Scared I will Never Get a White Woman Pregnant

I am in my late 40s.I am so scared that I will grow old and die without having a child with a white woman.

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  • Hoping you are all shielded away from corona virus.

  • 01/23/2020. Looks like this post is available and possibly emerged today. Not sure if it will be available tomorrow on. Very strange. Happy New Year to you all.

  • Was unable to find this page in the US for almost 2 months.On my first search while outside the US,it loaded up without any issues. Go figure.

  • Did they archive it again?

  • I'm white and when I was 12 my mom gave birth to my younger sister. Let's just say it was a surprise at the hospital, as my sister was black. When I was older I talked to my dad about it and he knew it was a possibility, maybe a 50/50 chance it wasn't going to be his. Our family is still together and happy, but no doubt that my white mom loves black pipe.

  • So. What's wrong with your father? You should be p***** along with your dad. "Still together and happy". Really? It's called cheating. And the way you worded it "black pipe" How can your mother or father show their faces? Your father should have left when it (your mom) bore the child. Then again he knew 50/50. Why did he marry her? Was she like this before she was married? If she was dude (your dad) you should have walked away from it (your mom). Half sister by the way. Your dad needs to grow a pair.

  • Amazing. How do you sisters relate?

  • Just like any other siblings. We're great. I also have a younger white brother who is 16 (I'm 23 now). When my sister was born it was a surprise, but my parents just said my dad was dad, but mom had "help" making my sister. She's 11 now.

  • Awesome. Are you dating black?

  • Not at this time, but if I met the right guy I wouldn't be opposed.

  • "I wouldn't be opposed" Damn it! You're going to turn into your mother, and no don't say you'd be proud if you were like your mother. You know what? Go ahead you, your father, and the thing (your mother) can kill off all the white blood and turn the family from a white family to a black family. Why not? I wouldn't be oppposed to it. I mean b***** h***, that's where your family is headed anyhow. Damn your dad for letting this all happen.

  • It's back again I see,hurraaaay!

  • I've never had a black man, but reading all this makes me want to change that.

  • It's that simple to change your view on what kind of man you want? Just by reading some fake stories. Watch ID investigations then lets see if you still feel the same. Don't let any comments or stories change your mind about anything. Most of the stories here are bogus. Only the simple will believe everything he/she reads. Please think before you act. For what you want, I'm sorry.

  • You own a God-given right to admire, select, love, and cherish any man from any race on earth. Why have you chosen to deny yourself pleasure? I am glad to hear you say and think of changing the status quo. When are you making the change and what exactly are you planning to do?

  • My good friend,
    I'm a 62yo black man with a black wife. No I haven't been out running and rutting with any whites, at least not lately. LOL. But about 20 years ago, far away from where we are at today, I did manage to knock up two white women at the same time. No, not on the same night, but within a couple weeks of one another. They were sisters,a one 19 and the other 25. Neither one was married at the time, but they both had white boyfriends and the young one had two white babies already (living with her mom and dad). I had been having an affair with the younger one, for quite a time, and one night when I was wearing it out pretty damn good, she told me she wanted a black baby, so we stopped using protection. Then the older one up and says "what's good enough for Belinda is good enough for me". Belinda was p***** about it but I didnt give a half a s***, so I gave the sister what she wanted too. I can tell you I never been so proud as to have them dirty white girls carrying my family around in them. You go git you sum!

  • Most welcome and thanks for the bombshell confession. Where are the sisters and your kids? Did you keep up with the mothers? How long after kids were born did you move? How did you end up finding this post? How did you keep your wife from knowing all these? I ask lots of questions because I am naturally nosy and curious, but most of the people who read and reply to this are. They always want to know and I ask as much as I anticipate they want to hear. Whatever I don't ask, they will.

  • God help me. I want a baby sooooooo bad.

  • Tell us how badly please and with whom.

  • Oh my God! It is with a black man my mom works with. My dad supposively thinks he's already f****** my mom but she says no and so i dont think of that to be true. all i know and all i can tell you is that i want him and i want to start getting filled up with his babies all the time. my mom says i need to stay away from him but i just think she is trying not to be responsible for me getting knocked up and she seems real jealous even though she says they arent f******.

  • WOW! Somebody sounds broken. It's you. God I hope your mom isn't doing it. I don't like cheaters. I don't give a sh*t about his color. Cause cheaters you can never trust them even after they tell you or admit it. Cheating on your other says I love you, I just don't respect you. Now I hope your mom isn't saying stay away cause she wants him. I hope she's saying it for your benefit. But you may be beyond help. Cause girls like you, you'll find a way. There goes your life if you get knocked up. Life is over for you. If (I hope not) but if you have a kid he or she has no chance with a so called mom like you.

  • What do you know about the man and why do you suspect your mom is doing him? Why does your dad suspect he's doing your mom? What makes your desire his many kids?

  • I don't really know very much about him at all except that he is big and tall and dark dark dark and that every part of him has musceles there and that anytime I see him at my mom's work or he walks by me or i stand next to him or when i hear his voice even if he's talking to somebody else he makes me wet and gushy and when I lay in my bed and just close my eyes and imagine him I get grool so bad I have to get my sheets into the washing machine the next morning before my mom can see it or smell it because grool makes such a f****** mess. that is really all i know about this man but to be honest about it......that's all i really need to know because he is god and that is how a girl worships: with grool. and i don't even give a s*** that he is married or that he has kids. that's just how it is with girls: our bodies tell us who to love and so i love him irregardless of the other s***. my dad thinks he is f****** my mom because of the way he looks at her (and the way she looks at him) and because of the way he treats her at work, like better than all the other women no matter what color they are. he never said this to me, but i overheard him say it to one of his friends, that the guy looks at her like he's sliding his d*** in her while he's looking at her and when she looks back she's looking at him like "don't you DARE stop". she denies it totally and i trust my mom's word but my best friend says she would lie to anybody about having s** with him. she says most women would kill just to stay with a man like that and not have to give it up. but i think it might be true because when i said something to mom about him the first time i ever saw him at her job and how beautiful and sexy he was she told me to "stay off that" and "don't go near him". i thought she was just b******* me down because of the race and age differences and because they work together, but the WAY she said it was like jealous. even that wouldn't stop me.

  • Read my comment two above this comment. The one that starts with WOW! It's about you. You above.

  • Mom being territorial and protective uh! Well mom can be f****** him for fun but you can do it for fun and kids am assuming. How old are you now?

  • I think your right. i dont think he will hate it too very much if he is doing us both.most men will love that right? :) i am 16 right now but i will turn 17 in february and i have been active since 11.

  • Ummmm interesting. You are very young and quite possibly that is why mom is concerned and I don't blame her.And since you are still a minor,I will stay off the subject and leave it at that.

  • was just my point that i'll be legal where we live in barely 4 months from now. but not being legal hasn't slowwd me down any and it hasnt kept any guys off of me (not one) - they all want ON, no matter what color they are. most times they dont even ask my age coz they just want ON. plus i haven't had a date with a guy younger than 31 in like 4 years coz i just cant stand boys (they dont know how to f*** worth a s*** and they have NO money to spend on me). i want men and they want me. isnt that a nice balancing?? nobody has ever gotten in any trouble from f****** me and neither will this man. or YOU. you have been so nice to so many white womenand white girls and you have seriously helped so may women and girls in their livesand i appreciate you.

  • Oh and one other thing i forgot to say. he obviously has a big huge d*** and i really just LOVE big huge d****. life is only worthwhile because of big huge d****. and you can just glance at the front of his pants and see that his is gigantic. damn!!! i can't even wait to get his d*** or get his babies!!!!!!!!!

  • It all yours,you just need to find a way to uncoil and ride it to a few pregnancies.

  • I really really really really LOVE what you said about me getting more than just 1 pregnancies!!!!! and yes i will be working on finding a way to get into his pants and uncoil him for so many rides and so many many many babies!!! OMG YES!

  • Ok so i found out his email address at work yesterday afternoon and i sent him a email that just said "i want you to take me for one ride after another after another". and i attached a pic of a black man with a big huge d*** f****** a small young blonde white girl (black men love tiny blondes) with him laying on his back and her riding and grinding him in a hard cowgirl. you couldnt see her face but you could see that she had a long trampstamp tat that said "black owned black only" running from one hip to the other hip and then a separate Queen of Spades tattoo on the side of one of her legs. so now ok i'm thinking about getting those tattoos for myself and showing them to this man who is GOD. they looked so good on that little girl and i think they would on me too. the more i talk about this the more i think i can get his babies in me!

  • I forgot to tell you again: he didnt email me back yesterday but he may not of seen mines before he left work to go home. so it may be mondaybefore i hear back from him. i think i am gonna send him a few more emails over the weekend so he will know exactly howmuch i feel about him. i probably may not tell him i want babies so i dont scare him off. but he will definitely know its me who sent the emails and that he NEEDS to come get inside of me. and i will definitely use the word uncoil which i got from you and tell him to please come and uncoil for me and in front of help me i am going to get that thing in the front of his pants no matter what.

  • Ok so i got email from him this morning to tell me he thinks i am beautfil but there is no way he can f*** me because my mom told him to not get with me. so my mom is ruining my life JUST SO SHE CAN KEEP HIM TO HERSELF!!! i still think i can go around her and get to him and i still think i should try but she wants to ruin my life. my own f****** mother!

  • Last night i sent him another email and attached a pic of a tall muscular black man standing next to a small blonde white girl with his arm around her. both of them are smiling at the camera and both of them are naked. his c*** is hanging down to his f****** knees (takes your breath away!). she has a small black child in her left arm and she has her right hand wrapped around the shaft of his c*** (well, actually her hand won't go all the way around). and she looks to be around 8.5 months pregnant. in my email i just said "why can't this be us?" he wrote me back this morning, just a hour or so ago and all his message said was "DAMN!". i am so NOT gong to let my mother ruin this for me. i am going to get this man. he loves my ideas!!! i am going to get him!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay you were right and i was wrong. he didnt write damn in that email because he thought things were hot between us. no he wrote damn to me because he couldnt believe I was being such a dumb child. he eventuially just told me striaght up that if i didnt stop bugginghim that he would tell my mom what i was doing. if that didnt end it then he would tell my dad. and if that didnt stop it he would go to the law and get a restrraining order on me. he said he never f***** my mom and would not ever f*** her or ever f*** me either because he loves his wife and his kids and he is not hot for me. he told me to stop being such a child and get overmyself.

  • Same for me. Once I went black, I never went back. I mean, yeah, I went back to my husband's home, but I never went back to his bed. I couldn't.

  • Explain your situation more, please.

  • With a white woman what you need to do is slowly slide your full length into her (or as much of you as will fit) and press the tip against her cervix. While you continue to push harder against the cervix, you start talking to her about the baby or babies you want. Pregnancy talk of any kind will work on her at that point. Fingers don't work. Toys don't work. It has to be a c***. It has to be black. And the talk has to be serious, not for show. Look into her eyes while you are pushing against her cervix and tell her you want her to mother children for you. A white woman whose cervix is under assault by a real BBC will do what the BBC tells her to do. I know you know several white women you could call this morning and f*** them tonight. Do it. Make the call. Go plant your seed.

  • I think I have heard lots of real-life stories like that and even read about them here. Many of the married women who have posted here have posted stories very similar to what you are saying; that the black lover asked, told, or ordered me to stop taking my BC pills and have his baby, and shockingly, the women have done it happily and without much worry about hubby will say. Others have mentioned how the lover was talking kids while deep in their wombs and they just let it happen then, or eventually. I have to tell you that the women will-power of some of the stories they have entered here shocks me almost every time. Their expressed desires for their black lover's babies blow my mind. I never should have been too careful when I had a chance:). But I totally hear and appreciate you.

  • Back in July I went on one of my husband's business trips with him. I intended to go sightseeing and shopping while he was in meetings all day. But on the first morning of our stay I met the black motel manager and he came on to me HARD and I could not resist him. Long story short he got a separate room for him and me and we f***** nearly every second that my husband was not present in the building and even sometimes when he was there sleeping. This mans d*** was unbelievable and he nuts like a fire hydrant. I have not seen him since then but we have had innumerable sessions of phone s** and most of it is really filthy and depraved. But one of the things we use to excite each other is the idea of having multiple illegitimate kids while still married to our spouses. Now he is planning to come here in two weeks and we are going to f*** constantly. I'm wondering now if I should have myself ready for him when he arrives: that is -- should I be "off" my pills by that time and encourage him to do what we have only fantasized about so far? Do you think he is expecting that? Wanting it? Needing it? He certainly deserves it from a woman like me when he could have any white woman he wants in the world. What do you think? Does he really want me to bear his children? What I want more than anything is to bareback him and give him baby number one of many mixed kids. Writing that makes me feel like such a w**** but I love that feeling when it comes to this man. I want him to knock me up.

  • Talk about fuckational fun! Didn't hubby complain you didn't spend any money shopping? Yes I really think this guy intends to knock you up a few times. It all about you and if you are up to it.

  • Thanks for that input. I stopped taking my pills yesterday, the day I read your note. Lately, I've been secretly testing the seriousness of his interest in fathering children with me by focusing on other things during our phone s** sessions: I've not mentioned babies once in the past five days (he's called for phone s** every day, and our talk has gotten filthier), but he has gotten around to it EVERY TIME. In fact, the past two days, it's been the first thing he's gone into once the s** talk started. He keeps telling me he's going fill up my "dirty white womb" with "perfect black seed and perfect black babies.".

    No, hubby didn't realize I hadn't bought anything (he barely pays attention to me anymore), and when he would ask what I'd done during the days we were gone, I just said something noncommittal about "seeing the sights" (although I knew I meant the sights between the legs and the ass cheeks of this bull who'd got hold of me and was tearing me to shreds).

  • Now I see nothing but a big belly in front f you in a few months, morning sickness, shopping for baby clothes, maternity clothes all over your drawers and hangers, baby seats...I can see it all. I must confess that whenever I read about some woman here wanting to get knocked up I get jealous. Even when I try to feel happy for the lucky guy, I still feel thing run up my chest from down deep in my belly. I get better after a while but, it takes a long while before the mental picture leaves my mind. I am happy for you, we only live once and we must enjoy this life and harness our dreams and desires. No matter how good or bad we are, after a while, people forget and move on with life.

  • soon as he came in me and i could feel that i was completely filled with his s**** (like i could not possibly have taken on another drop) ...... i knew I belonged to him from that moment forward.......of course he knew that too........and he has used it against me to control my entire life......all of these past 4 years............when i talk aboutmy marriage he just laughs....."you arent married you f****** b**** you are f****** OWNED"..... thats what black men do to white women..... its been happening for centuries....

  • Tell us more about this owner please.

  • ^She is so right! Two of my girlfriends got majorly f****** knocked up with black babies on the same day by the same tall super-muscular dark black guy, and they were both still taking their f****** birth control pills when it hapened. Thats how powerfull a f****** black bull's f****** seed is: birth control is no protection for us at all. NONE. (The black man that knocked them up also knocked up an underage white girl around that time who was also on the pill and he f****** gave her triplets!!!) Unfortunately I cant have kids of any color so I never got f****** lucky like they did. I would give annything in the whole f****** world to get a f****** black baby in me. Sometimes I wonder if I metthe right f****** black guy could HE f****** knock me up even though the doctors say I will never have children and that I should not have them at all. But still I want to get black knocked up. Black knock up is the best knock up. I f*** a lot of blacks but no babies. I would even f****** w**** myself to a bull for a black f****** baby inside. God knows I would totally do that. He made me this way so He f****** knows. F*** I might just f****** w**** myself anyways and just hope that one of them f****** knocks my ass all the way up.

  • How are things going with your two knocked-up gfs? Did the two conspire to be knocked-up by this same black guy?

  • There was no conspiracy. They were on the pill and they NEVER thought that they would get preg. But when they did he told them they had to keep the babies because it was what he wanted. And they had to give it to him. That's just how this man is. It's always his way and they love that s***. F****** LOVE it. Women always give in. I guess I can't blame them because if he came after me I would give it ALL to him too. But I don't look as good as them (and I'm not blonde). Plus their looks are a huge part of the reason that their husbands never dumped them once the mixed babies popped (they never told their husbands about paternity before the deliveries). Another part of the reason their husbands stayed is that the bull told them they had to stay and he beat them both. But their husbands know they would never get new wives half as beautiful as these women or half as sexy or a tenth as nasty. Their mixed kids are 2 years old now and they are both crazysexhungry for new and more knockups from this bull. I don't think that's going to happen because even though he's f****** them still he started using condoms and he has knocked up other white girls since then (some very young). They are upset that he uses condoms but I keep telling them that they should consider themselves super lucky that he's still f****** them at all. Apparently he has a thing for f****** white mothers of his mixed children. They really don't know how lucky they are to have this man in their life and his d*** in their bodies. And to have his babies.

  • Some guys either know how to get lucky, or how to get what they want. I used to know how, but since I haven't knocked up any white women all my f****** life, I am starting to think I am simply a novice, lol. Lucky guy, lucky women...maybe the husbands are lucky too,hehe.

  • I have often thought just exactly what you said about the husbands, that they are secretly enjoying this situation and all the f****** their wives are getting, but I kind of get off on perversity like that especially in interracial relationships and where a much lesser spouse is sidelined for f****** someone else. As far as I know these husbands have never watched the bull do his f*** on these women but thats because the women don't want the husbands to see the threeways, which they have almost always done together since the beginning of the f******: it's kind of their "thing". That was the idea of the women, that they all f*** together most of the time. Although the bull likes that it's not his favorite way to f*** white women. He has relationships with a white mother and young daughter, too, although (I am told) he never does the two of them together: they both know he's with the other one, but there's no threewaying. He just f**** them straight up.

    As for you, you are surely no novice. You have a lifelong string of f*** success with white girls and women that few black men can claim: it's f****** impressive. It makes me f****** wet just to think of how much white p**** you've gotten into and f***** and satisfied with that big black c*** of yours.
    I wish one of those f****** p****** was mine. As for pregnancies, I think that God has something very f****** special and unique in mind for you, and when He makes it happen, the whole world will know about it. It will be magnificent and beautiful and memorable. He is preparing her for you right now and you'll be f****** her soon. Her parents won't like that she's with someone older than they are, but they will NOT be able to keep her off you. The two of you will f*** always and you will wear her out with f*** and pregnancies.

  • For what it's worth, I totally agree with ^this^. I think she will be young. Very young. Very, very, very, very, VERY young. The will make you uneasy when you first meet her.... but you will immediately know she is the one. More importantly......SHE will know she is the one. The attraction will be unmistakable, and irresistible. You will enter her body that very night, probably in an unconventional place (not your bedroom or hers, nor a hotel room, but rather a sideroom of meeting hall or an empty office or some such or a school room), and you will both know that you are meant to be. Meant by God to be together. You will impregnate her that night, and both of you will know it's you spill your magnificent seed into her womb. She will be pregnant, but you will continue to f*** like wild rabid animals. She will beg for more and you will give her more. Early on, you and she will go to her parents, seeking permission, and they will refuse to grant it, because of the difference in ages, yes......but more so because they are so so so white and you are so not. But both of you will persist, and you and she will prevail. The racist parents will know there is no way to get her off your d***. She is yours. And so is her baby. People will talk behind your back, gasp as you walk by together, shake their heads disapprovingly. But the s** will make all that worthwhile (she has those skills in her nature, just not in her experience) and then the babies will begin to come...... and you will forget the world. Eventually people will realize that the two of you are supposed to be together, and then the world will admire you. Envy you. Love you. And more white girls will begin to come to you. And more. And more and more.

  • I actually read that and liked it a lot. Then I laughed thinking this could really happen. I know for sure that two of the three black women I have had kids with could not stop at one. Some day, this quest could turn into a reality. What I am almost very sure about is that if I take my international vacation before January 2020, I will have two young black women knocked up. One has assured me and sends me ovulation dates regularly, the other will let me know tomorrow. At 35 and 25, I don't think any of them would stop at 1 each either.

  • May I interject here without having been part of this conversation? I'm so pleased to see that you realize you still have a responsibility to black women, and aren't so focused on your quest for white mothering (and white p****) that you overlook us. The two black women you mentioned MUST be taken care of and they deserve to have what they want from you. You have to see that these ladies don't just want babies, nor do they just want black babies: they want YOUR babies, and you have to oblige. You have to. You really must.
    The one already sending you her fertility/cycle data? You have obviously subliminally encouraged her in the belief that you will be with her and soon, and will impregnate her promptly. The other will contact you tomorrow and will begin a similar process regarding informing you of her ovulation and her availability. n the same way a child's delivery can be scheduled, so too can its conception. She is even more eager than the first, though she has come to the party late. Care for them both. DON'T YOU DARE NOT GO ON THAT VACATION!!!! Give them what they need and what you want so badly: to spread your seed further throughout the nations. You owe it to them both. Yes, you OWE it. After that, whether or not they want to stop at 1, you won't "owe" them any more than that. But for the love of God, darling man, why would you deny it to them? Why would you deny it to yourself????!?

  • I really admire your welcome interjection, hehehhe! You have sure made my evening. I had a rough day at work, rain started pouring down as soon as I got into my car and shut the door to drive home, I ate dinner by myself while watching pre-recorded 530 national news, then listened to local news about tornadoes and all that,then I decided enough of that and came to my laptop for some solace,and there you were! Not sure why I didn't feel upbeat but while thing about it here, I think it is because I am feeling overwhelmed by the developments of the last 2 days. For one, the 25-year-old told me today and 1 pm that she is ok with me being with her and she wants 2 kids, possibly a boy and a girl. She is a school teacher and at that age, a few years younger than my youngest daughter. Last night, a good friend over there that I was telling about my dilemma said the 25-year-old is too young for me, he suggested a 37-year-old high school teacher. He sent me her pic, phone number, text messages between themselves, and even a recorded phone conversation so I can listen and see if I like her voice. These are 3 fine looking college-educated women with good jobs in local standards. I think I may be biting more than I can chew, lol. I have been responsible for my kids though and I will always be involved and supportive. Being a father is one thing I love to no end and can't give up on. If you juxtapose the events of the last few days and my 6.1 years of craving a baby with a white woman, you can see how impossible my bi-racial mission is, although I am not giving up yet. I have many hours to burn and I have saved them for baby-making. I can't fail these mothers-to-be or myself. I can see 2020 kids and mothers for sure.

  • I'm so sorry if I made you think I wanted you to give up on having children with a white woman or women. No, that is not my point or my purpose. I want your seed spread far and wide, black and white. But please just don't stop knocking up those fine black ladies. And do not believe -- or allow your friend to make you think -- the 25 year old is "too young" or the 37yo teacher is "just right". NO!!!!! I think you already know that you should impregnate them both!!! And that you must also give one or more babies to the 35yo. All black children! Purebred black babies!! ALL BLACK!!!!!! You can surely still pursue your white dream, but oh my sweet dear delicious black darling! PLEASE tend to those fine black ladies!! Please work them HARD and don't stop EVER! I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a bad day, but please don't let yourself think of it or feel it was any type of omen or warning or sign. You need all three women, all three bodies, and you must go after them and get them. YOU MUST!!! Please make it your goal to schedule that vacation during the coming week. Set it up so that you cannot change your mind without losing or forfeiting money. Make it impossible for yourself to cancel the trip. Those women need you and you must respond. You must inseminate them. You must impregnate them! ALL OF THEM! You really must. I hope the coming week is better for you, and I hope you work h****** lining these ladies up......with their legs open. Stay in touch with all of them. Call or email every day. EVERY DAY. Ask about their cycles. Ask about their GYN histories. Be interested in their bodies. Keep telling them...."I'm coming there and I'm c****** in you and we are going to have a family." Please keep me posted on your progress. I want 2020 to be YOUR year! If the mothers of any of your current children give you any grief, you send them to me and I will make them understand how important -- how vital -- it is for you to be breeding.

  • Good to hear back from you again. I did not think at all that you wanted me to give up on the white woman. I clearly understood that you were urging me not to forget the black or any other race of women that I normally don't talk about. We are on the same page on this one. To address the financial commitment part you are talking about, I actually spent time yesterday shopping for a ticket. It may have been around the same time as when you posted your reply. I haven't bought one yet, but I need to buy it as soon as I can. I was doing that based on convincing ovulation dates I received from the 36-year-old lady, and since nobody knows her, I will post dates to give you an idea;

    Oct 5, 2019 - Oct 10, 2019, due date, July 2, 2020

    Nov 2, 2019 - Nov 7, 2019, due date, Jul 30, 2020

    Nov 30, 2019 - Dec 5, 2019, due date, Aug 27, 2020

    Dec 28, 2019 - Jan 2, 2020, due date, Sep 24, 2020

    Jan 25, 2020 - Jan 30, 2020, due date, Oct 22, 2020

    Feb 22, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020,due date, Nov 19, 2020

    I will try to get other dates and integrate them into a workable schedule, and then buy a ticket. I will need lots of energy, lol.

  • Just booked my flight few minutes ago. Dates did not line up quite as well as I wanted. I arrive Dec 4th and looks like the ovulation ends on 5th. But I will be there for Dec 28-Jan 2 ovulation dates. I have many others to worry about. Its soon going to be sowing season,God willing.

  • I really love your mind and the way it works, and the way you organize your thoughts. THAT IS SO RARE!!!!! We are, sadly, becoming a dumb species (whites AND blacks) and dumber people. But you brighten my outlook and my view of us as a people and as individuals, and so you give me hope. This is the reason that you really must keep breeding, black mothers and white mothers alike. You cannot stop: you must breed until you die. Your intellect and your way of thinking must continue if there is to be a better world. So yes, you must keep breeding.

    There are two things I probably shouldn't tell you, but I want to tell you so here goes. First, when I read your message above, it was still a couple of hours before sunrise here. Hubby asleep in our bed. Our final child (a daughter; the others are off on their own) asleep in her bed. So I went upstairs to the shower for the guest bedroom, turned on the water, and masturbated furiously, thinking about how -- for several months to come -- there will be three happy black ladies walking through the world simultaneously carrying your pure black children inside their black bodies (yes, you MUST do all of them), following the three best acts of conception in history. Those women are going to get the best f****** of their lives!!! And the second: if I were still in a condition where I could have children, there would be FOUR happy black ladies walking through the world carrying your purebred black children. I wouldn't let you NOT knock ME up: I would get on that black d*** and not get off of it until there was a little black baby up in there.

  • When I am on my laptop,I listen to music from around the world while doing whatever I am doing,even though I may not understand the words-I love the beats, looks, or whatever. While reading your reply,I was hooked on to You Tube and had just started to listen to what I later realized is Yemi Alade - Kissing(not the one with 6 million views,the 9.8m one, though you may like both).

    Anyway, after reading your first paragraph, I stopped,walked into my kitchen and poured myself a glass of red wine. You have my ego so elevated;your sweet sexy words just catapult me to another planet. I am so flattered that you had to leave your hubby in bed just to go somewhere private so that you can totally be focused on me,so totally erotic. Even if I never get to knock you up,I would just be satisfied just to have an opportunity to make love to you.You sound very sensual and lovely.

    I must tell you that while looking for tickets,I saw many flights where there is anywhere from 8- 23 hour layovers. I could not help but laugh while wondering if these airlines folks ever think of how people with missions like mine are in a hurry to get somewhere fast to change other people's lives by creating new one. While talking to my gf last night and telling her I need to travel,she said I should wait till next year.I wished I could explain the mission and the urgency to her,but I know she can neither understand, tolerate,nor condone. But it is something I must accomplish at any cost.

  • My darling man,

    I have been trying to get back to this page every day but the indication was that there were "no comments yet" and this whole place was blank. I've seen that before, but not as persistently, nor as infuriatingly, as was the case with your page. All the others seemed to be working fine, EXCEPT yours. That's an insult to you. And it's maddening to me because I was concerned that you might think I'd posted and split. So, I was glad to find it back up and (I hope) running this afternoon.

    I was somewhat familar with Yemi because she's done some collaborations with Rick Ross. I know about him because the daughter of a friend of mine has been in some of his videos. She's a tall, thin, beautiful black girl with the flexibility of a contortionist, and she's a great dancer. She swears she isn't f****** him, but her mother and I both say we would happily spread OUR legs to him if it would ever help her get more work with him . . . or even if it wouldn't help. :)

    I'm so happy to see you striving so hard to get to your goal, and to see it coming to fruition. I hate the layovers for you, because I know how hard that can be on a person, especially now that the airplanes are so filled with the trashiest people alive. Today's planes are like the buses of yesteryear. You need to be well-rested and healthy in order to properly and successfully do what's out in front of you, and to impregnate all those ladies right. I know you will do that, but I will pray that the airlines and the trailer trash in the airports don't make your work any more difficult. Please keep us posted about how all this goes. You can of course keep practicing techniques on your girlfriend, but be sure to save plenty of that rich cream for the lucky mothers-to-be. I envy them, and I admire you.

    With all my love.....

  • I appreciate and savor the love.I will keep you posted,and I hope you will stay in touch.

  • I will do that. Thank you for being such a gentleman. And let me say that I am tremendously flattered, and more than a little aroused, by the fact that I know something about what is happening -- and what will soon be happening -- in your life that your own special lady doesn't know. It makes me feel to be on the inside of a great occurrence and a great romance. Thank you for that.

  • I could not get in here for few days.I tried other posts too and they were working just fine except this one,lol. I just wait a few days and it shows up again.It went few months one time but eventually appeared when most people had given up. Not a week goes by anymore without me seeing someone acting weird or wild in a plane anymore,hehe.

  • There is a comedian (whose name I can never remember) who does a routine about people getting on airliners "in their pajamas". It's true. These people are trash. Just trash.

  • I married my husband 3yrs ago right after i graduated from college and we moved from the midwest to north california (for his work, not mine) which is where i started teaching high school. about a yr ago i started being attracted to one of my male students, a black guy with a rep for being SUPER hung and for throwing that d*** around among the school's white female faculty. once he realized how i felt about him and that d***...... he targeted me. he talked dirty to me and about me. he said he could smell me get wet when he was around and he was right. i caved soon after. then after our third time together he said he wanted me bareback from then on and - you guessed it - i caved again. no more condoms ever. and as you also would assume he knocked me up last spring. during the summer i found out that another of our white female teachers was also knocked up for him and she was going to beat me to the finish line: she delivers in mid-october and mine will follow at christmastime. two things about this boy. first....he knocked us both up even though we were both on the pill. and second......... he's now back for his senior year at the school and even though classes just started a couple weeks ago he's already f****** a new teacher at the school, another married white lady, this one in her early 40s. and he already has her riding bareback too. some days i think i'm going insane and am being stupid for not resisting him at all. but when i'm on that black d*** of his i think i'm the luckiest woman alive. for being so young (and not terribly smart) he certainly knows how to take care of married white women. we all just seem to melt in his presence. i wonder how many mixed race babies he will father at my school by the time he graduates. dear god how i love his d***.

  • Back in the early 90s, I got f***** 9-10 times by one of my black students. I got scared one day when we almost got caught (we always f***** in my classroom at the end of the school day), and so I told him we had to stop. By the time I got over being scared and tried to get back on him again, he had already moved on to another teacher, much younger than myself, and much blonder (and hers was natural blonde), and MUCH better built, so I never had him again. It was so sad, and it got even sadder because he soon knocked her up, not once but twice. I always regretted not being in her position, carrying and then raising his illegitimate children, and with her older husband knowing it was a student who got to her. I envied her and I still do. I would give anything to have been impregnated by that black boy. Our children would be in their mid-20s now. He was a god....just a f****** GOD. And I'm certain that there are a huge number of white women out here in there in the world who feel this way about you, as well, and who will regret not surrendering their lives -- and their wombs -- to you. Do not allow any more opportunities to pass you by.

  • Just noticed it has been 6 years!

  • Very exciting! Very well done! Very impressive! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • Thanks much for your admiration and support. It took all the leaders and posters to get here.

  • Sorry to intrude but I was one of the posters a couple years ago or so and I've been a beneficiary of this blog I must say. Although I had never been with a black man before that posting I have been with several of them since then and I have had LTR affairs with three blacks since then and my husband has no f****** idea at all what's up. Two of the three men I had the affairs with treated me like a queen and although the third treated me like s*** he was actually the one I loved the most. In fact he may actually be the only man I've ever truly loved. No black babies yet but there's always hope right? Thanks for your advice which is always golden. And thanks for always responding to those who write in with questions and for always making all your women WET!

  • Hello! Very nice to hear from you, welcome back. No apologies needed as there is no intrusion here. I would like to look up the post many from years ago to bring myself up to speed. What was your situation then? How does a married lady discreetly date three black men over the years, fall in love, and hubby is oblivious to each dalliance? No pregnancy, you must be very disciplined and careful!

  • Thank you for replying. I'm very happy to see you still around. The last time I had just gone to work for a new boss who was black and who was stirring my cunny and my fantasies but I was afraid to move. You suggested taking small steps toward him which I did and it worked like a charm. Anyway he wound up being transferred to another state (too soon for me) but that has led me to more love and heat and filth and has deepened my life so much. It has also made me much more depraved but yes I am still very careful in all ways (with the exception of that one rough man who I loved and lost: with him I was not very careful but very wild). THANK YOU!

  • Wild is bold and very sexy. Enjoy life to the fullest carefully:)

  • I'm a MWF27, my white husband is 46. We have one child, a 4yo girl: we firmly agreed when we got married to have only one. Until this summer, I'd never been with a black man. Then, my husband's partnership got a new part-owner in a refinancing. That man is black. He's 54 and he has a black wife and four grown black children. I know you've bagged enough married white women to know what happened between him and me (and why) so I'll just tell you he bagged me and won't bore you with details, save to say he's one of those men who always get what they want. Our sexual relationship has deepened to the point where he now wants me to start having children for him (yes, plural). He has ordered me off my birth control by September 1. He says there's something called a "depth charge" in the business contracting that he can trigger at will, without anyone knowing he's done it. I don't want to intentionally hurt my husband, but I also don't want to let go of this black dream that I'm living. I take him at his word that he can do what he says he can do in business, and to be honest with you, it would be kind of thrilling to watch him do it.......while carrying his children, one after another. He hasn't told me how many he wants with me, although he has acknowledged that, at my age, and in my physical condition (a former college scholarship athlete and still in peak shape), I could easily have "six or seven" of his kids. The only catches: (1) they would all be illegitimate, because he won't leave his wife, and because he likes the idea of mixed-race illegitimacy; (2) we would continue the affair forever, and I would keep myself only for him; and (3) he would be the one to disclose our plans to my husband, shortly before our first child is born. Again, he has convinced me that my husband won't leave me or stop paying the freight, because he won't allow it. There's more to say, but I want your input. I know no one else who could offer any perspective.

  • It sounds to me that you have fulfilled your marital agreement with your husband...1 child. So you should make another agreement with your lover for whatever number of kids you and he would desire. My daughters mother had the two as at 18/19, my son's mom was 23/24,and my other son's mom at 29. I think DRs prefer someone to have at least 1 kid by age 27, so you just in the right speed and stage. I must say tho whatever you planning to do could cost you your marriage and put your life in real turmoil unless your love sticks by you the whole way.

  • All those () reminded me of my grad school papers, lol. Let me just think about this situation for a day or so.

  • Well,let me take pride in writing comment #3000 while its still 08/08/2019,lol.

  • This post is c** & Go lately.Lets see how long it will hang around this time.

  • Did they archive this post again? They just can never leave it alone!

  • I'm a white woman in her 20s. Last June I married a wealthy white man much older than me. I had been an exotic dancer and he was my best client for almost 2 years. He and I became good friends ober time and I told him about my sordid life filled with drugs and dancing and s**. I lied to him about two things: I told him I had never been with a black man and that I had never turned tricks. Even if he had known the truth he probably would have married me anyway because he really did love me. He still does love me but he would probably stop if he found out that I'm still seeing one particular black man I knew from before I met my husband and that this black man is pimping me. It's not an ugly kind of pimping. The men are all high class and high income and most of them are business men traveling through town. Most of them are also black. My p*** is also my master and he gets the goods nearly every day and especially if I have no calls. My husband knows my master but he has no idea of our true relationship (or relationships). If my husband ever finds out I guess I would leave him because I would never leave my master. I never could do that. He wouldn't allow it and the ramifications of trying would be severe but I wouldn't want it either. Have you ever pimped?

  • How did you end up as a striper? Did you attend college? How do you keep hubby from knowing what you are up to every day? I am sure hubby being wealthy, money is not that much in short supply for you. How come you haven't quit turning tricks? Why would you choose street life over a stable loving relationship?

  • I started dancing to make money. I was a kid with no home life and it was easy work for me, and it was fun: s** and drinking and drugs. I had a fake ID and then lied about my age. Got my GED and took some classes at community college but not the university. I no longer drink or use drugs, and I go to lengths to keep my daytime exploits from coming to light. You're right about the money: that's not why I'm still involved in the trade. I do it because I love the s**. Too much really, but I must have it. Every day, in some form or other, or I can lose control. My master saw that in me when I was still young. He has made proper use of me and my appetites, and he has provided the s** and the love I need in my life.....and in my body. When I married my husband, I thought I was done with all of my past, but my master is my God, and I do as He tells me. I worship him, and he and his business associates need me to provide a service to their clientele and their colleagues. My master pays me only a very little (my husband is the provider now) but he gives me the d***. That magnificent black c*** is in me nearly every day of my life (and if not his, some other black's), and he uses it to control me. I love that control, and I love him. If he asked me to have his baby/ies I would do that, though we've never had that conversation. The tricks I turn are between low-risk and no-risk, so I'm not on the street or near it. I am safe and protected, and I am loved by my master and by the men who come to me. Yes, it is love. You strike me as being a man like my master, and you know so much about white women, which is why I asked about your pimping. I intended no insult. You could certainly turn women out.

  • My husband can divorce me if he want to but i won't ever give up the black man

  • Please tell us why you prefer a divorce over giving up your black lover.

  • It's a very very very long story, so I'll just say that I had an encounter with one particular black man about 12 years ago that cemented what, to that point, had just been an inclination and instinct and interest and indecency. After that point, my life and my heart and my body were no longer my own: they belonged to black men. Secretly, but certainly.

  • You sound resolute. I admire that. Sounds like all has been very lovely to your whole being. He's a lucky man:)

  • It seems to me that you would like to cause trouble -- perhaps serious trouble -- in one or more white marriages. What I don't understand is why.

  • I intend to cause no trouble in any marriage, just bless it with a bi-racial child:)

  • I think most white husbands would not consider that a blessing.

  • I think some would...not all would for sure. Maybe all the women would.

  • Speaking for the white women, I think nearly all would consider a black baby from a fine hard black man a true blessing. I know I would.

  • You are so sweet! I know you are the kind of woman I desire and deserve.

  • If we had found each other ten years ago, I might well be on my way to having my third child for you. Or perhaps my fourth. I think you are certainly one of those hard blacks that know how to handle white women (and their pitiful white husbands) and know how take the things that belong to you. I think your intellect and your power -- and your c*** -- are all massive.

  • Sure wish we had met back then. Not so sure How I have missed out on such great opportunities.You made my night:)

  • I'm glad to know that. Thanks for sharing it. I'm flattered. You are right that you deserve to be fathering children, and one child after another after another with each mother, regardless of race. But if I may be honest......I think you've had more than enough babies with black mothers; you need to start knocking down and knocking up a huge number of babies with white mothers. If I had been one of them, I would be rubbing our relationship -- and our shared fertility -- in the nasty face of every black woman you ever impregnated. Or ever even f*****. I can be mean that way, but yes, I would be showing you off and showing off our children to those black b****** who got lucky enough to get the nut and get the knock-up......ONCE. I would have so many of your children that none of the black b****** would ever catch me. Every time one of them saw me, they would know three things: (1) I was getting your d***; (2) I was probably carrying yet another of your babies; and (3) they would never get another nut from you, much less get another one of your babies. They would hate me (I would make certain of it), but they would know I won.

  • Stopped at a small town today for a social event they had. I looked around well and spent 4 hours there. I only saw one bi-racial girl, probably around 10 and obviously one of her parents must be black, although she was with an all-white family. Since it was very hot and everybody else was white, you know I saw hundreds of white thighs and cleavages, the men don't count. Some folks were friendly and talked to me. But I left thinking to myself: how come the town is so undiscovered by black men especially?

  • Well, at least one fortunate black man has obviously already found his way into the group. You should be the second. Did you meet any women who seemed like good candidates for the attention you want to give? Did you get names/numbers before you left town? Will you go back? The place seems tailor-made for you. I wish you good luck in targeting that site. And others.....

  • I saw many that would be candidates but really didn't talk to any of them.Too many towns people were watching my moves. But one young lady approched and talked to me very nicely with great enthusiasm. She is a newly wed wife of a pastor. I sure liked the way she handled me,even offered me a ride in her special car if I stayed longer.I may just go to their church one day in appreciation.
    Three teenage girls in the back of a pick-up truck near me made me laugh. I wished them lots of fun when I left and they were all giggles, chuckles, and excitement, the way teenage girls do.Older man who was next to me asked me to stay longer.I did but headed out like an hour after that.
    I should have stayed later into the night and possibly gotten lucky. I should revist.

  • YES! PLEASE DO THAT! I have a good feeling about this place. I think you are going to become famous there.

  • Sometimes pastor's wives can be really hot pieces of ass and i've had that experience before, albeit in reverse: i'm white and the pastor's wife was black. never had s** as good as that!

  • Elaborate on this, please.

  • Okay, here's that elaboration. Back in the early 2000s I was finishing up a master's degree (slowly) and one of the ways I earned money was preaching at a mostly-black church in the inner city where I attended college. I was one of only a dozen or so whites that attended the church, and I was the only one who worked there. I wasn't ordained but I was just filling in for a full-time black minister on the staff who was out temporarily due to a health issue. I got friendly with his wife, who worked for the church in administration and finance, and that friendship got TOTALLY out of control. The first time we f***** was during a weekday, when we discovered early one afternoon that we were the only ones in the building, and that nobody was coming back that day. Some innocent flirting at lunch turned into something more heated and unavoidable, and over the course of about a seven-hour f******* that day -- held entirely in the rooms of the church building -- we fell deeply into l*** and so remained for the next few years. It's a very long story, and you will probably think this is rationalization, but I've always been convinced that I saved their marriage by keeping her happy in that city and keeping her in town, keeping her from leaving him to return to her own hometown, where she had maintained a very part-time affair over the preceding years with a black man she had grown up with. The s** she and I had was extraordinary: I found a woman with the energy I needed in a partner (but had never found before), and she finally had a man in her life who had the skills she needed to eat the p**** and the a****** in all the ways and for as long as she needed it. She is my most treasured memory, and my favorite teacher of the female body.

  • Waoooo! Do you know where she is now? How did the pastor get entangled with such a sensually lustful woman?
    Way back when while in high school, I was studying inside a church that was in the school compound, right by the entrance to the school. I was sitting in the pulpit and I was the only one in the church, between 7-8am. A lady walked in and sat by the main entrance. I called her up and she came all the way to the pulpit. she sat next to me and we talked for a few minutes. I ended up having s** with her right there on one of the hardwood pews. After we were won out, she put her panties back on and left. I studied for a little bit longer, then got up and went to have breakfast in the dining room. It all looked like a dream, especially since s** is impossible to find in an all boy'school. It was the only time I had had s** in a church. I did pray for forgiveness many times for desecrating God's church.

