Scared I will Never Get a White Woman Pregnant

I am in my late 40s.I am so scared that I will grow old and die without having a child with a white woman.

Sep 11, 2013

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  • I hope you managed to knock a few of them up by now.

  • Won't mind knocking up one of them white women too man. It will be a thrill.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Healthy Year to you all.

  • MGTOW! Why does she have to be white? Leave them be pal.

  • MGTOW. Why does she have to be white. Leave them be pal.

  • Hi! Anybody here al all?

  • Hello. Hoping everyone who has contributed or visits the page is alive and well during this long pandemic.OP.

  • Hoping you are all shielded away from corona virus.

  • 01/23/2020. Looks like this post is available and possibly emerged today. Not sure if it will be available tomorrow on. Very strange. Happy New Year to you all.

  • Was unable to find this page in the US for almost 2 months.On my first search while outside the US,it loaded up without any issues. Go figure.

  • Did they archive it again?

  • I'm white and when I was 12 my mom gave birth to my younger sister. Let's just say it was a surprise at the hospital, as my sister was black. When I was older I talked to my dad about it and he knew it was a possibility, maybe a 50/50 chance it wasn't going to be his. Our family is still together and happy, but no doubt that my white mom loves black pipe.

  • And in the end it's your father that got royally f*****. He probably thought it best to stay and help raise you than risk losing you in divorce grape court. Trust me - he is appearing happy but inside he is a broken man.

  • So. What's wrong with your father? You should be p***** along with your dad. "Still together and happy". Really? It's called cheating. And the way you worded it "black pipe" How can your mother or father show their faces? Your father should have left when it (your mom) bore the child. Then again he knew 50/50. Why did he marry her? Was she like this before she was married? If she was dude (your dad) you should have walked away from it (your mom). Half sister by the way. Your dad needs to grow a pair.

  • Probably avoiding the gynocentric court system

  • Amazing. How do you sisters relate?

  • Just like any other siblings. We're great. I also have a younger white brother who is 16 (I'm 23 now). When my sister was born it was a surprise, but my parents just said my dad was dad, but mom had "help" making my sister. She's 11 now.

  • Awesome. Are you dating black?

  • Not at this time, but if I met the right guy I wouldn't be opposed.

  • "I wouldn't be opposed" Damn it! You're going to turn into your mother, and no don't say you'd be proud if you were like your mother. You know what? Go ahead you, your father, and the thing (your mother) can kill off all the white blood and turn the family from a white family to a black family. Why not? I wouldn't be oppposed to it. I mean b***** h***, that's where your family is headed anyhow. Damn your dad for letting this all happen.

  • It's back again I see,hurraaaay!

  • I've never had a black man, but reading all this makes me want to change that.

  • It's that simple to change your view on what kind of man you want? Just by reading some fake stories. Watch ID investigations then lets see if you still feel the same. Don't let any comments or stories change your mind about anything. Most of the stories here are bogus. Only the simple will believe everything he/she reads. Please think before you act. For what you want, I'm sorry.

  • You own a God-given right to admire, select, love, and cherish any man from any race on earth. Why have you chosen to deny yourself pleasure? I am glad to hear you say and think of changing the status quo. When are you making the change and what exactly are you planning to do?

  • My good friend,
    I'm a 62yo black man with a black wife. No I haven't been out running and rutting with any whites, at least not lately. LOL. But about 20 years ago, far away from where we are at today, I did manage to knock up two white women at the same time. No, not on the same night, but within a couple weeks of one another. They were sisters,a one 19 and the other 25. Neither one was married at the time, but they both had white boyfriends and the young one had two white babies already (living with her mom and dad). I had been having an affair with the younger one, for quite a time, and one night when I was wearing it out pretty damn good, she told me she wanted a black baby, so we stopped using protection. Then the older one up and says "what's good enough for Belinda is good enough for me". Belinda was p***** about it but I didnt give a half a s***, so I gave the sister what she wanted too. I can tell you I never been so proud as to have them dirty white girls carrying my family around in them. You go git you sum!

  • Most welcome and thanks for the bombshell confession. Where are the sisters and your kids? Did you keep up with the mothers? How long after kids were born did you move? How did you end up finding this post? How did you keep your wife from knowing all these? I ask lots of questions because I am naturally nosy and curious, but most of the people who read and reply to this are. They always want to know and I ask as much as I anticipate they want to hear. Whatever I don't ask, they will.

  • God help me. I want a baby sooooooo bad.

  • Tell us how badly please and with whom.

