we have been not in good terms with my

we have been not in good terms with my 'wife' for the last 1 week, she has bitched about everything, called me names, embarrassed me in front of my relatives and basically ruined the little trust and love i had for her. I have told her that i have forgiven her and all is well and we will work on our relationship..IF ONLY SHE KNEW!!. i am going to string her along, pretend that am the best then when she least expects it, dump her ass, kick her out of my house and basically make sure i ruin her life, her reputation and everything that she hold dear..am going to reveal her biggest and most intimate secret that she made me swear never to tell; to her parents, my parents our friends and everyone she/we know...I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!

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  • I hope meghan markle and dumbum royals have to go eat dirt after all this buzzing year of shoving it down our neck with their kids a**** up in the air and c**** weddings that make you want to puke over them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFYDbPdQ9y8 I hate that old mean queen she doesn't care about people and what a towfaced lot, she is putting us all in h*** and she should be put in the h*** we have lived due to her and go and punch them all on their weddings and parades. i wish someone would puke over them. I hope someone p****** on every one of your parades. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCqMuM7jh2o. she knows she is on the way out. how many weddings can a niggar want in a decade meghan? I mean really, 1 annullment, several lovers like a w**** since school and a new husband every 3 years! and she is so innocent and unspoiled, right, sure. harrys daddy c** time with his w**** poster nude bride. yeh. koostarkass can now marry andrew and they can all do p*** then. i wish they knew limpy and lonely like the rest of us, and poverty and illness. it wouldn't hurt them to go ignored.

  • Telling her parents is a good start try to video her been s*** n bedroom send it to her dad for xmas

  • kill yourself, a******.

  • What did she do to make you feel this way? There has to be one specific thing that set you off, either that or she is just a nagging b****! I think what you are talking about doing may be taking it a bit too far though. Divorce is always an option, but you don't want that kind of Karma!

  • What's the secret?

  • wow sounds like someone wants to be killed.People have been killed for less my friend.

  • It's not worth it. Trust me...it's not worth it making those kinds of enemies because a family never abandons another family member no matter what they did.

  • Thats right!!!
    Man the f*** up !!
    Tell that b**** off opps i mean your wife !!

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