  • Far as I know, she's still with him, at the same church, in the same city, although I'm far from there now and I haven't heard from her in years. (My assumption has always been that she found another, younger white man or men and focused her heat on him or them). Her husband never knew about the dirty side of her and so he never saw the reality of what was in front of him. I felt sorry for him in that regard, because this woman was a magnificent f***, and athletic in her expression of l***. But I guess I never felt sorry enough to stop hammering his filthy, h**** wife 2-3 times a week. I really ALWAYS believed that if she wasn't f****** me, it would have been some other white guy, so it's not like I'd be doing either of them a favor by not getting on her. Besides, nobody could say no to this woman, or that nasty, hungry t*** of hers.

    I have to confess that I loved your church experience, and I wish I was as brave as you were with your lady. I am in awe of what you accomplished with someone you never even met before: you are to be admired. In my fantasies, I frequently imagined laying Sanara on the altar where her husband and I preached, and f****** her until she was unconscious, then leaving her there, naked, with my s**** flowing from her p**** and ass. I really wanted that. But I knew that if I did it, I'd get struck down by lightning, or never be able to preach from that spot again without envisioning her spectacular body laying in front of me while I preached: getting a hardon during a sermon is a no-no. :) As it was, preaching on Adam and Eve or the Ten Commandments was difficult enough, knowing that I was living on the wrong side of Scripture. In hindsight, I wish I'd done what you did. You are the man. Yes, THE man.

  • Baby name Sanara is Arabic, meaning Result or Reward. I guess she was your reward for being at that church as a result of being the associate pastor. I have met and had s** with plenty of women on the first day or within hours of meeting. I am very turned on by that and I tend to keep such women around longer; I did not keep the church one, however. As far as I know, many pastors around the world have discreet affairs with parishioners. I admire your thinking-if it wasn't you doing her, it would have been any other guy.

  • I had never even thought about what her name meant, so I'm glad you provided that bit of info. And yes, I'm certain that she was a reward to me. She taught me techniques I hadn't experienced, and she totally made me a better lover and expanded my sexual horizons among black women. So I was rewarded by having known her and having been her long-term lover. I've had my share of affairs but I have not been nearly as prolific as you have been, from what I've read here, and I doubt that anyone is as discreet as you are, given the married women you've bagged. Well done, my man!

  • Haha, am sure you have had your fair share. I try to be very discreet. I have been caught here and there, but overall I can assure you that I can keep a secret very good, although am very open to sharing here. Looks like we may have to continue at the top, we running out of space down here.

  • My man is hung like a horse and he treats me like a w****, which is why I love him so. If he told me to leave my husband and my children, I would be gone today. Especially if he told me the same things you want to say to a white woman in your life: give me your womb. That is love.

  • .....yeh.........same for me....with my black bull love...every time he f*** me..............he f*** me til i s***...........damn....

  • All those animals sure know how to do us, don't they!!! I mean F***!!!

  • That is just exactly how I feel too. Some days I just want to get on my knees and beg him to knock me up. My husband would totally have a heart attack if he did.

  • How did you manage to hook up and surrender your whole self to this horse?

  • We met at a work-related seminar I attended about an hour from where I live, in the city where he lives. I noticed him right away, about six rows ahead of where I was seated. At the first break, I moved to an open seat on the row immediately behind him. At the second break, I said hello to him when he stood and then I stood and began some mild flirting, making my interest rather evident. By lunchtime, my panties were virtually dripping, and he could smell it. And he knew he was going to get it. He knew that because I told him two things: (1) I'd reserved a room at the host hotel so I wouldn't have to drive back and forth for the second day of the seminar; and (2) I had come to town with the intent of not sleeping in the room alone. Neither of those things were true, of course, until I met him, when they both became true. So, I guess I had identified myself as a w****, which is why he immediately began treating me like one. But to be honest, I immediately WANTED to be his w****, and that's what I am, and I'm happy to be that man's w****. I'm also happy to have him use me in ways I've never been used in my marriage or in my life. My surrender to him has been a natural thing, from the start, and not because I "decided" to do it. I think he just sensed what I am by nature and he took it, and I've grown into it, with his guidance. Ultimately, I would love to be married to him, although I know it won't ever happen. But I'm perfectly happy to meet him once or twice a month at a hotel in the city where he lives, or where I live, and to give him what he needs from me. And what he deserves from me. I've never been with a man who was close to being as hung as he is. Not close. How could I not surrender my whole self to THAT? But there is so much more. What I feel for him has been, almost from the very first night, true love. You remind me of him, and so I'm sure you understand my feelings. And I'm sure you've given them to other women.

  • I havent gone to church in a few years.A co-worker kept pestering me to go and today I attended.I saw so many amazing things that I was even so shocked;short or very short skirts and dresses,ladies sitting carelessly,many hanging cleavages....I said help me lord! I have two kids mothers who are 20 years younger than I:)

  • I'm so happy that you are taking action and seeing the possibilities that are out there! Soon, I think you will have children mothered by girls who are more nearly 30 years younger than 20 years. As a female and a mother, I have to say that idea excites and arouses even me! I can totally see you with a very VERY pregnant white girl on your arm. Then, after she's delivered her baby for you, you'll have another child with another white girl. And then, another. And another. You'll be surrounded by mothers young enough to be your children, and they'll all have your children at their sides and in their arms. Ever since I first read your post just above, I have been thinking of that family photo. And of course, in that photo, you'll have another young girl on your arm, who you are grooming to be the mother of your next child, not yet pregnant, but wanting to be pregnant, and who will BE pregnant because she'll begin ovulating the next week. And one can see in the photo, that she knows it, and you know it. One can even see your erection straining against your pants, wanting to get into that white girl. Your s**** is going to become famous. And white girls will be knocking at your door. And unzipping your pants.

  • I so love your dream for me. Your description actually created a mental pic in my head, lol. Thank you so much.

  • Another place you might locate white women is the workplace. I don't know what you do for a living, but if you work for or own an organization of any size, there are quite likely many white females around, be they full-time employees or interns (again, for you, younger is FAR better, so interns are serious candidates and must be examined closely and carefully). The females you work with will start out with a deeper appreciation for you and the man (MAN) you are. You don't seem to have any particular affinity for married women, though you are certainly not afraid to give them what they want (NEED), and married women in the workplace can be easy targets; I know, because I was one. :) Have lots of fun and have lots of s** and have lots (LOTS) of babies!!!!!

  • ...agree with ^her^......back in my early 20s....almost 20 yrs ago....i was newly married and newly graduated ...went to work for a large company... ...same department as 3 other women around my age ....after a year we got a new man in his 40s......giant c***.......biggest ever...... like biggest in the world...... he knew we knew.....we all threw ourselves at him like the worst kind of it was a competition......but everybody won....we all wound up getting the d***...and all but one wound up getting pregnant by him.....we would have killed for that man...they wound up letting him go and we all lost touch...we were "the harem".....its what we called ourselves ......the f******* he gave us were epic .... best ever really ......i been with lots of men.....nobody like him...... so yes......the workplace can be a great place to find love....... we made him happy.... he kept us happy........ oh my god that c***..... that c***..... that black f****** c***..... you could easily have your own harem.... white women hanging off your d***..... ....... filled with your seed....... dripping it from their white w**** could do this...... right now..... and you should do it....

  • Your sure are reminiscing about that black lover-you ladies sound like sister lovers of sorts...if all of you had married him you'd have been sister wives:). I am glad you got had a memorable ride. I have had lots of luck with getting s** with co-workers my whole work life. It's one of the best places to find decent lovers. I just never had the guts to knock anybody up. I met my gf now, of many years, at a job. I go out with a co-worker(black) to movies, restaurants, etc, but no s**. I know she wants a baby possibly next year and I have told her to consider me when she is ready. Not sure she will. There is a married white woman I got along with really well for a while. I asked her to go with me downstairs to get some coffee, but I think she got very scared. I pulled back. Although we chat, she is somewhat guarded now. With time, I may hook up with one at work:). I sure like the suggestions.

  • ...yes i do think of him often ......also about that situation we were in with him.....all 4 of us were in love and we even talked about what you said.....we thought it would be wonderful to be able to move in together and f*** him together all the time instead of just the very occasional group roll.................. i hope you won't give up on that black lady ........ oR that married white ...... for the white you should invite her for drinks or dinner away from work sometimes...... get her far far away from her comfort zone and make yourself her comforter.......let her know what you open........ be bold.,.....come on strong.....STRONG!..... and don't let her wiggle out......move h****** her and stay hard after her.....she know what you want and she want it too......go for it and dont stop! use that d*** boy!!!!!!!

  • White women are all crazy. That's why you got to hit it and quit it. That's where the saying came from.

  • Some are and some are not...I am trying to find those who are not.Wouldn't want a crazy mother of my kids for sure,lol.

  • They're all like me: all white girls love the bbc. And we all want black babies. You won't have a problem finding a mother for your babies. You're going to have more than you can afford to pay for.

  • Hasn't happened yet,but I havent lost hope.

  • I think maybe you aren't looking in the right places. Even though you are in your forties, I really think you should be looking for girls in their teens (maaaaaybe early 20s). You might think they wouldn't be interested due to the age and generational differences, but young girls LOVE older men, and especially older black men. (And please don't misunderstand: I'm not calling you "old", I just mean you are a man who happens to be older than THEY are.) I don't know about your area, but where I live, one really excellent hookup spot is the food court at a local mall: whole packs of girls are always around, just hanging, and hoping to get on somebody. Another would be a water park, now that summer is getting near and the schools are out. Or a church with a large outreach for young people. I'm in my thirties now, with two kids, but I managed to get myself picked up by men in all three spots at one time or other in my teens. And I even managed to get myself knocked up by and married to one of them. :) But maybe that's just me: I used to be nasty. :)

  • The site wasn't accepting my reply and I ended putting the comment about church above in the wrong spot. I can't repost it here for you sorry.

  • I don't care s*** about they babys I only care about they p***** and i get all i can

  • I'm a 24 yo black woman married to a 23 yo black man. i don't get any of this. i caught my guy jerking it to white women on p***, and it has me messed up. i don't know why he'd go there, when i'm fit with booty and all that he needs. he hasn't done anything to make me mistrust him, but wtf is it about white p**** and why are our black guys craving it so hard?

  • Did you have a heart to heart conversation with him about this?

  • Although I'm almost twice your age, I'm also a black lady (still looking good, still in my sexual prime, still very active), and I've lost two husbands to the white demonesses. The first was a YOUNG white girl who was interning at my man's workplace and asked to be transferred to his division. I thought nothing of it at first, but within just a few weeks, the vicious little b**** was pregnant and parading it all up in my face. The second was an actual succubus who my second husband and I met AT CHURCH (if you can believe it)!!!! She may not have been the biggest piece of white trash in history, but she was in the running: she would dress like a w**** for church and sit right in front of us in the services, wherever we sat, and she flirted (also like a w****) with my husband right under my nose. He laughed it off and said there was nothing happening, right up until I found them in our bed at home, doing things no self-respecting black lady would ever do. Anyway, to answer your question, I think a lot of the reason that they can't help themselves is that the white demonesses are more aggressive than we are, and they won't refuse our men anything they want. Our men know it, and they can't resist being in charge of their women, and white women make that much easier for them. They are filthy and they are ready for our men. ALWAYS.

  • This is scary as s*** for me. I'm not the OP or anyone else on the thread, but also a black girl dating a black guy. I think he's into white girls. He talks about them all of the time. It's like I can't be good enough, because I'm not white. I KNOW what he really wants, and it f**** with my mind really.

  • What does he say when he is talking about white girls? What do you tell him when he talks about white girls? What did he say to you to make you fall in love with him?

  • How come you never considered keeping any one of these lustful young women as a sister wife? You could only have had just one marriage then.

  • I don't think you understand how black women work. What you proposed would never happen with a black woman. A white woman, a young one in particular, might do that, but we would never.

  • Indeed in the US, I have never met black women in a polygamous marriage(except in affair situations). But when I have visited Africa, I have met many black people in different cultures engaged in such marriages. Some men there have many wives and they seem to live happily, if not cohesively. Some women have wives of their own. I don't get the impression that you would want anything like that but I asked to see what your views were on the topic. While replying to you, I just got a thought; What if people allowed themselves to be involved in plural inter-racial marriages, where the black husband and wife allowed in a white co-wife/husband, and the white husband and wife allowed a black co-husband/wife? It would probably lessen the inter-racial affairs that naturally emerge in our lives. Monogamy is rough sometimes, but marriages should be natured to thrive.

  • ….when i first started dating blacks i could never keep one they kept dumping me....then my big sister taught me that i had to lick the ass and suck the b**** and that worked. in fact now i have like 5 that i date........the prob is that even tho they are all older (in like in their 20s and 30s) but i want somebody your age. now i read you and may be the thing i should do is get off the pill (mom says NO!) and just straight up tell the older blacks i meet that i want the hook up AND the knock up...… just say 'i want your f****** babies dude! is that the secret to get with men like you?? i mean f****** g*******! i want the guys like you and right now they don't go for sis says never tell a guy you want to give him the womb but i see girls here that do it and the men come at them like the f****** pamplona bulls!

  • There's just something about an intellectual black man that makes me weak. And the thing about an intellectual black man that makes me weak ALSO makes me wet. If you get my drift...…. :)

  • I'm very glad to see that you are back in operation (we all are): you've been missed. Welcome back! Stay active!

  • Black men are all men. White men are all boys. That's why so many white women -- especially the married kind -- are going black and not coming back. Who can blame us?

  • What have you been up to?I know there is more to you than that statement, lol.

  • I just found this page today for the first time, even though I've been reading ConfessionPost for nearly two years. It inspired me to share my own experience within my own family. Many years ago, I was having an extremely dirty affair with a young black man I worked with at that time. One evening, my husband was away at his camp with friends and I had my lover over for dinner and some fun (his wife was working). Following dinner, we were going at one another on the sofa in the family room -- like animals -- when my married daughter walked in on us, knowing her father was out of town but having no idea that I was cheating. I freaked when I knew she was standing there watching us, and she freaked as well. But my Black God never missed a stroke and never stopped until after he'd given me two squirting o****** while my oldest daughter watched us. When he was done with me, he ordered her to strip, which she did (he's forceful and gets what he wants from all white women), and he went to work on her, driving her to five consecutive o****** while I watched them. The story becomes much longer at this point, so all I'll say for now is that my oldest daughter eventually led him to my youngest daughter (very very very young at that time) and she now has three mixed children for him and my older married daughter has one for him, to go with two white ones for her husband. Seeing how much my daughters love their "little n***** babies" I wish I'd found this Black God earlier when I could have started a mixed family of my own.

  • Yours is simply the type of stories you see on tv and simply get smitten. I have no clue exactly where to begin. Are you still married to your hubby? How come your married daughter did not just run from the sight of you getting pounded by some strange black man who is not her father? How did she manage to get sucked into agreeing to strip for and have s** with him? Is she still married to her hubby after having a bi-racial love child? How are the sisters getting along and which sister is the lover still sleeping with these days?Are you still riding him?

  • LOL. You really see right through things. That's amazing, but you cut to the heart of the matter right away. Yes, as you've hinted at, my husband is rather clueless and dense, isn't he? First, he and I are still married, and he has no idea of my level of adultery during our marriage, either in general or with this particular black God. My guess is that he just doesn't want to know, although my lack of a black child allows him to believe that I haven't done what our daughters have done. He's not terribly bright but he does love me, so there's that. He also hasn't connected the dots with the girls, so he doesn't know that their "effects" arise from the same "cause", meaning he doesn't know that one God has built a family within ours. No one else really knows that either, although a couple of the girls' friends have guessed (and one has seen/experienced evidence, first hand, which is a long story). The older daughter didn't run from the scene of my "in flagrante" poundings because she was so stunned by the sight of this man and his body and his meat. I don't know if she stayed because she hoped to get on it herself or just because she couldn't turn away from him, but she certainly became his property standing in the doorway watching him entering and exiting her mother's body, and then got on him herself. She wasn't pulled in: she was eager (and she was good). She is still married to her white husband, though it has taken some counseling, and some threats from her (and my) lover. He insists that other men raise, care for AND PAY FOR his mixed offspring: he refuses to do so. And speaking of which, our youngest daughter is still living with us, so my husband is doing his bidding, although they have never even met. The girls get along just wonderfully well, and they love the fact that this same man -- with whom they both still share their bodies -- fathered b****** kids for both of them. As for me, I guess that story will have to wait: I'm out of space.

  • Have you watched your youngest daughter get a pounding from this man? Hiw did the youngest get involved and what age? We would live to hear ALL details.

  • Today is March 28, 2019, and it's the first time in weeks and weeks that this space has been open again, after being shut down by ConfessionPost, whose treatment of this blog and this man is really shameful.

  • Thanks for dating the re-emergence of this blog. I had actually lost hope on it ever coming back. I have used many search engines to find it but I could only find the headline, no comments. I have no clue why it keeps disappearing and emerging after a long while.04/07/19.OP.

  • Exactly one month ago today, my husband and I met a very young black man (I won't share his age or name) at a Super Bowl party. Long story short, we invited him home to engage in s** with me, thus giving my husband something he'd wanted to see me do for several years: f****** a black male. I had been ambivalent, and unenthused. To cut to the chase, in the midst of some extraordinary intercourse, I reached down between my legs and removed his condom, insisting that he finish in me without protection. My husband freaked, the black boy accommodated, and then I came, too. Before he left, the boy told my husband -- with my support -- that he would be back anytime he wanted to, and that my body belonged to him now. He told my husband to stay off me, and to begin sleeping on the sofa in the family room. In the past month, he's been back 19 times, spending the night with me each time, and I've not allowed my husband to touch me. In private, the boy and I have been discussing my ceasing taking my pills: he wants a mixed baby and he wants it with me. My husband would go nuts if I turned up with this kid's illegitimate baby, but I'm MUCH more concerned with pleasing the boy. I want him happy. Your thoughts?

  • You are a very lucky white wife for sure. Every time I read a reply/post here,my mind races with endless thoughts and scenarios. So if your hubby saw you taking the condom off the young lover's shaft,I know he is worried you want to get knocked up.I know hes has counted your BC pills or the condoms in the house and the math may not add up for him.He has possibly asked you, or imagined, that you are up to something with this young bull who has spent 19 nights with you in isolation. So I know you could possibly get pregnant. What has your hubby been thinking on this subject for the last month? Isn't he getting tired of sleeping on the couch?Have you stopped taking bills so far? How did you happen to interact with the lover at the game,what attracted you to him,and made you invite him over for s**?

  • Hi! It's so nice to hear from you! And to know you're back and posting once more! Thanks for ALL that!!!!!!!!!!!! So, with lots to write, but only a little time, I'll give it a go, and then try to visit again with more data. First, the Super Bowl party and our introduction to this creature. At first, as I said, I was not thrilled with the whole idea, even though the boy was very attractive and not a typical black guy (sorry if that sounds racist, but you probably understand the observation). And he was certainly attentive to me, even though I was one of the oldest women present at the party. Once he got wind of my husband's urge to hook me with a black man, the kid got pushy, which I didn't appreciate at first, until I realized he was doing that to get control of my husband, recognizing him for a typically inferior white guy and frightened by an assertive black male: his awareness of his sexuality and its effect on hubby was arousing. But honestly, when he started pawing my t*** and ass, I got filthy fuckwet, and he knew it (he said he "could smell it", which I didn't quite believe, but could not quite resist; do you think that's possible?). That's when my body took over and my mind followed my body. Anyway, my husband invited him home because we had the house to ourselves that night. But the boy didn't wait to get to the house. While my husband drove us all, the kid pulled me into the backseat and drove my head down on his c*** and gave my husband the play by play, while I gagged and choked leaked spit on the biggest d*** I ever had. He had me naked by the time we got home and had me behaving like a w****. Like HIS w****. I was not myself. And he was in total control. And he knew it. And so did my husband. (More later, when possible.)

  • I really don't understand why this blog continues to be blocked. yes it frequently talks about matters of intense s** and deep infidelity but lots and lots and lots of people engage in both acts and its allways spoken of here respectfully and to seek the original author/expert's advice, not in a prurient or abusive or salacious way, but in a guiding way. this is a place of comfort and encouragement, and it's far bettter than any of the counseling or therapy i've ever had, and i've had lots of both, none of which was nearly as helpful as this. i'm not sure but i think this man is a doctor or at least an experienced professional, and i know for sure he's helped literally hundereds of people deal with their issues and has guided their lives so beautifully. i hope that confessionpost will realize this and restore the page and all the advices here.

  • Thanks for the sweet compliments. I had no clue a simple confession would turn into a long lasting blog with so may readers and contributors. Based on the replies,I feel like many people's lives have been transformed based on what they have read here.I thank every reader and contributor who has been here for the last many years.OP.

  • No its not just the age thing I promise. And its not just how hard he hits it when he really gets rolling. And its not just that his d*** is so good or so big or so f****** dark black. I mean I do love all that but the main part of what I was trying to explain to you is that I actually love him because when he nuts off and c*** up my p**** I can feel EVERY JET hit the back of my womb!!! And when he nuts off and c*** up my ass I can feel EVERY JET hit the top of my stomach from the inside!!! And don't even get me started on how good his c** tastes or HOW MUCH THERE IS! This n***** is a f****** GOD! I can promise you that you have not ever ever experienced anything like this. I don't care how many big black d**** you've had in you. The n***** that owns me is a GOD!!!!!

  • ........they always blank you its not right its just so not right......

  • Its 2019 and so far there are 2919 replies on 01/19/2019,lol. Good job.

  • I'm 46 black female, married to a black man, and we have a son who is 22 male. He used to date black girls in high school, but now he seems to date white girls. I don't have a problem with it--love transcends color--but I don't think he's into white girls for love. He's brought 6 of them to meet us in the last year to have lunch with us. I'm thinking he just likes white p****.

    I believe my son is up to no good, and we're about ready to cut him out of our will. I'll never understand why he can't meet up with a nice college black girl. Again, I'm not racist, love transcends, but my son banging a half of dozen white p****** in the the last year makes me insane. I didn't raise him that way and neither did his father.

  • Mom white girls at his age are easier to s**. Most have racist parent issues that fed their curiosity and are probably using your son for s** as well. At that age I slept with too many that I'd admit too today. Buy him a box of condoms & have the flush it himself talk.

  • ^this^ is true. modern white teen girls are easy targets for well-endowed black boys (and men). our daughter began dating whites but as soon as she went out with a black boy she quickly moved to black men and her interest in whites evaporated totally. she's black-owned and black-only.

  • Well,this is my first response of 2019. I wish you and others a Happy New Year. Honestly,I think you are over-reacting over your son,if your story is at all true.I do not think his dating is a valid reason to cut him out of your will. He is not dating for his parents,he's dating for him.You should feel Blessed that he is even able to show you the girls hes interested in(obviously you did a good job raising him). At 22,he is probably not about to settle down and at the rate he's going,he may not till maybe 30 or after.You must have been very different than these girls are now when you were 22. Lots of college girls are outgoing and aggressive..they go after a guy they like or say yes to a guy they like that shows interest.In other words,its no longer all education and no play...they balance it out. Eventually,he may settle with a woman of the color and qualities of his choice,or he may never.He may enjoy p**** diversity but,just love him anyway.He is trying to find his way in life.

  • I kept looking for this thread for months and finally gave up. I thought it was lost for good the second time around. On a whim, I decided to search for it today. I am shocked to see it fully loading. It's Christmas Eve so, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,2019. I hope we will be sharing and caring for one another here again. Now let me catch up on what has been happening, lol. OP:)

  • I am 41 mwf. I been married for 22 yrs to a man 17 yrs older then me. He is a horrible racist. Disgusting. He hates blacks more than anybody I ever seen. I married him because of money. I love some things about him or have got used to some things I suppose. But not the racism. He knows I don't share his race hate. But what he don't know is I been having an affair with a black man from his work. He would kill us both if he found out but there's no way I can get up from this black man. He's too good and too hung and he knows my body from all angles. My husband would kill us both if he found out all what we do (and also where we do it sometimes). The affair started about 1 yr ago the very very very same day this black man came to work at hubbys business.

  • Thanks for sharing your escapade with us. Do you work with your hubby, or how did you happen to meet the lover? What are some of the things that your husband does or says that have driven you to ride a black pole? How did the two of you manage to connect, and have kept the affair so discreet?

  • This post is lost yet again? They need to bring it back ASAP.

  • I am glad its back. Thanks for your prayers:)

  • After 37 years of white living, 14 years of white marriage, and 11 years of raising white children, and never having gotten laid by a black man, I finally went out and got me some during this past summer. I had thought of it as just an experiment and never really believed that I wouldn't be able to go back. I thought I would try it a few times and realize that black men are not really different and I would return to my regular white life, richer for the experiment and the experience. I was wrong. Once I tried one guy a few times (maybe like 12 times), I decided I wanted something newer. So I got it. After several encounters with No. 2 (about 20 or so I guess), I realized I needed something newer again. Same experience. And then again. But when I connected with my fifth black, on the first roll, it ceased being something I could control. He was hung like the proverbial horse, and he had skills like no one who ever had me before. Last weekend I moved out of my husband's house and left my children behind, and moved into a condo on my own. My black love won't leave his family and I really don't care. I just want my pale white body to be accessible to him WHENEVER he wants it. Hubby and the kids were SERIOUSLY getting in the way when I was being called out. No more. When my black love wants the white p****, he GETS the white p****. And it's always mine. Thank God. And also thank YOU...….because your work here has taught me the importance -- and the virtue -- of being obedient to the black man. It's what they want. It's what they need. It's what they deserve. And so? I obey.

  • That is a shocking development. I am used to a lot of things happening but I still get shocked by some...yours is one of those shockers. How are things going thus far? What's hubby and kids saying? How did you develop such a HUUUUGE appetite? You sure have guts and you sound adorable. Don't abandon kids though, they your blood.

  • I thought you were shut down, or that you just gave up because this site has been so abusive to you, killing posts as they were made, blocking it altogether, and blanking it half the time. But I finally checked back and HAPPILY found you back open for business. That's a wonderful development. AT LAST!!! Anyway, my love and I are still together, growing our relationship, and I'm still exclusive to him and living on my own so he can have me whenever. I know you're right about my kids, but there is no way I'll ever allow them to interfere with this relationship. They keep begging to see me and for me to "come home, Mommy", but they just drag down what I have with my black love. I hate them for that. He comes first. That's part of being the obedient mistress he wants and deserves. And he is my life. Entirely. I know he occasionally f**** other white wives and mothers, and it stings a little, but he always comes back to me again because I'm always available and my legs are always open. Your teachings on obedience are so perfect and wonderful, and they are so right. Thank you, and welcome back to your home. Please write more, even if it's not in response to someone posting, but are just observations about interracial relationships and interracial breeding. And how about you? Have you found a white wife or wives to breed yet? You deserve that. I think of you often.

  • I'm a divorced white woman, 29yo, and I have one white child. For many years (since high school, to be honest) I've had the urge to have a black baby. I want the father to be someone like Neil deGrasse Tyson, but all the black men I meet are like Mike Tyson (or worse, Lil Wayne). Not even slightly interested. I'm close to giving up and going back to my son's white father, who I left because I was so sure I'd find a Neil in the world. My surrender may come soon. He wants me back, and he may just get me.

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson is super intelligent. I actually never cared to learn his name but my kids watch some show where he appears. I realized who you were salivating over after googling the name. I am sure you can find a nice black guy to plant a seed in you right before you go back to your white hubby. He will still want you from the sound of things.

  • That is so f****** weird: my best girlfriend said something very much similar to that when I left my husband. She told me that all I really wanted was the black baby and that I wasn't really interested in the black man. I laughed at her at the time but she has said it several times since then. I still disregard her comments but I think you're saying like the same things. I'm trying to create a relationship only as a premise to getting the ultimate prize, and that's the black baby, and maybe there's truth in it. That's what she says, too: "You don't like black men, you only like black babies" (she's sure that once I have one, I'll want more and more). Since Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't coming by, maybe I need to start thinking of what you said about getting my ass knocked up by some random black (with a horse-c***, of course) before going home.

  • Ok so my mom doesnt like that i date black men expecaly maried ones.i think she just think it looks bad on her and not caring about me? anyways i talked to her about this new man i jst got with recent and how it seems like he might be the one for me even tho i wold have to wait till hiskids are more grown.but i told her i still wanted his babies anywhays even while i wait and she said that once you go black you cant go back.i always thot that meant blacks are so muchbetter than white men that you wouldnt WANT to go back but she says if i start getting black babies no whiteman would want me and then i cant go back. but then i read so much here about how white husbands stay withthere white wives even atfer a black baby or 2 or 3 or more or even help their white wiffe get the hookup with a black man for their own baby. so its like im all confusedbout the cant go backthing. i don't really care about white men now so it dont matter but is my mom right that a black baby would keep from taking a white man if i decided i wanted him? if the white guy was married already would me having black babies keep me from getting him from his wife? what if its just 1 baby?i dont see how this makes sensebut i tihink you know it like you knoweveything else about all this.

  • You simply need to live your life...your mom has raised you, you are now a living mentally well functioning adult and you must personally make decisions that impact your life whichever way. I learned something in one of my graduate classes that I intend not to forget any time soon; we are the CEOs of our own lives. My very first gf had two little very white blonde kids. I still dated her for a year, and cried when she dumped me.I really didn't care that she had white kids, I had fallen in love with her and her clan. You don't have to be with a white or black man, you simply have to be with the man of your choice, regardless of their color. Better yet, my gf now is all white, and all my kids are black, but she is still so sweet with them its unimaginable. A decent person may not care what color you or your kids are. There is gonna be a man in this earth who would want you for all you. Time waits for no man or woman, and the most limited resource humans have is time, and that's is why we get paid hourly -use it wisely, no good reason to wait in your case.

  • So what happened to that late40s white lady from a few monthsback who was cruising black clubs in her hometown looking for a black baby daddy? Did she hook up? Does anybody know what happend? Has she hedher sweet black baby yet???? I'm around her age and I've DEFINITELY had ALL her urges but I haven't been able to find the nerve to do what she did or to try to sell my husband or kids on the idea. Does anybody know?

  • I am not so sure what happened to the lady you are talking about. I am hoping she will get us updated. What is giving you cold feet about your cravings? Other than her, there are many other women who have posted their encouraging situations here.

  • Ok so i find out last week that my husband is cheating. i am 24yo black female and husband is 36yo black male.we are married 5 yrs and with 2 children. husband is very handsome andsmart and distinguished. and greatly hung and so great in the bed. i had want to lunch with 2 ladies from his work and they told me that the cheating started 6 months before that when she got transferred to be his PA. i know the woman who he is cheating for but only to know who she is i dont know her directly. i know that the men cheat but what i dont get is that this woman is in her 40ies (OVER 40!!!) and she is a white fat (very fat) loud gross trashy pile and i cant evenbelieve its happening. i havent seen her since i found out they f*** and i dont think i could ever face her.i saw her maybe 3-5 times after she become his PA and now i know she was laughing behind my back to know she was getting with him and holding me down. i cant afford to divorce him but i dont know how to live with this embarasmnet. what worries me so much more is that she would trick him to be pregnant and even ever more than that could be if he decided to have a child with this trailer woman. my friends from his work told me she alredy have 4 kids by 4 different fathers and she was divorced 5 times and even she doesnt know which men fathered which children and at lease some of the kids were from men she was dating while she was married to another man. i want to die. i know his problame is not what you are talking about but i saw the word pregnant in your blog name and i read some about the marital affairs you have seen and so thought i would wriote to see if there was help. thank you.

  • Cheating is never good, but some people can't live without it. I personally know myself; it does not matter how good or bad my relationship is, I am going to cheat at some point. I have always been like that and at my age, I will never change. You cant go fight your hubby's lover, you can't die, or get depressed. You have to be woman enough to have a thoughtful conversation with him and understand why he is cheating. I have been away from my gf for 60 days without cheating yet, but I know an opportunity will arise-I have time, opportunity, and intent. That is probably what drove him to cheating in PA because you were away. But he could have cheated living with you too! So there is really no rhyme or reason to these affairs. The race, age of a lover-if legal, number of kids, looks, or size,is immaterial. Maybe one of them, or both, want a child, or plain wild s**. Bottom line, its only the two of them that know what is driving them and its up to you to find out. But don't lose your mind when you learn the details.

  • The way I found out about my wife's interests in blacks was that we were at the mall one night, with our 11-month-old daughter, and she looked up and saw these three big bucks standing outside a store, and she walked over and French-kissed each of them, and each of them fondled her ass and t*** while she kissed them. She did all of that while she was carrying our child in her arms, right in front of me, and right out in front of the whole f****** world. She kissed them all three or four times, DEEP, really making out. I couldn't believe it. But I was paralyzed to do anything to stop it. When she finished, she talked to them for a little while, as I stood there looking stupid. When she came back to me, she just said, "Oh, were going to find out at some point anyway, and you might as well get used to it: I f*** a lot, and always black." She told me, "You can't compete, but you aren't going to leave: I won't allow it."

  • ……..sorry dude …...but somebody has to tell married a w****.... a real bbc s*** what you want from this point on but i would say that you need to get out before she starts dropping black babies and putting your name on the birth certificates .…………….. things aren't ever going to be the same and they aren't ever going to get any better....atleast not for you......their only going to get worse and worse as she gets more and more addicted to the bbc and more and more of them start coming by your house to see her and f*** her…… i suspect your several years older then her so you arent up to dealing with what shes going to put you thru...…. find somebody more your age who can take care of you......and who will care about you......this gold digger you got only cares about herself......sorry to be so blunt...……...but she is a total total w****...… shes a fraud...…….. dump her trash ass...….

  • I know this is weired, or maybe it's sick (two of my friends say it's the latter), but I have found that I can't leave her. Part of it is that she is INSISTING that I stay, but more turns me on in a perverted way, to know what she is and what she does, to see the evidence of it. I knew she had a high high high s** drive but I never knew how high. She's off the charts in sexuality. Literally off the charts. I don't know how you figured this out (unless maybe you're a black man and have dated a white woman married to a white man) but you're very right about me: I am 26 years older than my wife. I can't see how that factors into it, but I think you've perceived something about me that perhaps I didn't even know about myself. The age difference was a big part in my attraction to her (and in hers to me) and being seen with young women has always been a prideful thing. Perhaps you're right. Being seen with a woman who behaves like a w**** is -- maybe -- something like that: having people look at her as sexually superior, and as a predator, is a way of having people look at me as having "bagged" one like her. I don't know. I just know she is, at least for now, running this little show. She may be a w****, but I love who she is......and what she is.

  • ….yah yah.... i get it dude..... i do..... some guys like their wives to play and some of those guys like it better if they wives go each his own i guess....idont get …...but whatever i guess...………….. but in your situation i still think you need to find a better calmer woman at your age don't want to be raising some n's filthy b****** kids when you retire …………. and i really dont think you want a wife spending all her time on those bastards when you need her to be taking care of you as you get older...…….and older...…… dude please get out NOW......before it gets ugly...…..that w**** you married is going to be VERY busy dropping and raising those dirty b****** ass bastards and f****** new n's every night. …….. get out......for your own good dude...…….GET OUT NOW...…. your bitchwife is not going to take care of and she is totally going to embarrass you...…..WAKE UP dude......

  • ……… last thing to keep in your mind is should always remember her standing there right in front of you at that mall.....making out in public with those blacks...……...not caring what you think or what anybody thinks..... with your child in her arms.......with YOUR child in her arms ......... while the blacks paw her T&A …….. and suck on her tongue...……………………….. if she hasnt already done it pretty soon she will stop using birth control......and stop making those n's wear condoms when they hook it up with her ...…. then she will be a walking b****** machine and a walking carrier of std...………….. believe me dude...…….. get out...…. now get out now...….. shes trash and you are gonna die from it...…..

  • I wasn't going to write here again, not ever, because what I had already disclosed to the entire world was so humiliating, but what I've learned since I last wrote is even worse. MUCH worse. You were right. Everything you said was true, or it became true. I felt I owed it to you to let you know that.

    I don't have any idea how you could have predicted that she would stop using birth control and stop making her black lovers use condoms but she did both. The first thought I had was that you were one of the three blacks she serves and services, but the odds of that are too long to calculate, so I abandoned that idea and decided that you have simply lived a life that informs your observations about white women and black men. But you said something about seeing (really "seeing") the child in my wife's arms as she humped black men in public, something that didn't really register until later when I was discussing the issues of birth control and STD protection with her (just last week). I was trying to make a point about the infection risk to which she was exposing our daughter, and I used that phrase ("our daughter") a few times. Then, when my wife started to respond, she used the phrase "my daughter" twice within a matter of seconds. It took a while to sink in, but eventually I realized: she was correcting me. Maybe subconsciously, maybe without even knowing it herself, but it was there. As I sat there, looking at her, blinking, and saying nothing, I could see that she realized she'd made a huge tactical error in saying that. I said nothing for several minutes, and finally she started to cry, and confessed. "Danny is her father." Danny is one of my business partners. "Does he know?", I asked her. "Of course", she said, "we planned it.....I'm not a w****." I laughed (at the irony and the idiocy, not the huge insult), and I left. I haven't been back. I'm done with her. I meet with the lawyer tomorrow afternoon. You were right. About EVERYTHING.

  • ...believe me dude...….. i dont take any pleasure in having been right about your wife...….no i dont know her and i wasnt ever one of her or white or otherwise...…...i just know things about people from having been alivefor 44 yrs.......but im afraid theres something else i have to alert you mentioned that danny (the real father of the daughter you thought was yours) is "one of" your business partners...……… if shes been f****** danny and doing familyplanning with him.....then its probable that shes been sleeping with at least some of the others too...…… ask around the offices and see who else is d****** her...….or get one of your assistants to do it...….i think your going to find out that shes been with most of them......if not all of them...…. she has a s** addiction...……………..and its focused onhooking up with all the men in a particular group...…. i knew a girl a long time ago who did this (she actually caught over 20 guys in that streak)….. and bragged about it for years...….. she was super super super sexy but dirty...….DIRTY....

  • Blanking again? What bullshit.

  • I like hooking up with white girls.but i dont want any of the b****** try to get my chile suport.dont roll thatway. heppent to my brothr.not wont let hepentto me.

  • Today, for the first time in 8 months or more, this page popped up in the "popular" column on the left side of the Confession Post home page. I was sure it had been deleted. I'm glad to see it wasn't.

    I'd written before that about a stunning black man in the office building where I work, and how badly I wanted him, and how crazy I was to carry his children, but who wasn't even slightly aware of my existence. Long story, but eventually I made him notice me one afternoon in the lobby (this past spring), and enticed him (another long story) to meet me for a drink down the street from our building. He did (still another long story) and on that very night we began the affair I'd been aching for. By May I was pregnant with his child. In June I informed my husband of my condition, and of the paternity. By mid-July, I'd persuaded my husband -- with the huge assistance of my black lover and baby daddy -- to stay with me and raise the child, leaving my bull free from that expense and responsibility. And leaving him free to continue our relationship and his ownership and enjoyment of my body, inside and out. The OP here was instrumental in both the inspiration and education for the approach and pursuit of this separate family.

    I'm so very happy that this page suddenly reappeared and allowed me to say thanks to the author and motivator, before the Confession Post fools bury it again. So........thank you.

  • Hey! We are in February now ! Is your baby born ? Can we see a picture when he will be ?

  • I am pleased to read your update; you just made me smile, but then curiosity kicked in. When is the baby due? What exactly did you tell hubby to get him convinced, and what was his line of reasoning? Have any kids with hubby? How did you seduce the lover-the long story version, to make him such a lucky man?

  • I'm so very happy to know that you're still here. When the page went blank, and then went away I decided that ConfessionPost had kicked you off, because they feared a takeover by the only intellectual on the entire website, and the only gentleman here. I don't know how much of the other postings you ever read, but your work is far and above everything else here or on any other opinion and advice website. Thanks for hanging in here, and for being the voice of reason and sanity. You may not have knocked up a white gal yourself, but you've gotten a whole LOT of us pregnant (by other black men), and I hope you realize that!!!

    Our child is due February 4, and I could not possibly be more excited about the birth or the arrangement or my relationship with the father. I've never been so happy in my life. I have two kids with my husband (both virtually grown), but neither of those pregnancies were nearly as thrilling or rewarding as this one. Perhaps it's because I love this father more than the other one. As for convincing my husband to stay, although he did resist (any man would), it was not terribly difficult. I repeatedly told him that I would not allow him to destroy the family we already had, but that I would never give up my MAN, nor would I abort our child. I have always "worn the pants", so I just exerted my influence over my husband, and my lover came in with threats of physical violence (as a former football player, the threats were VERY credible), and my husband finally decided that it would make him "look noble" for staying with his "wayward wife". Okay...….whatever. In the end, he gave me what I told him to give me. :) The seduction, if you remain interested, is much longer, and I'll have to share that later, maybe over the holiday weekend?

    Anyway, have a good evening, and a great holiday! And thanks again for your motivations and your reply. I hope you're on your way to finding that special white girl (I still think you need a very young one!).

  • Believe it or not, I believe I have read each of thee replies here, even though I may not have replied to each and everyone of them. I am amazed about the number of women who have come back and posted that they have gotten pregnant by a black lover after running into this thread. I also think that quite a few have experienced the taboo pregnancy, but are not saying anything here. I have noticed that quite a few men have knocked up some women too, and its a thing of beauty to read all these amazing stories.

    My greatest disappointment here was when a guy I had grown to trust, and was very impressed with, posted that all his conquest stories were fake. It really did something to me to read such dishonesty on his part. I admire plain people who post plain stories with any embellishment. When the thread was unavailable for months, I worried it was removed for having so many replies, and the whole fiasco was disheartening. I'm glad its still here.

    I have not had a chance to knock a white woman up yet and it has been 5 years now since I first posted this. I have knocked up a black woman within that time, but am still looking for that bi-racial child. I found a young Latina couple and gave them sperm and they disappeared, which made me conclude, erroneously, that they had conceived. They contacted me 8, or so, later and explained that she had a medical situation that needed operations and had recovered. I tried AI for many more months, till June this year, but the pregnancy didn't happen. I gave up because I saw no success in sight, and was moving. I am now 2 weeks old in a new state due to a job, and am hoping I have some success here since gf not with me,and the white population in the city is almost 87%,lol.

    You have planned well, I admire your creativity, determination, resolve love, l***, and motherhood. I am hoping you share the other details this weekend. May your pregnancy be fun, joyous, and healthy.

  • There is no doubt that you're right: there are so many women you've shepherded into interracial relationships, and a high percentage of those have produced pregnancies and mixed race offspring. THAT is the sexiest thing about what you do here: it's real (and so are you). The sad thing was about the Latin couple: I didn't know about that, and I wish it had worked out for you. Still, and this may mark me as a sort of racist, I'm really glad it didn't happen, because they weren't white, and I think you need a young all-white girl or girls to mother all your children from this point forward. I'm sorry, but yes......that matters. Get a white girl or girls. And please don't think any more about that s***-clown who posed as a man. Trust me: he is not a man, never was, and never will be. And one other thing: his lies did nothing to affect your work or your pages here. NOTHING. He doesn't have the b**** to come back, so that part of your life and your pages is O-V-E-R.

    The best thing I read is that you are now living in a city where, although you're the distinct minority, the mix of the races is in your sexual favor. One of those white females -- probably more -- are going to give you the baby you want and deserve. I still think she is going to be extremely young, and that she SHOULD be: that will be better for you, because a man like you needs that, for so many many reasons. If you lived where we live, I would give you my daughter (and my prejudiced husband would just have to get over the fact that his wife AND his daughter are black-owned). She's flighty and insane and loud and filthy, especially for her age. You would tame her, and you would teach her, and she would LOVE you......and the babies you fill her small body with.

    I'll try to write more later in the day about this MAN, but I wanted to get those thoughts down in writing, because you were so honest and so open. Thank you for that, and for what you have done for so many white women in the past five years.