  • Oh my God! It is with a black man my mom works with. My dad supposively thinks he's already f****** my mom but she says no and so i dont think of that to be true. all i know and all i can tell you is that i want him and i want to start getting filled up with his babies all the time. my mom says i need to stay away from him but i just think she is trying not to be responsible for me getting knocked up and she seems real jealous even though she says they arent f******.

  • WOW! Somebody sounds broken. It's you. God I hope your mom isn't doing it. I don't like cheaters. I don't give a sh*t about his color. Cause cheaters you can never trust them even after they tell you or admit it. Cheating on your other says I love you, I just don't respect you. Now I hope your mom isn't saying stay away cause she wants him. I hope she's saying it for your benefit. But you may be beyond help. Cause girls like you, you'll find a way. There goes your life if you get knocked up. Life is over for you. If (I hope not) but if you have a kid he or she has no chance with a so called mom like you.

  • What do you know about the man and why do you suspect your mom is doing him? Why does your dad suspect he's doing your mom? What makes your desire his many kids?

  • I don't really know very much about him at all except that he is big and tall and dark dark dark and that every part of him has musceles there and that anytime I see him at my mom's work or he walks by me or i stand next to him or when i hear his voice even if he's talking to somebody else he makes me wet and gushy and when I lay in my bed and just close my eyes and imagine him I get grool so bad I have to get my sheets into the washing machine the next morning before my mom can see it or smell it because grool makes such a f****** mess. that is really all i know about this man but to be honest about it......that's all i really need to know because he is god and that is how a girl worships: with grool. and i don't even give a s*** that he is married or that he has kids. that's just how it is with girls: our bodies tell us who to love and so i love him irregardless of the other s***. my dad thinks he is f****** my mom because of the way he looks at her (and the way she looks at him) and because of the way he treats her at work, like better than all the other women no matter what color they are. he never said this to me, but i overheard him say it to one of his friends, that the guy looks at her like he's sliding his d*** in her while he's looking at her and when she looks back she's looking at him like "don't you DARE stop". she denies it totally and i trust my mom's word but my best friend says she would lie to anybody about having s** with him. she says most women would kill just to stay with a man like that and not have to give it up. but i think it might be true because when i said something to mom about him the first time i ever saw him at her job and how beautiful and sexy he was she told me to "stay off that" and "don't go near him". i thought she was just b******* me down because of the race and age differences and because they work together, but the WAY she said it was like jealous. even that wouldn't stop me.

  • Read my comment two above this comment. The one that starts with WOW! It's about you. You above.

  • Mom being territorial and protective uh! Well mom can be f****** him for fun but you can do it for fun and kids am assuming. How old are you now?

  • I think your right. i dont think he will hate it too very much if he is doing us both.most men will love that right? :) i am 16 right now but i will turn 17 in february and i have been active since 11.

  • Ummmm interesting. You are very young and quite possibly that is why mom is concerned and I don't blame her.And since you are still a minor,I will stay off the subject and leave it at that.

  • was just my point that i'll be legal where we live in barely 4 months from now. but not being legal hasn't slowwd me down any and it hasnt kept any guys off of me (not one) - they all want ON, no matter what color they are. most times they dont even ask my age coz they just want ON. plus i haven't had a date with a guy younger than 31 in like 4 years coz i just cant stand boys (they dont know how to f*** worth a s*** and they have NO money to spend on me). i want men and they want me. isnt that a nice balancing?? nobody has ever gotten in any trouble from f****** me and neither will this man. or YOU. you have been so nice to so many white womenand white girls and you have seriously helped so may women and girls in their livesand i appreciate you.

  • Oh and one other thing i forgot to say. he obviously has a big huge d*** and i really just LOVE big huge d****. life is only worthwhile because of big huge d****. and you can just glance at the front of his pants and see that his is gigantic. damn!!! i can't even wait to get his d*** or get his babies!!!!!!!!!

  • It all yours,you just need to find a way to uncoil and ride it to a few pregnancies.

  • I really really really really LOVE what you said about me getting more than just 1 pregnancies!!!!! and yes i will be working on finding a way to get into his pants and uncoil him for so many rides and so many many many babies!!! OMG YES!

  • Ok so i found out his email address at work yesterday afternoon and i sent him a email that just said "i want you to take me for one ride after another after another". and i attached a pic of a black man with a big huge d*** f****** a small young blonde white girl (black men love tiny blondes) with him laying on his back and her riding and grinding him in a hard cowgirl. you couldnt see her face but you could see that she had a long trampstamp tat that said "black owned black only" running from one hip to the other hip and then a separate Queen of Spades tattoo on the side of one of her legs. so now ok i'm thinking about getting those tattoos for myself and showing them to this man who is GOD. they looked so good on that little girl and i think they would on me too. the more i talk about this the more i think i can get his babies in me!

