i am homeless. i live in a tent next to

i am homeless. i live in a tent next to the river. i keep all my possessions in a storage unit, and i take showers at the gym. i am in college and graduating at the end of the semester with a B.S. in exercise science. Everyone I talk to at school thinks I am normal like them. But it really makes me mad, because I struggle so much more than they do just to get by. I sleep out in a tent and have been looking for work for almost a year now, and cant even get hired at f****** burger king, and I am getting ready to graduate from school. What the f*** is wrong with this picture.

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  • doesn't your college have career placement??

  • thank you everyone who took the time to read this. i dont come online very often (i am in the school computer lab) but i looked specifically for my post to see if anyone could give me any encouraging advice. when i saw all the posts, i was worried it was going to be criticism, but i can honestly say i feel a lot better. reading these have made me feel not so much like a loser, and feel like there is actually some hope for me. it is surprising to know that there are actually others out there who have been through similar experiences, and have made it through everything... thanks again. it helped more than you probably realize.

    and fyi- i live in california....

  • Hi there. I hope you end up reading this. I, too, became homeless in college. I lived in my car and people would bring me food and leave it on my hood when they found out I didn't have anything to eat. I was in a state 2000 miles from home and had no other recourse but to make my toyota corolla my home. I remember lifting my hatchback and doing homework while sitting in the back. I was hooked on drugs but did what I knew would take me through to the promised land- I went to class every day without fail so I would graduate. Fast forward to now.... I have a bachelor's degree and a masters degree. I have owned a house for four years in one of the most expensive states in the country (measured by cost of living) and this isn't just any house. It is a dream house that I watched being built from the ground up and it's my first house. Nobody gave me a leg up and I'm not wealthy, but 6 years after graduating from college I finally was able to purchase this house. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! Ok, I know I'll get flamed for this, but I'll go ahead and say it because I'm proud of it and it's the truth. Are you ready? NOBODY but God could have done this for me. I couldn't have done this all myself. Trust in God. He will be faithful to you EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT FAITHFUL TO HIM. Oh yeah, and one more thing - don't give up. just keep plugging along. You'll make it.... I did!

  • if your hot you can stay with me

  • Your country is always in some kinda s*** no effence.

  • S*** horrible in this f****** country man, can't get a break anywere..
    Trust me i've been outta work for almost a year and i can't find s***!!
    F*** this useless war were having and the ression were in.
    It's because of this f****** useless war that this country is in the s*** its in..

  • also im last poster and what the h*** i volunteered this thing and they havent even contacted me back i cant even get a volunteer job how said is that? its even sader than not getting in at burger king but im high school student.

  • just like the last dude said u can make it man like the pursuit of happiness just probly dont have a kid so soon cuz it be hard raising him in a tent and good luck :)

  • It does get better. Just keep your head up, even though it's hard. I grew up poor, we didn't have electricity or food or running water half the time, and no one knew how bad we were doing. Thank God for free lunches. Anyway, you're going to make it, just like in The Pursuit of Happyness. :)

  • You must be living in Eugene Oregon. I lived there for less than a year and couldn't beg a job. They accept the homeless there. They won't help you...they just accept you. Street corner beggers abounded and I once saw a kid for 3 days on a corner that held a sign that read "please kill me" when I would drop off my wife to her job at the hospital.

    My friend lived in a tent in Florida for a few years not too far from his parents really nice house. Today he own his own business. People of integriy do what needs to be done without b******* to omuch. The OP has a right to b****. It sucks. It gets better.

  • The war may very well be unjust, but the soldiers are honorable. It is the policy makers that have made it unjust. There are many non-combatant jobs and other benefits not the least of which is getting out from under a bridge.

  • F*** the military!
    For what so you can get sent to fight a unjust war?
    I'd rather be homeless then to do some stupid s*** like that..

  • Join the military

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