  • You so sweet in every way. How old is your lovely daughter?

  • Thanks for being kind: it matters. My daughter is 18, although she wasn't that age the first time she had s**. She started waaay too young (we all did, I guess, but she was even younger than that), but there was no stopping her once she knew how good it made her feel and how well men would treat her because of it and because she was so good at it. I know, her father and I should have tried harder to discourage her, but she could always have anyone she wanted and we couldn't change her: she's a very sexual creature. But she needs someone who will look after her and not make her desires all about THEM. Anyway, she's another story for another day: all I wanted to say was that a fine, intelligent gentleman like you is exactly what the child needs, and she may be what you need. Dreams...….

    How we began. I had been craving "him", stalking him, for months. Finally, late one evening I waited for him in the lobby leading to the parking area, and I had carried a stack of files with me. As he got off the elevator and turned for the exit, I walked toward him and pretended to drop all the files out in front of him, giving the appearance of falling, as well. I knew he was a gentleman, so I knew he would stop and help me. He did. He picked them all up for me, and offered to carry them to my car or my office, and I told him "the car". He walked me there and deposited the files, and I began to blabber one thank-you after another, begging him to let me buy him a drink at a place down the street. He tried to beg off, but I insisted and he relented.

    With him in a sympathetic frame of mind, and while we drank, I told a tale of how lonely I am, telling him that hubby isn't interested in s** (untrue), and that I am super h**** and need something on the side (very true). He didn't bite on the hook I was throwing out until I started to cry (intentionally); then, I could tell he was considering me sexually. And I poured it on heavy. Oops, out of space. More another time.....

  • We drank at the bar for an hour or so, while I told my tearful lies. The only things I didn't lie about was never having been to bed with a black man, and wanting him to be my first. When I went to the ladies, I came back without my bra or my panties. He noticed the bra was gone because my nips were poking against my top. He immediately asked if I'd removed the panties, too, and I told him he would need to make that examination on his own. He slid his hand under the hem of my dress while I sat in front of him at the high-top table, and I spread the thighs far enough apart for him to reach home plate, and finger my lips open and feel my wetness. When he did that, I looked him right in the eye and told him he could have anything he wanted with me, anytime he wanted it, and that there would never be any expectation, and I would never tell. He explained that he wasn't in a position to risk losing his family right now, and I explained that, if that were so, then I'd be the perfect playmate, because I am the most discreet w**** God ever made. Why? Because I would NEVER be in a position to risk losing HIM by being disrespectful or disobedient. Obedience is very important to this man. I said many of the things you've written -- to me and to other white women in need of strength and guidance in getting through to their black loves -- and it was like I was trading on inside information: everything I said was exactly what he wanted to hear. And it all worked like an occult charm from your book of sexmagic. Between the time he slid his finger into me and the time we were naked in bed at the hotel across the interstate, it could not have been more than 20 minutes. I never even had to ask to see him again after: he did it on his own. This has gone just like your playbook called for. I have you to thank for this half-horse, half-man, and for the baby in me. I will tell you another time about the magic in my use of the word "womb", as you have taught us here. Insufficient space....

  • :) :) :) :) very lovely. You are so seductive and lucky. I c*** wait to hear the other part.

  • A brief list of my uses of "womb", all from you or inspired by you, and ALL on the first night:

    In his BMW, on the way from the bar to the hotel: "I don't know if it's this luxury automobile, or if it's that I'm with a real man for a change, but I feel like my womb knows happiness for the first time."

    In the hotel elevator, on our way up to the room: [Squeezing my knees tightly together] "Christ Jesus! Can you HEAR that? I feel like you can hear that! My womb is throbbing so hard it's like it's making a hammering sound from my pulse!"

    In bed, while he was on top of me during our first round of f******: [Him pounding, me taking] "Not only are you the first man I can feel pounding my f****** cervix; you're the first one I can feel pounding my f****** WOMB!!"

    In bed, after he'd pulled out of me at last: [Him laying on his back, me curled in his arms along his side] "When you finally pulled that beautiful thing out of my p****, I was absolutely sure the suction was going to yank all of my insides out, with my womb hanging out at the end of the f****** string."

    I never said anything about babies. But I could tell that just the word "womb" -- as you've said many times before -- has a serious power, spoken by a white woman to a black man. And while he was planting seeds in my reproductive tract over the next few weeks, I was planting seeds in his psyche. In fact, I never even had to ask for a baby: the idea was his (or so I allowed him to think).

  • And by the way, you should know something that your last response did to me; in particular, your use of the word "c***" instead of "can't", which I am convinced was intentional. First off, I really did LOL. But then the longer I looked at it, the wetter it made me, and here's why.

    Last night, while hubby was up late watching football (Raiders-Rams), I was in bed, taking care of myself (as they say), because my bull had to be with his black wife. Usually, my fantasies revolve around my own activities, whether based on reality or dreams, but sometimes -- like last night -- they involve other people. Last night, the fantasies I was (ahem) "motivating" myself with involved you and our daughter. In this vision, I had already given her to you as promised and agreed, and you and she were very very very very very busy (ahem) "enjoying" each other, in her bedroom, and with her father and I able to hear EVERYTHING you were doing to one another. Among the verbal communications our daughter was transmitting to you repeatedly -- as you pounded away at her (we could hear it clearly) -- was that "this c*** is all yours now, and you can f*** as many babies into it as you want...….forever". (By that point in your relationship, she knows your purposes.) This will mean more if you know that Gigi loves to use the word "c***", not as a swear word, but as a loving term of endearment and euphemism for "v*****". She loves it. LOVES IT. And I think you knew that...….somehow. Please take a moment here and imagine her encouraging you to take her...……."c***". Whispering it in your ear. Rubbing it on you. Sliding her own finger into it and then allowing you to smell it......and taste it. And then saying it again to you, only you. "C***". Yes, darling: that's right. She's not only describing that honeyed place on her small body: she's describing...… you. You can see why it made ME c**.

  • One further item of information might be necessary. Pregnancy has always made me h****. But during this particular pregnancy I have been CRAZY h****. Maybe it really is the fact that the baby belongs to such a man's man's MAN, or that the baby is black, but I have been out-of-my-mind s**-hungry. And it's not just being h****: it's making me perverted, too. I have appetites now for things I never even fantasized about (don't get me started with that list). Perhaps it's that the baby daddy inspires such perversion in me, I don't know. I just know I have desires and thoughts I never had before. If that fantasy I related to you about our daughter was "too much", or "too far", or "too dirty", I apologize. But even with that awareness of my own occasionally depraved impulses, just the thought of her having that kind of deep and down relationship with you gives me a rampant case of the creamies. Forgive me?

  • If I were any closer to where you reside,I would want to talk to your daughter since she is 18 and see if we can get interested in each other. Seems to me that you are carrying an ideal pregnancy that has made you so happy and h****. Has daughter asked you who knocked you up?

  • Yes, and I told her that it was a man I'm having (note the present tense) an affair with. She's dated multiple married men throughout her life (I'll tell you a story about that one day), so she understands these things better than nearly anyone else, regardless of age. I haven't told her his name, in part because those are my instructions from HIM, and in part because I don't want to jeopardize his marriage. I told my husband that his name is Mark Averette (not his real name) and they have met each other in person on several occasions (all of which are long stories). There may come a time when all of this is disclosed (perhaps when his kids are all grown and away from home), but he and I alone will make those decisions, and I won't be influenced by my original family.

    Although I realize that the odds are against it, the more I think of you with my daughter, the more convinced I become that what she needs is a man who is intelligent, reasonable, educated, accomplished, erudite, VERY forceful, and deeply DEEPLY sexual...……..just EXACTLY like you. You would be so good for her.

  • What have you been up to?

  • Que paso?

  • Not much going on lately. Got news?

  • So......are we all done here? Is somebody gonna turn out the lights?

  • Nope not done, just waiting for readers to post their experiences.

  • Black men are magic. They can totally satisfy you EVERY time. They can totally knock you up ANY time. Believe me. I know what I'm talking about.

  • Something is happening here that is unfortunate and ugly and mean. I don't know who or what or why, but this space is becoming tainted by it. Many comments offered since the page came back up following a looooong hiatus (the two things may VERY WELL be connected, though I don't know that as a fact) have been attacked by someone or some group that challenges the responders' veracity and their intent. The fault for this is not the OP's, although I have no idea who is involved. It could be that more than one person is writing these awful comments, which I think you've all seen by now. The page was down again just a few days ago, so I wonder if its absence is somehow being caused or triggered by these narrative assaults: the same thing happened before -- and in the same order -- when the page went blank the first time. If these attacks continue, I'll propose an alternative for us to reunite in another space (ALL subject to the OP's approval of course, after all, this is HIS house); but for now, please just stay tuned here and see how it goes. Don't give up on this valuable resource for loving, joy-filled and overheated interracial relationships (adulterous and otherwise), interracial baby-making and interracial family-making.

  • Bruh, your kidding yourself. Nobody likes mudbabies. Nobody. You may think that white folk don't like them just out of racism. But black folk REALLY hate them, especially if the father's black and the mother's white. So, just get over yourself. Your out there on the fringe and nobody that lives in the real world is even a little interested in the things you think are "hot". Particularly not mudbabies.

  • …..dont know what happened to the commenter i had been exchanging responses with ……… i must of lost himwhen the site page went here is whatthe next reply would of been if i had not been so stupidto have lost it.......i wasjusttrying to say that a white man will f*** you until HE gets off but a black man will f*** you until he gets YOU off...….or until you cant move anymore...… or until your in a f****** coma., point wasjust that being f***** by a white man is not nearly anything like being f***** by a black man.... which is the reason you see so many white girls out in public with black i just hope that the nice guy i was talking to here didnt think i just blew him off ………….. i didnt mean forit to lookthat way...… he seemed sexy to me.....

  • I'm a married white man (late 40s) and I have to admit that when I see a white female out on a date with a mature black man I always find the girl more attractive than I would if she were by herself or with a white guy. And if she's carrying a mixed baby in her arms or a stroller the attraction is even more pronounced. Earlier in my marriage, I had a few affairs, and I tried to hook up with a few white women I knew to be involved with blacks or who had black babies, and none of them -- not one -- would even give me the time of day. Why? They were all satisfied and didn't need or want anything else. One even told me, "no white d****, honey". Apparently black men are out taking care of business, and white guys (like me) are just taking care of ourselves. I've read that there are black men who are trying to breed whites out of existence by giving our wives, daughters, sisters and mothers more pleasure than we are capable of, and I believe that s***.

  • Your observations may be right. I have known many married women who will drive to see me even at night when husbands are at home sleep. I really don't think anybody wants to breed white people out of existence, that won't be good. I think black men, and other minority races, are having as much fun and love as available white women are willing and able to give up. Its all mutual, since no rape or undue pressure is exerted.

  • My wife and I have three children, all girls, all still at home. The oldest one has been dating a black man (grown) for almost six months and she is pregnant (showing). She says the baby is his and he hasn't denied it. However, the guy is married and so I guess he can't really admit it. Our daughter says she doesn't care that he's married. She says "the world is different now, daddy, nobody cares any more about interracial relationships or mixed babies or all". She thinks I'm a dinosaur. The whole situation makes me mad at her and at him and in general. But here's the bigger problem. Although she denies it angrily, I think my wife is pregnant, too (she says no), and I worry that this same guy may be the father (that discussion sent her into a RAGE). I know for a fact that I am not the father. I have no idea what's going to happen, but I'm about to explode. Having my daughter carrying around a black baby would be bad enough, but if my wife is doing that too, or they are doing it together, I think I would have to leave, or go insane.

  • Sounds to me like your daughter got those attitudes about interracial relationships, about mixed-race children, and about the meaninglessness of marriage in general from your wife, not from her friends. I say that because your wife seems to be waaaaay over-defensive about you just ASKING if she's pregnant, and because you never said anything abut your wife disapproving of your daughter's condition or her opinions on interracial relationships, mixed babies and marriage in general. Your daughter has heard your wife say the same things, and she's probably even seen her boyfriend hooking it up with your wife. You aren't paying attention, dude. All of this happened in your house and RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE! I say they are both pregnant and by the same black guy! You're going to have to raise his kids. And there will almost surely be more on the way for both your daughter AND YOUR WIFE.

  • I have been worried and stressed about the absence of this page for a long time now. I had no clue what had happened to making it unavailable. I thought it was the high response that weighed down on the system, prompting the site management to archive it or take it off line. Just like most of you,I am delighted to see it back up.I am overwhelmed from seeing the delight of a few seeing it back up. I am happy to be connected with you again. Thanks for staying true. My hope has been restored.OP.

  • Thanks for hanging tough and waiting them out for us. You've done a fantastic job in trying circumstances, and we are the beneficiaries. We all appreciate you! Keep up all the great work!!!

  • …..same here for me...…….. you do such great work.....thank you thank you.....

  • I've been seeing a black man for the past several weeks. We are both married to others. I'm a white woman married to a white man and he's a black man married to a black woman. This is not my first affair by a long shot but it is my first black affair. We refrained from intercourse at first (just oral and handies, mostly in the car) because we didn't want to get pregnant. But 2wks ago he got us a room and we had intercourse for the first time. He told me that day after he finished me off that he plans to take me from my husband. I was thrilled and aroused beyond belief and I told him so because I wanted it. Then earlier this week he told me that he plans to take me from my husband by giving me a black baby and that we would not tell anyone about the paternity until the day the baby is born. Then the baby would blow up the marriage and destroy my husband's spirit. I didn't tell him that I'd already been dreaming of that very thing and even masturbating over the thought of it. I love this black man and I love the way he thinks. I think I'm going to do it even though it will hurt my husband and my other children. I know other women here have done this and I was so happy to find support here. Thank you for all that.

  • Thanks for posting. How did you meet this guy? What motivated you to surrender yourself and your womb to him? What are the ages of your kids with hubby?OP.

  • We met initially at a middle school boys basketball game during Christmas break last year. We saw each other after that and sometimes sat together and sometimes flirted. Then when the season was winding down we realized we might not get to see each without that excuse so we met a few times for coffee. Next I knew we were sitting in his car in a public parking lot and I was going down on him like a w****. That didn't last long before we couldn't stop ourselves from wanting to f*** each others brains out and so we did. By that point I didn't think of it as surrendering myself or my womb to him. It just felt like what we were doing was nature. As for my womb OMMFG!! The first time he stuck that magnificent pole in me I wanted his children. Even before he came I knew what I wanted. So help me f****** GOD! But the afternoon when he said he wanted to end my marriage by knocking me up I was already so hungry for it that I came all over that man. I just gushed like a filthy s***! My kids are 4 (girl), 6(girl) and 10 (boy), and I have two stepdaughters who are 13 and 18 (hubby was married before), though they mostly stay with their mom. I have learned in the past six months that black men are meant to be obeyed and I have learned to be obedient. The reason I mention that is that I think he won't leave his wife even after he takes me from my husband but I don't care and I won't care: I will simply do as I'm told, and my man will take care of me.

  • What the f*** is wrong with you people?

  • Obedience to black men is a virtue. Glad you have learned this lesson.

  • Jesus F****** Christ baby! Yes that is just the whole truth right there isn't it? I mean ISN'T IT? I thought I knew what obedience was but I really had NO idea until a black man got hold of me and taught me right. This man taught me. This man just f****** TAUGHT my f****** ass! I mean didn't he teach me?? God f****** yes he taught me to obey. Now??? I'm such a good girl. I know to obey black men. I can see from the way you said that: you have taught this lesson to many white women. And probably most of them were married. I really love the way you said what you said. I love it. LOVE IT! Thank you so much for putting that into words!!!!!

  • He sounds like a very lucky man. I do feel sorry for your kids-maybe hubby won't leave after the initial shock? Make sure you don't mess up his marriage in the process.

  • I don't really know how my husband will react but my new man wants me out of the house and out of the family. I will honor him by honoring his wishes. I will obey. I will OBEY.

  • Waooo! I have no clue why I have not met a woman like you yet. Thanks for answering and I wish you nothing but fun,happiness,everlasting joy,and love from your lover.Thanks for your support,we need many more of you.I envy him actually.OP.

  • God you are so kind and so sexy! Thank you for being supporting to me that way. I think there are lots of women like me out there. It's maybe just that a lot of them are like I was and didn't know what they were missing until they got it. Boy did I ever get it!! F***! You will find one like me and you will give her more babies than she can handle! She will remain pregnant for your children and you will totally totally totally CONTROL her and her marriage and her family. You will! YOU WILL!!! You will because you CAN! You know it's true.

  • Can you arrange to video your husband's face in the delivery room? That will be a priceless momento, especially if your lover comes in right after.

  • Great idea! You and your lover would enjoy this video for years to come!

  • I totally love it! You need to hire someone to be there and keep the camera on hubby's face the entire time, capturing all the shock and humiliation. Then you can present the video to your lover as a special gift that I'm sure he'll really enjoy. And you can both watch it together again and again!

  • This is such an amazing suggestion, and the entire idea makes me wet, almost to the point of o*****! Oh my God! I love the thought of it, and I know my lover would want this! He is totally into control and domination and especially when it comes to white men! I would love to tell you some of the things he's done to manipulate white wives and humiliate white husbands! I actually SAW him do one of them! I want to see that vid! I want to be IN that vid!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Forget your own selfish desires and don't go down this path of hurting your husband and destroying your children. It was only fantasy writing on my part-I didn't mean to encourage you-DON'T DO IT.

  • ??!?

  • THANK YOU for putting this page back up! It's wonderful, and it was missed, and we want it forever!!!!!!!

  • I had nothing to do with it but thanks. OP.

  • …..yes yes yes yes yes...….… good to have this special place back......hopefully we'll see the OP and even more new content soon......

  • Thank you so much,I appreciate you.I am as happy as you are. OP.

  • I agree. This is the best thing on the site and elsewhere. Glad it's back.

  • Thank you. Good people have really put tons of work on this page to make it entertaining,informative and so desirable. I missed the page and the connections terribly while it was inaccessible. I adore your input.OP.

  • Every white girl knows but they won't all admit that its true. Once youve got yourself some black c*** you will just want more and more and more all of the time. Same for babies. Once youve got a black baby you won't never want to stop conceiving them or giving birth to them. Its over and over. We all know these things even before we ever start f******. Our mothers all tell us but our bodies tell us first.

  • Tell us about you please. OP.

  • Thanks for asking and I'll do that. I'm 23 and I've had 4 black babies starting first at 15. I had to give up 2 for adoption on account my mom was out the picture for a while. She was my inspiration and told me so much about black love and black lovers even though I already knew what my body was demanding every day of my entire life.. She even left our family to be with some black men and didn't come back for a wile. My girl friends and me all went black in middle school just on account of its natural for all white females to hook with black men. We had been talking about it forever before we actually went out and fell in. We all loved dark black meat on older men and we all subbed it. I swear to you that every white girl knows to go black and to sub it. That's the rule you know it. Even if they don't yet actually do it themselves they still know its true. You go after what your body wants. Your body tells you whats what. I'm sure you know that about us. It's nature. I know you know our nature. I've been reading the things you wrote about us and it was like you were writing it all to us personally. Damn baby!!!!! AAnd I've seen how you act in general and how you respond. You know women. Particularly white women in particular.

  • I'm not the OP but I'm very curious about and deeply interested in your life, which sounds so fascinating, and I hope you'll share much more about your experiences here. It seems like you grew up awfully young and that you are a very mature young lady. How is it that you are so mature? Are you saying you were attracted to grownup black men even before you starting dating or having s**? How did that feel and what all did you do about it? You said your mother left home for a long time and I'm wondering if she continued to support your love for black men and what did she say? And last, how did your father respond to you going so black so young? Has he helped raise the mixed children you were able to keep free from adoption? Thanks so much for telling us all about your life!!

  • Thanks to you for being nice and asking such good questions about women!! My dad......god that is a very long sstory. He's weak and he's a puss and he never could stop my mom from cheating so he just stop trying. I saw some sick f*****-up s*** when I was young that he didn't even try to stop. He was race prejudiced but at least he realized that he could not stop black men from getting the things they wanted from my mother or me (it was better for my little sister). Yes, I knew about the power of black before I ever hooked up any black men, and everything I heard was true. My mom encouraged me a lot and she still does. But she don't raise my children. Yes, my dad does help and I appreciate that. I liked what you said abut me being supermature it's what I have always heard from the men I've gotten with in my life and I still hear it. They say I know more than any body even twice my age or more. Yeh, I started young and I have been going strong every since. You sound like you know a lot about girls who have lived like I have lived. I hope you do. I really do.

  • I'm glad you wrote back to tell us more about your life. You are living such a totally amazing life!! And you are such an amazing girl!! I can see why so many men love you so much and so completely, and especially that you are able to connect with so many married men! They love you more than they even love their wives!! Tell us a little about how your mom encouraged you and taught you to act around black men. Did she ever hook you up? And tell us some of those things you saw when you were younger. Was it your mom and did you get into any of it yourself? Thanks so much, sweetheart. You are such a joy!

  • BTW, unfortunately, I have never been with a girl like you...….but I would really LOVE that!!!!!

  • Did we lose you? I sure hope we didn't lose you! You are too great and we need more of you!!!!

  • No you didn't lose me! LOL! I've just been working a lot of extra shifts.Like now I'm just coming in from the job and I'm going to sleep for a little while before going to apicnic in this afternoon later. I appreciate your being interested in my life and I'm sorry you don't have a girl like me in your life but I know you can get one because I'm not so much unusual so you will probably find one soon...…..but you have to look for us and just come get it!!! LOL! Anyway here's onething that maybe is a little sort of different about me is that I have always always always always always ALWAYS dated older men even from the beginning whenenver I started up dating.Older men just know how to treat a girl andmore so they know how to take such good good care of your body in s**. People look at a girl with an older guy really weird but I always was proud to be with an older guy and I know for a total fact that the guy is prouder to be with me and likes to be seen with me not just despite the age difference but also because of the age difference too! That is just natural and even more so when the young girl is white and the man is black.They love that! THEY LOVE IT! Somewhite guys can get alittle weirdout over the age thing but some like it. So anyways that is one thing about me that maybe you didn't know about and maybe that's interesting but probably not. LOL! But that's just my life and that's how my life gose! So anyway okay that's all for now and have a Happy Forth of July!!! Don't eat toomany hot dogs or blow yourself up with firewoks. And be on the lookout for a hot and sexy girl with black babies like me!!!LOL!!!!!!

  • Oh God I am so glad that you came back here again and told us more about your amazing life. You are so sexy and so mature and I just love reading the things you write! I hope you will keep on doing that for us and telling us more about what you've done and what you're doing! It's amazing that you knew you needed older men and black men just because your body said so! I really think that's more mature than a lot of women 2 or 3 times as old as you. I hope you had a great holiday too. I went with my wife and kids to a lake we live close to and rode paddleboats and had dinner and then watched fire works. It was okay, but can I just be honest with you? I was thinking about YOU the whole day and wondering what you might be doing and whether or not you were having s** and I was wishing it was with me! I know that is selfish of me but I can't help it: I just want you so bad and so much, and I think about what our relationship would be like. I would let you keep going black and never get in the way of that because I know its so important to you and I would love being with you and know that you spend so much time making love and that would make me so excited but also so very proud of you! You are amazing and you have an amazing life! Thank you for writing back again!

  • I'm very sorry if I said something that was offensive, or if I seemed like I was coming on to you. Its just that you are such a wonderful girl and yes I would want to be with you but I would never be pushy to you or make you uncomfortable. Anyway please write more about your life if you want to. You are teaching us all some very important lessons about life and we don't want to lose that. Thanks sweetie.

  • Nono you didnt offend me any.I just cant always get here every day. But I did want to say to you that you should not let yousefdevelop feelings for mebecause I am not someone you can have a relationship with. I have to be honest with you because you are being so nice to me so you deservethat at least! there are some white men I date sometimes but its allfinancial. I know that sounds awful but they know whats what and they are okay with it. all of them wantto leave there wife for me but they know i wont do will never be permanent with them.when I get horney or need love or just want something hot and nasty i'm going to go black. every time. every single time. that's my life.and I would never have a baby for a white man.not.ever.not,once. I know you probly think i'm a w**** now (my dad says so) but I knowwhat I love and what my body needs.there are other girls out there like me and you can get one who will give up black for you but I wont because I body and my heart would never let me do that.I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings I dont mean it to but its just who I came out to be in my life. its the way God made me. He made me for black men.every part of my body craves blackness inside.I havethese white men in my life and yes we make love but I dont let them get serious. I think you probly want a girl even younger then me and you probly wantt it to be serious but I just cant give you that. so please dont be hurt over me PLEASE!. You seem nice and I know there are are lots of girls who love s** like I do and I am sure you will find one better and more beautiful and smarter and SOOOOOO much more sexier than your wife and she will have plenty babies for you without your family ever knowing nothing. Just look for girls with black babies and be nice to them andtake them shopping and buythem nice things and treat them like you treat me! you will find love and happiness!!!! I swear it to God!!!

  • When I first wrote to you, I admit that I had some wishes (or fantasies) that I might one day meet you and be involved with you. It was a long shot, especially since you are so perfect. But you really speak to me in a really personal way and it is how I felt. Actually I still feel it. I could and would be happy to be one of your white sugar daddies (do you call them that or do you call them something other?) and yes I will still hope for that, supporting you while you go out with your black lovers or "bulls" (is that offensive for me to use?). I have looked for girls "like you" but there aren't any -- NONE -- that are really "like you". So after re-reading for the bazillionth time all the beautiful things you have written I will just say to you that I love you, and that I will be available to you whenever and wherever you want me and for whatever you want me to do for you. Let me just say it again: I love you. I really do.

  • Dear ConPo: Please get this page back up and running as soon as possible. It's the best thing on the entire site, and it should be in constant operation, and permanently.

  • Thank you so much.I am so touched. I appreciate you.OP.


  • I am glad they have been able to get it fixed and restored. Thanks.op.

  • My wife is pretty ordinary looking but somehow someway she can get any black man she wants and some days she wants every black man she sees. they all love her and they all want to get with her. i really have never understood this. i guess bottom line is she f**** a lot.

  • How did she get started? op.

  • Your pleas and prayers have been answered. Thanks much.Now we can all enjoy.OP.

  • Will somebody -- anybody! -- PLEASE restore this page???

  • Your pleas and prayers have been answered. Thanks much.Now we can all enjoy.OP

  • Please put this page back up. The whole site is much much much worse without it.

  • Your pleas and prayers have been answered. Thanks much.Now we can all enjoy.They must have listened to you!OP.

  • Last labor day weekend my white boss walked into his house and found me with his very young white wife (i am a 43mbm). i had her bent over their family room sofa and was very very busy giving her a baby. i told him thats what we was doing and i told him he was just going to have to deal with it or i would put him in the hospital. the wife gave birth early saturday morning (day before yesterday). twins. i couldnt be prouder. twins! she and i have continued the relationship and i plan to have more babies with her. he hates me but he cant fire me. she wont let him. you cant believe how good this p**** of hers is. or how beautiful these children are come from her. damn! wish i could show you a photo of us in the hospital with our family.

  • Wait a minute,you knocked up your boss' white wife with twins? Take us way back please and give us historical background;how you met,how and why you decided to knock her up,what made you so anything else.OP.

  • They had a party at work one time and even let us guys who drive the trucks and work the warehouse come to it. me and her met there and she came on to me big time (she said she liked the look of the bulge in my pants). we didnt hook up right that night but the next night. damn she was so fucken good i couldnt stay away. eventually she started talking about getting knocked up and how her husband wasnt cooporating. finally I just told her i would do that for her but i didnt want to loose my job over it. she said n**** dont you worry she would take care of that and she did. she used to be the best friend of her husbands daughter (from his first marriage) and they are the same age exact. seems she went after him while she was still under age and hanging with his daughter and they f***** for a couple of years before that. then she blackmailed him into marrying her and now shes got the ammo against him to do whatever she wants so she keeps my job for me. but believe me bro......this girls p**** is so motherfucken fucken fucken fucken good that she could get him to do whatever she wants just by that even without using the age thing. her power and attitude are the reason we still get to hook up its not because i am bold its just because she got him whipped down with that hot puss. all the way down. this girl is unfuckenreal. i plan on riding this pony for as long as i can. i got it good and i know it.

  • You are a lucky man and you have not disappointed her I see. Thanks for a good job. What does her hubby say about the kids? Does he take good care of them? Is that the only white pony you have knocked up? Are you planning to give her more kids?

  • You are right my brother: i really am lucky. yes her husband takes good care of my children. he knows their mine even though he is on the birth certificate as the father. i have to keep quiet about their paternity to keep the money going to them and as a part of their deal to each other but he knows who his wife wants and loves and will do anything to get with. anything. as for other white women yes i knocked up a few but haven't did that in several years (i'm older than i look and his wife don't even know my age for right sure). but yes i did that starting in high school and usually with older ladies whose husband could not knock them up so i picked up all that f****** slack. you know that s*** is right and i know you do. the boss wife does not know yet but the answer to your last question is the important one more than the others and its yes: my plan is to give her more mixed babies to raise for us as a couple. i want her husband to know that this s*** aint over and it aint ever gone get over. i am going to run her. all her life i am going to run her. he will see.

  • I have heard this saying b4...confidence is very sexy! I admire your confidence and dedication to the actually secretly envious, lol. You are so deep inside this one that there possibly no turning back. You have to keep digging and stay in. Don't forget this page and keep us updated.

  • I was already confident in general but being with this woman made me even more. even at the start of it this made me more confident around other married white women and i got to banging them pretty hard from around the clubs. they all told me they loved how sure i was of myself just like you said i was: you knew it without even knowing it!! but you are even more right about being in deep. total deep. all the f****** way in. but check this out. ever since the twins came on the scene i stopped f****** the others and i don't go out on the hunt anymore either. i am only with my wife and my bosses wife. your right too that there is no turning back. but i am actually glad about that. really glad. i don't want to go back and i never will.

  • Congratulations on the twins! Don't sell yourself short-that was so bold of you and took a huge set of b**** to knock up your boss's wife with his knowledge. Did you ever have to beat him, or was the one threat enough? Do you have children with your wife (I assume she is unaware of the twins)? You are such an inspiration!

  • Thank you my brother! yeh i do feel ballsy about being with her. she is the hottest piece ever and i sure am glad i got it. and yes i loved him walking in on the night we were trying to get pregnant. getting physical with him? yeh i give him two beatings and then i roughed him up once after that because he was getting rough with her and because he was trying to get on her while she was pregnant. the second beating probly wasn't necessary but i wanted to be sure he did like i told him. then i shoved his ass around his office one night but didn't hurt him. i told him not to even try to f*** her or even get his j*** on her skin (much less inside her) while she was carrying my baby and he just put me in a place where i had to be the enforcer. hes been cooler since the babies came but i know i'm going to have to beat his ass again soon and she's even said that herself: she is super smart about the world and she just knows what up and she knows how to handle men. and last off yes i have 2 kids with my wife but my plan is to have more with the bosses wife even though she don't know that and she don't know how many. let me just say it that we going to be doing much f******!

  • I'm not a big fan of violence, but I guess you had to put him in his place and show him who's really boss. Now that you have this great achievement under your belt, and aim for more with her, you should also be open to knocking up other married white women and spread that seed around far and wide!

  • I hear you brother i do. but i dont mind kicking ass sometimes. expecially in this situation here because he tries to play a big tough guy with her when im not around and even while she was carrying my baby -- which actually turned out to be babies. so i had to do what you said and that was to show him who is the boss. he knows now but he still f**** up sometimes and i have to teach him another lesson. i guess i have to tell you that she loves to see it happen and it turns her ass on when i beat him so i really get the rewards for it. :) after shelly got pregnant i pretty much stopped f****** other women and stayed just on her (except my own wife) but i liked your support for spreading seed. i am alraedy 43 so i dont have a long time left. even though ive been staying on shelly i guess i have to tell you too that i been watching this little blonde on my route. i think she good to go and i might have to check that out one time soon just to see if im right. she got her some implants a few weeks ago and i been wanting to get my hands on them and my d*** between them to check them out. and i think shes dirty enough to cheat on her husband and dirty enough to like hearing me say what you said about "spreading seed" and about giving up her womb to me. so i like those ideas of yours and i appreciate you sharing then with me. i will actually get to see her on thursday (day after tomorrow) and maybe i'll start that roll. i dont like the idea of cheating on shelly but she wouldnt have any way to know that im hammering this other b****. thanks!!

  • How old is the little blonde? Make sure her husband will stay and pay if you do knock her up. Keep us posted.

  • Since the time i mentioned her to you i seen her twice and i know i'm gonna get it. i talked to her about those supersex implants and wanting to get somthing of mine between something of hers and she smiled real hot and not like she was clowning me. so since she was cooll with it and not all offended i told her then that i had been fantasizing about a paerticular part of her body and it was making me hungry to get and it and make itt belong to me. she asked what part and i tolld her...….your womb! which is what i got from you from here to just be real with these white btches!!! she stopped smiling and looked at me real serious and said did i mean really sexfantasizing over her womb and i said totally yes totally. i told her i want your womb. she said to me to come back to town some night and spend the whole night and we shuld get a room and talk about doing that, "while I'm f****** you". wow! i had no idea what this girl was like but I never would of guessed this frm her!! somehow you knew what she was up to about and you put me on her! this because of you only! damn! anyway she 26 (a lot older than i thought-she looks 19) and her husbnd 51. they don't have no kids.....but i will change that soon thanks to you! thank you mcuch brother!

  • C'mon, man. Don't give me the "credit" for encouraging this kind of behavior. It was just ridiculous fantasy writing on my part (along with my "Roscoe" story). If you are actually considering doing this, forget your own selfish desires and don't go down this path of destroying a marriage for your own selfish thrills.I didn't really mean to encourage you-DON'T DO IT.

  • Urasickfuck

  • This "blanking" has GOT to stop. It's a violation of the First Amendment.

  • Its back now.op.

  • Where are the comments? What happened to all the ongoing conversations? What up?

  • I have no clue whats been up.I have been a nervous wreck. Thank you for your legitimate concern.OP.

  • ……..why is everything f****** BLANK????!?

  • Its all filled up now.I pray it stays a while. Thanks for your concern. OP.

  • WTF???!?

  • That what I have been saying,lol.OP.

  • What up? Where y'all all went to?

  • We all here now. Thanks for the worry.OP.

  • What happened to all the replies to this post,were they deleted?

  • I thought so too. Nice to see the whole page back.OP.

  • Kinda like the situation with roscoe a few years ago i had my black supervisor at work go after my wife. needless to say he got her and it didnt take him long either. then he told me he was going to "knock her nasty white ass up" and he did it. then he told me i could not leave her and i could not quit my job. he threatened me physically about both. and he also told me that i could not f*** my wife any more and couldnt even sleep in the bed with her any more. in fact he told me it was his bed from then on. since then shes had 2 mixed b****** children for him and we found out last week that shes pregnant with mixed b****** number 3 (due at christmas - what a f****** present). both him and her treat me like s***. she makes fun of me and tells me "work harder" when we get low on money. men like roscoe and my boss (my wifes bull) are worthless and they are destroying wonderful white marriages all over the country. the op here is probably doing the same or has already done it. f***.

  • Nope,haven't destroyed any marriages yet but I think I have sustained many. Thanks for allowing your wife to enjoy life and have kids with a man of her choice.Thanks you even more for agreeing to raise them. I really adore your wife and I would be very delighted to find a woman like her or a relationship such as yours. It seems as if you actually enjoy this arrangement-very noble.

  • That's what they all say that they have sustained the white marriages or made them better when obviously what the blacks want is to ruin the white wives and end the white race by breeding the wives for mixed children. its obvious. i didnt allow my wife doing anything. she wanted him and he just came and got her and ruined her for himself. and no i am not being noble. hes gave me 3 serious beatings to keep me off my wife and other women and another time he held me while she beat me herself and then 2 other times where he held me so she could kick me in the d*** and b****. they love to hurt me to teach me to make me obey. i hate it. i am not noble. and you are not sustaining any white marriages. your just pleasuring yourself and the white wives for the fun of it and because you like to humiliate white husbands as you ruin white wives.

  • I have had s** with several white wives while husbands watched or participated in some form(am totally straight).The situation with any other married women I have had s** with has been totally discreet.Even if husbands knew me or of me,I believe they did not know or suspect that I was doing their wives. I had no intentions of humiliating or hurting white husbands in any way. It was just a thrill that a married woman would actually let me sleep with her.There is such a rush about that.But these days, if a married white woman told me to knock her up,I will never say no-it will always be a yes.I am disappointed I was so careful not to knock any up much of my life. You have done your wife,your kids and her lover well. Just don't take any more beatings please.

  • What's happened to this blog? It's always been so active, but now it's been dead quiet for over a week?

  • Hahaha no its not dead;its alive and well.

  • I am a MWM, 59. When I found this page, I couldn't help but remember my former boss, Rosco, who managed my sales office way back in the early 1980's-before DNA testing and sexual harassment awareness. Rosco was an extremely dark black man who stood 6'5" and had an unbelievable physique. He was married and had 5 children with his black wife, but his prowess with white women was legendary. He had a single-minded goal of impregnating as many married white women as he could. He was not at all discreet. His looks, charm, incredible sales skills and (rumor had it) huge c*** made white women puddy in his hands. When he took over our office, he was already 44 and rumor was that he had knocked up several married white women at each office he ran (this was his sixth). He had an unconscious habit of touching his junk when he spoke to women, which drew their attention to it even more. Sure enough, he immediately set his sights on Sheila, a pretty, married 24 year-old with no kids. The other women seemed jealous as he flirted relentlessly with her, and took her with him on a business trip. She was knocked up by him within a month. He continuing dating her through month 3, when he was sure she'd keep the baby, then he moved on to the next.

  • Part 2. The same pattern repeated itself FOUR MORE times in the next couple of years. He actually had papers drawn and signed protecting him from child support, and all the husbands involved in my office (and in most of the other offices) reluctantly agreed. He visited all his baby mamas in the hospital. He boldly insisted that his name be on the birth certificates, that all his children be given African names of his choosing, and that they be raised in the Muslim religion. His children were all so dark-skinned that most people never thought they were biracial. He privately bragged to me that he enjoyed "blacking" white families and "breeding the white" out of married women. While I disageed,we got along fine, until he asked to meet my wife when he saw some vacation photos of her in a bikini (another story).

  • I wish I were that bold.I wish I could meet this guy and just have a conversation with him,just to understand what was in his mind and heart. It seemed he planned so well. How could so many white women want his babies and I can't even find one who does? Great story,thanks for sharing.

  • He was just so single-minded about it. No one could ever say no to him about anything, which made him such a great sales leader, as well as a seducer and impregnator. He was all about spreading around his s**** and great genes to large numbers of married white women, blacking their families forever. His super-dark skin was such a dominant trait that all of his children, to my knowledge, inherited it. He did see my son only twice over the years, once when Poju was two and once when he was 18. At that second visit, he did seem to train and indoctrinate Poju in his ways, because he came back from that visit a changed man. I'll write about that when I have time.

  • What happened between him and your wife?

  • He asked to meet my wife (22 at the time) and I felt I had no choice, so I invited him over for dinner (without his wife). It was such a helpless feeling, as I was so conditioned to his pattern that I knew where this would end. After dinner, he sent me back to the office for a file, leaving him alone with my wife for about an hour. Two days later, he asked if he could take her on a business trip because there was a gala at the conference and he didn't want to go alone (his wife had to stay home with the kids). I warned my wife about him, but she told me not to worry and went with Rosco. When they returned, she tearfully confessed that she had begun an affair with Rosco and they had stayed in the same room at the hotel. He shot several loads into her without using a condom (but she wasn't ovulating at the time). She also said that he wanted her to have a baby for him. He said she'd make a great mother and that it would be good for my career! Although she had said before we married that she never wanted kids, she agreed to have his! She was pregnant within a few weeks, and he dated her pretty openly after that. At three months, he cooled things off with her and she was heartbroken. Meanwhile, I prepared myself for the coming humiliation. Adepoju was born nine months later-a 10 pound very beautiful, very black baby.

  • Part 2. When friends and relatives asked about his blackness, we just told them that it was private and we didn't want to talk about it. Rosco visited his newest baby mama in the hospital and arrived just when she was breastfeeding his son. The image of black Poju greedily sucking one engorged white breast, while Rosco starting fondling the other exposed white breast with his deeply black, large hand, while kissing her deeply, right in front of me, has stayed with me all these years. As agreed, Rosco's name went on the birth certificate as Poju's father, but he has never contributed a penny to his (or his other children's) upbringing. His thinking is that he has contributed an enormous blessing to all these white families, and I eventually came to agree with him. We raised Poju as a Muslim, although we were devout Christians, and he grew into a fine young man. He has, however, inherited his father's proclivities.

  • You paint a great picture of the hospital room scene, where Rosco and his son each occupy themselves with your wife's b****** right in front of you! And what b**** to put his name as father on all the birth certificates yet get out of child support!

  • My wife is crazy for black men. Thank God she is discreet about her outside activities or I would have to move to another city. Or state. Or country.

  • Tell us what makes her so crazy about black men please. How discreet is she?

  • This jungle love stuff is repulsive. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Please see a stomach doctor immediately.

  • I would rather burn this site to the ground. And I know how to do it.

  • You are a cheap talker. I dare you. If you have real nuts burn it today.If not shut the f** up and keep playing with yourself.

  • I am in my late 50s. I am so scared that I will not be able to grow old because Donald Trump is going to say or do something so incredibly stupid that the world will get blown to smithereens and everybody will die. Starting in Syria......for example. Our President is either retarded or brain-dead. He is certainly too stubborn for his own good -- or ours.

  • I don't want to die yet.I have so many unmet goals.

  • Same here. But I firmly believe that Donald J. Trump is going to end the world.

  • I agree with ^this^ poster. Trump is going kill us all or get us all killed.

  • I really don't want this page to be hijacked and turned into a Trump bashing place. Enough about Trump already. Thanks.

  • We just want him to go away. You make that happen and we'll stop writing about his sorry ass.

  • I've been married 12 yrs to a wonderful white man. I've cheated a few times over the years, but always with white men. One of my three children may have actually been fathered by an affair partner, not my husband, but I don't really want to know, so I've never checked it out. However, I started an affair at Christmas 2017 and it is with a black man I work with. It was never a fling or anything cheap like that: we've been serious from the beginning (although he does share me with his friends on occasion). Three weeks ago, after he'd f***** me several times, he asked me questions about my cycle and my ovulation. He said he just was interested in my body functions and I believe him (he's really interested in everything about me and my body, very much unlike my husband). But when I read this page, I wonder if my new man is considering knocking me up. The very idea makes me feel hot, and wet, and dirty, but I don't want to assume that anything like that is going on in his mind or let him know how aroused I am by the thought of it. I asked why he wanted to know about that, and that's when he told me he's just interested in my body, so I think I would be insulting him if I asked whether or not he has designs on my body or wants me to be a black baby factory for him or one or more of his friends. What do you think? Am I reading too much into his curiosity? Am I hoping he or some of his friends want to see me swollen with black babies?