  • I forgot to tell you again: he didnt email me back yesterday but he may not of seen mines before he left work to go home. so it may be mondaybefore i hear back from him. i think i am gonna send him a few more emails over the weekend so he will know exactly howmuch i feel about him. i probably may not tell him i want babies so i dont scare him off. but he will definitely know its me who sent the emails and that he NEEDS to come get inside of me. and i will definitely use the word uncoil which i got from you and tell him to please come and uncoil for me and in front of help me i am going to get that thing in the front of his pants no matter what.

  • Ok so i got email from him this morning to tell me he thinks i am beautfil but there is no way he can f*** me because my mom told him to not get with me. so my mom is ruining my life JUST SO SHE CAN KEEP HIM TO HERSELF!!! i still think i can go around her and get to him and i still think i should try but she wants to ruin my life. my own f****** mother!

  • Last night i sent him another email and attached a pic of a tall muscular black man standing next to a small blonde white girl with his arm around her. both of them are smiling at the camera and both of them are naked. his c*** is hanging down to his f****** knees (takes your breath away!). she has a small black child in her left arm and she has her right hand wrapped around the shaft of his c*** (well, actually her hand won't go all the way around). and she looks to be around 8.5 months pregnant. in my email i just said "why can't this be us?" he wrote me back this morning, just a hour or so ago and all his message said was "DAMN!". i am so NOT gong to let my mother ruin this for me. i am going to get this man. he loves my ideas!!! i am going to get him!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay you were right and i was wrong. he didnt write damn in that email because he thought things were hot between us. no he wrote damn to me because he couldnt believe I was being such a dumb child. he eventuially just told me striaght up that if i didnt stop bugginghim that he would tell my mom what i was doing. if that didnt end it then he would tell my dad. and if that didnt stop it he would go to the law and get a restrraining order on me. he said he never f***** my mom and would not ever f*** her or ever f*** me either because he loves his wife and his kids and he is not hot for me. he told me to stop being such a child and get overmyself.

  • Same for me. Once I went black, I never went back. I mean, yeah, I went back to my husband's home, but I never went back to his bed. I couldn't.

  • Explain your situation more, please.

  • With a white woman what you need to do is slowly slide your full length into her (or as much of you as will fit) and press the tip against her cervix. While you continue to push harder against the cervix, you start talking to her about the baby or babies you want. Pregnancy talk of any kind will work on her at that point. Fingers don't work. Toys don't work. It has to be a c***. It has to be black. And the talk has to be serious, not for show. Look into her eyes while you are pushing against her cervix and tell her you want her to mother children for you. A white woman whose cervix is under assault by a real BBC will do what the BBC tells her to do. I know you know several white women you could call this morning and f*** them tonight. Do it. Make the call. Go plant your seed.

  • I think I have heard lots of real-life stories like that and even read about them here. Many of the married women who have posted here have posted stories very similar to what you are saying; that the black lover asked, told, or ordered me to stop taking my BC pills and have his baby, and shockingly, the women have done it happily and without much worry about hubby will say. Others have mentioned how the lover was talking kids while deep in their wombs and they just let it happen then, or eventually. I have to tell you that the women will-power of some of the stories they have entered here shocks me almost every time. Their expressed desires for their black lover's babies blow my mind. I never should have been too careful when I had a chance:). But I totally hear and appreciate you.

  • Back in July I went on one of my husband's business trips with him. I intended to go sightseeing and shopping while he was in meetings all day. But on the first morning of our stay I met the black motel manager and he came on to me HARD and I could not resist him. Long story short he got a separate room for him and me and we f***** nearly every second that my husband was not present in the building and even sometimes when he was there sleeping. This mans d*** was unbelievable and he nuts like a fire hydrant. I have not seen him since then but we have had innumerable sessions of phone s** and most of it is really filthy and depraved. But one of the things we use to excite each other is the idea of having multiple illegitimate kids while still married to our spouses. Now he is planning to come here in two weeks and we are going to f*** constantly. I'm wondering now if I should have myself ready for him when he arrives: that is -- should I be "off" my pills by that time and encourage him to do what we have only fantasized about so far? Do you think he is expecting that? Wanting it? Needing it? He certainly deserves it from a woman like me when he could have any white woman he wants in the world. What do you think? Does he really want me to bear his children? What I want more than anything is to bareback him and give him baby number one of many mixed kids. Writing that makes me feel like such a w**** but I love that feeling when it comes to this man. I want him to knock me up.

