I was walking around one nigh during summer vacation and I saw a

It was night time when i was walking around with a friend when we saw a tent in the wooded area near our homes.

We were curious as to who was camping so we approached the tent. I could hear strange sounds comming out of this pup tent and we approached quietly.

My friend and I could plainly see the local basketball jock and some guy performing oral s** on each other.

They were really into it and I'm sure they both e*********.

We crept away and they didn't notice us.

We didn't say anything for awhile but when we discussed what we had seen we decided to never tell anyone about it. The basketball player was also a dangerous bully and overall punk and I didn't want to get on his bad side.

I didn't recognize the guy he was with but he appeared to be older than the jock.

I had always avoided this guy because he was a troublemaker and a loud mouth but never would I have thought hed do something like that. He had a girlfriend and other girls including cheerleaders thought he was the greatest stud they had ever known.

If someone else had told me this story I would not have believed them.

Sep 6, 2015

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