  • Welcome and thanks for sharing. There is a possibility your lover wants to know your ovulation cycle so that he can knock you up.But there is also a possibility that he wants to know it so that he can avoid knocking you up. In between those two possibilities lies the truth,which you must find out. You have a lot riding on this affair, and you must make the right decision;to be pregnant or not not be is the question to be answered. It seems like you will love it if this guy or his friends knock you up.The issue is,will your hubby handle that well? Since you are in a serious relationship,you should not feel like it will be insulting to ask him about the baby situation. I believe that as a women you are very resourceful and can get info you want without even making the guy realize that he has divulged that info.You did not tell us whether or not you taking BC,but you could ask him a simple question like;what will we do if I happen to get pregnant? His answer will let you know where you stand, I bet you would not want to ask your hubby a question like what would you do if some hot black guy knocked me up?All in all,I am happy you are enjoying your life discreetly.I think its awesome that your may have had a baby with someone other than your hubby,he does not know any better,and you have kept it a secret all these years. I would be delighted to knock up a woman who will be willing to keep such a secret for eternity.

  • Oh my sweet Jesus, I really love the way you wrote about my special sweet baby, and how you soooooo deeply want that same relationship with a woman yourself, and even how much you liked that I kept hubby so completely clueless. Shared secrets are more delicious. I will also confess to you that I knew during that special pregnancy that it was possible my husband wasn't the father and it kept me excited the entire time and even after the birth. (I would also confess that I even loved that thought and held onto it tightly during the delivery, but you would probably never believe that.) I tried to tell my best girlfriend about the experience but I never got to do that because she said something ugly and mean about that possible father that p***** me off so I stopped before I confessed it to her. So I'm the only person who knows it's even possible. Ironically, I had gone back to that man as his lover last fall before I started the affair with my co-worker, but then I broke it off when Raymond came and took me as his property. He told me that he wouldn't share me with anybody but my husband, but even hubby would be on a schedule (without him knowing it), so I had to end it with my prior lover when Raymond said to end it. Two things I have learned about black men in the last few months is that a white woman MUST give them what they want, when they want it, and that a good white girl does as she's told. However, the thing you said that I loved the most is that I must -- MUST -- find out what Raymond wants with me and my body. I hadn't thought of it that way, but you are probably right: I don't have a choice. And yes....I do have a lot riding on this affair! That is so true! I really MUST find out!! (And BTW, I use the pill for contraception, since you asked.)

  • I've been going by the name of Kyle on this page for a couple of months now, have bragged about impregnating married women and encouraging others to have affairs. All my claims, as I suspect are almost all the claims/stories on this page, are lies and perverse fantasies. I'm truly sorry if my stories and comments somehow fed the perverse fantasies of anyone who visited this page, or worse, encouraged them to act on them. On this Good Friday, I repent of these and all my sins and encourage everyone to do the same. God is kind and merciful, but we must repent of our sins and think and do what we know is right. Once again, I'm sorry, and may God grant all of us peace and forgiveness

  • It really shocked me to read this reply about Kyle. Its taken me 2 days to really think about the implications of it;I really trusted the guy's insight for some reason. Either there is someone masquerading as Kyle,or Kyle was actually a mountebank. I know he checks in frequently and I was waiting to see if he can dispute,or address this outrageous claim,but we haven't read from him yet. If this is actually true,and although this is an anonymous confession site and page,I offer my apologies to all those who feel mislead and misinformed by this guy. I personally feel terrible because I really enjoyed,identified with, supported,and admired what he was all about. I am not into grand ruses,I never embellish,or tell lies here. All in all, this has been a set back,a disappointment to me, and I imagine to many,but the page must keep going. I will not be shocked if there isn't a new post recanting the Kyle duplicity.OP

  • This just what a b**** do.

  • ....punkass move............

  • Yes. Shameful. It's shameful because of what you did, but more so because in making your loud withdrawal you called on the name of God to leave your mark. Bad form, old boy.

  • Your smug and self-aggrandizing observations at your departure are as empty and meaningless as your prior posts were fraudulent. Benjamin Franklin said over 200 years ago that a hypocrite will always find hypocrisy. Q.E.D.

  • I have never posted anything here before, and hadn't intended to do so now, but finally decided I had to reply. I totally disagree with the suggestions by "Kyle" that many of the posts here are dishonest or illegitimate, or at least inflated. There are many elements to disprove his observations, which would take up a lot of your space, so I'll limit myself to what I consider to be the biggest proof. The vast, vast majority of the posters -- and especially the original one -- are frequently providing intimate and painful details of heartbreaks and failures in their personal lives. The word "regret" appears often. Yes, this space is confidential or anonymous, but still there is nothing in our human nature to suggest that someone (much less many dozens or hundreds) would dream up and then post a fantasy that casts himself or herself in an unflattering light, and the occurrences of that here are too many to count. There is little in the way of common sexual fantasy writing, and even those that rely on braggadocio or exaggeration are offering glimpses, not of conquest, but of powerful and personal private relationships. Even fewer reach out for fetishism or common fantasy. In short, the contents of this page seem far more open and candid than they do dissembling. I have returned to this particular page as often as I have for that very reason: a reader is more likely to encounter reality than fantasy. That is completely untrue of virtually every other thread in this or any other similar site. That's rare, and that's why this page is so widely read.

  • ... ...yes he does.....he treats me like a w****...... ... but i cant get off that black c***......not now.... ..........its too late for me....... but its not too late for you......

  • I don't understand it. What has he done to you to make you feel so defeated and helpless?

  • I don't understand it. What has he done to you to make you feel so defeated and helpless?

  • ...he controls me with s**.....he knows i should stay with my family...and he knows i want that.....but its better for him when he has me away from them all ........ and he know HE KNOWS that when i am with him and he pulls it out i am lost...... he owns my p**** and my body and my heart and my soul...... he knows i will do whatever i have to do to get on that thing... helpless....... yes believe that.......i am so helpless...... you have to get away from him ....... NOW ..........or you will be lost too....

  • Black dik is a powerful thing.It should never be tried by the faint of heart. It has a way of getting between the legs, going through the heart, and extending all the way deep in the head,and totally altering the way the brain understood life before.It should have a warning label attached:)

  • ^This^ is total complete truth. More truth than anything that has ever been written or spoken. I think the other two women who posted here would agree that the black c*** is the greatest power in the history of the world. I was happily married for nine years with only 5 or 6 affairs during the entire time. But those were all with white men. I had never been with a black man until last fall. I took up with him just on a whim. I thought it would just be a one-time thing. I was wrong. From the moment he put it in me I knew my old life was over and a new one had begun. That moment "altered the way my brain understood life before": that is the perfect expression of what I felt although I could not have said it that beautifully. After that first penetration I could not go back to my family or what I was before. I left home to make myself available to the black man whenever he might want me. My husband (who knows the w**** I have become) has asked me to come home and told me we can work it out even with what's happened. My children (who don't know what I have become) have begged "Mommy please come home". But I can't. Yes what he said is truth: "black d*** is a powerful thing" and "should never be tried by the faint of heart". Black c*** takes over every part of you. "Between the legs" is just the point of entry but it totally consumes the l****, the v*****, the cervix, the womb, the uterus, the heart, the soul, the mind, the body. You come to belong to it. With me that happened instantaneously. With others it might take a few minutes or hours. With some a matter of days. But make absolutely no mistake about it: black c*** will consume you. The only thing I disagree with is the observation about the warning label. I know it was intended as irony and humor but I have to say that a label would not help any white woman: if a black man sets his sights on you he will have you. A warning will do no good. If he wants you he will own you. All of you. Period.

  • That is a powerful first hand testimony and I am glad you concur and can express yourself so eloquently. How old are your kids now? What are your living arrangements/plans? How exactly did you meet this all-consuming guy?Will you be giving him kids any time soon?

  • I'm so happy that you replied to me. That makes me feel so justified in my beliefs and actions. It makes me feel RIGHTEOUS. Thank you! Our children are 8 and 4 and 2. They are all white and they were all fathered by my husband. I live in an apartment for now but that may change if I get a condo in a better part of town. That will depend on what happens between my husband and me with settlement. We have not filed for divorce or property division and distribution yet. I ask your mercy and forgiveness in advance because the next two things I will tell you will sound horrid but they are true. I met this man - and his wife - at church. Our family had changed churches and we met them there. He and I were attracted to each other instantly. He later told me he could "smell" my desire all over me: true or not that observation lit my fuse even more. I know that is wrong but I still love the fact that we began our sinful relationship in that place. It makes me hot and the adultery makes me want him even more. What we are doing is filthy but we both enjoy it more for that very reason. The second thing is worse so again I ask your tolerance. He and I have not spoken about children between us although he asked that maintain my use of the pill "for now". I don't know what he has in mind but I don't care if he wants me pregnant or not. I am a mother but I would gladly surrender my children if it meant maintaining my relationship with this man. I am 32 years old and I would get pregnant and stay pregnant with his children until I am no longer able to any longer be impregnated. But if he NEVER asked for that I would still leave my children behind to be available to him whenever he wants me to open my legs. Does that make me a bad mother? Yes. But I don't care about that and I don't care about my children. I care about this magnificent black creature and his magnificent black c***. He could keep me pregnant or never knock me up. Either way is fine. I don't need to know.

  • At 32,you are very young and ripe. I can see a few kids with your lover in your future. What makes you be so much in love with your lover, but not as much with your hubby?

  • The lover knows how to treat me. He knows what I need and how to give it to me. He knows what I want and how to give that to me. He's a man. A real man. All man. My husband is weak and so vastly inferior. The lover is making me into what I believe I was meant to be. He is taking me to my destiny. And it's a destiny that doesn't involve my husband or my children. He is so strong. And so right. You remind me of him and his attitudes.

  • You are so submitted to you lover, its so beautiful!

  • And in addition I wanted to say that I love the word ripe that you used. Just looking at that word and thinking about it and about my man makes me wet. And I think it's also making me ripe. G******. "RIPE". Oh my God.

  • I thought about being "ripe" all day yesterday and into the night. I didn't get to see my man last night so his absence made me feel even more ripe than I had. I love your words. OMG yes.....I am so ripe for my man. Ripe. That's me through and through. Ripe. I had loved what you said about his c*** changing the way my brain functions and changing the way I see the world. I didn't think it could get any better or more accurate or more beautiful than that. But I was wrong. Your word "ripe" is even more incredible. Thank you.

  • As a MBM, I totally understand that the black d*** transforms the brains of white women, as I've seen it happen so many times. I agree that it is so beautiful that you left your white husband to be available to your black lover at all times-he is sure to appreciate your devotion and dedication. The fact that he said he wants you to continue on the pill "for now" tells me that he is close to wanting you to have a baby for him. Here's some advice:
    1) Most doctors recommend being off the pill a month or two before trying to conceive. Switch to a diaphragm or other temporary BC that can be quickly removed. You don't want a moment's delay when he asks for that baby!
    2) Respect his marriage. Be able to support the babies he gives you without financial help from him. He does have his own family to take care of.
    3) Consider going back to your husband to live platonically. It sounds like he might be willing to do that. As long as you are clear that you will be faithful to your black lover, and he won't be getting any. He may even be willing to support the black kids.
    4) Most importantly, DO NOT abandon your white children. They are so innocent and young and they need their mommy. You are causing them irreparable harm if you stay away from them. If you won't live with them, at least have shared custody and be a mom to them.

  • I like your insights for the most part. Yes my man is very happy with me and the fact that I quickly abandoned my family to make myself always available to him and always with open legs. And he's very impressed that I did it without being told what to do: he says most married white women wait to be ordered and that just wastes his time. He hasn't mentioned my BC since our first date but I will take your advice and switch out immediately: I like your suggestion -- and your optimism -- that I get myself prepared and anticipate his wants and needs from me. That was why he loved what I did to my family. I want to keep him happy in every way. (He does occasionally talk about the beauty of interracial couples and mixed children so maybe..........) Finally you will think I'm awful but I really don't care about my white children anymore. All I care about is my man. If I never see my white kids again that would be okay. BUT...... I could easily make use of childcare as a trump card in getting my husband to go along with your plan. I really REALLY loved what you said about going back to him but not giving him the goods while continuing the affair. I would love it if he knew my black lover was getting it ALL while he was getting nothing. I could manage child care in exchange for permanent access to this magnificent black d*** while "poor hubby" pays the bills. LOL. Would that make me an even worse w****? Yes I think so. But it would be even more delicious. Wouldn't it??? Thank you!!!!!!

  • Very well said. I am sure she can attain all that you suggested to her. Great contribution. What have you been up to yourself?

  • I am 45 a MBM with my second black wife- 3 kids with each. I've had literally dozens of white ladies on the side over the years, some of them married, and some of them long-term. But damn, I never really thought about knocking one up. This page has planted a seed, though, so I just might do it! Thanks, brother-and good luck to you on your quest.

  • Sounds like me....I never realized that I had failed to take advantage of great opportunities till they were either gone or it was too late.Its in you to make things happen and in a good way:)

  • No doubt I can make it happen. No reason you can't either.

  • I understand the feeling and I have had it. I wouldn't call it "lost", but it does feel like he's put a spell on me and I'm floating in a dream. I'm different from you in that I like feeling like he's controlling me when he's swinging that d*** around. I probably should not say this to you of all people but I even get wet when I know he's making a move on one or more of my friends. You may not even know that he was getting with other girls beside me but I know it and even that makes me hot for him. Even if the other girls are friends of mine. I don't have to tell you: he's got SO MUCH D***!! I know you care about your family but shouldn't. He wants you top b**** and you should go with him. You know I would do it. And you know why.

  • Sharing is caring and its a good thing you don't mind when he does. The awesome thing is that you give him what he likes and you get what you crave.

  • Jesus I love the relationship with Becca!!!!!!! I'm a married lady and I want to know more!!!! Soooooooooo romantic!!!!!!

  • Thanks. I was actually doing a favor for them since he was shooting blanks. It happened during their honeymoon (and mine)-the full story is down below.

  • Yes, yes, yes, I read all that (more than twice!) and loved every bit, but I'm a greeeeeeeedy romantic gal and I want more, more, more!!! LOL! I want all the hot, juicy, drippy details with Becca! I am one of the many women in the world who just adore adultery!!

  • It all went really fast. I had just attempted to (later found out successful) knock up a married lady friend of mine right before the wedding. That made two pregnant in addition to my new wife. I was planning on being a good boy on the honeymoon, but we really hit it off with Carson and Becca-other newlyweds. By the second night, they were telling us they were having trouble conceiving. My antenna went up (along with my c***). They said the next day would be ovulation day, so as soon as Carson and my wife went to the restrooms, I said to Becca, "I guarantee I can get you pregnant tomorrow." She blushed, but said yes, even though she loved Carson and he satisfied her sexually.
    I really liked when I went to their room the next day that she was wearing her sexy baby doll negligee that she had bought to please Carson. And I didn't expect her to be dripping wet either, so she was into me, not just as a sperm donor. And when she removed her rings, I almost came right away! The squirting she did when she came was such a nice bonus too. And of course, I never get tired of hearing how much bigger and better my c*** is than hubby's, although she said Carson's was almost as big, but not as thick. So we f***** twice that day and once more the next morning, and the deed was done.
    They are so happy now, and I'm truly happy for them. I hope to give them at least two more, and also to find other couples like them. I really like hubby not knowing though.

  • God, how I love the way you worked her, or actually I should say, the way you worked them both! That was just so skilled and so beautiful! Not only to do you know your way around women, you know how to manipulate their husbands, too. That's the thing I admire the most about you, and that I find the most fascinating. For someone as young as you are, you understand so much about human beings and how to manage them. Wow! And without even asking or prompting, you got this woman (that you'd never met before) to do three extraordinary things: (1) wear her honeymoon lingerie to your bed; (2) squirt like she never had before; and (3) make a point of telling you how much better you are in bed than her husband, and how much more she loves your c*** than she does his. Oh my mother f****** God! On her honeymoan! I hope you find a way to give her more than just the two additional children! It would make Carson feel manly and studly, while behind the scenes you're cuckolding him like a little b**** and making Becca fall in love with you. I sense that you and she will always be together, partly because of all the children you will be sharing, but mostly because you work her so wonderfully well that she can't do without you, while she still remains with her clearly inferior husband. You are the kind of MAN that every woman wants, either openly or secretly. I hope and pray that you and Becca are able to meet in secret a few times a year, and carry on a purely sexual relationship that is separate and distinct from your family planning visits. The way you've handled this situation is amazing and thrilling and joyful. Becca is so very lucky, and I hope she continues to realize that and treat you like the MAN you are. Damn, baby! Don't ever let her go!!!!! The adultery you share with her is just delicious!

  • How did she explain the pregnancy to Carson?

  • He has a low sperm count, but he blames it on the stress of his job. Away from the stress, and timed with her ovulation, he thought he had a chance. (Becca was doubtful because they'd been disappointed so many times).

  • Women are so creative and clever. I am happy you had the chance to bolster their marriage indirectly.

  • Ummm where have you been hiding all my life!

  • I was SO happy to do it. Opportunities like that are so rare, I'm so glad I was in the right place at the right time!

  • LOL! You are too cute and too sweet! You made my day! Thanks!

  • ...even though i have been on the pill for years...i think its almost a sure thing that the very dark black man i'm having an affair with right now will eventually knock me up...hes just that virile that he could get past my defenses...even if i was taking two pills a day...LOL...the reason i say that is something that will make me the envy of every woman reader here...this very dark black man pumps out more PRECUM than any white man can pump out actual c**...i have not seen anything like this in my life...and neither has any any any any other woman...but his actual c** is a f****** fire just never stops...i cant go home to poor poor little-d*** hubby until at least 2 hours (and multiple cleanings) after this man is finished with that i am not still leaking his c** down my legs and into my f****** shoes...and leaving a trail of his seed behind me...with all this magical black s**** flowing into me on a regular basis (and i still want more and more and more and more and more and more all the time) i will probably wind up black preg even though i am not trying to fact i think this man is so much man that he could f*** my ass and knock me up that way...i have also had the feeling that he could look at me and knock me up...i know for sure that i can feel his magnificent negro d*** in me when he glances in my woman has what i have...none of stay away b******...this one is MINE!!!

  • So when are you going to have a baby for him?

  • I guess if he ever told me to stop taking them, I'd stop that day. He hasn't done that yet, but my point was just that he might not HAVE to say it: if he gives me 3-4 average loads in one sesh, my pills probably wouldn't stand a chance of blocking his powerful seed. This negro is all man and his c** is a force of nature.

  • When are you gonna stop taking the pills on your own?

  • ... i wouldnt dare do that to him...he has a wife and kids (and a few others from before he married her)...and i wouldnt want to jeopardize where hes at now...he asks me occasionally if i am still taking my pills so i assume he dont want me knocked up...but he dont know how hungry a white woman can get for black babies...some of us can get f****** RAVENOUS for those little black buggers....and some of us even fantasize about them dropping out one by one as we stand next to our white husbands in all kinds of awkward places .... and even in public....but like i originally said...this dude will probably knock me up even if im still using control............his seed is voluminous and full of power and funk ........ damn my negro is a real f****** man......and he could kill a girl with that meat.... he may kill me with it!!!!!

  • Becca and Carson each texted me that she is pregnant! Yes I am happy for myself (I now have four on the way), but for once I am even more happy for them. Carson really believes that getting away on vacation from his stress-filled job did the trick for him. And Becca is thrilled that she will finally be a mother. They will make amazing parents! Becca has already told me that they want at least two more, so I told her I'll be available at a moment's notice whenever she needs me. This one just fell into my lap, yet is somehow the most satisfying of all!

  • Good work bro with knocken them white b****** all up! they need it and you given it! keep it goin brutha! damn!

  • You have a repeat mother already? How lucky can a guy get!

  • Two years ago I was pregnant with my and hubby's first child. Pregnancy made me crazy h**** but I couldn't get any d*** from hubby because he was too busy sticking it in his PA. By the four month mark I was completely insane and had to get laid. That was when I called this married black man I know from political volunteering and asked if he'd meet me for coffee. He did and I told him what was happening at home. I pretended to break down and started crying (I am able to do that whenever I want) and told him what I needed and "oh wherever will I find someone to fix this for me?". He replied like I hoped: he took me to a motel and f***** my brains out. It became a regular thing between us and it's continued until now. He has really taken care of me good. I've started secretly wanting to carry and raise a child for him but I am very afraid that if I started talking about that he would get scared and quit me. I don't want that because I don't think I can live without that d*** of his anymore.

  • Finding a great shoulder to cry on in times of pain, anguish, distress, neglect, or need is a soothing thing for any human being. I am glad this caring man came into your life and has stayed and fulfilled your desires in ways that your hubby hasn't been able to.

    If your hubby is double dipping himself in a PA, does that make him and MD? I believe your thoughts and desires to have kids with him is an acknowledgement of his social worth to you, and a savoring and appreciation of your love and admiration for him. As a grown married woman, you will have to use the cost-benefit analysis and come out with a sound decision. So far, you have had great company, awesome s**, a happy heart, endless day dreaming, secret planning to meet with your lover....and now, an aching womb that is hungry for his seed. He must have made you realize that you mean a lot to him.

    I may not need to bore you with what is involved in the risks you are taking and the possible outcomes. To date, you have managed your discreet affair well, mostly because there is no growing belly. If you let your lover plant his seeds in your womb, the stress, worry, and reality will hit the day you miss your periods and continue for 9 months, getting worse on the delivery day, and beyond. You can imagine what else will possibly happen from that day on, good or bad.

    But you may not even have to worry about all that; the lover must be willing to allow you to have his baby or babies. I doubt he will say no. I think you are most likely to let this guy get you pregnant, since you do not think you can live without him. In life, sometimes we do what we must do to survive, be happy, well, prosperous, or whatever our hearts and challenges demand. He sounds to be more satisfying to you emotionally than your hubby. You are at the crossroads, but soon, you will find your way. When are you going to have this baby conversation with him?

  • Yes, it's so true: this is a very loving relationship. Much more than with other men. He knows how to care for his women and how to show it. Showing it is my husband's shortest suit by far. He just can't do it. This man knows how to f***, but he also knows how to make love, and he knows those are different things. It would not surprise him that I have these feelings, but telling him I want babies? That's a scary proposition. He is the boss in the relationship and if I were to talk to him about the future -- our future -- could seem to him like I was trying to take control. I want him in control and I don't want to threaten that position or his enjoyment of it. Although, to be honest . . . . . yeah, it probably does have more to do with fear. However, I really liked what I read about my doing it while I'm "on the d***". I could probably scream out something about my womb aching for him, or about his seed, and then say I just got carried away because of that big black d***. I'll just have to think about it some more. But yeah . . . . I don't want to lose him.

  • You are waaay to deep in his head and heart to lose him.He loves being so deep between your legs that he will grant you any requests or demands you make of him.Don't be timid,after you are done thinking this over,tell him what u feel and want and mean it.Best wishes.

  • Don't even scream. While he is inside you, whisper about how you want his black seed inside you and how your womb aches for him and his baby. I can almost guarantee that HE will ask YOU for a baby at that point. He is the boss, but he is a loving boss who has done wonders for you in so many ways. You should have a baby for him-he deserves it and you deserve it too.

  • She will easily harvest many kids from his seeds. Its just a matter of time and voicing her needs and wants to him.

  • Two years is a long time. Chances are he wants a child by you as much as you do. Try dropping some subtle hints, especially when you are on his d***. Tell him you want his black seed inside you. Tell him how beautiful biracial children look. Before long, he will be asking you to have a black baby for him. Good luck.

  • Agreed-that is a good plan. I'm glad you found sexual satisfaction with this man, as hubby was not giving you any. He is more likely to agree at that moment when you are f******. Also assure him that you won't come after him for child support or jeopardize his marriage in any way. Can you go it alone if hubby leaves? Or are you pretty sure he will stay and pay?

  • Our daughter got caught having s** with a black guy at school and was suspended. She says it was the first time it ever happened. Her father and I are pretty sure that it was just the first time she ever got caught. We're afraid of two things......that she is turning into a serious w****.......and that she's pregnant. She's 18, so it's not like we can force her to do (or not do) anything, but she's not at all mature, except when it comes to s**. She's on birth control, but apparently she's not taking her pills regularly. They wouldn't tell us who the black guy is, or if he's a student at her school, or even how old he is, and our daughter clams up when we try to talk to her about him. My guess is that she's been f****** him for some time, and that they're still going at it. Her father is sure she's pregnant, but he's no fortune teller.

  • Is this a situation of monkey see monkey do? Why dad think daughter is pregnant?

  • "monkey"? wtf? are you taking a racial shot?

  • Nope,I mean't the daughter saw you lovin' the black man and wanted to do the same thing?
    "an expression describing someone who imitates another person's actions, good or bad,simply by having watched them before."Urban Dictionary.


  • Ashley tested positive this morning!!! She was by far the toughest to convince, but it now feels so worth it. That's 3 of 4. Becca will be testing next week.

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOH my goodness.Bravo! bravo! You are the man. You are potent,virile,and know how to hit the bulls-eye. I am a little jealous of you as always,but thrilled for you and for her.I am not sure why I never did what you are doing now.Wishing you and her a fun pregnancy and healthy child.You don't just talk and wish,you just do it:)

  • Thanks, man. For a healthy young man (with cycad sperm-lol) and a fertile young woman whose ovulation date is predictable, the actual knock-up is the easy part. Getting her to agree is much, more more difficult, especially when she's married. But then a situation like Becca's could fall into your lap-the easiest, quickest knock-up imaginable (if it took-fingers crossed).

    I do worry about all of them getting a case of the guilts-and confessing all to hubby at some time-that would be such a disaster. So I am very content and happy now, but not care-free.

  • There is a possibility they can confess but don't worry about that much now, nurture the pregnancies. You can deal with eventualities as they emerge. I am sure you all will do fine. The worst part is your gf finding out that you have been sowing your royal out to other men's wives, in which case you must have a convincing answer. The fact is these things do come up at some point in life.
    Matt Lauer is now rumored to have fathered a kid(s) with ex co-worker Natalie Morales, who is also married. True or not, these discreet deeds arise. I know someday my gf will find out that I have a son out there. It will hurt her, but I just couldn't help it-I had to have a baby with that lady and I know you had to do the same thing. You have become just like my buddy, lol.

  • My GF is now my wife of two weeks, so that makes things even more complicated. Hopefully, everyone will keep their secrets.
    I know-I'm catching up to your buddy! If Becca tests positive next week, that will be four on the way (one is with my wife). But your buddy is a rock star the way he knocked all four up at almost exactly the same time!

  • I knew my wife went with blacks sometimes but I hadn't seen her out anywhere with any of them. Then on Saturday night I went to a local Mexican restaurant to pick up take-out for myself and our children -- a place that we've been to as a family dozens and dozens of times -- and she was there and she wasn't alone. She was with three large black men and she was the only woman at the table. Her back was to the door, so I don't think she saw me, but somehow, I think she knew I would be there to get the kids' favorites and I think she wanted me to see her with THREE black men. Plus, the people there know us AS A FAMILY, and so the fact that she took them there makes me think she wanted people to see her with those men. I have the feeling that she is setting me up for something, some kind of change, some big thing. I don't know what, but when I asked her about it when she came home the next afternoon, she just smiled and said they were just out having fun and relaxing with margaritas. "No big deal", she said, "except for the big d****". She is always making d*** jokes now, almost always at my expense, ever since she started dating blacks. That's the new norm. But she went on to say, "A man like you couldn't possibly imagine what men like that are capable of." I asked what that meant, and she laughed at me and said, "See?" I don't know what's going to happen, but I think it's going to be bad.

  • Are you in an open marriage?

  • No. She's the only one who is allowed to play. It wasn't that way in the beginning. She demanded it in our third year. We fought over it, but I knew she would leave if I refused to permit it: she was going to go with blacks (in hindsight, she was probably already doing that, and maybe had been doing it all along, even when we lived together before we got married) whether I consented or not.

  • How does her sexcapades make you feel? How do you manage to handle it so well? Are your kids biologically all yours? How old is your wife now? Why are you not allowed to play?

  • Although I've never liked her outside relationships, I've always just accepted them as her nature (with a few extreme exceptions early in the expansion of her sexuality): she's a bit younger than I am (she's 34), she's always had a "thing" for black men, and she's always attracted a lot of attention from them. Her s** drive is much higher than mine, and I think she's just one of those women who need more than one man in their lives in order for them to be happy. I know they exist, and I think she's one of them. I believe that all of our children were fathered by me. None appear to have any mixed blood in them, and while none of them look like me, they all look like each other, meaning they are pretty clearly siblings. I have no reason to believe that I didn't father one or more of them, but who can be sure? (And no, I've never DNA tested them, and won't do that without good reason.) My wife is very outgoing and beautiful and flirtatious, and she certainly would have had opportunities with innumerable white men, as well as blacks. As for handling it, I do believe I've done a good job of coping, yes. It's because I'm proud of my lady, and always happy to be seen with her. However, my unease about Saturday night -- and her public display with her dark companions -- makes me think that's about to change. I could be wrong about that, and I hope I am.

  • You are very level headed. You should have a T-shirt that says "KEEP CALM. MY WIFE IS ONLY HAVING FUN."A 34 year old wife can easily be knocked up a few more times before she hits 50.Get ready!

  • There is a truly spectacular black man with what looks to be a horse-like c*** in his pants who works in the same building I do. He has a different employer than I do, but we encounter each other occasionally in the parking lot or inside the building. I've never been with a black man in my life, but so help me God....if he ever came on to me, I would jump him and f*** him right in the lobby, while begging him to knock me up. Whenever I see him, it's like I can feel him inside me, and then when he's passed me, it's like I can feel his baby inside me. OMG. OMMFG.

  • Oh no no no no no;"if he ever came on to me, I would jump him and f*** him right in the lobby, while begging him to knock me up." That is not how this encounter is going to go down if at all you are serious. You must change both your thinking and your tactics. To him, you are probably just any other working white woman; to you he is a fine well-endowed thoroughbred that you would love to breed with. But he may not even know all that.
    So logically, you must let him know. You can't hold a sign saying, "Mr. Horseman, my white womb craves millions of your black seeds." I am not so sure if you have ever said hi to him as you conceal your wetness as you pass him by. I suggest you brace yourself before Friday, approach him, say hi by shaking his hand, and introducing yourself, and showing interest through a conversation whenever you see him. But if you think this guy is going to magically read your mind, you may have to wait a while. Why wait, and stay h**** silently?

  • Just back from the most amazing honeymoon ever! (It actually starting with banging one of the married bridesmaids at the reception. I had actually knocked her up years ago-she aborted-but we've been on again off again f*** buddies for a long time).
    Natalie and I went to a couples-only resort that was really beautiful. They pushed hard to seat two couples per table, which p***** me off at first because I wanted to spend alone time with my new wife. But the couple we sat with, Becca and Carson, from Texas, were really nice and we hit it off. Turns out that even though they got married the same day we did (Feb. 24), they had been trying for 14 months to get pregnant. The problem is his sperm count is low (she had gotten pregnant but aborted in a previous relationship) and IVF is way too expensive for them. The sadness in their eyes when they told us really got to me. They had timed their honeymoon for her ovulation time and hoped that a stress-free vacation, along with some supplements Carson had been taking, would enable him to finally knock her up. I was very skeptical and immediately thought that I should step in and knock her up for him.
    I approached Becca on the side and told her I was sorry for her situation and felt really bad for Carson, whom she said was a great guy who kept her sexually fulfilled and very happy except for this one shortcoming. I told her that I'd be happy to do the job, let Carson think it was his, and everyone would be happy. I expected a slap, but she said she would be ovulating on Wednesday and would think about it.

  • Was a part of the impetus for the hookup at the reception the bridesmaid's revenge for your wife making her wear one of those horrid dresses? LOL

  • Hehe. No, she and I have some history, so it just kind of happened. Sort of a good-bye f*** now that I was married.

  • (Part 2) On Tuesday night, she said yes! We made plans for our new spouses to go snorkling on Wednesday morning without us, and I rushed over to their deluxe honeymoon suite. She greeted me in a sexy negligee and said she was already wet! I put her on their bed and entered her right away, taking her from behind. But she did something really cute first. She removed her engagement ring and new wedding band and put them on the night table before I entered her. Usually, I like the rings on, but this felt right-almost ceremonial-like I was replacing her new husband. She came like crazy and was also a squirter! (I had to grab housekeeping to change the sheets when we were done and before Carson returned). I left a second load in her missionary style and said that we needed to do it once more the next morning, which we did on the beach when we both snuck off early. She usually comes once each time with Carson, but she came like 3x each with me and said she loved the feel of my c***!
    This time was really 90% altruistic-I really wanted to ease their pain and give them a beautiful child-but I feel really confident that I knocked her up! The enormity of what I'd done finally hit me on the flight back home. I had f***** and quite possibly impregnated a newlywed on her honeymoon, while I was on my honeymoon as well!!! Never in my creative, wildest dreams would I have imagined such a scenario! I am checking FB Messenger constantly for word from Becca, but it's way too early yet.
    Ashley should be taking her pregnancy test Thursday or Friday this week, so I'm really hopeful on that front as well. 2018 is turning out to be an amazingly bountiful year!!
    Sorry for the long post, but a LOT is going on.

  • Jesus F****** Christ! You had the most incredibly successful wedding and honeymoon in history! Congratulations! I have many questions, but one gigantic one.......any chance that the married bridesmaid got the knockup, too???? I'm hoping that it's possible, and praying that it happened! I'm impressed enough that you got the p**** at the wedding, but want so badly for her to have gotten the knockup!! Actually, one more question: do you intend to travel to see Becca again (or might she come to you)? Either to complete/assure the impregnation, or just for a little fun f***???? She sounds like a great girl to keep in your life!!!!!!

  • The bridesmaid is really hot, but unfortunately she's on an IUD, so there's no chance she's knocked up by me. We did it in the coat room while my best man stood guard (he knows all about my "extracurricular" activities. I'll find a way to visit Becca if she didn't get pregnant, but I like my chances. I also have been telling her through Messenger that I'd like to give them a large family, so I do hope to see her again and again (I'm in the Northeast).

  • While I get your point about the bridesmaid and her IUD, I should note that the failure rate for an IUD is about the same as the pill. Yes, that's just one percent, and although it may seem minuscule, it's worth considering that when a medical device is tested and vetted, those statistical numbers are frequently expressed in terms of per-million uses. So, be mindful of the fact that if the devices are put into play in sexual situations a million times, they'll fail nearly 10,000 of those times. TEN THOUSAND!!!!! Makes your odds of having a child with the bridesmaid seem a bit brighter, doesn't it?

  • Now don't you be getting my hopes up! Since she is an ongoing f*** buddy, she's definitely in my sights to knock up at some point, I just don't think it happened that day.

  • Hello KW. I cannot believe how lucky you are.Sounds like a match made at a resort!I always think of amazing connections like your that result in babies but they are slow in coming,hehe.I wish it was Thursday of Friday so that you can let us know the result.I am hoping you get to score with Carson's wife for sure, given that your wife is attached to you daily. If Becca is not pregnant this month around,keep up with her till you score,maybe you will be the father of her many kids.Do you also live in Texas?

  • I'm the first to admit that I've been incredibly blessed, but I did go a long 8 years trying to find (and failing) a married woman to knock up. If Becca and Ashley are pregnant for me, that makes four married ladies pregnant by me at the same time (including my wife!) I'm realistic enough to know that this pace can't continue, but I'll sure enjoy the ride! And yes, I want to give Becca and Carson a very large family-they will make great parents.

  • I'm a divorced single mom, white, 45, and have two biracial sons 18 and 12. I love them dearly. I've been divorced for years, so they are used to having me bring black guys over for dinner, drinks, and s**. Now my oldest son is dating, and he has a big preference for white girls. I've had "the talk" with him, and he's been dating/f****** a few girls his own age, but I think he has a craving for older white women. I told him to stay away from them, because a lot of them just want to get knocked up (I know, because I was that way too), and I don't want him to get entrapped. Any advice on how to handle dealing with him on this issue would be appreciated. Sounds like there may have been people on this thread with this experience.

  • It sounds like you have done a great job as a parent in raising your kids given the circumstances. I think the young man needs to take it easy on the girls and head on to college, military, apprenticeship, something. He needs something that will put money in his pocket and food on the table consistently so that he can take good care of himself and his future wife, kids, or many other women he may encounter on the side😊 It will be a very bad idea for him to knock up even one woman now. He has potential for success and needs to find and unlock it.

    From my experience, Nigerians love education, success, a good life...His dad would be thrilled to see him succeed, although you did not tell us if they are connected. The ladies are very aggressive these days in snagging a good man, but he has to focus on establishing himself while he is young and unencumbered. Same advice I gave my two daughters and it seems to have worked-they can take care of themselves and their households without asking me for financial help. I wish you the best outcome in this.

  • Tell him to stay true to his craving for older white women, but stick with married ones whose husbands will stay and support the kids he sires. Tell him that his urges are totally natural, but he has to fulfill them with women he can trust to not come after him for child support. Since he is biracial, the color issue may not even come into question as the children may be light-skinned. I wish him success in siring as many children as possible with white women.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'll tell him what you said. He's biracial but pretty dark skinned (his father, my ex, was Nigerian). I still worry about him. The other day he had a white girl over and said she was 19, but I think he was lying--she looked like she was in her late 20's at minimum. I just don't want him to be careless about where he spreads his seeds, as I want him to go to college and stuff, not be chasing white p**** to the poorhouse.

  • Nigeria has around 300 tribes.Do you remember which one your ex was from? Do you keep up with him? Have you or your kids been to Nigeria?How di you two meet?

  • My ex-husband was Yoruba, although using the term tribe is somewhat of a misnomer--he lived in a city. I haven't heard from him in years--he went back and I have no way of finding him. We met in college. Neither my sons nor I have been to Nigeria.

  • City or rural,tribe is something you are,or belong to by birth so it never leaves you.In your case,your kids would actually be Nigerians citizens from the Yoruba tribe,and would speak Yoruba first at home, and later english as a language of academic instruction.Don't worry,this would only happen had they been born and raised in Nigeria or Benin.I feel bad for your ex and your kids,they missing out a lot on each other.But life happens.I believe you have done a great job as a parent.

  • He sounds like a great young man with a bright future, so I agree he should not get entangled. When I was his age, I knocked up a married neighbor, whose husband thought it was his. It was the greatest feeling in the world, and I had no responsibility. I've knocked up more since. I'm white, though, so it's a bit more complicated with the race difference-hubby will know right away in your son's case. Still, many hubbies will stay and pay, so your son has to be super-careful to find the right couples to give black babies to. I think he got that strong drive from his father, and I'd like to see him follow it, but also choose wisely. One caution though: once he starts knocking up married white women, he will become addicted! I wish him well.

  • Married black man here, 47, and I'm a purchasing officer for a large corp. in the upper midwest. A sales rep from one of our major suppliers comes by from out of state about twice a month to work the account and make sure we're covered. She's been doing that for about 18 months. She's 25 white married no kids. We started a fling over a year ago which has now turned into a full-on affair. At first I thought she was just trying to keep the business by using the puss but I've come to realize that even though she's a serious ballbuster in a business environment she is also a serious submissive to black men in general and to me in particular. When we're alone I get what I want. Last week I found this blog and it's given me a great idea for this girl. She's going to be in town next week for two days and nights and I intend to take her off her birth control pills starting then. I also intend for us to have a mixed baby by Christmas. There's not much her husband can do: I live like a thousand miles away. The inspiration came from these pages here. I want it and she's going to f****** give it to me.

  • I am glad you found this blog. It has helped many people change their lives by realizing their dreams. I cannot even believe how simple conversations here have transformed some people-including you. I have learned lots from either reading the stories or replying to them. I have been thinking about your situation since the day you posted it.

    I have concluded that you have a good thing going and you must s***** the moment if truly a bi-racial child is what you and the lady desire. Some of these opportunities don't come around that easily or conveniently. If you give up this chance, the black guy in the next account will take it. I am glad you have made up your mind to seize the opportunity. There must be something lacking at home that moved the lady to your body. I am imagining that your BC discussion will go well.

    You and I already know that this is tricky, destructive, dangerous, and could turn ugly and regrettable for a lifetime. One, or both of you, both could end up divorced, disrupting your lives tremendously. That is the part I thought about for a while before replying to you. But then that is what I tried to avoid all my life and I ended up missing out on having a bi-racial child that I always wanted, along with my black children. The new me would take a chance at having a baby with a married woman despite the risks involved, knowing what I know now.

    Remember, Sidney J. Harris said, “regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” Whatever you do, keep us posted. I wish you all the happiness your hearts can hold.

  • My brother you are so correct: if I don't do it she'll get it from somebody else!! So very true! I can't have that. Won't stand for it. She'll be here in town tomorrow night and I intend to tell her she's going to stop taking those pills and will do that while she's on the d***. She would probably say yes even if I told her over the phone but I don't intend to make it easy for her to do anything other than what she's told. And I don't intend to let her say "no". Thanks for the powerful support!! You really are the m************ MAN!

  • Very Welcome!
    I like your confidence and stance.Give it your all and live with the consequences good or bad. But I see lots of good, we only live once and our lives are a mixed bag of decisions that are both good and bad-its what makes us human. But there is no way you should let this one slip through your fingers. I like your idea of face to face talk and I am sure she would love it too. Its in you,you got this. Les us know how many yes'es she gives you. You have me so inspired.

  • She'll be in this afternoon. We'll work until shift change, and then it's on. I'm going to f*** her like she's never been f***** before in her life, and then spring the trap shut. She has no idea what's headed her way. She will never be the same. Thanks.

  • The perfect time to tell her is when she's actually on the d***. It's worked for me over and over, my man. I can't wait for your next update, but there's no way she'll say no.

  • If hubby will truly stay and pay, you've hit the mother lode!! I always look for that type-if he ever would find out. Since she's only 25, she can have multiple babies for you. (By the way, the age difference here is really hot, too!). Good luck!!

  • I've thought about that age difference a lot, myself, and I agree: that is definitely part of what draws us together. She thought she was getting somebody older and more pliable, and she thought that right up until the first time I stabbed that ass. Then she knew she was in for much different ride. Thanks for the wishes of luck!

  • When I got her into her hotel room after we left work, I torn off her skirt and top, lifted her up off the floor, pinned her against the wall, shoved my d*** in her, and f***** her through three o******. Then, with her still pinned on the wall and hanging from my d***, I told her there was something I wanted her to do for me. "Anything" is what she said as I f***** her harder and harder, and then I let her know she's going to start having my babies. "Not just one", I said, and then I told her what you said to say: "You're only 25, so you're going to have a lot of my seed and a lot of my babies in you". Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she started bucking off the wall, to drive my d*** deeper in her, and she was f****** faster and grinding more until she passed out. I laid her on the bed and when she came to, she said "Do that to me again, and say what you said again, about my age and your seed." I did that, and when I told her again that, at her age, we were going to have a lot of babies together, she said the other thing you said she would say, "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes". We threw her birth control pills away that night. This is going to be a joy. Thanks!

  • You are the man! I'm so happy it went as planned, but I had no doubt it would. You must make sure she keeps hubby wrapped from now on or off her completely. Did you have the financial conversation with her and discuss how she would handle hubby? I hope the knock-up happens soon!

  • Thanks for that. I appreciate it a lot. We talked about the money that first weekend and it's not a prob. As for the p****, we had a long phone conversation late Friday night about that very thing. She told me she would figure out how to handle s** with him and I should just leave it to her. But I said no I would certainly NOT leave it to her (she could tell I was using my master voice), and then told her the very thing you said, I told her "I want him off you completely". I made it clear I didn't want him having access to the p**** from now on. I said we could reconsider it once the baby comes but for now she has to be all mine. Same goes for everybody else she f**** whether black or white. She can only f*** me. I said those were the rules. She cried and said nobody had ever loved her this much. I told her again that the p**** belongs to me. Period. She'll be back here next week. (I can already taste that t*** of hers.) One other thing we'll talk about then that will be a difficult thing for her. I want us to go to her husband together, NOW, and tell him what we are doing. I want him to know that I've intervened in their marriage and taken his wife as my property and am about to impregnate her. She's afraid to do that: she wants to wait until the baby arrives or just before. We'll see.

