportunity to wrap his nasty little sea-creature tendrils right back around me and start manipulating me and trying to turn me into his emotional plaything again. Not happening.

I don't give a f*** about my little brother. He doesn't have a thought in his head. All he gives a s*** about is video games and every time i catch his eye he tries to drawl at me about whatever video game he thinks he can get me to respond to. He's also overcompetitive and gets majorly upset if he doesn't win every single thing, and believe me he sees EVERY SINGLE THING in the world as a competition, it's so obnoxious. He also has this issue where he seems to believe that my parents have a finite amount of love to give, and being himself, he's got to "win" all of it, so he tries to "outcompete" us siblings to be the best and most loved sibling. It's so retarded. He's unintelligent and so f****** obnoxious and he is going to turn out exactly like his father when he gets older, just you wait.

My mother and I used to be closer, but she sure is letting herself get old and fundamentalist conservative and anti-nearly everything that I believe in. Also, she's really awkward, and SO f****** controlling, it's unbelievable. She is also the most passive-aggressive person on earth. She also displays the most amazing favoritism towards my sister and against me, it hurts and yet it's just astounding how much more she likes her... probably because she wanted me to grow up to be just like my mother and my sister did a better job of that than i did. She's not quite as toxic as my father, but sometimes she's unbearable too. When I leave here in a year or so I plan on having little if any contact with her.

The only immediate family member I care about is my sister. We used to hate each other's guts but she has grown up to be surprisingly intelligent and fun to be around. And kind, too. I can relate to her. I would let her live with me, maybe if she could manage to not be s*****.

And my extended family... pfft. Forget it. If they didn't abuse me themselves as a child, then we've seen each other so rarely that they're basically strangers. I could give a s*** less. Biological family is so overrated in this culture.

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  • So,disown the members of your family that are toxic,to your health and well-being and embrace the family members like your sister,that are good for your life.Simple!!! Your welcome and good luck!!

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