  • It's so awesome that you've asserted total ownership over her married p****! Glad you had the money talk, and I assume you've protected yourself so you won't have to pay. I agree that she should remain faithful to you from now on, but that conversation with hubby is going to be very difficult and awkward. How will you manage that without him leaving her? Will she be ovulating next week when you see her?

  • After giving the matter much more thought, and sleeping on it, I've come around to your (and her) way of thinking. I was getting drunk on the power this young girl has given me over her , and I just need to chill. Thanks for showing me where the lines are. I need to let her handle him in the way she wants, not in the way I want. She knows his weaknesses and his limits, and so she needs to make those decisions herself, so that I won't blow up their marriage: it's more important that he not leave her than it is that I assert dominion over them both. (I had that situation in an affair in my younger days and it was so exhilarating that I guess I wanted to have that right again over a woman and her husband: my bad). I'll do my best to rein in these impulses I get with her. I'm starting to realize that, although this is the best p**** I've ever had, there is more happening between her and me than just the typical extramarital playtime: it's much much deeper. And I don't want to ruin it, or lose it, by demanding too much. Again, thanks greatly for the input.

  • She's agreed to have a black baby for you within her white marriage-it's no wonder you feel that way. And having knocked up four married white women (I'm also white) within their marriages, I totally get your wanting to cut him off and let him know that you've "intervened in their marriage." As much as I've wanted to, I've resisted that urge to keep the secrets, and it's worked for me. With the race difference in your case, a secret will be impossible, so you have to rely on how she works her hubby to come around to the idea. You definitely want him to stay and pay, so be patient with her-she sounds like she knows how to get what she wants. And remember that what she wants most of all are your babies!

  • You have technically changed your world and hers with a d***!The only way out of this now is if she either quits her job and does not visit your workplace,takes BC secretly,or flat out gets weak knees/cold feet.I am sure you will make sure none of those scenarios takes place. I knew you would make things happen. Congrats.Keep us posted please.This is too juicy. What has she said to you in emails or text since she left?

  • Thank you my man! Your confidence in me was a part of why and how (and when) this thing came to be. Your an excellent counsellor. I agree that the birth control thing could become an issue, because she could start taking her pills again without my ever knowing, but she is a good girl and I feel like she'll continue doing as I tell her. She's certainly one of those who know her place, at least when she's alone with me. Most young girls her age (25) think they know it all and you can't tell them anything. But she likes the age difference (and the skin color difference) and she loves having me control her body. I think she'll love having me control her life, too. You mentioned her texts and your right, so right. They have always been sexy but more in a playful way up until that weekend where we decided to become parents. But since then they have been aggressive and anxious (and sometimes perverted). Here's one she sent me before church yesterday morning: "If we're going to do this family thing you either have to send me money to come up there more often or you have get on a f****** plane more often and come down here to f*** me. This once or twice a month thing isn't enough anymore. My body knows what we're up to and so it needs more. My body just knows somehow. I need that magnificent n***** d*** in me more. I need it more!! I need it NOW!!!!!" While I was in church with my wife: "I want you to be imagining f****** me during church. And I want you to imagine knocking my white ass up DURING CHURCH!!" And then after church I got this: "I need your n***** d*** n***** d*** n***** d*** n***** d*** n***** d***!!!" And then as I was going to bed with my wife: "You should be f****** me right now. F*** me now! F*** me! F*** me!" Does that seem like she's into it? LOL Thanks!

  • Waooooo! I will read this again after I wake up tomorrow.

  • You have a great thing going and I like your attitude. It's great that she is so submissive to you and that the affair has lasted over a year. It's time that she has a black baby for you. Just keep some things in mind. (1) she should be off the BC pills for at least a month, preferably two before you knock her up (2) have a serious talk with her to ensure that she will not come after you for support. This could be because her humiliated husband might stay and support the baby, or, if he leaves her, she is financially able to raise the baby herself. It sounds like she has a pretty good job that would enable her to do this.
    You're about to embark on an exciting adventure! I have no doubt she will agree to your demands and have at least one baby for you! Keep us posted.

  • Thanks my brother. Your right about her submissiveness and I love what you said about the humiliated husband. LOL!!! That is going to be a big benefit and from what she's told me about him it wouldnt surprise me if he stayed and raised the kid. In fact since she is the main financial provider in their family maybe he even CAN'T leave and she and I can provide some extra humiliation for our own amusement. I've done that before with white couples and I loved it. These two seem made for it. I'm not worried about her chasing me for support: she knows her place and she's a good girl. Still like I said she can bust your b**** in the workplace so I won't take a chance. While she's on the d*** I'll make it clear that I'll still keep f****** her but won't be sending any checks. LOL! I'm going to take this b**** off the board and make her ass mine. Your a great encourager.

  • Sounds like you are SO ready to make this happen. Just remember-she probably should be off the pills for a month before you knock her up. Of course, she must keep hubby wrapped or off the p**** during that time.
    When you say you've done this before, did you mean you humiliated white hubbies, or did you actually knock up other married white women? if so, what happened?
    I'm happy to encourage you, my man-what you are planning is awesome!

  • No, I haven't knocked up any married white women, just a small number of single chicks (none recently), so no big deal. But I have done the humiliation thing with some married white couples, and I can tell you the women just love that s***. A black woman would not get into it the way a white woman does: the whites love to demean and degrade their men. And as you know, I'm more than happy to oblige them. LOL!!!! But with this girl, if her husband has the strength to hang in, it's gonna be a f***** rodeo, trust me.

  • I think he will score with this one.Sounds like a great situation for them. He sounds to have the mental sagacity to succeed and the woman will let him.

  • I agree. So unlike our friend from Georgia, who was too timid to follow through with it-big disappointment.

  • He got very cold feet-maybe frozen feet,lol.

  • I'm a 41yo mwf and although I've never been with a black man in my life reading all these posts makes me literally ache for it. That's something I never would of expected to find out about myself.

  • Hello and welcome. You have been converted:). How did you happen to find the page?I am glad you enjoyed the page and I appreciate the fact that you left your imprint.What is your next step?

  • Hi. Thanks for the warm welcome. I found confession post because I was looking at sexy true stories at other sites and saw a link to here. I know not everything on confession post is true, but I think a lot of it is true, and I have a feeling that this page is probably MOSTLY true: there at least doesn't seem to be a lot of b.s., where some others are all b.s., all the time. Even though I hadn't been looking for interracial sexy stories, I wasn't exactly NOT looking for those, so I read for a while. At first, I wasn't interested, but then it got better and better and better (and hotter). And I have to say, your commenters are pretty great. There aren't many trolls, and everyone seems to be pretty civil and even occasionally encouraging to each other. You, on the other hand, are ALWAYS polite and supportive. That's very rare. Very. next step? I don't think I have one. I'm really pretty good at impulse control, so it's not like I'm going to turn into a raging s*** or anything, or start running the bars again. I was just interested in stories in general, and then found myself aroused by the interracial angle of this page. So, I don't have a plan, I just have a surprised feeling of being attracted to something I didn't even know myself that I was attracted to. It was like discovering a new country right in the middle of an old country. :) Anyway, thanks for reaching out to me with your greetings, and for being a most hospitable host. All your readers and writers are most fortunate.

  • "I just have a surprised feeling of being attracted to something I didn't even know myself that I was attracted to."

    Many times,I have heard that from white women who never imagined that they could find themselves attracted to black men,or non white men in general. Such statements were mostly due to the fact that the women were married to white men and shouldn't have been involving themselves with another man-let alone a black one,or because they were raised in places where there were no black men,and therefore it never entered in their thoughts and desires that they could be interested in, attracted to, or be found to be attractive by black men.Their whole life had been white, so to speak, and to some of them,I was their first black man. Your young erotic feelings for an inter-racial affair may wane or persist. If they grow,you may find yourself wanting to do something to appease them.Surprisingly,you are very normal in your thoughts,desires, and deeds.Just be discreet about it. You are an awesome guest,stay permanently:)

  • I got married six years ago to a lovely younger woman. She has five sisters, all older than her, and all of whom are spread across the country with families of their own. She takes trips to visit them individually, or so she's said. I never thought anything about the frequency or duration of the trips until last fall, when I got a call from the sister she was supposedly visiting at the time, looking for my wife (her sister). When I realized my wife was not where she said she was going, I ended the call with the sister without disclosing that anything was wrong, and told her to just keep on trying her cell number: "perhaps she just walked away from it", I offered. I called a P.I. friend of mine and asked him if he could find her. He did . . . within an hour. She was in a resort area about 800 miles from her stated destination, and not near any of her other sisters. Although she was quite near a black man she had dated (and maybe lived with) prior to our having met. I don't know that they were together. I just know she wasn't with any of her sisters. The P.I. said he could easily flush her out -- she didn't seem to be trying to hide -- but I asked him to just stand down. I haven't pursued this any more, nor interrogated her about it. Since that time, she's not gone on any more of her "trips", making me think the sister knew something was up and told my wife to chill. But I may be reading waaay too much into something so small. I suppose my only point is that infidelity can show up in really unexpected ways.

  • Sounds to me that your wife did go astray. I think she knows you know something was not right. How do you guys relate now after the phone call? Why are you not asking her about it? I am sure its eating you up inside.

  • You really know how to get right to the core of things. I've seen that in the other remarks you've made here. When she came home following the errant phone call, she was all over me. Couldn't get enough. Wanted my d*** out of my pants any time I was home. Wanted to f*** all the time. But she wasn't into it. Not really. She was going through the motions. After about three weeks of that, the s** gradually dropped off until it's now just an occasional thing. Yes, it's eating me alive, wondering whether he's now coming here, to draw attention away from her own trips, or if she's found a black man here to take the first one's place, even part-time (everyone seems to know she loves black men). The mind can develop all kinds of perverse scenarios, can't it? And as for why I'm not asking . . . you certainly have tossed your dart and hit the bull's eye: I guess you'd call it denial, though I think of it as being pragmatic. She can only do one of two things if I ask questions as pointedly as you do: she will either lie or tell me a truth I don't want to hear. "I'm pregnant with __________'s baby", would be the bottom, but confessing her love for him would be a very close second. It hurts just to hypothesize about. Thanks for caring enough to spend a part of your day writing to inquire about the situation. That's very kind.

  • Is that the way it actually happens? I thought it was a myth.

  • [Sorry, I lost your thread for several days and couldn't find you.] No, it's not a myth. That longing you feel, the urges you get, the magnetic attraction that hits you in their presence, the dirty thoughts you have, even when you're with your husband and children. It's your nature at work, it's your biology, it's your destiny. Your heart wants what it wants, and your womb wants what it wants. You cannot avoid it. And once you've had one, you will not ever again want a white man. So, the answer to your question is "yes": that's the way it actually happens. As a white female, and no matter how old you are, you are intended to be with a black man, in marriage, in relationship, or in affair. And you should surrender to the impulse to leave your family and go to the real man/men in your life. I read somewhere long ago that, if Adam had been a black man and Eve had been a white woman, we would all still be in Eden: Eve would never have been drawn to the forbidden tree because Adam would have been keeping her happy with a couple of apples of his own, and there would have been no reason for God to kick them out of the garden. And keep in mind: Adam and Eve never got married. So, there's nature in that, too. Go to him. It's what you're supposed to do. It's where you're supposed to be. But already knew that.

  • "As a white female, and no matter how old you are, you are intended to be with a black man, in marriage, in relationship, or in affair." What a beautiful statement, and totally true.

  • Very true...I just love it.

  • For me it's the Adam and Eve comparison. It makes me c** -- and squirt madly -- every time I read it. I barely even have to touch my p****. But it feels better if I finger it. :)

  • I love it when my gf squirts all over the place; my face, etc., so sexy.I enjoyed that so much last night,ummmm!

  • I had never in my life squirted even once until a black teacher got hold of me in my senior year of high school. Once I got on that, I was squirting like crazy and he loved me for how much I squirted, and how often I squirted. We never even talked about having children (he was married), and now, after I've read all these romantic posts, I'm aching for his babies. So sad that it's too late.

  • You go girl! Its the right time.Better late than never they say. Don't just think about it,do something about it urgently:).

  • (sigh......) I wound up marrying a white man, who gave me two wonderful kids. Sad to say it, but he doesn't make me squirt (I have to do that on my own, when he's not home). I'm sure this will shock you, but I've never cheated on him. Not once. I can't say the idea has never occurred to me; yes, I've had both the urge and the opportunity. I've just not done it. However . . . when I read these postings from black-satisfied white women . . . it does remind me of my black past . . . it does make me think about black adultery more seriously . . . and it also makes me crazy black-h**** . . . :)

  • I think you have been waiting for me all along-I want to be your first:)
    What do you crave most when thinking about having a black lover?

  • The thing I think about most is that black teacher I mentioned who took me in high school and showed me that I could squirt. With him, it was the length of his d***, how it pressed against my cervix and swiped my walls going in and coming out. He f***** me so good till I could NOT even stand it. But maybe the equal of that was how he KNEW what he was doing to me, and how much I loved it (and loved HIM), and how bad I needed it. That put him in control, and maybe that was just as important. (And I loved calling him "daddy").

  • Waooooo! that just jolted me back into memory lane to way back when. This is the guy hubby knows nothing about right? By the way he took your virginity?

  • My husband knows nothing about the teacher because my husband came later, and I never told him about the teacher (and he was my teacher in more ways than just one!!). My black lover didn't take my vaginal virginity, but he did get the a*** cherry. And he taught me so much about love and life and s**. He was everything to me.

  • In my whole life i have dated only a total of 3 black men.i know thats kind of a lame number but i loved them all. i tried to be submissive for them. I thought it was what black men want. i made sure they liked f****** me. i gave them sexual things they didn't get at home or in there affairs.. i made sure they wanted to f*** me more than their wives and more than other white girls.but none of them ever asked to knock me up.i guess i'm not attractive enough for them.they all liked my p**** a lot but they must not of liked my womb.maybe i'm just a loser b****.it happens.....

  • Sounds like you are a great woman and can give and get lots of pleasure. Ask and ye shall get.Maybe ask one of them to give you kids,if that is what you desire,and I am sure your request shall be honored.They would not be willing to date and have s** with you if you were not beautiful.

  • Thats a nice thing to say really. i really mean it. your right abuotme not having asked but i cant askthem when they are married.i thinkthey have to askyou to give you a baby or babies.i think its that they must of all saw me like a loser. i hate feelingthat way but maybe thats just how it is.its okay.

  • Don't be so down on yourself! Not every black man wants to impregnate a white woman, and you said yourself that all three liked your p**** a lot. They wouldn't have been with you if they didn't find you attractive. If you want to get knocked up by a black man, just put yourself in a position where you'll meet some fine black men. And maybe ask them if they'd like to knock you up rather than wait for them to ask. As long as you can assure them that you wouldn't come after them for child support, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how many would jump at the chance-you will be able to pick and choose. And once you have one black baby, it will be an absolute magnet for black men who will want to give you more.

  • I really like married black men most ofall coz i like knowing that theycameto see me instead of going home to their familys.andithink its not cool to ask one of them if he wouldgive you a baby or babies.arethey supposed to ask you or just let you know if its coolfor you to get pregnant off them?they will always want to make the rules for knocking up so i have let them but it didn't work. four of my friends gotblack knockedup and black babies but never me.its cool.its just who i am i guess. there is another man i am trying to hook up with right now and start getting f***** by him but he hasn't said nothing about babbies.buti don't know if i want his. i have to say that i loved what you said about being a magnet for black men. i have saw that happen with my friends.they get f***** more now and they get f***** by more black men than ever before now that they got their babies or even just pregnant.i could love f****** lots of guys on account of a baby.

  • OP: Ashley just said yes, and we will be trying this week! And I'm getting married on Saturday! The details are buried in a reply way down the page, so I'm posting this here so you don't miss it.-Kyle

  • Hey Kyle, man I have no clue what to be happy for, or to congratulate you most for between the wedding and knock-ups. I am as happy for you as I am jealous. You sure are getting more than your fair share of good fortunes. Persistence, good planning, and ambition sure do pay off. I am thrilled about all the good tidings you have shared. How come I am not invited to the wedding?

    Well, I wish you nothing but fun, success, happiness, many kids, and good health. I know you will not be monogamous, I don't expect anybody to be, but may everything in your life go exactly as you have planned or expect. May your sperm be as fast and strong as that of the cycads, and may it always land on a fertile womb, making many health offspring expect that Ashley is for sure knocked up:)

    I greatly admire your determination, your tireless efforts, your positive attitude, optimism, charisma, and all the contributions you have made to this page. I pray that despite your now busy schedule, you find some time to keep us updated and contribute to the cause. Let me pour a glass of wine to celebrate your successes tonight. Best wishes in everything.

  • Really appreciate all that, OP, though I'm not sure what a cycad is. I left 7 loads in Ashley before, during and after her ovulation day, so I'm feeling pretty confident. Your prayers and best wishes mean a lot to me. I'll update you after the honeymoon-should have confirmation on Ashley by then.

  • You overloaded the lady,she is gonna have 7 kids in 9 months given the loads you put in. Cycads are plants that have turbo-charged sperm, just like you,hehe.All the best,we will be waiting.

  • I love the way the white women and the black men here use the phrase "black seed". When it's said in context, it really sounds delicious, and potent, and powerful, and hot, and beautiful, and so so so so so so so fertile. Every time I see that phrase my womb goes into f****** convulsions.

  • I think your womb is craving a black seed while its so fertile!

  • It is and you are so right. How did you end up here out of curiosity? Welcome. What have you been up to?

  • Thanks. Thats nice. I've never had s** with a black man before. And my two best girlfriends from school had never done that either. All in our mid-forties, all married (all just once), do volunteer work together, attend church together. We've pretty much lived the same lives our whole lives together and have raised our kids together. But last summer one of my girlfriends started an affair with a married black man. She said she just wanted to know what it was like. The whole thing made me really uneasy because it was out of character ("our" character). We started seeing less of her, in part because she was spending more and more time with her lover, and in part because it did make us uneasy (and afraid?). Then, a couple weeks ago, we met as a group for the first time since before the holidays. Elly and I ordered drinks with our meal, but Rina didn't. We asked why and she told us she's pregnant with the black man's baby, and that they planned it. She was thrilled. It was what he wanted and she lets him have his way. She's thrilled to be carrying his illegitimate baby, and says it makes her h**** as a crazed rabbit. I can't believe she's doing it, or that she seems to have undergone such a thorough transformation because of this black man. So, since then, I've been looking for things online that might explain her unexpected behavior and her intense sexuality. That led me here. It took awhile, but I read everything here on your page, every single entry. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I'm still shocked by the level of interracial activity and interracial desire and interracial breeding (I feel I'm being racist by using that word, but everyone seems to use it here, "breeding"). Reading all this has thrown me completely off balance, and I don't even know what to say or how to explain myself. I came here looking for one thing, and found something completely different.

  • Congratulations to Rina on her planned pregnancy. You and Elly need to follow suit because it seems you have spent your whole lives together and love doing the same activities. I am assuming you are going to encourage them to read this page, unless you are worried about them reading your confession about them, or giving Elly ideas, lol. For Rina to do what she did, it means her married life, as stable as it may have looked, was unfulfilling to her in some way. Her bold move has become an eye opener from your somewhat sheltered lives. From now on, her life has changed, whether she stays married or gets divorced. That means your interactions with her will change too. I think even the way you see life has changed for you; you have been searching the net and landed here, your womb wants black seed, something you had never been doing before. Since you three tend to be involved in similar activities, you may need to evaluate whether s** with a black man is something you may want to try discreetly. And if you find it appetizing and fulfilling enough, you may have to open your womb for black seeds. I have no clue what you will tell your hubby and kids but seems like if you 3 wives are all doing the same thing, the hubbies will be fine with it. I so loved reading your story and I hope you keep us posted:)

  • You are so ready for a black man in your life and between your legs, and you don't even realize it. The fact that you are on this page, that the phrase "black seed" sends your womb into convulsions, and how your friend is so thrilled and happy tell me that you are ready. But realistically, being in your mid-40's, you don't have a lot of time. Would Rina mind or be jealous if you met her black lover? He seems like a responsible man who likes married white women and could definitely get the job done for you quickly. At least think about it and talk to Rina. You'll be glad you did.

  • I'm so happy for your friend Rina, especially since they planned it together (so sexy). What will happen to her marriage? Might you consider doing the same?

  • A little before last thanksgiving my black lover broker off our the same time he started one with my best friend since elementary.i have been depressedevery day since then.this week on valantines i find out she is now she has my man and shescarrying my is the weirdest part.i hate her but i still miss him and i still want him.myinsides ache for him.but i hope i never see her again.that b**** shoulddie.if she did die he would come back to me i'm sure.

  • I am terribly sorry to hear of your heartache. P ray you heal soon and move on with your loving heart intact. What happened that you broke up?

  • Coz it was so little time between him dumping me and starting upwith her i say she had ben f****** him all along and finally got him to dump me.but both of them say it just hapened.thatshe was helping him to try to get thru the breakup and it just got out of of myother friends said his wife had found out about me and made him break it off and then anna came in and took my place and hurriedupand got herself knocked up before he could try to sneak back to me again. god i just want her dead or for her parents tomove citites and he would come back.the thing i hate the most is that she has my baby in her.thatbitch is carrying my baby in her!!

  • I know it hurts that you lost this one. I know you think he is the only lovely black man on earth who can give you earth shattering o****** even just by looking at you. I know it hurts that your friend now has your baby growing in her womb. The reality is, this one was not meant for you. He was only yours for a season and he may have left for a reason. What you ought to do is focus your attention in the future. Take time to heal up, and then find you a man that makes you feel loved and appreciated. If black men are your thing, they are all over the place, he is simply one of millions. Hang in there, and never give up. Love yourself enough to get up, dust your sexy booty, and move on.

  • made me laugh with the sexy booty thing.the men who have had me always talk about my butt.theyeven telltheir friends about mybutt...and the ones who want the ass always have got the ass even if it was on our first date.yeh i love love love a*** s**. and thank you so much for making me laugh that hasnt happened with tellthe truth i will say that one of his friends came on to me a lot when he dated me.he even got my cell number of my mans phone and called me many times.i have thought about him a lot and have though aboutcalling him a lot.but i dont want him to think i am only calling because his friend dumped me.idk......should i call his friend? i know he wanted s** but i'm cool with that.or would itbebetter to go to another man? this friend of my mans knows i give it up on the first date anyway so its not like he would think i am a s***. i think he reeeeeeealy wanted to get with me for me......what do you think......?

  • I am so delighted I made you laugh today. Now I know for sure you have a sexy booty and you like and appreciate it getting worked on. I think you should call your ex's friend and have him take you out to a nice place before you give it to him. After all, he had made a move and showed you that he has an interest, even though it could be merely sexual. I see no issues with it and your ex went after your gf anyway, he broke the unwritten rules of dating.

    If you go after your ex's friend, you may get some sort of sweet revenge on your ex. The affair may, or may not last long, but you can enjoy and savor the sexual relationship while it lasts; remember though that while two wrongs don't make a right, you are free to enjoy yourself since you aren't married or committed to your ex.

    I have said it here a few times-I love it when a woman gives me s** on the first date. I think it’s so erotic. I have tended to date such women longer and desire them more. Most men find such women undesirable, I find them pleasantly sexy and irresistible. All my 3 kids moms fall under that category, and maybe that is why I knocked them up either on the first night, week, or month. I am sure I am not the only man who appreciates not being made to wait forever for awesome s**. There is nothing wrong with your thoughts, desires, or actions.

  • Hi i like it that you are so nice.thank you. i loved the way you talked about black menworking on my ass.god that is like so romantic!! expecially when a man knows how to hit the ass (lots of them just dont). because of what you said about my ex's black freind i have definately decided to go after him toally.i might even take him from his own wife!!! its not for revenge but just because he is fine and i know he wanted me enogh to make a playfor me while i was still withmy ex.even more than the working on my ass i loved what you said about first date f******! i feel the exactly same way!! i realythink its the most romantic thing.i mean it lets the man know how important he is and that the girl is totally into it.but thebest thing you said about it was that when you get the p**** and ass on the firstdate you want you more and longer. they don't wantthat night to ever end and even when itdoes they keep coming back more and driving harder and harder! you are so right!!! thank you!!!!!!

  • A*** s** = romance ? LOL

  • I'm not the young girl who started this section but I can tell you that a*** s** CAN be very very very very VERY romantic. I've been married for 12 years and my husband isn't "into" a***, so I find my a*** romance elsewhere with other men. It's a very long story but one of my early extramarital pleasure cruises actually began with a man (friend of my husband) doing me so beautifully that it made me cry and made me want to leave home permanently. So yes......with a man who knows his business that form of love can be incredibly romantic!!! Try it and see!!!!!!!!

  • Give us the long version of your stories please,most of us want to know and enjoy in your pleasures.

  • OMG you are so very kind to ask! Unfortunately my love story is not interracial in nature so your readers may find it bland and ordinary but I'll tell you how it started and you can make your decisions. :) My husband and I had been married just over a year when we went to a Christmas party at his friend's luxury apartment where he was living with his wife. Late into the evening my husband's friend and I were standing alone in the kitchen and we were pretty drunk. With my inebriation level up and my guard down I told him that I loved a*** s** but my husband didn't like doing it. The friend led me into the pantry and closed the door behind us where he pulled up my smock and slid his hand down the back of my tights until his middle finger was between my ass cheeks. Kissing me softly, he then massaged my a****** so sweetly and gently that I came without him even penetrating my a***. He knew precisely how to touch me with just one finger as he embraced me with his other arm. Once I'd stopped spasming and shaking from the o***** he told me to brace myself against the pantry shelves. He was in control of me and so I did what he said hoping that there was more to come. Once he positioned my body as he wished he very carefully slipped the tip of his middle finger into my ass and then slowly inserted it into me. Knuckle by knuckle he took me and allowed me to adjust to having my a****** loved by someone who seemed to know me. Once it was fully in me be began to swirl it. Around and around and deeper and deeper until I came. And until I came again. And then again. I probably would have come more but I could no longer continue to stand. I slid off his finger and dropped to the floor and as I looked back up at him he smiled. And then he put his middle finger into his mouth and dramatically sucked off what he would always later call my "candy". Romance? Yes, that is romance. So much so that I began to cry at its beauty.

  • That is such an exquisite story.I just loved reading it and I could imagine you in the pantry with your knees all weat from so many poweful o******. he sure found your spot. You actually made me h**** and I am not an ass s** guy.I just like looking at or caressing a nice sexy booty,lol. Have you found any other guy close to hubby's friend in performance? Did you end up having vaginal s** with him at any time or just a***?You created a powerful erotic visual in my mind.Thanks for sharing.

  • :) I'm so very glad to have attracted your attention to my little adventure. Thanks for your sweetness! Eventually we did start having vaginal s** after several months but at first we were telling ourselves that we weren't "cheating" because everything we did involved only a***. He loved giving it and I loved receiving it. The second time we were together (just three days after that fateful party) he did the same thing to me at MY house this time. But then he began the thing that changed my life. He started giving me rimjobs and tongue-f****** my ass. He knew I loved ass-play so he gave me what I loved to keep me coming back to him. No one had ever done that for me before. He was even more skilled with his mouth than with his middle finger. Having his tongue on -- and in -- my a*** was heaven: that is what made me fall in love with him and made me want to leave home for him. And it all began on just our second date. Soon after, we also convinced ourselves of the old maxim "eatin aint cheatin" so we added oral s** to our repertoire. And as you might expect his skills at eating my p**** were equal to his ass-eatings. The man knew his trade. And no.....I've never found another man who could match him. I still see him 2-3 times a year though he was transferred out of state by his employer which ruined my love life and we only connect when they send him back here for a project or meeting (his wife suspects something and only allows him to come here when it's for work and another male colleague comes with him). Our affair lasted 5 years before he was sent away. And yes most of that also involved good old-fashioned straight intercourse. That part of the relationship was fine though he wasn't as well-hung as I'd like. Yeah, I'm a girl who loves loves LOVES big d***. I guess you could say I'm a sucker for a great big c***. :) And I can tell you that I have sucked my share of them. And I still am. Thanks again for the kind words!

  • What makes his wife so suspicious? You sure had a time of your life with this guy. Too bad they don't make too many like him to keep you continuously rimmed and anally satisfied:)

  • My wife and I are one of a group of four couples where the wives are not only dating black men, but have had a mixed child. (One of the wives, in fact, has had one child for each of three black men.) We aren't swingers, it's just that we have it in common that our wives have been bred by black men. They are now considering something new: they each want a child by the same black man, and at the same time (approximately). They will tell him that there will be no strings attached, it won't cost him anything, and no one will pursue him for child support or even paternity tests. One of the husbands has told me that, although they made it sound like an idea they just concocted, he believes they have already selected the man and are just trying to get the husbands all on board.

  • So much admiration to go around here. First the husbands for being so supportive of their wives who've gone black. Next the wives for making the right choice and breeding with the best men possible-especially the wife who was bred by three different black men. Most of all, the black fathers themselves for making this all a reality. It's so nice that the wives have each other and share similar experiences. All those biracial children playing together must be a beautiful sight. And four more half-siblings in the future-wow!

    How do you and the other husbands handle the humiliation and emasculation resulting from this arrangement? Adding to it will be the stares when each family is out in public, and other black men inevitably hit on them since they see the black children and put 2 and 2 together. Who can blame them?

    By the way, this very lucky man reminds me of a friend of the OP who knocked up four women at the same time (in Africa, I believe). How is he doing and how are all the pregnancies progressing?

  • "By the way, this very lucky man reminds me of a friend of the OP who knocked up four women at the same time (in Africa, I believe). How is he doing and how are all the pregnancies progressing?" Thanks for your sweetness. All the pregnancies are going ok,I do inquire often. The world has become very small.You will be shocked to hear that one of the 4 pregnant women got a visa to come to the US as a student to do a doctoral program 2 months ago and she is doing well so far:).

  • That is so awesome-you're friend chose his baby mamas very well. I like the methodical way he went about finding them and breeding each of them, and plans on repeating the process with them a few more times. Will your friend see this particular baby mama when she is in the US? I also hope he considers breeding multiple married white women to add even more to his already super-impressive sexual resume.
    You also had an older married black friend who was considering a similar plan. Has he gotten started yet?

  • Why am I not the lucky black man? How did all this come about? How did you guys meet? I need to move closer to where you are for sure.I am missing out.

  • If true, he will be one of the luckiest men on the planet!

  • Hi, I wrote the original message here about the four couples, but couldn't find this again. Sorry. Anyway, my wife and I met one of the other couples skiing at Breckenridge several years ago and immediately recognized our obvious similarity, with each couple accompanied by a pre-school-age black child. We stayed in touch and a couple years later met up with them (on purpose) for a wine country trip (without children, this time), where we met a similar couple, except they had two black kids and no whites, and after a few glasses, found out that they had different fathers (her third child came later, also with a different father). The next year, all three couples met at the beach, WITH all the kids, where we were approached by a fourth couple in similar circumstances (two white children and one much younger black child), and we all four became a vacationing group, meeting at least once a year. The talk always seems to center on the wives and their bulls and their "outside" activities (outside the marriages). We also stay in touch by email and text. You're so right: the sight of the black children playing along with their white half-siblings is a joy. In addition, the husbands all recognize that the same sight is also a huge broadcast announcement of the sexuality of our wives, whether they are alone or in a group of two of more (we live comparatively close to the newest couple, so we see more of them). The wives have still not identified the new "Boss Bull", though I have started to believe the husband who says the choice has already been made, and they are just waiting (for what, we don't know) to spring it on us. One of the other husbands thinks it's an NFL player, or a former one. I doubt that, but I would not put anything past these women when it comes to s** or seduction. Or procreation. Anyway, I apologize again for not being able to locate you. And thanks for your interest and compliments: we don't think of it as noteworthy, so your comments are great.

  • The new Boss Bull is in for quite a ride. He is so lucky! Landon Collins of the NY Giants had three by 3 different baby mamas at exactly the same time, and Adrian Peterson is even more prolific, so an NFL player is an excellent prospect. Keep us posted.

  • For velentines yesterday i took my black boss into the stairwell in our building and gave him a bj and then let him f*** me.he said it was the best valentine he ever was mine too.the d*** was incredible and the s** was amaaaaazing.but the c** was unfuckingbelievable. never saw any man c** like that.

  • Nobody came down the stairs?Normally,stairs have been my favorite place to have a quickie at work over the years.You have to select the least used ones. Was that the very first time you guys had s**? What is the marital status of each of you? Have you been planning this or was it something spontaneous? Are you likely to get pregnant? Thanks for sharing such an erotic story.

  • Your right about how fun it is and be careful to be using the right ones..........we work in a building thats really high and we are on 3 floors above the middle......we walked up 2 floors so no one from our work would find us or at least we would hear them and be able to stop......YES it was the first time! how did you know that????? yes we never ever did that before! but we are totally going to do it the stair wells ...... and in his office.....and in my office......and in the conference room............and in the break room...... whennobody is around of course LOL!! so yes we were doing each other for the very first times......and that made velentines so special for both of us....and if we keep doing each other it will be our anivarsery! which will make it special and sweet!!! i wish i would be able to explain to you how good his d*** is and how MUCH he c*** from it! OMMFG! ....ok....he is married and i am single ....... we didn't plan the s** but it wasn't exactly spontanius either...........i had been flirting him SO hard.......and i told him not long ago that i was coming to get him and that i would get him and finally on wednasday i got him.......damn straight ....... i invited him to dinner for valantines but he said he had to take out his wife or she would kill him......but it didn't matter......i think he likes my p**** and ass enough that pretty soon he will rather be with me for special days than with her..... i don't think i'll get preg........if it was anyother man than this man i would say i would not get preg because i'm on the pill....... but this man c*** so f****** much that my pill may not cover me ......... .... i have read about some black men who can knock you up even if your on the pill because they c** in you so much .....and this man sure c*** enough to kill the pill alright........ i thought about going plan-b just to be sure........but then i thought i want his babies anyway.....we will have to wait to see......

  • I've been had a few times in the stairways at my building. And several times have gave handies and bj's there. its sexy as s***. but not any of mine was for valentiens day. Not one. Not even one. That is so totally romantic that your man took you there. I am so jealous of you. Damn. Why don't I ever get the really good men like that???? I guess yours must be in love with you. I'm not that lucky I guess. You must be so fine.

  • Even though we haven't exchanged messages here, I wanted to thank you for giving me some advice that you didn't know you had given. Last fall, I began a wonderful affair with a slightly-older black man. He and my husband work for the same company (but not "together"), which is how we met. We usually connect at a hotel near where we live, but occasionally he comes to my house, because it's so lovely to have s** in the bed I share with my husband. He was in that bed with me yesterday morning and afternoon, for our Valentine's liaison. After he had f***** me several times, I told him he was "the man of this house now". I can't tell you how much that meant to him, and how excited he was to hear it. And without my even raising the subject, he said we should start discussing family planning, because he wants us to have a child or children, but it was the "man of the house" idea that he was responding to, and that had lit his fire with such heat and flame. That came from you. You said that more than a few of the married white women you have seduced and satisfied over the years thought of you that way, and that it excited you, even though you already knew it was true. Anyway, my lover (and my "bull", another word I love) said he had never been more flattered by anyone, whether within an affair or otherwise. And you gave me the beautiful idea and the beautiful words. Thank you for heightening our feelings for each other, and heightening the interracial heat between us.

  • Another fly on the wall?? lol. So sweet that you were empowered and now you are having such sensual fun.I am actually delighted for you. I am so happy you gained the energy to share such intimate developments with us. I can't fault you,I have never been able to stay faithful for too long even when I have had the best relationships.I am always straying. Even right now,I have the best woman in the world and she trusts me 100% of the time almost 6 years running. But I am always discreetly chasing that forbidden fruit.So I feel you. So now you got yourself in a corner-are you gonna deliver on the babies and family? Sounds like you have possibly set yourself up for a divorce if you are still able to have kids. I have had s** with many women in their marital beds.I cannot explain to you the power and adrenaline that emanates from that encounter.I would not be surprised if he asks you to move out of your master bedroom and start sleeping in another bedroom away from your hubby. I hope you keep us posted,above all,carefully enjoy this,you deserve it.We all do deserve love,happiness and some thrill in life.

  • Totally agree that the sexiest place to take a married woman is on their marital bed. It's an amazing feeling! I think it's great that you telling him that he's now "the man of the house" had such an effect on him, and I'm jealous that no woman ever told me that, even the ones I knocked up. Is your lover married and does he have kids? Enjoy every moment of the family planning and please keep us posted.

  • Lovely to hear. Now get started on that family planning right away. You both sound more than ready to start a family. How will hubby react?

  • I think you're right. I think we are both ready for it, even though we've only been a couple for a few months. My husband.....yes that will be a problem. Depending on how we handle it, it will hurt him a little more or a little less, but it's going to hurt his pride and his masculinity no matter what we do: he has absolutely no idea that I have "outside" interests, or that I truly need them. However, he is not the assertive or confrontational type, and he (and everybody else) knows that I'm in charge of our marriage, because that's my nature, which is an odd thing with my bull, because when it comes to that relationship, I'm totally totally submissive. I have several ideas about how to deal with my husband, although I guess I should "confess" this to you: while some of them are mild and accommodating, some of them are explosive and really rather mean. :)

  • Since you're in charge of the marriage, you should have some fun at hubby's expense, not telling him of the baby's father until it becomes obvious in the delivery room! Enjoy humiliating him to an extent, but don't be too mean. It would be good if he stands by you to support and raise the baby, sparing your bull the expense, and allowing him to stay with his wife (did you say he was married?) But I would also like to hear your ideas.

  • "while some of them are mild and accommodating, some of them are explosive and really rather mean. :)" How are you thinking of handling this?

  • About 27 years ago I met a fine fine black man and we had a one-nighter. He knocked me up (I lied to him about being on the pill because I wanted to feel the meat and I wanted him to fill me with his seed) but then I lost him and couldn't never find him. I went ahead with the abortion because it was what my parents wanted. I wish I could of kept his baby but mostly I wish I could of kept him because it was the best s** in my life. I wish he would come back and f*** me every day. I can still remember how the c*** felt pounding me and hitting my cervix and I can remember how it felt in my hands and in my mouth. And mostly I can remember how it felt in my ass. Nobody hasn't never f***** me that way.

  • I had a similar very short-time fling with a black man. Hubby and I were on vacation with the kids at the beach in Florida where I met this creature. I didn't think a man like him would even notice a mom with 3 kids but he noticed me noticing him and so he waited for hubby to take the kids back to the hotel to clean up before dinner, and then he came over and sat next to me. We just chatted for a few minutes and then he said he noticed that we were staying in the same hotel as he and his family (he'd seen where hubby went with the children). He told me he was going to get us a separate room for the evening, even if it was only for an hour. No pressure; he was just making himself "available" to me, if I wanted him. He said to come back to the same spot at 10:00pm. After explaining to hubby that I was going for a long walk on the beach, wanting to be alone, I went to meet my date. When we walked into the room, he took me against the back of the door, f****** me with my feet alternately wrapped around him and dangling in mid-air. He f***** me -- better than any man ever has -- for three solid hours, and sent me back to my husband in love. It was only later that I would discover he'd also sent me back to my husband quite pregnant. The whole experience was like a dream. What happened after was like a nightmare, unfortunately, but no one would be interested in that, because it wasn't at all sexy or loving, so I'll just leave your correspondents at that ultimate happy point. Thanks for your many, many insights and encouragements.

  • That black man was one smooth operator. So happy for the two of you that you had a wonderful night of passion that you'll never forget. I hope you had his baby, but I'm sorry to hear that there was an unhappy outcome. Feel free to share what happened if and when you're ready.

  • Today is St. Valentine's Day. To celebrate, I'm going to take my black lover away from his black wife. Permanently.

  • I'll be graduating from h/s in june. my parents want me to go to college in another state. the main reason is that i have been dating this one man since the beginning of h/s, but also they are haters and they hate (1) he is black (2) he is a lot older (3) he is married (to a black woman)(i am white) (4) he has kids with his wife and he has 2 mixed (5) he want me totally off my b/c starting on my b-day in may (6) he want me to start having his babies (7) he don't want to marry me (8) he want me to stay his b**** (and yes that is what i want too) (9) he want my parents to raise our babies and pay for them raising while we play and love (10) they say he is already looking at my little sister like he loves her too. there is no way i'll ever leave my man (even if he DOES love my sister more) or ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever give up the chance to have him impregnate me or carry his babies or raise them. not many girls have this chance with a man like this one. and i wont ever spoil it. no matter what my stupid parents say or what they tell me to do or try to make me do. this man is a f****** boss and he is all man. there are no white men like this.

  • Hun, I want you to listen to me carefully because I've been in your situation, and made the decision it seems like you're about to make, and I don't want you to make the mistake I made. LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS. And do what they say you should do. I know, I know, I know. You're 18, and will very soon be 19, so it seems (to you) like you know what's best. But you don't. Your parents have YOUR best interest at heart, that's all they care about. Your lover has HIS best interest at heart, that's all he cares about. Do not allow him -- or the idea of him -- keep you where you are. I'm sure there are colleges near to you, and they may all seem like good choices. But it's not true. Your education is critical, and you must focus on it and do as well as you can do. Believe me: being a mistress/mommy is not going to be the fun party you think it is. He will be taking advantage of you, and using you and your body and your heart in ways that will make college either impossible or productive of poor performance. He won't care: he'll only care that you're opening your legs to give him access to your private parts and your womb. One final thing, dear: he's a rapist. Yes, I realize you are 18 now, but it certainly appears that the two of you have been lovers since you started high school. That probably means that you and he were having intercourse before you reached the age of consent. I can't know that, of course, and I am so NOT judging you. Don't connect yourself to a "man" like that. If he was a real man, one who cares for you, one who loves you, he would want what's best for you, ALWAYS, not what's best for himself, and he would sacrifice his desires and his wishes and himself to make that happen. The man who writes this blog is that kind of man, a real one. If what you want is love, go find it. Your current man isn't it. Do what your parents are telling you to do. They know best. Your man is going to hurt you. Badly.

  • I totally agree with you. The young lady should listen to parents, go to college, graduate, and then hook up with a man of her choice then. Having kids now will greatly impede her life and future. And as you mentioned, he may have been having s** with her before she was at the age of consent, something we may not quite know unless she tells us herself. Thank you so much for saying so sweet about me. Honestly, I would have had many more kids in my life, but I always tried to be considerate of those involved mostly tried to give and get pleasure without muddying the waters. I am pro education, and I have been lucky to get lots of it; I earned my 3rd graduate degree this past December. I believe the lady will head the right way if she heeds your real life passionate plea and advice. Thanks much for your contribution. By the way have you said anything here before or are you one of the many flies on the wall? That is not a negative connotation at all, I know and appreciate that many people read this post but never say anything. Some are moved to say something once something moves them to.

  • I agree with this^. You are not his b****. First he doesn't own you so you aren't his. And second you aren't a b****. Your just a confused young girl very much in love with a very bad man. Get out of that relationship now.

  • Yes yes yes to what ^^this^^ other lady said. plus if this guy is already eyeing your younger sister, or worse, if he's already making love with her, then he is a criminal. and even if you don't want to get him out of your life, please get him out of your sister's life. you both need to be away from him and he needs to be put in prison.

  • Don't get hung up on a word and allow it to change your life or determine your future. "B****" to an adult black male can be (frequently is) a deep compliment. The question is not what he calls you but how he treats you. Is he nice to you? Is he good to you in bed? Does he f*** you like you want to be f*****? Does he buy you things (clothes, cars, jewelry, electronics, gifts) and take you nice places for dinners and vacations? Does he give you a good allowance? Has he agreed to provide housing for you if your parents kick you out? Does he introduce you to his friends? It sounds to me like you are really a woman in love. Don't give that up unless you're sure it's the right thing to do. Because some other girl -- perhaps your own sister, who sounds like she wants him and he wants her -- will come and take him as soon as you let him go. How would THAT make you feel?????

  • So, the word "b****" is now flattering? Get the f*** outta town. He's insulting her, demeaning her, keeping her in her place, keeping her down, making it clear he's boss and he's her owner, making it clear she's inferior. Being called a "b****" is never a compliment.

  • It depends on who is saying it and how he says it. And it also depends on when he says it. I had a black lover who called me "b****" but only when we were f******. I always thought of it as he was telling me how good I looked and how sexy I was and how good I was making love to him and how I was making him feel. Hearing my bull say that always made me f*** harder and faster and more. I can't really say it was a compliment because it was more about s** but I never got offended by it or upset or nothing. It was like he was saying "your doing me right".

  • It all comes to to age. If she and her sister are underage and he is having s** with them, then he is a criminal. If they are legal, I totally support what he plans to do-knock them both up and have their parents raise and support the children. And "b****" can definitely be a term of endearment.

  • If you'd ever been called "b****" you would think it was endearing.

  • Sorry: that should of read "would NOT".

  • I hope this girl writes back. I so want to know more about her situation. I don't care what her age is.

  • I don't care either. I just want to know what's going on with her and her sister and their man.

  • My guess is that the two girls either haven't told our brother how old they are, or worse, they've lied about it. And they aren't after him just for s**; they want money, too, either for the babies or to keep quiet. I also think that they live in a trailer with their trashy mother, and the mother is coaching them on how to run their traps on unsuspecting men. I think this is not all true, what the older sister says happened here. I think they are tricking our brother into paying them and their trashy mother. It's a trap.

  • Your poor brother is headed for trouble.

  • Intoxicating Valentine

    My Valentine, you’re all I want;
    In you, I find joy and delight;
    You give me everything I need;
    I’m happiest when you’re in sight.

    I think of you both night and day;
    I’m drawn to you in pure attraction;
    When you’re not here, I ache for you,
    For your fulfilling satisfaction.

    I dreamed of love like this, and yet,
    I never thought that I would capture
    The deep, exciting thrills we have,
    This intoxicating bliss and rapture.

    Please be my Valentine, and more;
    Be my life, my world, my all;
    Together we can be content,
    And share life’s pleasures, big and small.

    By Joanna Fuchs

  • Three years ago I married a young girl. I was 43, she was 22. She was beautiful (still is) and built (even better now), and she was a really hot piece of ass, with a p**** you couldn't believe, and a cameltoe you can't take your eyes off of (she shows it off constantly). I couldn't get enough. But in the next three years, she gave birth to two black babies. We're separated now, waiting for the divorce to become final. She moved in with the babies' father. The place is a dump and they live like animals. I hate that she's there, and I miss her, but my friends all say it's just punishment for her filthy whoring.

  • You should have kept the woman and negotiated for 2 more kids of your own and raised them all together. You wanted the woman,the kids were just gravy!

  • What you wrote stuck with me for over a week. I know that will sound insane, but it did. I kept tumbling it over in my mind, and finally I called her and we met for coffee one afternoon. I told her what I told you: that I missed her and still loved her. I said I wanted her to move back home and that we would start a family. Of our own. I said she could bring the mixed children with her, and she could even maintain the relationship with the black guy if she wanted. But he was never to set foot in my house, not under any circumstances, and she was never to have any more of his children. F******? Yes. Pregnancies? No. She was more than tired of the squalor and the drugs, and very ready to come home. I'll live with the embarrassment of the illegitimates, and then, in 4-5 years, bargain with the guy to allow me to adopt them (I promise you he will never ask to see them, not once), in exchange for his permanent departure from our lives. He doesn't care about -- or for -- the children anyway, and she knows that. However, she doesn't know that I plan to eventually get his sorry ass out of Dodge. She tried to get me to give him a place to stay, but I told her that would never happen, and she knew I was serious. She had to see for herself what life with him would be, she did that, and now, as of two days ago, she's home. But you got that ball rolling. Thank you.

  • TWENTY..........FIVE..........HUNDRED!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hahahaha thank you so much. Millions of thanks to all those who have made this possible.

  • wife went on a business trip with her black boss for most of last week.....when he dropped her off friday evening she was ragged out ........ i mean like totally tore up......couldnt walk hardly none..... she said it had been a real rough flight (she dont fly well) ...... but it didnt look like flight sickness looked like she been had .... like all the week... far as i know she never goes black ..........but when she got in friday she went to bed and slept for 2 days straight.....but she got up early this morning and could wait to get her ass to work............. i dont know whats up but something is up....... i feel it.....

  • I'd say there's a good chance your wife's black boss had rough s** with her all week-and she loved it so much she couldn't wait to see him again this morning. Not good times ahead for you, but great for your wife and her boss. I'm happy for them and I hope she has a mixed race baby for him.

  • Pregnant women love to sleep.They also love being around the guy who knocked em up.Thats why her ass could not wait to be at work with baby daddy.

  • .....i guess by saying she's pregnant your saying they been fucken a long time already and the s** didn't just start when they went on the work trip ......... i guess i'm stupid but i hadn't never even thought about it having been gone on for a while . ...... like since she moved to his depatment...... so you think hes been hitting it already and maybe they even fucken at work.......

  • It's quite possible. Have you noticed other signs? Has she dated or shown interest in black men in the past?

  • of her girl friends said she dated some blacks before we gotmarried.... and the friend said ther was one particular one she was hot and wet for ..... but my wife said it wasn't none true......... when we out she get glances from blacks .............buut she gets that from whites too......both blacks and whites expecially look when she doesn't wear no bra......... the only thing I can think thats even different is that she has been dressing nicer for work ........ and wearing more heels........... and wearing a lot of makeup to work...

  • Her girl friend most likely is telling the truth-she has gone black before and is probably as wet and hot for her boss now as she was for that black man in her past. Prepare yourself for a black baby!

  • Work is where the action is. I know so.

  • You got that right my brother. I've gotten much more white p**** through work than anywhere else. The women -- particularly the married ones -- are crazy h**** from being in those offices all day long.

  • ..... i wish i had read this when my wife wnent to work for this boss department..... i never knew that there was so much s** going on behind the scene in these office ........ nothing like what you guys have seen ....... i guess my wife is one of the office s****? ........ are most offices this way?? ............... where some are f****** constantly........ and why are the married ladies the worst? .....................jesus my wife may have been doing this with more than just the black dude?is that possible?doesit make sense? i wish i would of read this a long time i would know what to look for...... i married a s*** crazy for black d***? ................ jesus f***....

  • happened like you said.......he knocked her up black....and every body at her work knew they were f****** body every told me nothing.....but she told me when she found out last Friday.....she having his babie.......

  • Congratulations dad to be. What are some of the baby names going through your head?

  • ..... i havent even thought of that at all.....still too shocked to think....i mean F***!.......i dont even know how this could of happen,.....i nevereven saw it coming..........she is happy and excited and i just feel like old s***......... i dont know what i am goign to do......she loves having his baby in her and talks about it all the time...... i sort of wish i didnt even know about this s***.....

  • Congratulations to your wife and her boss! We all saw this coming-even you. You should do the right thing and support them.

  • them? you mean support my wife and her black lover? and their baby? not my baby but their baby? theres no way i could support their relatioship......its like they did it in my face...... ........ like they f***** right in my face....watching them,.... ....they dont give a s*** about me.....they only care about f****** each other............and it is unbeleivabel how much they f*** now! couldnt even imagine how much.......i dont even know how i can stay with her with her having this illegitimate child of his.....they both want to talk to me about some things but i dont know what except it has to do with the baby and what happens with them..... she said hes not leaving his wife and shes not leaving me......i dont know how that is even possible......this is just ugly and mean of them...... you saw this ?? ?

  • I meant you should support your wife and her baby-not her lover. He probably has his own obligations (is he married?). I know the situation isn't ideal for you, but you did marry her for better or worse. And the baby is an innocent party who deserves your love and support. Try to share in your wife's excitement and happiness to the extent you can. Step up and be a good dad.

  • .... would be hard to be excited for her ....... that means being excited for him too.......for knocking up my wife and ruining my marriage....whether or not we ever stay married after this s***..... raise another mans child.......with my w**** of a wife??!???!????

  • You are stuck,depending on the laws of your state. Because you are married,the child is legally yours to have,raise,support and love.Its like marry a woman and get a child free! If you do the OJ on her and him,you are headed for jail.Divorce her,you paying child support.Don't care about her,she is not a lover....whats a man to do?

  • ....she the one doing the f******.....but i'm the one whose f*****..... i am totaly and completly f***** in this i am not giving them the juice treatment.....I hate this f****** d*** swinger enough to juice him but I wouldnt do it......she loves him and not me.....and that hurts morethan any thing.....

  • ....guess i need to go see a lawyer to figure this s*** out..... just seem like i landed in a world of s***.....

  • You do and you did.

  • Just after our wedding last summer, my husband and I moved into a nice condo, much nicer than the house we'd had when we were living together before we got married. During the second week, I met one of our neighbors, an older married black man, who was very sexy but very much a gentleman. He worked third shift at the hospital, and would be coming in from work just after my husband left for work. (I had quit work to prepare for the wedding, and to fix up the condo like we wanted it.) This charming black man and I flirted for a while, and then he started coming in for breakfast before going home to bed. Soon, we were making out before he left. But that didn't last long once he told me he was coming to get me. He said he wouldn't ruin my marriage, at least not on purpose, but he wasn't going to let my husband stand in his way. No man had ever talked to me that way, neither white nor black. He said he was going to own me. I was going to be his property. The morning he told me that was the first morning we made love. Within 2 months, he had taken me off my pills, and ordered me to stop f****** my husband. I'm now 4 months pregnant with a b****** and my husband knows something is off but I've lied about the conception date and my due date. But I just had to say that this pregnancy has been the highlight of my life: the way I feel carrying this other man's illegitimate child is a thrill I cannot describe. And he loves having knocked me up. He also loves the fact that I do as I'm told. His wife doesn't give him that. We are truly in love. He tells me all the time that white wombs are meant for black babies, and I believe him.

  • Having knocked up two married women and working on my third, I can identify with the thrill and pride he is feeling. But to do that to a woman who has only been married a matter of weeks! He is a rock star! Does he have any children with his wife? Has he knocked up any white women before? What is the age difference between the two of you? Sorry for all the questions, but this is such a beautiful and exciting situation.

  • Such an amazing story-well told. Congratulations on the baby-I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes very smoothly and you enjoy every moment of this blessed, sexy adventure. I have to say I admire the h*** out of the way your black lover seduced you-a newlywed-in a slow and deliberate fashion. I suspect he knew the moment he first saw you that he had to own you and knock you up, despite your being newly married.

    How will your husband deal with the surprise and his being so humiliated? Will your lover stay with his wife? I hope your husband stands by you, supporting you and the baby despite the circumstances. I also hope that your lover will give you more babies down the line.

    One observation I've made from reading this page and others. So many otherwise liberated feminist women are in control of their lives, careers and (white) husbands, but when the right black man comes along, all that control goes out the window. They completely yield to their black men, even being willing to be "owned" and follow orders to the point of becoming their whores, being passed around among their friends, and having babies for them if asked (often they will be the ones begging for black babies). Nature is funny, I guess.

  • OP: I thought you'd like to know I have two sons on the way! Both my fiancee and Lisa did their "gender reveals" this weekend. Due dates are Sept. 6 and Sept. 9. My fiancee agreed to Kyle Jr. for our son. Lisa likes the name as well, and is leaning toward a second Kyle Jr!! Life is good. Ashley is weakening by the day, and I'm hoping she'll agree to be knocked up and bear me a third child this year.

  • Totally amazing! I am so happy for you and for them.You have been working h****** this. I love it when a plan comes together. I need to triple my efforts.

  • Thanks, man. You will succeed. Just look at our friend from GA. He threw away a chance of a lifetime with that 20 year old intern-I wish there was some way you could get in touch with her and give her what she craves.

  • I think he did for sure. Some opportunities never show up more than once.

  • I think a lot of these responses are fantasy. Most white women would not want to go black or ever do that. I know my wife is loyal would not go black and I think she's like most white women. My wife would not want to have a black lover (much less more than one black lover), or leave me for a black man, or have his children within our marriage.

  • A lot of white men have the same issue as you do;they live in denial. Many of the married white women I have slept with had stable marriages,were highly trusted by hubbies and hubbies believed there was no way the wives will have affairs,let alone with black men.Your wife may not stray,but there are many that would in a heartbeat.

  • I appreciate your writing me back: I didn't think that would happen. In order for me to be in denial that would mean my wife is cheating and doing it with a black man, or maybe more than one black, but I don't believe that has ever happened and isn't happening now either. We've been married for almost five years and I have never seen anything to suggest she is even attracted to blacks, in fact she just avoids them it seems to me. She's not prejudiced. I just don't think she's interested and doesn't mention them. Even when she sees a couple that is mixed, a black man with a white woman, she doesn't say anything but just sees them and pays only some attention. I trust my wife, although I guess some of your white lovers' husbands trusted them all the time, too. But I still think a lot of this is fantasy by white women who want romance and heat. Do they want babies?? Maybe but I think its not that much.......

  • You are in denial because you are so sure your wife won't cheat,especially with a black man.You are very concerned about this enough to have searched and found this page,and to have posted something about your concern. There has to be something that provoked you to make the search,or to try and intimately observe your wife's reactions about black men,or inter-racial couples. I think you need to sit down and ask your wife what she really feels or thinks about this,she is the one with the answers.You will be shocked to find out that she admires black men,or inter-racial couples greatly, and would love to have a black guy sexually;that is your greatest nightmare.Don't be accusatory when asking her about her views,be diplomatic.About wanting kids,I am sure you have seen some of the inter-racial couples around you with kids.

  • I agree that you do seem to be in denial. I hope your wife at some point (if she hasn't already) experiences all the satisfaction a fine black man could give her. Who knows? She may even want to have a baby for him within your marriage. What would you do then?

  • I think the poor guy is either teriffied or paranoid. Something is sure itching him and he sounds afraid to know the truth. I do not think he will be able to live with himself if he discovers that indeed the wife secrectly admires or craves black men.On the other hand,he may secretly be wishing his wife will get with a black guy and have a few kids for him to raise.

  • I haven't responded here before, and I don't know one percent as much as you fellows know about these things, but after reading the remarks here (and agreeing with the two of you completely), I thought that it would be telling to know two things about this commenter who said his wife has never strayed and never would stray. Here's what I would want to ask him: first, married five years and no mention of children, so is it HER idea that you haven't started a family? And second, you didn't say a word about your s** life, which tells me you don't have one, but doesn't SHE? My guess is that (1) his wife wants children, but she doesn't want HIS children, and (2) her bull has made her stop f****** him ALTOGETHER, preparing her sweet white body for his own seed and for carrying his own offspring. I hope he replies to your observations, because I think his delusions are so common among married white men (of which I am one) and it would be very interesting to see a lengthy dialogue on the topic. I think these circumstances are FAR more common than most people know. Thanks to both of you gentlemen for all your time and energy in keeping this blog going, and for sharing your extensive knowledge and experience. And your erudition. It's amazing to find this level of discourse in a space like this.

  • Ok, so I guess I have to respond, even though I do not believe my wife has ever cheated on me, OR that she would ever "go black". In no certain order, I can say or answer these things. Yes, we are nearing our fifth anniversary, and no, we still have no children, and no, we've not had s** in over a year and a half. She said her GYN found some cysts about that time and she's trying to treat them without surgery. A couple of my friends have said she's lying to me, because I've never seen or asked for anything from the doctor confirming it. But why would I? I trust her. They say she knows that, and she knows she "wears the pants in the family", and so she's comfortable lying abut whatever she wants or needs to lie about. Am I afraid to know the truth? I can't say objectively, of course, but I don't think so. Christ yes, it would hurt if I found out she is a cheater, and it would kill me if she were cheating with a black man and I discovered they were doing "family planning" together. I don't think that's paranoid. The cyst story seemed plausible when she told me, and for many months after, but I suppose I have to admit that a year and a half of that IS worrisome and makes me wonder what else is happening. One of you said something about a bull "preparing her body", and that just made me sick to my stomach. I tried doing what another of you said: talk to her. We went to dinner one night, and I attempted to talk about this topic, and without accusing her, I asked if she was happy, and she said yes. Then I asked about our s** life, and she started to deflect me, and eventually I asked if she ever wondered about seeking sexual pleasure from other men, and blacks in particular; or if she's ever met a black man that she wanted or fantasized about. She said the questions were "incredibly insulting", and she told me to drop it or she would leave. I tried again another day, but she told me to STFU. I didn't want to hurt her, so I dropped it.

  • Well,thanks for your response.All I can tell you is that you need to dig more into your marriage;the reason your "wife" is giving you for subjecting you into a sexless marriage,or not wanting to discuss your marriage situation is neither logical,nor plausable.The reason you are giving for not wanting to see any diagnosis document from the doctor is totally absurd.Either you are totally in denial and don't want to know anything about your wife's affairs,love being a cuckhold,enjoy being humiliated,have a marriage of convenience,have no b****,or you are totally terrified of your wife.Your reply shocked me beyond words;but what has shocked me even more is the realization that I have been able to gather these many words for you.

  • The things you said are harsh but you are entitled to your opinion. My wife's mother had ovarian cancer, and although the mother's cancer didn't (or so it seems) begin with cysts, it's possible that the cysts my wife has (if there is any truth in what I was told) could eventually become cancerous. Her GYN is prone to avoid surgery, and so she's trying to treat it without cutting anything or placing her conceptive status at risk. No, I haven't asked for documentation: doing so would imply that I think I'm being lied to. Yes, some friends believe -- as you do -- that I am terrified of my wife, and while I do frequently yield to her wishes, I'm not afraid of her. Yes, some friends also think I'm being horribly (and poorly) lied to, but I love my wife and so refraining from using the phrase "prove it" seems a small price to pay for maintaining balance. That may well be wrong, but I really do love my wife, and I believe she loves me (although I can't prove that either). Just for the record, I have to say that none of the things you said about me and my desires are correct. In particular, it would be incredibly humiliating to have my wife date a black man, much less have children with him, but I don't fancy that in the slightest. Lastly, if she's lying to me, she's a very good actress. She does seem to look at a lot of black male strangers, but many women do that, and I've never seen her approach one or encourage a move on her.

  • A year and a half??!! From that, and from her reaction, I'd say it's a safe bet that she has a black lover who has ordered her to stop having s** with you. It all seems to fit. Her fertile body is more than ready for his seed by now, and it will be his seed, not yours, that finally knocks her up. The most noble thing you can do is to stand by your wife and support their mixed offspring as best you can. Her black lover probably has other obligations (most likely a wife and family), so don't do anything to mess that up for him. Sorry for your pain, but nature is taking its course, and there's no point in resisting it. Best of luck to you, your wife, and if true, her black lover and mixed race baby soon on the way.

  • The certainty with which you hold your beliefs, and the clarity of your expression of them, is really quite troubling to me. You not only make it seem possible, you make it seem real. Like it's actually already happening. Like there's a fetus, and it's half her and half him (whoever "him" is, if there is a lover). I know you have great experience in these matters of the heart (and womb), and so, while I don't necessarily agree with you, I can't refute what you wrote. My wife has a romantic streak in her, and if he discovered that and stroked it, then maybe his blackness would not be the obstacle I think of it as being. The kind of man you describe -- focused on her body and its pleasure, not purely on his own, and someone who is married and sensitive to women, and someone who wants to "give her" a baby -- is the sort of man she would respond to. That fact makes me very afraid. I still believe that she's not a cheater, but if he is appealing to her in a romantic way, and not as a man seeking a purely sexual liaison, it's possible I may have underrated the risk. It's going to be hard for me to sleep at night with all these factors swirling in my head, but they are things I must think about.

  • I took a few philosophy classes as an undergrad. I just felt like I was in one of those classes all over again. I had to stare at my screen long enough to realize I was in no class.

  • I like a big thick black d*** as much as the next white gal, but the thing I love even more are big black b****. I love looking at them, feeling them, licking them and having them in my mouth. The rarest treat is a black man with b**** so big that you can only get one in your mouth at a time. Guys with b**** like that? You know they're gonna nut in you like a f****** madman! And they're gonna knock your ass up! Yeah, I love to suck the sack! And then wait for them to blow!

  • How many times have they knocked you up so far?

  • I have got knocked up five total times, lost the first one bad in miscarriage, had to abort another one, but have had three beautiful black babies. Black men bring it. They all bring it. The full full b**** are just crazy.

  • ......w****......

  • She's right about the b****. Plus there's always a spot where if you press medium h****** the underside of that particular ball when they start c****** they will just keep on c****** and can't stop until they empty everything out. You have to know that this means you will be leaking his j*** for like 3 days and your panties will stay soaked until it leaks all out (and trust me: douching won't stop it). So you cant let your parents or your husband get around you until your done but it will be the best feeling in your entire life. The good news is that the man will be in love with you once he empties into your body. Guaranteed. And then he will start breeding you.

  • I've had this same experience with a few black guys too. If you find their "spot" and push on it once they start c****** they will c** until they don't have anything left. A couple of them have even passed out on me from c****** so much. White guys don't have that spot. Of course white guys don't c** much anyway and so why should we even bother with white guys??!? :)

  • ...true........and if you press while they are barebacking are so totally going to get a black baby from b**** are so perfect for fun and for love and for b**** are the best.........and another thing------they taste better....

  • Today would be just the perfect day to knock up a white woman and get her a Black valentine's Day baby(( ))

  • :) LOL :) Such a sweet thought. All white women should get a gift like this. I know I want one.

  • I know I wanna give you one for sure.

  • I agree. The b**** on a black man are magical. My favorite thing to do is to rim and tongue-f*** a black man's a******, and a part of the reason is that it puts my face right at his b****, and while I'm giving him the rim and the tongue-f***, I can occasionally lick the b**** and suck one or both into my mouth (though some black men have b**** too big to get both in your mouth at once). But when you hold his b**** in your hand? It will make your womb start to twitch and get hungry in there.

  • Aw h*** yeh this girl know it right.....when the b**** are full will totally get the matter what kinda b/c you use.......when those nuts are big and hard...... you know the n***** gonna give you a f***** baby no doubt..... if you let him stick it in.....he gonna stick a baby in there....get ready......

  • Around a year ago I got with this dealer at a nearby casino who had b**** like this girl is describing and he knocked my ass up the first night. I knew it when it happened because there was so g****** much c**. I leaked out of me for f****** hours. When I got home my hubby knew what I'd been up to. He was prepared to stay with me until he found out I was pregnant and that the baby daddy was black. He might of been able to deal with the illegitimate pregnancy, but not the baby daddy race. Hubby knew he wasn't even close to being enough of a man to compete. The baby daddy b**** were tight and huge.

  • Hold on, you started all these at the middle. You need to go back to the very beginning. You gotta tells us how you met this guy, what attracted you to him, how he ended up between your legs on ovulation day, how he made you forget about hubby for a moment, what exactly made hubby run, and how things are going now. Did you end up keeping the baby? Did you have other kids with hubby before the black guy knocked you up? It sure takes guts for a married woman to get knocked up by someone other than hubby, and I can tell you have big ones. Congratulations, and best wishes. You sound brave and I trust you will bravely raise the baby and do the very best.

  • You sound like an awesome woman for a nice black man. Where are you at?

  • I am sad about the miscarriage and abortion,but I am loving reading about the sucessful births. From the bottom of my heart,thanks a million for the love.:).We need and deserve more of you. God Bless.

  • My husband loves the idea of my dating and f****** black men. At first, he only wanted me seeing one, but now he gets so excited to know that I have multiple black lovers, even that I get with them in groups (just small groups, not gangs). But I'm pretty sure he'd s*** if I ever got black preg. I guess he has his limits. :)

  • How did you get him to love the idea so much? Are you on birth control?

  • I didn't do anything, its just in his nature I guess, to be married to a woman who is so blatantly sexual and intensely active. He likes me to behave kinda nasty and dress kinda trashy. I am on the pill which I started up again after our second child was born almost 4yrs ago. I mostly started up again to regulate my periods but it has the benefit of keeping me from getting knocked up, too. :)

  • I see. Are your kids by your hubby?

  • Yes, both of the kids are his. But I have this girlfriend who has three children and is pregnant with a fourth. Her husband believes they are all his but she has told me (in secret, when she was drunk) that at LEAST one of them is NOT his. And just a few weeks ago, she said that the one she's carrying now is probably not his, too. It's not a problem because she and her husband are white and her lovers are always white, so he's probably not gonna ever know. But I confess that I have always found that idea soooooooo sexy: to be carrying and raising a child -- or CHILDREN -- that your husband didn't father! It's particularly the pregnancy part (both the illegitimate conception and gestation) that makes me wet! To me, that girl is so brave and sensual!!!!!!!!

  • How come I don't run into women like your friend?Yes its somewhat hard to suspect anything when the mother and lover are of the same race. I saw a study in an African country where 50% of DNA tests showed that fathers who submitted to the test were not the biological dads of their kids and had no suspicion of that ever. Now if I knocked up some white woman married to some white guy,that will cause a bit of turmoil in the delivery room,lol.

  • You would love that wouldn't you! God, it would be so sexy and so hot to announce your paternity in the hospital room!!!

  • ........w****.........

  • I stumbled across this thread and it has me nervous. I'm a 26 yo Cuban woman married to a black man. We've been married 5 years and our s** life is good. The thing is that my husband likes to watch p***, and I don't have an issue really, I know guys need to stroke their d****. But my husband is always watching p*** of white girls, which makes me feel inferior. He also hangs out with white women from work, sometimes I've been there when we're all having drinks (I'm often invited), and sometimes I can tell that things are flirty, even though he's married and they're married. I don't think he's ever cheated, but the way some white women here talk about craving black c*** has me paranoid. I don't want anyone moving in on my man. If one of those slutty white b****** showed their p**** to my man, I know he's too weak to turn it down.

  • I am glad you foind this place.How are you going to protect your marriage? if he is not cheating,you really have nothing to worry about;although no marriage is 100% trouble free.

  • I don't think he's cheating, but you're right that to marriage is trouble free. He just fantasizes about white women often--that's a fact, and he doesn't even hide it. I try to be a good wife. I'm a good cook, I clean, I suck his d*** 3-4 times a week, let him have my ass whenever. I can't do more than that. But he has a lot of white women friends, and if they are as hot for black c*** as the ones who have posted here, I'd like to have him get a new group of friends. I don't know for sure, but I think he has dirty thoughts about him and vice versa. The posts here make me think I'm in a "red flag" situation.

  • There are lots of white females who just physically cannot stay off black males. And who cannot get enough of them in her life or body or womb. It's true of all ages and all marital status. I know because I'm one of them.

  • How did you become one of them and what have you been up to?Are you out in the open with hubby and your exploits or discreet?

  • Sorry im not the commenter here and i havent wrote before but this ladys posting made me want to write. i know just howshe feels cuz i am the samewith black menand it get steady worse over time. i know its wrong all the things i do with blacks outsidemymarriage but i cant help it.i tellmyself all the time that ihaveto stopp but i cant i realy cant. i hold off for awhile and i think i can give them up cuz its been some time doingwithout that meat that meat just that meat is what makes all of uswhite women so so so so so weak for the black men.but then one of them wil lookat us like he know what we want from him and how bad we wantitfromhim and then the next we kno hes got us on our back with our feete up in the air and our toes curled into knots.or else hes got us face down and ass up and hes pounding us righttofucking heaven.or turning our p**** inside out with every sweet stroke he puts on us inand out and back inand then backout again. or we in a car with him and hes got that c*** burried in our throat deeper than any man ever didit before. there is nofuckingway we can possibly say no.we just cantno way. my greatesfearin my life is that my husband or my father will find outabout my appetites and what i crave and allthe sick andperverted things i do with black men.but i guess it dont bother me enough to stop does it.but i know i really really know just how this lady feels cuz i feel it too.those black men do what they want to all of us white women cuz they can.cuz they know how.ohdeargod how theyknow how. good g*******!myfriends say its all s** but they are wrong.this is total true love.

  • You sound totally immersed in riding and enjoying black poles. How did you get to be so fervid about this whole thing? Does hubby know,and if not,how do you manage to keep him from knowing or suspecting?I adore your passion and dedication to the cause:)

  • OMMFG! "totally immersed in riding and enjoying black poles"?? that is such a perfect and beautiful description of what we all love. and it was the way i thought of it every since i first got on one even before i was a teenager. i had several white weewees before that but never had got a "black pole" and i didnt know what the black man behind the pole would do to you. i had heard some things from girls who had been black f***** the right way. but i never experienced it before that happened to me. black men dont leave any part of the pole outside of you.....they just keep pushing that pole up and in you until its all inside. they stretch and stretch and stretch your insides until you have ALL OF IT up in you. it hurts like a m*********** until they stretch you but then you feel like f****** heaven. like better than anything you ever felt and then you know you wont ever do any white weewees again. you know you belong to the black poles. thats how i got addicted to those black poles (i love that phrase can you tell it??). my husband dont know i play because i keep it waaaaay DL and he dont ever see it. i wont ever give up the black poles or ever get off them. its too f****** good. waaaaay too f****** good. i know you know what i mean and i know youve taken care of lots of white gals like me. :) thanks.

  • Girl gotta have what a girl gotta have:)

  • So so so so so so so true! We are only responding to our innate and natural desires. YES!!

  • ........w****........

  • No not a w****. Not ever that. Just a female doing what God intended for us to do, and being what God intended for us to be: a place for the black man to spill his seed.

  • ^totally sexy^ ^i love the beautiful sentiment^

  • Just noticed that when I posted earlier,I was the lucky poster of reply #2400 Yeaaaaaah! Keep posting and sharing.

  • Congratulations! That's a major accomplishment for sure. And at this rate, you'll be at 2500 before spring, and 3000 by this time in 2019. Nice job!

  • I actually may have could be at 2500 by the END OF JANUARY!

  • Lots of peple read this page but say nothing.Only a few say something,otherwise we could more than triple what we have now. But no complaints,am all excited about the participation.

  • .......can have any one of them she wants.....they come after HER.........its like all the time.....ALL the time....but when she

  • For the guy whose wife and daughter got the matching queen of spades tats you need to know that your wife is not just cheating on you shes also pimping your daughter trust me i know how it goes and i am sorry its happening to you but its real

  • I had a similar experience several years ago. i'm black and have dated multiple white women. there was this mother/daughter tandem who both had the ink you described and they was down for the pounding together. loved going black with some of the same men and i was one. weirdest thing tho was that the husband of the mother (and father of the girl) was okay with it. i mean he didn't want to see it right up (some white men do want to watch they wives and daughters but not him) but he was cool with them getting with the brothers regular. he said those tats got them the advertising they was wanting. sure got my attention. :)

  • It's obvious from these posts that white women are just filthy.

  • Really?

  • You can't read all this and come to any other conclusion. Filthy. F-I-L-T-H-Y!!

  • I think he's totally right. All of them are filthy. And when their alone with a black man (or men) they f*** like wild animals. When their around their husband or their family they act like nice ladies. But put them in a room with a black man and the real w**** come right on out. They even start to talk filthy.

  • Completely true. They go crazy.

  • .....27sbm here... met an older white woman in a restaurant/bar for superbowl watch 2yrs ago.....she and her husband and some other couples seated next to us....whenever husband got up to go to the bar or bathroom she turned to me and flirted.... her friends laughed when she did it....i played along.....then late in the game .... he got up and then so did she......she got back first .... ...... whispered to me that she would send her husband home telling him she would get a ride with one of the other couples.....and told me she went to the ladies room and put a huge butt plug in her ass to get it ready for my d***....wanted to know if i was interested ........ said she was better than any prostitute because "you won't ever pay, I won't ever say no, and i always come when i'm called"....... as her husband was coming back to the table she turned around and said "check it out" and i looked down at the back of her pants and she was wiggling the butt plug in her a****** right at me ..... i could see it even with her pants on ........... so, yes........ the white b****** are really dirty and they are crazy for the black meat........ all of them....... all the time......

  • Did you eventually hit it?

  • ....yeh......... i didnt do her that night because her friends would of known i did and i wasnt ready to be that open about it...........i got her number and called a week later and had her meet me in another place alone...... told her not to tell nobody........ when she got there i bossed her and treated her like s*** a w****...... called her names ....... she loved it......i thought she was gonna c** in her fucken pants....... she loved having me take control of her life....she submitted totally...... she does some sick s*** but i love her commitment.....

  • You the man

  • Nice! Are you still doing her? Any chance of knocking her up?

  • Thanks to both of you. Very kind! Yes, we are still involved in an affair, and it's one of those that seem to only get hotter and hotter with the passage of time. In fact, this weekend, as you've likely surmised, is our second anniversary, since we met at a Super Bowl party two years back. As for a knock-up, I'm certain she's healthy enough even though shes nearly 40 now, and she runs the marriage and the family. We haven't discussed family planning ourselves, though I know she's on the pill. I must admit: impregnating her would be s***-hot and s***-filthy, and I would love it. Can't say what she might think, but it's worth a discussion, isn't it! So dirty, so sexy.

  • Happy anniversary.I hope you have a baby talk with her this weekend and keep us updated.

  • Absolutely-it's at least worth having the discussion. The way she accepts your dominance, you should just order her off her pills-I bet she's craving a baby for you after all this time. Her hubby would just have to deal with it. Please keep us posted-and Happy Anniversary!

  • C'mon bro-no update yet? Did you have the family planning discussion yet?

  • I date blacks whenever I want to get back at my husband for something

  • Tell us about more about this this please. How did you get started?When was the latest you tried getting back at him and how did your manage to effect that? How does it make you feel to accomplish your goal?I remember that whenever my wife would annoy me or do something to me that I found to be appareling,I would go out and have s** with some woman,just to get back at her. The thrill of it was indescribable.

  • Yeh its the same for me exactly. i love the way it makes me feel when i get on another man while i'm angry at my husband. but if hes black its even more exciting like you said because he did some stupid thing and it hurts him to know it was a black man who took me and hit it big and thick and hard. i started going black maybe 4 years ago and the last time i went black was at thanksgiving and i did it right under my husbands nose and he knew i loved that man. it feels like heaven when i get a black for punishment to my husband.

  • My husband and me were out christmas shopping a week ago at kmart (the store will be closing soon and we were hitting deals). we're both white and in our 50s. i walked outside to get a smoke and a very young store manager followed me out. i thought maybe i'd picked up something i hadn't paid for when he asked if i needed anything. i was nervous but then i realized he was smiling at me so i told him....sure.... i need to get into your pants. he unzipped and stepped up to me close. i asked him if he had a office we could go see real quick and he said follow him. i did and he took me there and gave me an incredible bareback f*** wished me a merry christmas and told me to come back soon. i'm going back tonight. i'm beyond pregnancies so it's all just for fun. a whole whole LOT of fun. that black d*** was all i will ever need or want. i have cheated before but never felt like this. this is f****** heaven.

  • I'm going with my husband to a big party on New Years Eve and my plan is to get laid by this particular married black man while we are there. I'll be ovulating by then so my plan also is that he will knock me up. I get happy every time I think about it.

  • So take us back to the very beginning please. You can't post such a piquant story here without giving us some sort of foundational details for sizzle! My head is racing with questions and I am not so sure where to start,so I will start at the end. So how do you plan to have this go down at the party?Where did you guys meet? Does hubby know the guy?Any kids between you and hubby?What do you think is gonna happen between you and hubby, and all family members and friends in August-September 2018 when the cute baby is out?What is it that has made you so besotted with this particular black guy that you have chosen him to be the father of your baby or babies over your hubby?If by some slim chance you don't end up getting knocked up on New Years party,will you try again? Is this the first time you will be having s** with him?Do you personally know his wife,or you simply know he is married?.... Happy New Year and may your pregnancy be a happy and fulfilling one. I hope you will stay here and keep us posted. You don't have to answer all my questions,pick any you are comfortable with.Thank you so much for caring enough to share your intimate plans and wishes with us.I personally wish you well,I think you have a very erotic plan:)

  • Sounds so hot! How will hubby deal with it? Do you have other kids with him?

  • I'm a black woman married to a black man, both in our mid 40s, and we have near-grown children (3). I have reason to believe that he is involved sexually with an overweight white b**** from his job and that they are going to start a family soon. I know that's happened before, I'm not naïve. But reading some of the postings here makes me think that its now become a common thing. Or even a popular thing. Is it? Is my husband suddenly part of a trend or fad or movement or something?

  • Nice to hear from you even though your heart is aching. Why do you suspect that hubby is stepping out on you with an overweight married white woman? Would it hurt any less if she were not overweight ,married or white? How do you know they will be starting a family together? Have you had a talk with him about your fears and suspicions?How long have they been at this,and why would he want to do such a thing?

  • My husband's assistant and I are friends and she has told me that this woman comes to his office several times each and every day, even though there are relatively few things that they work on together in their jobs. Your question about it hurting less if she were something other than she is, well, I'm not quite sure, but I think it would be less offensive if she weren't already spoken for, and if she were more attractive than I am: I think that would make more sense (no easier to accept, but at least logical in a way). But her weight and her marital status are normally things that stand in the way of extramarital affairs. Her race? That does bother me, and I suppose that makes me a bit of a reverse racist, because if she were black maybe I could understand it better. As it is, though, that's just one more addition to the marks I have against her, in addition to the obvious fact that she is (or appears to be) f****** my husband. As for that issue, my husband says he isn't f****** her, and she tells my husband's assistant that she's not f****** him, though I still think they are both lying. I've seen them together at the office, and they look at each other like s** is in the heated air between them. The woman did tell the assistant that she has been seeing her obstetrician about her reproductive status and that made me think that she's thinking of conception matters. How long? I can only guess, but I'm thinking this has been happening for as long as she's been working there, which is about a year. Thank you for your interest: it means an awful lot to me. I appreciate it.

  • You are most welcome. Thanks for your reply. Having had many affairs that I thought were totally secret and unlikely to emerge in any way,I can tell you that sometimes,or at some point,the truth comes out. I know you wanted to know the truth like 2017,and its now 2018,and you have no clue whats going on.Its probably impossible to ask you to be patient,or encourage you to keep proding for the answers from your hubby;he is the only one likely to tell you the truth.His assistant will spill the beans only after things go from sweet to sour.If he is sneaking between the assistant's legs and she has inquired about her reproductive chances,I can assure you that there is not much you can do to stop he from getting knocked up-unless you eliminate your hubby,or cook up a good meal for the assistant and spice it up with some reproductive curse potions,all of which I would not advocate for.I found some short essay titled "We are black men.That means we make babies" by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Google and read it to see what really goes on in some of the black men's minds about having babies,especially with white women.

  • Not sure if it is a trend, but it seems like white women act on their cravings for black guys more than in past decades. Hopefully your husband doesn't leave you for her, and that he's just enjoying her white p**** while doing her a favor.

  • I think you're right about white women in general: I do see that in the culture more often than when I was younger. White girls are MUCH more aggressive with black men, and frequently will NOT take "no" for an answer from a black man. But I'm curious about your remark above: it sounds like you think it's a virtual certainty that they are romantically or sexually involved, and the only question is what they are thinking about the future together. Am I reading you correctly? From what you've seen (in my message and in your experience), do you think that they are likely lovers?

  • The question was not directed to me,but let me chime in. I have been in situations for sure when many white women,married or not,could not take no for an answer from me,whether it was for a relationship or for s**. I actually found that to be very erotic,and almost always gave in:).

  • I went to my husband's office day before yesterday and as I was leaving, this woman got up from her desk and stood next to her cubicle, rubbing her lower abdomen, and smiling at me, which I took to mean she was suggesting a pregnancy, either than already exists or would be soon. I hope I misread her, but she seemed to be behaving trashy and looked at my husband's office door. I think she's telling me what they are doing. Also, I read that article you mentioned and it seemed to describe this woman, too. I'm scared even more now.

  • As hard as it may be for you, just look the other way and let nature take its course with your husband and this white woman. She obviously craves a black baby for him, and he wants to give her one. There's nothing you can do to stop it, so you might as well accept it and keep loving your husband. Since she is married, hopefully her husband will raise and support the offspring of this affair. While that hurts your pride, your husband still comes home to you and you are still his wife.

  • What you say makes a lot of sense, but I really wish it didn't. OMG how I wish it just made no sense at all. It surely does seem like they both want this baby together, and her nasty whorish behavior last week was the most direct indication that you are right: it was as though she were rubbing my nose in it. And if you ARE right (and I fear you are) then you're also right that there isn't anything I could possibly do to stop it. I just don't know if I have the strength to "look the other way" or to "let nature take its course". I don't know if I'm able to bear up under the weight of this affair, much less the product of it that they seem to be planning. But an even more painful thought has now begun creeping into the back of my mind. The way she acted in front of me last week at their office? She was enjoying it. No, she was LOVING being so blatant about her intent and their affair. So, here's the bad thought: what if they've already decided not to stop at one child?

  • I pray that you will have the strength to get through this, and that your husband's assistant will bear him the healthy baby they both seem to crave. If her husband stays with her ( a BIG if), and supports her baby, it will obviously make it easier for your husband to have additional children with her, without affecting your finances. What will be will be. Be strong!

  • I was starting to regain my balance and feel stronger but then yesterday was Valentine's Day and my husband called from the office in the late afternoon and said he had to work late so we would have to go out on another night to celebrate. I went to the office around 8:00 and he wasn't there. He came home after midnight and he smelled like somebody else's perfume, and like cigarettes (this other woman smokes). I asked him why and he just said he was with other workers. I told him I knew he wasn't at the office because I went there and he just said they had to go meet a client. And then he took a shower before he came to bed which is something does only very very very rarely. My thought? He was washing off all the p**** juice and ass juice. I keep getting the feeling that something is about to happen. And I'm afraid she's not just going to have his baby. I think she's going to take him. She seems mean enough to do that.

  • You are in a tough spot. You'll have to fight to keep your husband. While it looks like he may have already knocked that other woman up, he is still your husband. Try a little harder to add some passion back to the bedroom. Wake him up with a b******. Wear some sexy lingerie. Let him know that all 3 holes of yours are always available to him. He may eventually want another baby with the same or another married white woman, but chances are he will stay with you, so keep him as happy and satisfied at home as you can.

  • My friend from my husband's office called and told me this morning that the white woman is definitely pregnant: she told my friend this morning (she had gone to her obgyn yesterday afternoon and it's definite). She didn't tell anybody who the father is but just let them all believe it's her husband's baby. But I'm pretty sure it's my husband's baby and I know you have been convinced of that all along and saw all this coming. It's amazing to me how much you know.

  • I must congratulate the lady for choosing your hubby to be the father; she must have realized that your hubby has a much more superior seed to that of her hubby. While divorce is always an option for many, it may be wise to stay with your hubby and try and fix the marriage. I have no clue what state you are in, but in some states a child born of a marriage belongs to that hubby regardless. If this lady was with your hubby on Valentines Day, I am thinking that she cares less about her marriage-maybe they have an open marriage, maybe her hubby is ok with her getting knocked up by your hubby. Thanks for the update. You need lots of patience, love, care, and fortitude. You will make it through this for sure. Never underestimate your capabilities or resiliency.

  • It seems to be a growing trend for black men married to black women to start a second (or third) family on the side with a white woman (often a married white woman). The only thing you can do is be understanding and supportive of his needs. I wish him the best of luck in his quest.

  • "Second or third family"? Do they do that while staying married to their black wives? Is that really happening? Do you think that's what's in front of me? And you really feel like my response should be to be understanding and supportive? Is it really the "ONLY" thing I can do? I suppose that if I take myself and my feelings out of the equation (which is not easy), then their relationship could be viewed as sexy (did I just say that?). I guess I can see how a man might find this woman sensual and physically appealing (if only as a pure f*** object), so maybe this IS sexy, looked at objectively, but it certainly doesn't FEEL that way to me. I can't wish him luck, though I do see why and how you would want him to succeed. Anyway, you've given me a lot to think about, and a lot to look for in their relationship.

  • ......had a relationship with one for the first time about a year was a disaster...... i wont do it again..........ever......

  • Please elaborate;how did it all start and what made the whole thing a disaster?

  • So this f****** black dude just kept f****** my youngest sister until he knocked her ass up andthen heleft her ass. she is underage but i'm not sayng it was rape. it wasn't coz she wanted it bad and keppt going after it more andmore. no rape at all.justsex andmoreall the time coz it what she was lookingfor. so much fuckingbetween them two you wouldnt beleve. he was a dickfor dumping her ass at her age.its what most blackmen do to white girls. its a thing now.

  • If she's underage, then he's a criminal and should be locked up. Otherwise, it is the right and duty of every black man to seduce, f*** and impregnate as many white wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and daughters of white men as he sees fit.

  • I'm nearly 60 now and was racially prejudiced for most of my first 50 years, though the last ten of those 50 years was a transition. In the year I turned 40, I lost my wife (she was much younger) to a black man. It was humiliating and depressing and incredibly traumatic, and part of that was racial, I can now see, although I did NOT see it at the time: I couldn't stand the thought of losing to a black man, particularly when I came to my young and beautiful wife, who I considered a prize and a treasure and who made me proud every time we went out anywhere. Over the next year, I had three white friends who also lost their wives or live-ins to black men in nearly the same way. One of them told us that the man who took his wife said what you said, that he had a "right" to seduce white wives as often as he wanted. We laughed about it, thinking he was deluded or rationalizing, but that thought remained with me as I saw it happening more and more often all around me. And so gradually, I came to accept it as reality, because I saw it, and because I lived it. So, why am I writing you? It's because of what you wrote. Years ago, if I had seen the sentence "it is the right and duty of every black man to seduce, f*** and impregnate as many white wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and daughters of white men as he sees fit" I would have dismissed it as stupid or insane. But now, I see the truth in it, and I can also see how eloquent it is. Thank you for sharing this, and I hope your words ease the pain -- and increase the acceptance and understanding -- of white men whose wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and daughters are taken and become owned by black men. There's a nature to that, and there's also an inevitability to it, that we as white men cannot deny or defeat.

  • Sorry to hear of your pain and trauma, but glad that you found some comfort in my words. Have you moved on to other, more fulfilling relationships? I hope so. I also hope that your ex-wife, and the ex-wives of your three white friends found happiness with their black men and each had multiple black babies for them. I agree that nature and inevitability are powerful forces at work in these situations.

  • It was like that for me, too, except it was my daughter that was taken. Now, I see that it simply cannot be stopped. It's been happening forever, and it can never be stopped. Not ever. For example, once my daughter was taken, she recruited her four best friends.

  • It's so beautiful to see that happen. Once a white girl goes black, and her friends see how happy and fulfilled she is (especially if she has black babies), so often her friends will follow her example.

  • Happened with our daughter, too. We tried to make her stop, but nothing worked. "There's no way I can ever stop it, Daddy, those c**** are too big and too beautiful to ever stop getting on." I can't tell you how many times my daughter said those words to her mother and me. It broke my heart then, and it still does.

  • With my siblings and me, it was our mother. I was the oldest (9 yo when it happened) and she left and never came back even to see us or for our birthdays or Christmas or nothing. I have hated that n***** m*********** ever since and hate all of them. Bunch of worthless m************. Every one of them. M************.

  • I am so sorry that unfortunate life events,especially abandonment, have rendered you so hateful. I hope you seek forgiveness and therapy so that you can possibly,heal,move on, and thrive and be happy in life. Hate is a true killer.

  • I work with a happily married nurse of Philippine decent.With another married female co-worker present,she told me that she has heard that "once a woman goes black she never goes back" and I should use that to my advantage and find a loving gf(I never say to female coworkers that I have a gf although the guys know I do). It was hilarious because I never expected that out of her,and according to her(she is in her 40s no kids) she has only had s** with two men,both from the Philippines.I felt like she probably was feeling that she was missing something;s** with a black man. I just laughed,told her that notion has gotten me in lots of trouble in my life,and left. The point is,the idea of black men being awesome lovers,whether fact or fallacy,has been past around for centuries and will most likely never wane.Your daughter may have found it easier to use the idea that black men are great,given that she was dating one and had first hand knowledge,to convince her 4 best friends to follow her lead.This is the same reason the mother daughter in the reply above shared the matching Queen of Spades tattoo. So if one is a married guy and the wife has a girlfriend who is married to,or dating a black guy,one has reason to worry. The recruiting is easy,regardless of what ones wife says.

  • I agree that a willing black man has a right to seduce,have s** with,or impregnate as many willing women,including white ones,as he so chooses.Any woman of legal age on this earth,regardless or marital status,has a right to have s** with,or get pregnant by, a black man of her choosing.The black man and his woman should understand the duty that comes with the decision to have s** and procreate.Having s** with a minor is illegal and should not happen,no matter how willing the minor is.

  • I agree. I have the right to take any white woman, any time, any where, any age, any marital status, and I tell them up front that I am going to attempt to breed them, BECAUSE I HAVE THAT RIGHT. They all want that. They want to be bred to black men, and they want their bulls to say it. Anybody that believes otherwise is kidding themselves. All white women want that, but the married ones are particularly hungry for it. You are so correct, my brother, we have the right.

  • You definitely have that right! How many white women have you bred? Any married ones?

  • We sure do and must exercise,or reclaim the right.Actually,most women resent,or despise a guy who does not ask,or go after what they think he should.

  • Sorry but I had lost this thread until this afternoon. Couldn't come up with it no matter what. Just located it now. I've fathered kids with multiple white women, and even some married. But I wanted to agree completely with what you said about a woman despising a man who DOESN'T go after it. Back in my 20s, I bought an upscale trailer park from another brother. Nice units, big lots, and mostly white folk, lots of white married couples. I sampled some of the p****, mostly singles, and most of them were exotic dancers at a club virtually across the street from the park. One day I was in the park with an electrician rewiring some hookups in a back corner, when one of my married tenants walked up on me and asked very directly why I was f****** one of the other dancers but not her. Not that it mattered to me, but I asked "aren't you married?", and she nearly lost her s***! Told me she was p***** that I had been giving "that monster n***** d***" to another woman in the park but not her, and that I needed to change that "like right f****** now". Said her marriage shouldn't disqualify her from the black c*** of mine. Said her husband was at work and she "expected" me to follow her home. I did that, and we f***** like animals for months. It wouldn't likely have happened if she hadn't resented my ignoring her. You are so right, my man. SO RIGHT! They don't stop and they never say "no". We have the right.

  • So hot! How many kids have you fathered with white women, and how many of them were married? Do you know how many of their hubbies stayed with them after they gave birth to black babies? You are the man!!

  • Your observation is mine too,some women are relentless, shameless, determined,and focused.I just honestly adore such women.They know what they want and go after it,making my life so much easier. I am hoping you find this page again,because I want to hear how you fathered each of the kids you mentioned.I am sure the other readers do too.Thanks for your contribution to the post and the cause.

  • For reasons too complicated to explain with such little space, I'll just say I don't know the exact number, but it's significantly more than the number of siblings I have which is nine. I'm not as proud of the number of offspring as I am the number of white conquests it represents. However, the thing I am by far the proudest of is that, at one point while I owned that park I mentioned, I not only was tapping a mother-daughter combo, I had them both pregnant, and they delivered my babies within 3 weeks of one another. While they were carrying, I had the mother clear out the house, sending the two younger children to their fathers so I could have the mother-daughter to myself both before and after the births. There's nothing I've ever done in my life in any venue that comes close to that accomplishment, or the joy it brought me. Actually, it's still bringing me joy [another story]. However, ALL of my accomplishments -- every single one -- PALE in comparison to that brother above who has knocked up TWO MARRIED WHITE WOMEN and will soon add a third (and perhaps a fourth, if I was reading between the lines correctly) to that list. SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST! Nobody can hang with that man. Nobody! DAMN! I mean good G******! When I read that, I tried to think of ways I might equal his record, but quickly realized that, while I might find a way to F*** that many, I could NEVER get them to agree to the knock-up. Whoever he is, he is our f****** hero! F***!

  • Man, you knocked up more than 9 white women, some of them married! And you knocked up a mother-daughter combo, enjoying them to yourself all through their pregnancies!! And you say that pales in comparison to me? Speaking of pale, in full disclosure, I am a white dude who's always loved married women. I had an awesome affair with one who was a neighbor when I was 18 and I knocked her up, also enjoying her body almost daily through all 9 months. Unfortunately, they moved before I could give them the large family I craved to. Soon after, I knocked up a GF, who aborted, and also a one-night stand, who made the same unfortunate choice.

    Since I was 20 (I'm 26 now), I've been almost exclusively dating and f****** married women. After an 8 year drought, I finally knocked up my second married woman (Lisa) recently and she is due in Sept.- within 3 days of when my live-in GF is due! They are both boys and both will be named Kyle, after their real dad. My GF and I are actually getting married next Sat-Feb. 24!

    A second married woman I'd been seeing for almost 2 years now has been refusing to let me knock her up, so I broke it off with her about 2 months ago, but occasionally sext her to remind her of what she's missing. Well on Friday, out of the blue, she called and said she's ready!! She'll be ovulating on Tues or Wed, so I'll be taking a couple of sick days off to get the job done! I'm so excited about the wedding and potentially 3 babies on the way! It will be a very busy week for me!

    But your accomplishments far outshine mine in number and magnitude, given the inter-racial angle, and especially the mother-daughter combo-wow! You totally rock! Keep up the good work, and keep us posted. I'll do the same.

  • First, two apologies: I'm sorry for assuming you were black (you have the attitude LOL) and sorry that I didn't get here yesterday to wish you well on your project for today and tomorrow. That is incredibly exciting and incredibly impressive. I'll come back here to comment more in general and to ask you some questions that I just HAVE to have the answers to. But for now, please let me offer a couple of observations. I think it's amazing that you recognized, at such an early age, that your sexuality was so focused on married women, and that you had such success right out of the blocks. Yes, it's the fact that you got that nice polite married neighbor lady -- got to her, got in her, and got her pregnant, but also that you kept hitting it during the pregnancy -- but even more than that, you were already planning baby number 2, baby number 3, and beyond, and all for this same mother. For an 18 year old to have that kind of foresight, and that kind of desire, makes you an exceptional young man. I think it's likely that the mother was special, too, for you to be so eager to parent children WITH her (not just FOR her), so it's disappointing that the two of you were not able to continue on together: that would have been a wonderful family. Having said that, I also have to say that I really love the way you've handled this married chick you're seeing today and tomorrow. You worked her, tempted her, tormented her and played her with a level of skill and awareness that I would have expected only from someone in his mid-40s with years of adultery and knowledge of women. You had that b**** DRIPPING and eventually BEGGING for it. Damn! Very well done, son. That was masterful. I hope the next two days are memorable......and productive. And I also hope you spend one of the days f****** her in YOUR bed (where you sleep with your fiancée) and one day f****** her in HERS (where she sleeps with her husband). Knock that b**** UP!!

  • Only have a minute for a quick update here. I f***** Ashley on their marital bed today as planned. First I got her to say how much she's missed my c*** and how much better it is than her husband's. Then I made her beg for me to f*** her hard and knock her up. All my patience paid off! I missed her p**** so much and she came all over my c*** so many times I lost count. I shot two huge loads (I had abstained for 2 days-a big deal for me) into her unprotected p**** and I left her naked with her feet over her head to keep in as much of my seed as possible. I'll be back tomorrow in case today didn't take.

    Thanks for all the nice things you said about me, man! But a white dude knocking up married white women is NOTHING compared to what you've done. I look enough like the hubbies that they'll never suspect, but you! That really takes b****. Please let us know about the 9+ women you knocked up. I'd love to know more details, especially how the hubbies reacted, and how many stayed with their wives who'd gone black. What an amazing track record! I hope to reach more than that by the time I hit 40. But the truth is it's really easy for me to get married women to f***, but extremely difficult to get them to agree to be knocked up by their lover. Case in point is my 8 year drought, but I never stopped trying. I'm just in a lucky sweet spot right now and loving it!

    Not sure if I'll have a chance to update again before my wedding on Saturday, then it's off to the honeymoon, so it may be awhile. Keep the updates coming, and thanks again.

  • Congratulations on the pending nuptials, and I hope all goes well for you. I will still stop by here, maybe while you're away, and ask the questions I have, but I don't want to distract in any way from people reading about your exploits with -- and amazing control over -- this Ashley. Damn! I love your plan with her and your execution of it. I envy you. Making her acknowledge your sexual superiority (in all ways) over her husband is glory enough, but making her beg is something I love, as you likely already know. Begging for it! You really ARE the m************ man! I do hope that today you take her in the bed where you sleep with your fiancée, because that would complete the cycle, wouldn't it, unless you still don't want her knowing where you live or finding out that you have another woman. Either way, I hope you drown that begging b**** in s**** today......and tomorrow, and then on your wedding day, as well. Wouldn't it be lovely if Ashley's conception date were later discovered to be your wedding day? Hot f****** g*******!

  • Yeah-the planning and patience was worth the wait. I left seven loads in her married p**** over 3 days, so I like my chances. It was all in her marital bed, as my fiancee has been home planning the wedding. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words!
    Still waiting to hear some details about the 9 you knocked up.

  • I still want to ask the questions I originally had but the first is this: do any of the women involved know about the others? I mean, do any of them know you're fathering kids with other women? I assume they ALL know you're married -- and that they don't care about that -- but do any of them know how fertile your seed is? Yours is an amazing experience!

  • No no no no no i dont blame the man forfucking her. she wanted that and she went after him and she got what she wanted. if it hadnt of been him it would of been another black man. it just would of been another one she knows already.she didnt just want a manshe wanted a black man and she wanted him to be hung the way she wanted. its why they f***** so much. once they hooked up he started liking her pusssy better than he liked her best friends p**** for a while. its just that once he knocked her up he should of not dumpedherfor another girl. i told her to go tell his wife that he f***** her friend and then her and then got another girl there ages.but she dont want to be that kind of its not her age. its just not. and its not rape. NOT rape.she wanted it and she wanted him. she just hurt for the dumping and leaving her preg.she still wants the meat and if he gave it she would take it right now today i f****** swear.

  • How old is the paper now?

  • Do you know how old the baby is now?

  • Theres not a baby yet. my sis is like 7.5 months preg. the guy first went back to the friend and now has another girl in their same year at school. my sis and her friend are heartbroke for the dumpings and this other girl now is pretty sure she will wind up pregnant too.

  • My sis had hisbaby a couple weeks ago.hisnew girlfriend is around 4 mth pregnent i think. the guy came to our house to see the baby and to tell sis that he will beback in a few weeks to knock her up again.our mom was super so p***** but she know my sister is in love with him and is going to giv him whatever he wants when he he dumps her ass and now hes back telling herhes going to start f****** her again and pump another baby into her body.since then we found out that he does this a lot.he hasthis one girl with 3 kids for him and is pregg with another one. and we also find out that there is a girl at another school with 2 of his babies and he only f***** her twice in her says there is no way to ever stop a man who can only f*** a girl twice and knock her ass up both times!!!hes too virile and too fertile for anybody to stop him or for any female to say no to i guess my sister is going to start having lots and lots of babies and spend her life some ways it makes me feel bad but i also am feeling jealous of her.actually sometimes i wish he would of picked me.whats wrong with me?? i really f*** good so why not me????

  • I'm 23, my husband and I are white, and we've been together 4 yrs. We've been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years, but his sperm count is naturally low. We've been to all kinds of doctors. I've been told that even if my husband's sperm count were normal, it might take several tries for me to get pregnant, considering my medical history (I've had ovarian issues in the past, but it's been mostly resolved and I have periods).

    We can't afford the fancy fertilization treatments, and I've suggested maybe bringing someone in who can help with that naturally. Talking about it makes my husband nervous. He got really uptight when I mentioned maybe finding a black guy to help, because he thinks that I'd enjoy that too much. The truth is that I would, probably, but it's not like I'd leave my husband. I just want to get pregnant. Having a good time while doing that would be a big, hot bonus, especially if it took a few tries, lol. I've always had a secret thing for black guys and I'd love a biracial baby.

  • Hubby may be nervous, but it sounds like he would be agreeable if you work on it a little longer. Just mention that you will find a clean black guy online, and make the impregnation sound very clinical and only a one-shot deal. Meanwhile, in reality, you will have carte blanche to find a fine, hung black man who can drive you to orgasmic new heights. Begin a secret affair with him, and have him f*** you before, during and after the impregnation. You actually have a free pass to enjoy the black lover of your dreams, and you and your husband will have a new baby to enjoy. Who knows? You will probably want your black lover to give you a second biracial baby in a couple of years.

  • This is a good plan. Just tell hubby that you want to find the best genes possible for your child since he can't give you one, and that will be from a black man. Once you find the right guy, take your time and enjoy the s** with him for a few months before he knocks you up. Then, when you're ready, let hubby think that you just found the man and he will f*** you just once on your ovulation day. Then let him flood your fertile womb with his black seed and you will be knocked up in no time. Everybody wins!

  • Just find you a sexy black man,enjoy the sexy,the bi-racial baby will come,and hubby will either stay or leave,its his choice.If you want kids and unfortunately he is not able to give you any,its going to put a strain in your marriage and you may divorce anyway.This is a blessing in disguise,gives you the s** and baby you secretly crave,and would be much happier with.Hubby may stay and help you raise the bi-racial kids.A baby is a basic need of most married women,without one,there is stress,regrets,unhappiness....Best of luck,may your baby arrive in 2018.

  • Four years ago our daughter's best friend started dating blacks and she immediately started trying to "convert" our daughter to black men too. It took almost a year for the friend to "convert" her. They were too young to be having s** but there was no stopping them. Part of it was that my wife encouraged her to go black and would let her bring them home with her and stay over. Her mother loved the fact that she had gone black and would never come back. Now both our daughter and her mother have gone out and got Queen of Spades tattoos. I guess that means its too late for me to change anything but I just hate it and I hate hearing these guys with our daughter in her bedroom at night. My wife loves it and says that our daughter was made for black men. I don't agree and I think that there is one black man in particular that is warping her mind and making her want it all the time.

  • You should agree,they both have tattoos to prove it,its a great advertisement and black men grabber.Mom just making sure daughter is happy.Plus she can share the lovers with daughter or grab the ones daughter does not want.You are in denial,the reality is mom n daughter loving some Kamau, Devonte, Dejohn, Deandre, but making you think you the king of the castle. I hope this helps you open your eyes,wife n daughter will not spot a Queen of Spades just for show bro!

  • Both of the things are true. Those tattoos really do attract a ton of attention. That happens to them individually but when they are together its unbelievable how much attention it draws to them. Black guys see them and see how they dress like s**** and then they see the tats and just like you said its like a billboard advertising what they want. We went Christmas shopping night before last and we hadn't been in the mall for even 15 minutes before this group of black men come up to them and took them away. The f****** completely ignored me altogether like I wasn't even there. And my wife and daughter said nothing to me. They just left me standing there like I didn't even matter. Like I didn't even exist to them anymore. I haven't cried in years but that almost did it. I was so hurt by both of the females in my life I actually started to tear up but then I got angry. I knew my wife was encouraging my daughter in her sexuality (her BLACK sexuality) but it hadn't ever occurred to me that they would ever do what you said would happen: "sharing". When they left me at the mall it was obvious that was going to happen. But I learned later on that it had already been going on for months and that they had already had some of the same black men. And the same time. Apparently that is some kind of prize in the black male community to hook up a white mother and daughter at the same time in the same bed. So my wife and daughter are now just a f****** statistic or a trophy or some s*** like that. I just hope I don't have to listen to them comparing notes about the same black c***. Or worse.......have to listen to them moaning while they take turns getting f***** by the same black c*** in my house on the same night.

  • Merry Christmas 2017, and Happy New Year 2018 everyone. Thanks for your much appreciated contributions and readings that keep the post so interesting. On day one,I had no clue its will last over 4 years.OP.

  • I'm a 34yo white gal with 2 white kids (8 and 6). My best friend is also white, but her husband is black. omg, I can't take my eyes off of him. I want one more child, but I want my friend's black husband to offer the seeds. It's just a fantasy, but I get so wet thinking about it.

  • What particularly makes you so wet about this fine husband of your friend? Are you married?Do you think he can discreetly get you pregnant,and you both keep your mouths shut?Have you ever had s** with him?

  • He's 26, athletic/fit, shaved head, great sense of humor, smart. I'm divorced/single. I'd like to have one more baby. I don't want to be a homewrecker, but I'd so like to s**** him. I can't go over to their place without thinking about either him having s** with my friend (his wife), or me having s** with him. btw, my friend would s*** if I f***** her guy.

  • He sounds hot enough for you. Are your kids bi-racial,or you will be fine having one biracial? Not sure about the availability of nice black men in your area but you can look online for a nice clean black donor, and have not only good s** with him, but a baby too. Just let him know what you are up to,and don't hook him up with child support.

  • It took some time and a lot of patience, but I wanted to let you all know that I've finally made a connection with my friend's black husband. We have not yet discussed planning a baby: so far, all I did was encourage him to seduce me (long story), which he did. I'm sure there are plenty of fine black men near me, but none that I was already in love with. We've had s** only a few times (19, to be exact), but it's been intense beyond belief. God he really knows how to treat me and how to take care of my sexual needs, and he hits all my spots, without me having to show him where they are. Not to worry, I won't trick this man. I want him to want a baby with me as bad as I want one with him. I mean, yeh, I have the physical urge to trash my b/c, but like I said: I want him on board.

  • Checking in after months of not coming here. This ^^^post is not from my post. It is an impostor.

  • You're nobody. Go the f*** away. And stay the f*** away. W****.......

  • Sorry to hear someone's been impersonating you. Are there any real developments between you and your friend's husband?

  • I'd almost given up on hearing back from you! That is such wonderful news! I'm so glad you didn't settle. I hope you have the family planning discussion soon. Just tell your friend you have another black lover and she'll never know. Good luck!

  • Since you are available, I say go for it. Find out if he is interested; if so, open yourself up to him and the pleasure he can give you. You can be very discreet and tell your friend that you had an affair with another black man and you wanted a baby for him. She will understand that mindset and will never suspect anything if you are careful. Good luck.

  • God, this is SUCH good advice. And when the time comes, this is JUST how I will handle it. My friend will TOTALLY understand having a hunger for blackness in my life. I will be careful and she will never suspect!!! Thank you!!

  • Maybe he can hook her up with one of his sexy friends for s** and a baby no strings attached!

  • Black men are not inter-changeable. It sounds like your mind and body are set on this particular fine black man and you are wet for him constantly. Sure, hook up with some of his friends or other black partners, but listen to your own needs and save your womb for him. He would be so excited for you to have a baby for him, and you would be so happy. Keep your eye on the prize!

  • Jesus! I loved the way you said this every time I have read it. Every every every time. I went out with a few blacks, to give myself cover with my friend, but I have not had s** with them. I saved my womb for my friend's husband, but I also saved the p**** for him: I want him to know I'm ALL his.

  • Glad you followed though and established cover with your friend. This will happen soon! I predict that HE will ask you to have a baby for him within the next few weeks.

  • Totally agree-go for the man of your dreams-don't settle! And as another poster points out, be sure you can raise the baby alone-don't hook him up for child support as he has enough responsibilities. Ideally, you can stay close with your friend and can see him often. Maybe he can even be the godfather and favorite "uncle" to your baby!

  • Yes yes yes! That's EXACTLY how I thought of it, to maintain my relationship with my friend while her husband and I are lovers and parents: being with both of them at the same time, along with the child I have with him (assuming we actually get to that point), will be the most fun and exciting thing! I can't even wait!!!

  • To the OP: There is posting on the front page of this website (for now) from a white husband looking to have his white wife bred to a black man. Maybe you've already reached out to him, but I thought you'd want to know, just in case. Best luck.

  • Thanks for looking out for me.I just searched and looked at the posting,but not so sure the guy wants his wife knocked up,he just wants to have someone give her some s**,so will pass on that one. Writing my thesis so haven't had much time to be here,but will catch up on things once done. If you see another interesting woman send her my way:)

  • Whenever I'm been hired as a Hacker i typically only take jobs that I find somehow original, challenging, or especially helpful to the community. I've never wanted to sit around defending some video game company's source code from network intruders - I prefer to help nonprofits, private investigators, government contractors, and other traditionally underserved populations. 

    And I'd rather match skills against the best in the field of state-sponsored hackers engaged in economic espionage than put some kid in prison for pranking the phone company. When a company tries to hire me, the first question I ask is: "Who is this going to help?"

    I know I'm well-known but i always try to avoid people thinking I'm proud or making Many individual think its only the big companies that can hire me, fine, here is my mail: """""""" You Can Reach Out To Me for Your Desired Hacking Services .


  • Here's what may be a different angle on the discussion. I met my wife early last year and we got married during the holidays, almost exactly a year ago. We're both white. She's quite a bit older than I am, but that was a part of what attracted me to her, and her to me. She had a 3yo black child at the time we married (now 4), and she had two other black children who were both grown. All the kids have different fathers. I was honest with her and told her that, while I wanted to have a child with her, I was excited by the fact that she'd obviously been involved with multiple black men and was so open about it. I mean it's one thing for a white woman to f*** blacks (she's continued with that to a degree during our marriage), but my wife took the next step: by having children with them she's announcing her sexuality and her desire to the entire world. That's arousing. We've talked about children some since we got married (because of her age, we don't have a lot of time), but a couple of weeks ago, she started talking TO me -- while we're making love -- about that situation. While she's on top of me (grinding or pounding or just riding) she'll look down at me, right in the eyes, and say, "I want to give you a black baby of your own", meaning she'd get knocked up by one of her blacks but technically I would be the legal father. She’s done that a dozen times or so when and its so sexy. I don't know how that would all work, but she's not offering an explanation: she just knows every time she says "I want to give you a black baby of your own" that my d*** gets harder (because she's got it in her whenever she says it: she won't discuss it when I'm not in her), so she knows it's what my mind and body both want. She knows me better than anyone. So, my point is that you might want to look for a white woman who already has a black child or children: I have to believe that there are others like my wife out there who want what you want. And who will readily give it to you.

  • Amazing story well conveyed. Thanks for sharing it. So what are you going to do about this situation? Or really the question should be; what is she going to do about getting you your own bi-racial child? I think you are right,if a woman has one bi-racial child,she is more likely to want another so that the kids can look similar.Much of my life, I never wanted to have kids with a woman who had someone else's kid(s),although I would have s** with women with kids.But my thinking changed about 4 years ago,and my youngest son's mother already had a son before she had mine.These days,I am open to knocking up a woman with kids from previous relationships without a problem.

  • Curious about something I thought you might have a thought on. Wife and I been married 16 yrs and for much of that shes gone black. No black babies but plenty of black lovers. One told me maybe 10 yrs ago that the reason so many black men take white women is that they are dirtier and more perverted and they never say no. And the reason they prefer married white women is that being married means they have more to lose and so they are more obedient. Thoughts?

  • Indeed any married person has more,or something, to lose when they engage in an affair. From my personal experience,I cannot say that the white women are dirtier, just more willing to take that chance, or go after a guy the desire.While I have been with many married women from varied races, and I can tell you that I have been involved with more married white women,followed with black women,than any other races. I have been with Asian women,but only one was married.The Hispanic women I have been with were either single or divorced.With all that said,I believe any married woman is likely to cheat with the right guy,under the right circumstances.Other guys may have a very different experience than mine.How did your wife end up going black? Does she allow you to date outside the marriage? How old are your kids with her? How does her sensual activities make you feel?

  • You may not want input from other readers but I thought I would add a short observation anyway. I agree with the idea that white women and girls are nastier than blacks. I'm black and my experience is that white females are just naturally filthier than black females. I don't know why but that's just the case. From a very early age they are more sexually knowledgeable and skilled and hungry and eager. Maybe they start younger? I don't know but the whites are always good to go and they really bring the A game. And some of them (especially the older married ones with grown kids) are super aggressive and they will just come up and GET ON you. They are all nasty at every age and we all love them.

  • Thanks for chipping in on this. I find "And some of them (especially the older married ones with grown kids) are super aggressive and they will just come up and GET ON you" to be my experience also.

  • So true and so amazing. It's happened to me several times but very recently I was at wedding reception and this white lady waited for me to step away from my wife for a few moments. She then walked over to me and flirted blatantly for about a minute and then said she'd noticed how nice the bulge was in the front of my pants and she wanted to get "up close and personal" with the bulge. She said, "Honey, if you want some really good p**** RIGHT NOW without your wife even noticing you're gone, follow me to the banquet room next door". I did, she gave it up, and we kept f****** for the next few weeks before she moved on to another brother. The b****** are out there, and they are WILD!

  • Sounds like you had fun at that wedding! Did you ever knock any of them up?

  • ....similar here.....about 25 year ago i was 1 of 2 black groomsman in the wedding of a white friend of mine from HS......we was all young 20-23 etc......the mother of the bride liked my look and my meat.......and at the reception she got into her champagne pretty hard....and she made a play i couldnt resist ...........and didnt resist...... after that night we stayed in a affair for almost 3 year ......until i had to move away for a job....... but she was hot for it like nobody you never did see in your life and she did the filthiest FILTHIEST s*** you could see..... yep......the white women are dirtier for shure....... no black woman never done nothing to me like that b**** done.....nope...not even close...... just n a s t y

  • For me i was hitting the white ass pretty hard from about 1990 to 2008 and they was all ready and waiting for it and would do all the trick f**** ever invented. nasty nasty women all of them. they couldnt get enough. much more twisted than the sisters ever were.

  • I hate white women, always have. I f***** a few when I was young but never thought they were any good at s**. I knocked up one along time ago but never had nothing to do with that child. Be glad you don't have any.

  • Sorry to hear that.Explain the reason for your strong hate for white women please.

  • All the ones I ever known was just arrogant and superior in their attitudes and the way they treat black men and WOMEN. It's not just few, they all this ways. At work, at school, at church, in stores, everywheres. That why whenever I have f***** them in my past I just always ALWAYS hate-f***** them. Made them hurt from it and make then feel like they was being used up and made a w**** of. A real piece of meat. Real serious hate-f***.

  • Back in the early 90s I was a newly married black guy with a black wife, dating an older married white woman. I had told her I didn't want no babies right then and wouldn't be responsible for one so we HAD to use protection. She said she was on the pill, said I could ride bareback, so that's what we did. A few months later she turns up pregnant and I know it's a trap and she admits it: she wanted "child support" or she'd go to court. We argued about it but she knew I couldn't go to court and risk having my wife and everybody know I knocked her up. Sure enough the baby was black. I paid support for 18 years and she never let me have any even visits. She knew I couldn't go to court to try to get visits on account of my wife and family. She got what she wanted -- money. So be careful my brother. Some of these white women aren't as sexy as they are mean and greedy and sinister. The s** may be fantastic but the price can be way too high. Be careful. Real careful.

  • Bad deal for sure bro,I am glad you survived it. Its past 18 years now,did you connect with the child? How come your wife did not know you were paying child support?

  • I tried but couldn't find out where she'd gone to college without her mother knowing and making it public. While she was growing up I hid money from my work every month (not always the same amounts, and separate from my regular salary) so my wife never found out. But I understand now -- from a woman who is a friend to the mother, and also a "secret" friend to me -- that the daughter will soon disown the mother (being p***** about a relationship issue I wasn't told about) and then the doorway will be open for me to meet her and tell her I'm her father and, hopefully, be able to see her. Yes.......she doesn't know I'm her dad, thanks to the mother's bullshit and lies.

  • Ohhhh! Can you possibly write a letter to your daughter and explain yourself and your predicament and get the ball rolling or are you still concerned about wife finding out?

  • It's still risky at this point, because the daughter is still talking to her mother, and until that relationship is severed (which seems like it's going to happen), she would call her mom first to tell her about any contact from me, and that would push the mother to blow up my marriage just for spite. If I can wait it out, I may be able to establish contact without jeopardizing my marriage, which is what I hope to accomplish. It doesn't benefit anyone for me to rush things at this point. Yes, I'm very concerned about my wife discovering this situation.

  • Been visiting this website off and on ever since it started 7+ years ago (i think) so i dont know how i could have overlooked this extraordinary section of it. or how I could have been unlucky enough not to have encountered one or more of these overheated white women who love black men. damn! makes me think i need to step up my game. i'm black and i would love to find one of these fine ladies. double damn!

  • Welcome:) Seek and ye shall find. That has not happened for me only on the baby aspect. On s** it has.

  • My wife loves black d**** and she's had more than her fair share of them. She can't have babies so there's no risk to me having to raise another man's children whether black or white. But if she could get pregnant I'm sure she would already have a few.

  • Did you find her loving it or she learned to do so while you are together? What do you enjoy most about her cravings and indulgence? How does she go about finding these awesome men?How does she keep her activities away from the eyes and ears of your friends,kids,....? She is so lucky to have your total support,you are a noble man and hubby,you have made her happy I think.

  • She started after we'd been married for a few years, or so she says: it's possible that she came into the marriage with both desires and contacts. I can't tell you that I've always been on board with her appetites, or completely supportive, although it didn't take long to recognize something you've said often here, and that is that it makes no difference whether I approve or not: when this woman wants a particular man, she is going to have him. I'm grateful that she is discreet, just being who she is, and so I don't have to beg for her to not be blatant. A couple of our friends have seen her out with one or another of her lovers, but so far, our families know nothing (and we don't have kids). A colleague at my office saw her with a black man, and asked me about it. I didn't know it had happened (usually she tells me, though not always), but I pretended I knew and said it was someone she works with, though neither of those things was true. Sometimes, I worry that she'll leave me, but again, like you say: I couldn't stop it, so I shouldn't worry about it. And sometimes, I even convince myself not to worry.

  • You have amazing coping mechanisms and that will carry you a long way. Does she allow you to date outside the marriage?

  • I'm not permitted to have lovers. I can't even go to dinner or the movies with another woman as friends. Unlike some of your other commenters here I do get my wife's p**** on some occasions but I always have to use a condom. Its not to keep from getting her pregnant because she can't get pregnant. Her lovers always insist that I not contaminate what belongs to them so I'm required to use "protection". She loves to remind me of that concept and always smiles or laughs when she says it. Another thing is that she usually makes me eat their creampies when she comes in from a date or after she's finished with one of them in our bed. She's gotten meaner about all of this over time and with encouragement from her bulls. Some of them enjoy beating me in front of her.

  • You gave me a great idea. I've been married to my wealthy white husband for well over three years. During the first year, he found out that I was heavily involved in a LTR with a black man, and he made me stop. So I stopped. Ever since he found out about my infidelity, he started having me followed sometimes. But I stayed true. However, as you've said so many times, a girl can only be a good girl for so long before her nature takes over. So several weeks ago, I started another affair with a different black man (I really could not avoid it) and I have been covering my tracks. But here's the idea you gave me. I'll be beyond the exclusionary period (what I called the "probation") of my prenup in February, and by then I intend to be well and truly pregnant by this magnificent black beast I'm owned by, I'll lie to my husband and tell him he's the father, and then proudly display my precious black baby to him when it's born . . . with my bull -- the baby's real father -- at my side. I love it. My womb aches for it. My body needs both the black baby and the delicious and depraved deception. And I have you thank for it.

  • I don't mean to rain on your little parade, hun, but you need to either re-read your prenup or go talk to a lawyer . . . or both. If your husband divorces you for cause (i.e., because of your fault, which certainly includes adultery), then you will likely get nothing. You might -- MIGHT -- get a small amount of spousal support for a short period of time, but nothing more. The exclusionary period is not the absolute, get-out-jail-free card that many women who marry wealthy men think it is: it doesn't allow you carte blanche to f*** around whorishly. These men love their money and they aren't going to give it to you and allow you to f*** whatever, whenever, wherever, however, whoever you choose. Be careful. Be VERY careful. Because if you aren't, all that money is going to go away. GONE. You'll still have the black baby and the black d***, but you may not have ANYTHING else.

  • A girl will always find a creative way to quench her thirst,or fulfill her bodily desires!How n why could you not avoid the relationship with your love? Where did you guys meet and why are you so smitten with him? What is hubby likely to say about all these?

  • This whole thing is a toxic waste dump. God, what a mess, what a disaster.

  • Hahahahaha, explain?

  • Do you love me

  • Who is asking and whom are you asking?

  • All I got from my wife the last two years we were married was her bull's sloppy seconds if I was even lucky enough to get that (and most of that time, I wasn't). Both of them eventually got mean about th

  • Tell us more about this situation please.

  • But I have to also say that nobody benefits from my cheating more than my husband......well..........except for ME of course.:) It's like when I cheat I feel more alive and more feminine and definitely definitely more hornier. I'm like a wild animal whenever I'm involved with other men. The more I get f***** the more I want to f***: it's not a vicious cycle, it's a beautiful one! I don't always cheat with black men but frequently I do because they are so very masculine and accommodating. And OMG! Those m************ just never stop coming after you! And no white woman should ever bother saying no.....they don't listen....they just get what they want. And let me also say that is how it is supposed to be. It's the way God intended it to be. For black men to get what they want from white women. But still like I originally said it....even though my husband doesn't know about my affairs or my hunger for BBCs he's still getting what he needs and getting it better than it would be if I were just a sweet little churchmouse wife who homeschooled her kids and baked pies. He's certainly getting better p**** than any of his friends whose wives are faithful. The only exception to that is my best friend Cristi who I metioned in the first posting a few minutes ago. We both know each others hottest secrets and we are sworn to secrecy (because we shared those four BBCs for a while when we were younger and just starting our families). Whew! Well sorry to take up so much space but thanks for listening and thanks for these fabulous and encouraging blog pages! I do hope again that you find what you seek: I know you'll DOUBLE your current number of children and they'll all be mixed and they will ALL have the same nasty white mommy (who's less than half your age)!!!

  • I went back 5 months and could not find the other half of your story "my best friend Cristi who I metioned in the first posting a few minutes ago." I think the first part of your story is missing.please repost.

  • Oh s***! I wrote all three posts at the same time in order! And the first two just vanished? F***! I spent probably 30-45 minutes total and now 2/3 are gone! I cannot believe this! It really p***** me off! (Not at YOU naturally but at this site!)

    Well...... I guess I'll have to try to remember all I said or most of it anyway. And try to repost it. But it will have to be another day. I'm leaving work now and can't do this at home (obvious reasons!) and probably won't have time tomorrow morning.

    So sorry!

  • Sorry,totally hear you. I get frustrated just like you at times. Once you hid post,give it like a minute or two to post b4 navigating off the page. We will be waiting:)

  • Sorry......I couldn't try to write again until just now coz work has been a rabid snarling mean-ass b**** this whole entire week. I'll try to catch this up and then maybe fill in more later...... So me and Cristi used to dance "professionally" (if you get my drift) many years ago until we met these two business partners in one of the clubs we worked......Long story short, we blew up their marriages and married them ourselves to get out of the trailers ......the way we got them was a thing of beauty.....real true beauty. And we are still married to those same wonderful men. We were "good girls" for a while after they married us but we both needed more action so we started having affairs. Then we began a small dating service for married ladies living near us. Eventually we got out of it because the cops were snooping, believing it was prostitution (it wasn't). But we still dated, and lots of times we dated black. We both love black (who doesn't????). As they say "black is beautiful" and its true.....especially when its a black c***! :) But we miss the business we had because we had so many contacts and so many opportunities. We still have lots of fun because cheating is WONDERFUL and our lovers are SOOOOOO appreciative!!! Ooops, gotta go. Work calling.......

  • So anyway my point was that our husbands aren't fact they are getting more than any of their friends and they are getting it from a couple of h**** b****** who love to f*** and who are really good at f****** because they f*** so much. They don't know how aggressive we are or how much we f*** around (or how HARD we both f*** when we got something huge and black all up in us) but they don't ask a lot of questions that they don't want to know the answers to. You will find a tramp like us and whether or not she's already married she'll be hot as s*** for black d*** and rabid for black babies. You're going to get what you have been praying for.......and its going to start sooooooooon! Some lucky b**** is going to make you a lucky man.

  • I'm 4 mon. pregnant rite now with a child fathered by my husbands boss. were both white so im not so sexy or brave as the other women who have wrote to you. but i can tell you that this pregnancy is so much more wonderful than any of my others and its because of our situation. i just love the way it feels to be in my husbands house and to sleep with him in our bed while i have another mans baby inside of me. its like electricity is going all thru me all the time. like every minute. my husband has no idea i even like his boss much less carrying a baby for him and still sexing. and another thing that is different is that all this makes me like suuuuuuuper h**** all the time. like every seems like all i want to do is f*** constantly its all i can think about is f*** f*** f***. and i love the feeling so much that i have already decided that after i have this baby i'm going to get pregnant again by another man and i have already picked him out. even though this baby wont be black and neither will the next one i can see why all these women get so aroused by having black babies inside of their white marriages. but the reason i writing to you is to say that there have to be other women like me out there who get so turned on by illegitimate babies and stay h**** while they are carrying that you should be able to find one already pregnant and sexed up who wants to take it to the next level and have your precious black baby.maybe even 5 more.

  • You sure sounds so sexy and intriguing to me. My mind is already racing and I am wondering about all sorts of things;is that your first or only child? How did you end up in a romantic/sexual relationship with hubby?Did you get pregnant on purpose or by accident?What do you like about the next father of your baby? What sort of things does your hubby say about you and the baby and how does that make you feel? Who gives you more s** now between the lover n hubby?Where do you meet boss for s**? Your situation is almost too discreet...being that you are both white,it may be difficult for hubby and others to detect that child is not his...unless a DNA type situation arises in the future(I pray not).I appreciate your hopes and encouragements for me.I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and trust that you will keep us posted.

  • Congratulations to you and your husband's boss! Do you have other children with your husband? Is his boss married? You are living with such a sexy secret-no wonder you feel electric!
    Might you consider a black father for your next baby? Maybe even the OP?

  • Thanks for saiying such sweet nice things to me! that makes me so happy! no this is not my first baby.i had 2 that were adopted away when i was still really to the father and one to another family.then i also have 2 with my husband i married to now.but the main reson i love this pregnancy so much is that the father is married and i am carrying his baby right in the middle of being married to this husband and the whole thing just makes me feel so f****** sexy and so f****** h**** at the same time! my husband was a man i met while i was working at a c-store next to where they lived.we fell into love and started having this really hot affair and he got me pregnant.he thinks it was a accident but i had quit my bc and wanted him to leave that ass family he had and take me away so i got myself pregnant for him that way.but he was in love so it wasnt like i did him wrong.but he just stopped being arousing to me after time and time and his boss knew that somehow and he started coming after me like driving super HARD and i couldnt tell him no or it would have made it bad for my husband. so now that i have the bosses baby in me and i'm so f****** h**** ALL the time i have way more s** with his bosss and we love to f*** in nasty ways.his wife is a mess and let herself go down real bad so its easy to get him away from her whenever i want it.he got us a apartment but his favorite thing is to come here to our house and f*** me in the bed where i sleep with brad. and even though my 1st baby with my husband was kind of a trick this baby i have now was totally planed between the boss and me laying in our bed at our house and he loves that he knocked me up in hubbys house and in that bed.the next father is married too and he knows this baby isn't brad's and he says he wants the same thing the boss got. they both LOVE that. and all of that is why i am so sure that you will find a girl like i am who wants to f*** all the time and have your babies all the time.

  • So, okay: my beautiful white wife loves black men. All her favorite actors are black. Singers, musicians, the same. Athletes, ditto (particularly the super muscular ones). She flirts with them incessantly, and makes no effort to hide it, even around our friends, which is highly embarrassing. She says all the time that she's never cheated during our 6yr marriage, and that she never will. I've always trusted her, except for the fact that she's given me no children (won't get off her birth control: "the timing just isn't right"). And now that I have read this page -- well, most of it -- I worry that the fact that we are childless has something to do with her love of black men. To be truthful, I've never worried much about her having occasional flings, since it seems almost all white women have them, sometimes even with blacks. But I've never considered (until today, that is) that she might prefer a black man to impregnate her, not merely inseminate her. Since you fellas seem to know white women so well (really, it's kind of surreal how accurate you are), and since this question will be totally anonymous, I want to ask, albeit it rather cautiously.....and timidly: does it seem likely to you that she is (1) having one or more affairs with a black man or men, (2) secretly seeking a prospective father(s) for her child(ren), and (3) actually doing family planning with him or them? I'm scared to know the answer, but you both seem the only ones -- maybe in the world -- who might conceivably know. Thank you.

  • I think your situation is worrisome-6 years of marriage and no kids will concern most people,unless so deliberately planned. Sounds like your wife is holding out for some particular man to father her kids. I have no clue what your financial or emotional situation is,but something about the marriage may not be sitting well with her.She is uncertain about something,which has precluded her from opening up her womb for you to plant your seed. It could be too that one of you may not be able to have children. But in any event,you have to talk to her and figure out what the situation is,she has answers. She may be doing nothing to any of the men,except just flirting, being a woman, and adoring well built black men.

  • Based on what you've told us, I think the answers to your questions are painfully obvious. Your wife is strongly attracted to black men and "flirts with them incessantly". So the answers to your questions are: (1) almost certainly, (2) probably and (3) quite possibly. She is seeking the best possible genes for her offspring, and if she hasn't already, will soon be intimate with an awesome, well-endowed black man. She may be discreet at first, but sooner or later he will want her to have a baby for him. And she will be unable to say no since her whole body and womb will be crying out for his seed. Then you must decide if you will stay with her. You will endure much humiliation when she bears a black baby for him, and he may even limit your access to her p**** (at best you will need to always use condoms with her going forward). And there may be more than one child with her black lover. Sorry for the wake-up call, but you sound like you already know this is coming. The question is: will you stand by her as her husband and continue to support her and their children? This would be a very noble and unselfish thing for you to do, but a surprising number of white men seem to manage it.
    I sincerely wish you all the best. I hope your wife experiences the passion she clearly wants with a special black man, and bears him healthy babies if she so chooses. And I wish you peace and even happiness as a kind of step-father to these beautiful children whom you'll come to love. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Everything that you gentlemen said has proven true. Yes, she was searching for precisely the right man to father her first child, a man with the proper genes, and that wasn't me. It was a black man she recently met, although she had been searching and auditioning blacks for at least three years. Finally, she found him, during this past summer, and he knocked her up. She is not yet "showing" but will soon be showing, and she's excited about when she will show. She will deliver his black child next summer. And yes, my access to her body is now completely denied by her and her lover. They do not want my seminal fluid anywhere in her or on her body. AND so as to eliminate exposure to the potential STDs from other women, I must remain celibate. And likewise, as you predicted, she now says that even though she denied cheating and denied going black, she says "I never hid my appetites from you, and you stood by dozens of times while I flirted with black men and enticed them to call me and come see me." And once again, she said like you said that she kept it discreet until the lover would no longer allow that, and when she would begin to show. They came to me together and explained the plan. I wasn't given any choice or voice and so I've accepted it. They both tell me that she needs this man in her life and his child in her body. He sleeps with her occasionally in our house, and he is clearly in charge. I didn't want to believe anything you said, but you were both so right. It is sad, but you were right.

  • Congratulations to your wife, as she has had these desires and needs for so long, and to her black lover as well. Is he married and does he have any other children with white women?

  • Yes, he's married, but he has no other mixed children: his three kids are by his wife and they are in their late teens and early twenties. As far as I know, he has none with white women, although he is certainly hungry for that with my wife. He thinks she'll make a good mother to his children, and she is sure he'll give her the children she wants. She tells me all the time that he will be a "worthy" father, the clear implication being that I wouldn't be. The way she's treating me, especially when he's around, hurts badly, but I don't have good choices.

  • It was noble of you to accept the situation. Now you need to step up, stay with your wife, and support her beautiful child. It's not like you didn't see this coming, so just be at peace with it.

  • She has said many times already just exactly what you said: "you CANNOT say you didn't see this coming" and "you know my hunger better than anybody". I guess she's right. I can always tell when she's h****, because she is totally on edge and can't calm herself down even slightly. So when during the morning she was displaying those behaviors, and then at night they were gone, I suspected she had f***** someone else in between. The fact that she lied constantly about cheating on me? When I raised that with her after she disclosed her family planning with the bull, she just laughed at me and said, "I'm a woman, women lie about s**, how surprised are you?"

  • I'm sorry for your hurt, but I admire the h*** the way this guy went about his business, knocking up your wife and taking total control, with her fully on board. I totally get that he doesn't want your s**** anywhere near her. He is on a high right now, enjoying the pride of ownership of your wife's body, and you can't interfere with that. He has knocked up a married white woman, and for that he deserves respect and admiration.
    How are you going to explain the biracial baby to your family and friends? You'll have to stay strong to deal with the humiliation. Just hang in there and do the right thing, and you will enjoy your part of a beautiful family.

  • Although I certainly do not agree that this black guy deserves ANY respect or admiration, I can't do anything other than agree (and confess) that he knocked up my wife right under my nose and has taken total control of her, and of our marriage (so I suppose that at least in some way he's also in control of me?). And I have to agree that he has the ownership of my wife's body, which is something I don't really get. She has always ALWAYS been a total feminist, totally independent and totally in charge, but when it comes to this man she is no longer ANY of those things: he's in control, and yes, I can't do anything to alter or interfere with that. Nothing. I have no idea what i'll do to explain the situation to family and friends, other than to tell the truth and suck it up. Yes, he's on a high and I'm in the pit of h***. My strong-willed wife just melts in front of this man and does as she's told. And this man loves manipulating her in front of me. He loves humiliating me in front of her.

  • One more thing: I can't say enough about how I admire your wife. She simply refused to settle and go the conventional route by having a baby with her white husband. Although you are hurt by her decision, she stayed true to herself, and her deepest longings, in order to find the perfect black father for her children. I hope they are blessed with more than one and that all are healthy and happy.

  • Please don't admire her, no please just don't do that. It makes her choices seem not only legitimate, but also somehow noble and honorable. She cheated for years and finally got herself knocked up by a black. That's just so low-class and degrading. She's destroyed me, and I can barely function. She's behaving like a w**** around this black man. Hurt by her decision? It's more than that, much more, and the worst is all ahead of me. She "settled" for marrying me, and yet she's done what you said, refusing to settle for my seed to father her first child. You are probably right about this not being the only child they will have together. She's in love with him (she never says that about me anymore, though she used to say it constantly; now she only says it about her stud). She's becoming more and more nasty every day. And it's all because of this animal that has entered her life. Our lives.

  • Given all that, why would you stay with her? Why not leave now? You have to take care of yourself and your own mental state. As much as I admire what they've done, you don't need to be a part of it if you don't want to-divorce is an option.

  • I could still split, I know, and I may have to if it becomes unbearable. But as stupid as this sounds, I do still love her, and I do still have hope that things will improve, and once upon a time I said "for better or for worse". And I do still have to admit that she's totally happy and that pleases me.

  • You're a good man to acknowledge that her happiness pleases you, and for standing by her for better or worse. She sounds really fulfilled and happy and is making her lover extremely happy and proud too. It's just too bad that all has to come at your expense.

  • I guess that if I'm being honest I have to confess that I understand why you admire them both (though I still hate what they're doing): despite the obstacles, they planned an illegitimate family and are following through on it.

  • That's exactly it! There's something incredibly sexy about a white woman married to a white man, and yet offering herself to a married black man to impregnate her. Erotic and beautiful, really. A fantasy for many, but a reality for them. The fact that you can see why I admire them both gives me reason to believe you will stand by her and their children for the long haul.

  • And I also understand that part of the reason she loves him is c***-size: there's no debating or denying or diminishing the fact that the man has a d*** like a horse. And that means a lot to her. Plus, apparently he c*** so much and so hard and for so long that he's hosing down her womb with his s**** every time they f***. EVERY time they f***.

  • I'm sure that's a big part of it, but I'm also sure that his dominant personality and willingness to follow through with their family planning also make your wife very hot and wet for him.

  • Oh, and you do intend on supporting the child (and future children) financially, correct? I'm sure you wouldn't want to mess up his marriage and family situation or put any financial hardship on him. After all, you will benefit from having their beautiful children in your family and will play a big part in their lives. I know it doesn't fell like it now, but he is providing both you and your wife with a tremendous blessing-remember that.

  • Everything you say focuses on making things better for HIM, not for me (not once), but to be candid, that's exactly the way SHE speaks now, too. That's her entire focus in her life all day every day. He does dominate her, like you described, and she submits. But then she dominates me in return. And the financial part has already been laid out to me by both him and her, together, letting me know that I am to be named as the father on the birth certificate because I am the husband of the mother. And I am to pay all the bills, carry the child on my insurance, pay tuition, etc., though they will make the decisions about what bills will be incurred, what insurance is best, what schools (even pre-schools) will be attended, and everything else. But you've written more than once about pride of ownership, and I resisted it, though I have been thinking about it a lot. I was wrong and you were right: it's true. And it's true -- so so so true -- for both of them. He's proud of stepping into this marriage and taking my wife as his property, just like you expressed, and to have her BELONGING to him, and she's proud that this man is her owner and is controlling her and her body. She's also proud of the way he manipulates ME, which I truly hate to admit (and wouldn't admit if this weren't confidential). Yeah, they are both proud of themselves and of what they're doing, and of the fact that I am utterly helpless to stop it or even influence any of the outcomes. I can't believe it's happening, or that I'm a part of it. And I have to say it's incredible how you see all this without even being in it.

  • Of course you're not helpless and are free to leave, especially since you have no kids with your wife. But you've said before that you won't do that because you still love her and and are glad to see her so happy-even though her lover is the one making her happy. Since you made the choice to stay, you must accept the responsibilities that come with that, including accepting his role as the man of the house and loving and supporting their children. He will most likely allow you access to your wife's body once the first baby is born (but be prepared to always wrap it up-he'll insist), so be patient and hang in there. Of course, if he does grant you that access, it will end when they plan their second.
    One more thing: he is married with kids, so he won't always be around-he'll need to spend plenty of time with his wife and other kids. Use that time to work on your relationship with your wife, which obviously must be a platonic friendship for now.

  • When I graduated from college in 1998, I took a job teaching school at an inner-city parochial school. I was a young white girl alone in the city and my parents hated the fact that I took the job, when they lived 230 miles away. Long story short, I fell in love with my married black principal during the fall semester, and by Christmas I was carrying his child, despite the fact that I had been on the pill. We remained involved and he provided support until his wife found out about us and about the money. I subsequently married a white man and left the field of education, preferring to work for his family's company. I've since had two more children for him, and though I love them both, and him, I love my mixed child far more. It's because I love her father far more than I love my husband, and I miss him every single day. This is the type of relationship I wish for you, where you influence and mentor and then seduce and intensely pleasure some very young white girl who loves you -- and the baby you give her -- forever. All best.

  • Great love story. many of the questions I would have asked have already been asked I see. But I was wondering if you are still in touch with the black lover,what the daughters thinks about being different than the other siblings, what hubby's friends and family think or feel about you and the bi-racial child,whether you have had discreet s** with any other black men since the first,or what makes you love the black lover more than hubby...Thank you so much for wishing me well. I am happy you shared such a mind rousing story with us.My heart feels soothed:)

  • What a bittersweet love story! I'm happy that you had the time you did with your black lover, and will always have your beautiful daughter to remember him by. I'd love to hear more details, such as how it originally began, how you both reacted to your pregnancy, whether you think you would have had more children for him had his wife not found out, etc.

  • I'd love to hear the long story. How much older was he? Did you later tell your husband the full story about your daughter's father? Hypothetically speaking, if your black lover had managed to come back into your life (even if he was still married), would you have resumed your affair despite being married yourself? If he had then wanted a second child with you, would you have let him knock you up within your white marriage?

  • My brother and one of our cousins (all of us are dark skinned Georgia blacks) were part of a movement back in the 80s that focused on making the white race totally extinct by breeding all the white women to totally black men. Their crew was usually around a dozen purebreads and they were knocking up white women left and right, many of them married. I've dated several white women but never impregnated any of them, and I was never part of the gang. But these brothers were cutting a wide swath and they hammered all their b******. No telling how many mixed illegitimates they left in their wake. There are bound to still be lots and lots and lots of white woman around with that same attitude, willing to help breed whites all the way down. Just find one of those and tear her tight ass up!

  • I don't agree with their objective, but it's hot that they knocked up so many married white women.

  • Do you know how the gang got organized, and how they carried out their mission?What was the general attitude of the white women at the time? What prevented you from knocking any of them up?

  • They were all "radicals", or so they posed themselves. They identified with the Panthers and other militant groups that came out of the sixties, even though all these dudes were either children in the sixties or hadn't been born. But that's what they made themselves look and sound like: loud, angry, dangerous brothers. The idea of breeding whites out of existence wasn't theirs; that had already been around for many years. They just latched onto it and went to work at it. They went after every white woman they encountered -- sometimes by seduction, sometimes by meanness and total disrespect -- and it always amazed me how eager white women were in general to get with them. They had their share of rejections, naturally, but they had so many more successes. None of them could possibly tell you how many bi-racial children any of them have in the world today. So the attitude of white women was overwhelmingly positive, though their attraction to these brothers was still mostly in private (with some notable exceptions). I didn't participate because of the same reason you noted: I didn't agree with their sexual politics. I did agree with some of their other goals, but I never saw the white man as the devil, nor did I hate. Hate is not only unproductive, but counterproductive. Plus, I had some white friends, and went to church with whites, so I knew they weren't all the same and weren't all to blame. Yes, I've had s** with many white women, but ALWAYS respected their wishes about protection and/or birth control. Plus, I was somewhat concerned that some of these dudes would become overly aggressive in their approaches to white women (and girls), and would find themselves charged with rape. That didn't ever happen as a formal legal matter, but it easily could have (some did get arrested). I played it cooler with my women. :)

  • Very mature analysis of the situation. Do you have any kids with white women?

  • No, no mixed children, although I certainly understand that urge as it is beautifully expressed here: I get that totally. I will say that there was one white lady I dated on the DL when I was young that I wanted to have children with. She was almost twice my age at the time, and had grown kids. I so wanted to knock her up at least once, and though we dated for several years, she could never bring herself to get off the pill: she wanted us to have a family of our own, but she didn't want to risk her share of what her husband would one day inherit from his family, and I could not blame her. She had to think of her own security and her own future, and I could never have replaced that. But losing that family was and remains my greatest regret in life.

  • You said earlier that you were dark-skinned, so the contrast of your skin colors must have been so sexy. Something tells me you would have had beautiful children with her. Did you keep in touch? How could her husband have been so clueless for so long? How old are you now if you don't mind my asking?

    You can't go back in time, but have you considered finding one or two white women (married or single) now who would be willing to have babies for you? I think that would help with your issues of regret and longing, and would make some white women very happy too.

  • Absolutely true: that difference in our color was so sexy. Usually that's something that white women are drawn to, and this woman was, but I loved it too. She was pale and lightly freckled and I loved being next to her, and especially laying naked with her or with her hand around my c***. I also agree that we could have made beautiful children, and we even talked about that when discussing the possibility of knocking her magnificent ass up. We kept in touch, but not frequently and rarely sexually. Sadly (very sadly), she developed breast cancer, and though treatments and surgeries worked for several years, eventually it came back with a vengeance and she passed in 2012 . I believed at the time, and still believe, that if my wife died, it wouldn't sadden me as much as losing this wonderful lover. That's a horrible thing to say, I know, but since this is anonymous, I'm comfortable being candid. Her husband? At the time I thought he was just an idiot for NOT knowing his wife was cheating so boldly and so often. But with some additional experience, I can see that white men are mostly so self-involved and egotistical that they would never assume their women could possibly be disloyal: that attitude makes their wives easy prey for men like me who have no ethical -- much less, moral -- problem using their wives as our s** playground. The white husbands really make it easy for us. I've f***** a lot of white women in my 57 years on the planet (starting as a teenage swinging d***) but I've never wanted to have children with any of them other than Lila. The only exception actually is a young white intern who now works at my office, though she likely wouldn't be interested in a man my age (she's 20): even though she's hot as fresh s*** and she looks like she'd be a wonderful mother. Just a dream (of the wet variety - LOL). Anyhow, thanks for the trip down memory lane. And thanks for acknowledging our enjoyment of one another (just below). I appreciate both.

  • Very sad to hear about the unfortunate passing of your lover. May she RIP. To this day,you cannot believe how many messages I see online whereby some white men are bragging about how their white wives would not ever be interested in sleeping with not black or African American men(that description would be too respectful),but N*****.They are so cocky about it that they become delusional.Mostly,the reality is different and shocking. Just like you,I have been with married women so trusted by hubby,that even when the wife constantly cheats,hubby is blind,out of touch with the reality,cannot see or even catch up to it,just totally oblivious.Then in some cases,when the affair comes to light,wife blames hubby for not paying her any attention and either marriage ends(I have never caused a marriage to end) or they stay together and wife keeps on enjoying her affair(s).I have noticed that women 20-30 years younger than I are very interested in me. I just run from some of them. But two of my 3 mothers of my kids are 20 years younger than I.The lesbian couple I donated sperm to recently is 26 years my junior,although no s** was involved. I am sure you know that in some cases,age is inconsequential.

  • Thank you for the kind condolences; it means a lot. Because she and I weren't openly involved, I didn't get (couldn't ask for) sympathy from my friends or hers, even though I was much closer to her than her pitiful white husband. He was as you described: cocky and delusional. I was tempted to tell him just what I had been up to with his wife, and all the things she wanted with me that she would never ask him to do to her. He was just what you said he was: "out of touch with reality". My brother! You are banging those young girls aren't you and knockin they ass all the way up! Damn! DAMN!!!! Keep up the good work and represent the fam!! DAMN!!!!!!

  • So sorry to hear of Lila's passing. Really glad you have so many loving times to look back on.
    Don't be so quick to dismiss that white intern. You'll read on this page that lots of very young white women are attracted to, and want to get knocked up by, older married black men. What have you got to lose? Ask her out to lunch and flirt a little. Then escalate to dinner and some serious dating. She'll be all over your black d*** in no time, and might even start longing for your babies. I say go for it!

  • Your words are like gas on a fire already burning! I have a really bad case of the nasties for this white girl, and she gets me hard every time I'm around her. When she comes into my office, I have to slide my chair under the desk so she can't see the effect she has on me. Knocking her up would be the pinnacle for me: there could be nothing better in life than having children with her and being her lover. I don't fantasize much anymore, but this child makes me fantasize and m********* like crazy.

  • Take her out to lunch will be Friday after all!

  • Next time she comes in, don't hide your b**** under your desk. Be proud of it. Chances are she is as wet for you as you are hard for her! You really owe it to yourself to at least try-start slowly with an "innocent" lunch date and work your way from there. I so often see much older black men with very young (sometimes pregnant) white women on their arms. Why can't that happen for you?

  • Very true I think. He is just like me,spent younger days having s** with fine white women,never knocked any up,and now that we are older,mature and wanting to have some bi-racial kids,mothers are not easy to come by. There is plenty of s** of course,but not mothers. Could be that the 20 year old is it for him.She will land a good job soon anyway, and start her own life.If she finds him worthy,she will seize the opportunity.

  • He reminds me so much of the OP it's uncanny! About the same age (maybe a little older), lots of sexual history with white and black women, but never having knocked a white woman up for different reasons. I pray that both your dreams will come true in the very near future and that these "mature" black men will sire beautiful bi-racial babies.

  • Yes, this white child is "it" for me. I doubt it will ever happen, but I would do nearly anything to get with her and fill her womb. I want her in my life. I want my seed in her. I want it more than I can describe, and more than you can imagine. She is such a perfect creature from God. I wish I could show you a picture of her: she would make you c** in your pants.

  • Did you say you are married, and is she married or attached? Regardless, have more confidence in yourself! So many white women of all ages crave a black lover to fill their womb with black seed- chances are good she is one of them. I see bi-racial children with her in your future, I really do! And she is so young and fertile, you may have several children with her-imagine that.

  • Sorry for the lengthy delay but there was nothing really to report. But that changed dramatically on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Normally, we give our staff the day off, but our section had to work in order to conclude a report and summary. So the intern I mentioned to you was a part of the working group and was in the office with us. And she looked good enough to eat: she was wearing a long form-fitting sweater-dress and leather boots. I decided that I would take everyone to dinner after work, as a reward. After we got seated, I was close enough to her to hear her telling a couple of her friends that she was living with an older guy (which I knew) but also dating on the side (which I didn't know). Then she said she was going outside to smoke a cigarette before the meal was served. She got up and headed for the door and, as she passed me on her way out, secretively dragged her long fingernails across my back (I love long nails). I waited for a couple of seconds (that was as long as I could stand it) and then followed her out, telling the group I needed to call home to my wife. When I found her outside, she was standing around the corner of the building, smoking and smiling, and waiting for me. She said, "I know you've been craving me, and I just want you to know you can have me . . . any time you want me. But I want us to start tonight. Do you?" I could barely breathe, much less speak, and she laughed and said, "You don't need to say it: I know your answer." She told me to wait a few minutes after she went back inside so nobody would know we were hooking up, and then she finished her cigarette in a hurry, kissed me while she rubbed my c*** through my pants, saying, "G****** baby, it's even bigger than I thought it was, and I thought it was massive". Given the space restrictions I guess I'll have to tell you the rest later. But I'll just say that this relationship is incredible and it's going to get better. Thanks for supporting and encouraging.

  • Man, you've been hitting up that tight young white p**** for weeks now-time to share! I see biracial babies for you in the not-too-distant future! And won't her boyfriend be surprised?!

  • So sorry to have been so inexcusably long in returning your message. Things are going so well with Carisse that it all seems like it's happening to someone else. That first night we were together was the night after Thanksgiving and it was incredible. After about two hours of life-altering s** (literally), she was laying in my arms and began to cry. When I asked why, she said that this was the best s** she had ever had, and that I f***** her "like you love me . . . or are trying to breed me . . . or both". She asked if she was right about that and I said "yes, it's both". She asked me to simply say it, and so I told her "I love you and I want you to have my babies". When I tried to explain that I know our age difference would be a burden for her, and that my age could be a problem in having children, she stopped me and told me to "just say the first part again, please, please, just say the first part again", and so I said it again: "I love you and I want you to have my babies". She told me that she would get off her birth control and stop f****** her boyfriend -- and even move out on him -- whenever I told her. She said she would prefer that we just cheat for a while, because she loves cheating, but that if I said so, she would stop taking her pills, stop f****** her boyfriend and move if I said so at that moment. We agreed to continue cheating, however, I've already made plans with her for Valentine's Day, and I think she knows that's when I will tell her what to do. I wish I could explain to you how good this child is in bed, but there simply are no words for that. He skill and her appetite are off the charts, but her energy and eagerness are beyond even that. I never thought I could find someone to replace Lila (my white lover that died), but this girl more than takes her place. I love her and never want to lose her. My concern, however, is the impact this will have on her education, but again, I'll have to write about that later. Thanks so much.

  • I feel compelled to point out that, if your girl outright tells you she "loves cheating", then it's a virtual certainty that she won't only do it EVENTUALLY, once the two of you are together as a couple (legitimate or illegitimate), but she's also probably doing it NOW. And my guess is that she's doing it with guys you know, and/or guys you work with. So, look around for the evidence dude. I hate to be downer, but this chick sounds like someone who trick f**** or sport f**** or both. Ask about her history with married guys and watch how she reacts. Sorry, but I think you've got a w**** or a golddigger on your hands.

  • I think she's both....a gold digger and a w****. My 2 cents.....

  • I almost this update...I was just curios why the numbers were different but no new posts at the top.I decided to go down further and figure out what is happening somewhere in the bottom. Happy New Year,awesome developments for you,causing me to be excited for you,with a tinge of jealousy,lol. It is your best chance ever. I am looking forward to ALL the updates:)

  • I'd almost given up on hearing from you again! I am thrilled at the progress you've made with that hot white girl. She must be so tight! I'll also take some of the credit for egging you on-lol. Of course, she wants to have babies for you and you will be more than happy to oblige! Her live-in BF is white? Is there any chance he would stay with her and support her biracial baby? I hope that you can keep your marriage (if you still love your wife) and enjoy Carisse and your new family as much as possible on the side. Lots of black men do this successfully. If her BF agrees (a big IF), you'll also be off the hook financially. First, she needs to use stealth BC with her BF while fully opening her womb to you and your seed. At her age, she is so fertile that I doubt it will take you more than a month or two to knock her up. Men are still highly potent in their 50s and 60s I'm sure. You will finally be blessed with a beautiful biracial baby and BF will get the shock of his life!

    You are 58 and she is 20, right? Almost 3x her age! There's something that's so damn sexy about that, combined with the race difference that makes it one of the hottest things I've heard. Imagine walking around with this young white girl arm in arm while she's heavily pregnant with your child. I really hope it all works out for you and that you update us a lot more frequently.

    The OP should definitely be encouraged by your story and will hopefully do the same soon.

  • Where in the world have you been? Nice to read your fine well reasoned reply. Which gf is pregnant now? Give me the juicy updates please. This guy is on the right track.He will have a baby this year for sure.I bet you he never saw this coming.I am so happy for the brotha.

  • Hey OP-I've been on here and posting, but with no names it's hard to tell sometimes who is saying what. Since I'm a white dude knocking up white women, I didn't think it would be of interest to people on this page. But since you asked-two pregnant now. One is my live in GF and one is Lisa, my married GF. Funny thing is, I had practiced my wording and timing on my GF just to get a reaction and make it smoother for Lisa to say yes-and my GF bought it! Right before she came, I said I want to fill you with my seed and give you a baby. She said, "Yes, yes!" Same exact scenario with Lisa, with the same result a few days later. So they are both due within a week of each other!! I'll probably marry my GF in March before she shows. Lisa and I are super careful, and I don't look all that different from her hubby, so he'll never suspect. My biggest disappointment is my second married GF, Ashley, who first said yes then kept backing off. I cut her off until she changes her mind, and she's texting me every day, but she's not getting any more of my c*** until she agrees to have a baby for me. So my dream scenario of three at once won't happen this time, but I'm really excited about the two I have, especially Lisa.

  • CONGRATULATIONS>>>YOU DID IT>>>I KNEW YOU WOULD>>>AWESOME! Now I am jealous,lol.I must do something.What you have accomplished is of great interest to me and many others here. Its all good.Don't stop,keep up the good work.

  • Thanks man. There has been this weird side effect in me, besides being hard all the time knowing what I've done. I feel a real sense of ownership over Lisa's body, and have been pretty dominant in insisting that her hubby not get ANY since the night he thinks he knocked her up. She can tell him she has morning sickness, a headache, a backache-I don't care as long as she denies him the whole time my baby is inside her. I'm not quite sure how this works psychologically, but I want her to be faithful to me, which makes no logical sense since she is married and I am engaged, but there it is.

    Are you going to try to talk more sense into our friend from Georgia with the young white intern? I feel he could really benefit from your reflections.

  • I just wish he can give the intern what she craves. With your married gf,its normal to feel possessive, but I think you should keep off now and let that baby grow in her. She can tell you she is not giving her any but she is; hard to prove if she is or is not. She keeps saying no, he will get suspicious. You have done your part for now. You one of the luckiest men.

  • You and I obviously share a vision of what intense sensuality looks like, because I frequently think about being with her while she is VERY pregnant with my child: that is a thought as beautiful to me as anything I can imagine. More beautiful than any artform and more loving and heated than any s**. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but I often m********* with that thought in my head, and when I do, I c** like a fire hydrant. But I must admit to you that my relationship with Carisse may not continue as I had originally intended, because I would be interfering in her educational plans. As I mentioned, she's been interning at our company, but what I didn't tell you was that she plans to graduate in June, and had planned to start grad school at a much better university in a far-away state in the fall. She told me after we became lovers that she now wants to remain at her present college and enter a masters program here, because she wants to be with me (whether or not I stay married) and not a thousand miles away, particularly if we get pregnant soon. She seems happy with that result, but I'm not. As you point out, I am THREE TIMES as old as she is, and any postponement of her entry into the other university will void her acceptance, and almost certainly terminate her scholarships. I love her, even more than I did Lila, and she is a MUCH better lover than any woman I've ever had. I want her, yes I want her very desperately, and I want my babies in her (which she wants as well, for now) but not badly enough to steal those opportunities from her, opportunities which she worked incredibly hard to secure, long before I put my c*** in her and began to fill her with seed. In my more rational moments (although most of them are crowded out by my desire for this child and her body), I can see that I have to step back and step away, and any other choice is pure selfishness. I haven't told her this yet, but soon I will have to. It will break my heart, but I have to.

  • I hope you will reconsider and not forfeit this once in a lifetime opportunity. You had said that knocking her up would be the pinnacle for you and she clearly craves a baby for you. Don't over-complicate things, and give her what you both want and need so much.

  • Yes, I don't m********* much anymore (like I did when I was a teen-3x a day), but I must admit that this young white girl heavily pregnant by you has driven me to that! Every instinct in my body says just do it. You had said that this would be the pinnacle for you, and you'll probably never get this chance again. She is of legal age and very much wants a baby for you. As the OP points out, lots of women pursue degrees with one or more children-it's more difficult but not impossible.
    On the other hand, your incredible unselfishness has touched a chord with me. It kills me to say it, but maybe now is not the best time for her to have a baby. It's a really tough call.
    The OP is quite a bit older, and I'm sure much wiser than me. He has already weighed in, but I'm hoping to hear more from him as he is in a very similar situation to you, has had this same longing for a long time, and tends to give wise, insightful advise. Good luck in whichever decision you make, my friend!

  • I totally admire your unselfishness. I should share with you that late December 2017,I complited all the requirements for my 3rd graduate degree. It has been the hardest one to get,and took so long.I am now looking for a job all over the country,not so sure what to tell mky loving gf. In short I somewhat undestand your reasoning. But all that aside,having a baby cannot necessarily thwart the young lady's academic plans,women are very creative and I am sure she can figure out a creative way to get her education and have your baby.I have a daughter who finished undergraduate with a son,and is now in graduate school.My other daughter is chasing her BS with 3 kids. Almost always,I have been going to college while I have small kids. Many other people do that. You may be the only man in the world whose kids this lady wants.If you deny her that opportunity,she might end up hating men and end up childless.With scholarships,her life will be so much better and easier.

  • Congratulations on your third graduate degree-that's awesome! Are you done with your studies or is there still more to come?

  • Thanks.I think I am done for now,unless I find a way to pay for a PhD somehow,lol. Its more fun reading and posting on this site than reading and writing all those APA papers,lol. Now all I want to do is look for a job,and future mothers of my kids. I only want to work and make babies near and far that is.

  • I am SO happy to see your update and so happy that you got with the intern after all. I know it's early in the relationship, but do you think she'll agree to have at least one black baby for you? I sure hope so-you deserve it, man.

  • Sorry to hear of your regret and that she never had children for you. But glad that you were able to enjoy each other for so long.

  • male here.......yeh they are all aggressive that way......when i was in my late 30's i dated an 18swf on the side......after we had f***** maybe 15-20 times she introduced me to her best friend.....just in passing at a restaurant because i was with my wife that night............ the friend called me the next day and asked to meet for coffee......she said she wanted to talk about mellanie (my girl)....... she did talk about mellanie.......about getting her out of the way so she could date me exclusively.......she was incredibly matter of fact about it...... and then she spent the next 8 wks manipulating and maneuvering to get rid of mellanie and put herself front and wasn't as acceptable then for the races to mix so she was being really bold especially for someone her age to be coming on to a black man like that.....that aggression has always stayed with me......but i think that attitude is in all women to one degree or another.......just more so with this particular child....... she was amazing......and she was a hot piece of ass....damn!!!!!

  • In the early 90s I met a woman at work and she had an interest in me and I started talking to her. Her friend(Carol),a coworker I was not familiar with emerged. She warned me to be careful,as the woman I was interested in was married. I slowed down a bit. Then Carol became more friendly and I late found out she was married herself. We ended up having an affair for a few years. I could go to her house,have s** with her whenever while hubby was at work, or she could rent a hotel room for us. The point is she aggressively and methodically overthrew her friend and took me over,with no shame or hesitation. She told hubby I was a married co-worker who knew nothing about typing,and that I needed help getting term papers typed-all true. So if hubby met me at their house,I was solely there to get my papers typed,nothing else:).

  • Damn, brother! You knocked that one outta the f****** park! Loved the way you had active interactions with the clueless husband! That is some sexy s***, my man! Do I assume correctly that Carol was white? How long did you do her? Was it a serious relationship, or was it only and always about s** for both of you? What was the age difference? Was she a good (ahem) "typist"? Did she ever get pregnant for you? VERY impressed on this end!

  • Yes both women were white. carol lived in a small town,I think an hour away from the big city where we lived.She was much older than me at the time,he son was in his mid 20s then.I was between 26-28 and I believe she was in her early 40s then.She was very aggressive and could not take no for an answer. her white hubby trusted her 110% so he never could suspect anything. She was very good at planning,and earned way more than I.They had a gas station that also repaired cars,and she was the book keeper. She could write me checks without fear and that would scare me so much,I did not want us to get caught;but she would always calm me down,that hubby does not look at the books. We had a 2 year sexual relationship. She was good at s** and typing. I always cannot believe that I made it through undergraduate years without knowing how to type. I started typing around 1998,learning via yahoo messenger,aol messenger,and others, while looking for women online,lol.I am not that great,I still type one letter at a time while looking at the keyboard,but somehow I have made it typing all that graduate school research. I will earn my 3rd graduate degree this December.

  • Very nice arrangement. So hot that you were doing her right under his nose like that. And even getting money from her-nicely done! I know your one regret looking back on those great times is that you never knocked her up.

  • I sure wish I had knocked up a lot of these white women,married or not.

  • Gotta love that aggression when a lady goes after what she wants. Did you wind up knocking up her or any other white women?

  • Just writing to underscore a couple of points the two of you have made (far better than I possibly could) in this excellent blog (or whatever we should be calling it) about the natural sexual aggression of married white women toward black men. Back in the 70s (when I was still in my 20s), I was a newly married black man married to a wonderful black woman. I'm in my 60s now but I still remember this episode like it was yesterday. I was in a bar after work with a friend and we here talking with a group of white women all of whom knew my friend, but none of whom knew me at all. Eventually, the women began to drift off to head home, as did my friend, and I was left behind with this lady in her mid-40s. After we were by ourselves, she leaned into me and asked if she could go home with me. I'd already told her I was married, so I said I couldn't oblige her, and I knew she was married so I indicated we were out of luck. She asked me to take her somewhere else. I said, "sorry, beautiful, but I'm married". I was reminded of what she said in response to that when I read the post from one of you about the fact that a white wife "will pick up some black guy at the bar, do him in the bathroom, dance floor, parking lot, car, motel, at his place, or her gf's place the same night or soon after that outing". When I reminded her that I was married, she said "I don't care if you're Malcolm F****** X: I just want you to take me somewhere and f*** my brains out". Even though I'd only been married barely a year (in fact our first anniversary had been the previous week), I knew that another thing you said was true: if I'd said "no", she would have found somebody else to f***. Why should I pass it up? So, we f*****, that night and for many many many thereafter. Anyway, thanks for all the work you guys put into this site.

  • Excellent story and response. I am actually happy you did not say no,as you guys got to enjoy each other for a much longer time after you said yes. Some women just can't take no for an answer and that is so sexy to me...they wan't you no matter what.Was that the last white, or married woman you had s**/affair with? Now that you found these place,keep reading and writing.

  • Was she the first of many married white women you f*****? Did you knock any of them up?

  • "Does the older married friend have any children outside his marriage? Sounds like your younger friend has inspired him. Would you consider going and doing the same"? The two do not know each other actually. My older buddy and I go a long way back. I was chatting with him on fb last night and our conversation took an unusual turn when I asked him what he did for the this Columbus day weekend. He said he was on a mini-vacation. I thought he had taken his wife and kids on vacation. But he said that E... was here. I was shocked because he dated this girl for many years through college and they broke up(she loved him so much though). He said she got married after that but it never worked out. Now she wants kids. I asked him what he is gonna do and he said " will donate sperm and some money." Basically,he is going to knock her up. He later added that he wants many kids and said "I need 1 in Brazil,2 Kenyan,and 1 Rwanda, and 1 Ethiopian." According to him, these are countries with beautiful women, and he gets paid well enough to afford trips to possibly make that happen. As for kids outside of marriage,he had a kid before he got married and he pays child support. He was friends with a professional black woman who was mature but had never been able to conceive a child.He dedicated one summer to getting her pregnant and he succeeded. I think the marine in him wanted to proof a point. I have already done it,my son is now 15 months old,and I have no problem having more. I just don't have the guts like these younger guys. But as you can tell,I love and fully support what they are doing,lol.

  • Another man with a plan! Your older buddy will leave quite a legacy. I hope he is richly blessed for his efforts. I also love and support what's he's doing. And, yes, I do remember reading about your young son- he needs a brother or sister by now!

  • You are very corrupting,lol. I need to give her a girl because she has 2 sons now. I hope the daughter will be beautiful like her;great looks,big booty,and a diastematic smile that melts my heart.

  • ....our daughter is dating blacks ....and i'm sure my wife encourages it........ no pregnancies .......... so far.......

  • They have good taste...more power,love, and kids to her:)

  • Hardly

  • They will both be blackpregnant soon enough, and probably by the same man. Believe it.

  • My wife and I (both white) were at a local bar a couple of Saturdays back to watch a football game involving the college where we went in the early-90s. It was crowded and I lost her when she said she was going to the ladies room. I went look for her and found her at the bar standing next to this black kid with her hand all the way down the front of his pants and making out with him. I tapped her on the shoulder and thought she'd be startled and stop what she was doing but it didn't even faze her: she just kept going. And the black kid didn't care since he was getting what he wanted. When she eventually stepped away from him she told me "I'm gonna have his babies" and he smiled and said "I'm gonna knock her married ass up to the f****** sky". She went back to work on him and told me "go the f*** home a******". I didn't see her again until Monday morning and she didn't apologize or explain anything. She's never done this before AT ALL as far as I know. So I guess my question is: do you guys here all work this fast on married white women? How is that even possible? Do you approach them or do they approach you? Jesus I can't even believe this is happening. I mean maybe it won't really happen and it was just talk or something but it seems serious.

  • Are you serious?Is your wife or birth control,or do you have kids together? Has she missed her periods yet?How did she get so smitten with this young man to a point of ordering you to head on home? How did she explain this whole deviation to you? I never used to think it was possible to seduce,or get seduced by a married woman,and have s** with her,let alone have babies. As I said before,I learned that in my earliest 20s from married women,loved the idea, and I have never deviated. Most people won't believe this,but generally its much simpler for me to make a married woman cheat or have an affair than dating some single woman;maybe because I find having s** with someone's wife to be so erotic. A husbands believes his wife is a saint,can go out with girls on ladies night,look at no man,and rush back home to him for s**.Chances are,that wife will pick up some guy at the bar,do him in the bathroom,dance floor, parking lot ,car,motel,at his place,or her gf's place the same night or soon after that outing.Husband may never know or suspect anything is up.The other thing is,many married women pick up their lovers,openly or discreetly,in the presence of the husband. What you mean it won't really happen? Your said you did not see your wife between Saturday night and Monday morning;do you think she was at church? She must be bold and beautiful...and is bringing you bi-racial kids to raise. Just get ready.

  • OMG.......bathroom? floor?.....seriously? floor?!

  • Yup all true,lol. Women amaze me in general.

  • ....havent wrote before but when i saw you talk about dance floor i had to say this.......when i was mid20s i was dancing with my gf (19wf) at a live music club ...... we look over and see this wild THICK Jamaican chick with her dress pulled up to her waist......over on a side of the dance floor and guys were taking turns on her.....we thought it was just a prank at first and that nothing was really going on.....but no........they were really stabbing that big nasty ass of hers.....the gf thought it was funny and so we laughed and then had to leave......but i couldnt get the big Jamaican girl out of my i went back to the club the next several nights by myself and hoped the Jamaican would be there.....finally after a couple weeks i found her and told her what i had saw and how much it had affected me and how i didnt want my gf no more but wanted to be with her instead....she said she never goes with white men but she would give me a try because i worked so hard to get back to her since her birthday she took me out to her car and blew me in it and then f***** me there in both P&A and said she would move in with me as soon as i got rid of the gf....but she said i would have to let her f*** blacks sometimes or there would be no deal.....after how good she was in that car (her mouth was incredible!!!!) i really didnt have no choice i went home and dumped my girl that same night and sent her to her parents and then went back to the club and got Alainah and brought her to our home.... we stayed together for several years......

  • Amazing man,you sure have guts. Glad you finally decided to emerge and share such a hot story. How many kids did you give her? Did you let her do other guys while you were together?

  • ....she had 3 during the 7 years we live together..........but i dont know how many are mine actually.......never did no d.n.a............but i think at least 2 werent really mine........and the reason is the answer to the other question you asked.......yeah she got with blacks all the time and 2 in particular she wass super heavy with......i cant say i really 'let' her get with the blacks because that was her conditions from the start......that she would be able to go with blacks so yeah she always did that..............and she was always agressive about it.......which was embarasing alot of the times.......but the girl was so crazy hot that i didnt mind as long i got with her.....and once she started having our babies she just kept getting bigger and bigger (especially in that hot ass of hers) and so there was no way i could give it up......she was too hot and waaaaaaay to f****** fine to dump.........and i wouldnt of dumped her ever.....she left because one of her blacks ordered her to move out on me.....

  • I can almost picture that big sexy ass! So for the two you are wondering about, was their skin color not a giveaway? Are you still supporting all 3?

  • ....not really because she was very dark and so she gave them all that........ i thought before she started having them all they might be a little lighter but they weren't much except for the one who i think is mine and even she is almost as dark as her mom...... yeah i still do give her support for the ones that are still under 18.... i know what you mean about the ass.....i mean g****** that black thing is cant even imagine.....nikki minaj got NOTHING on this chick.....even that first night i ever saw her it was incredible and that was before she started having children.....once that happened you cant even imagine how big and sexy and nasty that ass got...... she was the hottest thing i ever saw and way hotter than anything i ever f***** before........ and everything she did in bed and everything she ever said was filthy and nasty as s*** ( couldnt never bring her around my parents because of the way she dressed and the way she talked!) ...... i never loved anybody as much as her........ f***....... so f****** dirty so much f****** LOVE!