  • Talk about fuckational fun! Didn't hubby complain you didn't spend any money shopping? Yes I really think this guy intends to knock you up a few times. It all about you and if you are up to it.

  • Thanks for that input. I stopped taking my pills yesterday, the day I read your note. Lately, I've been secretly testing the seriousness of his interest in fathering children with me by focusing on other things during our phone s** sessions: I've not mentioned babies once in the past five days (he's called for phone s** every day, and our talk has gotten filthier), but he has gotten around to it EVERY TIME. In fact, the past two days, it's been the first thing he's gone into once the s** talk started. He keeps telling me he's going fill up my "dirty white womb" with "perfect black seed and perfect black babies.".

    No, hubby didn't realize I hadn't bought anything (he barely pays attention to me anymore), and when he would ask what I'd done during the days we were gone, I just said something noncommittal about "seeing the sights" (although I knew I meant the sights between the legs and the ass cheeks of this bull who'd got hold of me and was tearing me to shreds).

  • Now I see nothing but a big belly in front f you in a few months, morning sickness, shopping for baby clothes, maternity clothes all over your drawers and hangers, baby seats...I can see it all. I must confess that whenever I read about some woman here wanting to get knocked up I get jealous. Even when I try to feel happy for the lucky guy, I still feel thing run up my chest from down deep in my belly. I get better after a while but, it takes a long while before the mental picture leaves my mind. I am happy for you, we only live once and we must enjoy this life and harness our dreams and desires. No matter how good or bad we are, after a while, people forget and move on with life.

  • soon as he came in me and i could feel that i was completely filled with his s**** (like i could not possibly have taken on another drop) ...... i knew I belonged to him from that moment forward.......of course he knew that too........and he has used it against me to control my entire life......all of these past 4 years............when i talk aboutmy marriage he just laughs....."you arent married you f****** b**** you are f****** OWNED"..... thats what black men do to white women..... its been happening for centuries....

  • Tell us more about this owner please.

  • ^She is so right! Two of my girlfriends got majorly f****** knocked up with black babies on the same day by the same tall super-muscular dark black guy, and they were both still taking their f****** birth control pills when it hapened. Thats how powerfull a f****** black bull's f****** seed is: birth control is no protection for us at all. NONE. (The black man that knocked them up also knocked up an underage white girl around that time who was also on the pill and he f****** gave her triplets!!!) Unfortunately I cant have kids of any color so I never got f****** lucky like they did. I would give annything in the whole f****** world to get a f****** black baby in me. Sometimes I wonder if I metthe right f****** black guy could HE f****** knock me up even though the doctors say I will never have children and that I should not have them at all. But still I want to get black knocked up. Black knock up is the best knock up. I f*** a lot of blacks but no babies. I would even f****** w**** myself to a bull for a black f****** baby inside. God knows I would totally do that. He made me this way so He f****** knows. F*** I might just f****** w**** myself anyways and just hope that one of them f****** knocks my ass all the way up.

  • How are things going with your two knocked-up gfs? Did the two conspire to be knocked-up by this same black guy?

  • There was no conspiracy. They were on the pill and they NEVER thought that they would get preg. But when they did he told them they had to keep the babies because it was what he wanted. And they had to give it to him. That's just how this man is. It's always his way and they love that s***. F****** LOVE it. Women always give in. I guess I can't blame them because if he came after me I would give it ALL to him too. But I don't look as good as them (and I'm not blonde). Plus their looks are a huge part of the reason that their husbands never dumped them once the mixed babies popped (they never told their husbands about paternity before the deliveries). Another part of the reason their husbands stayed is that the bull told them they had to stay and he beat them both. But their husbands know they would never get new wives half as beautiful as these women or half as sexy or a tenth as nasty. Their mixed kids are 2 years old now and they are both crazysexhungry for new and more knockups from this bull. I don't think that's going to happen because even though he's f****** them still he started using condoms and he has knocked up other white girls since then (some very young). They are upset that he uses condoms but I keep telling them that they should consider themselves super lucky that he's still f****** them at all. Apparently he has a thing for f****** white mothers of his mixed children. They really don't know how lucky they are to have this man in their life and his d*** in their bodies. And to have his babies.

  • Some guys either know how to get lucky, or how to get what they want. I used to know how, but since I haven't knocked up any white women all my f****** life, I am starting to think I am simply a novice, lol. Lucky guy, lucky women...maybe the husbands are lucky too,hehe.

  • I have often thought just exactly what you said about the husbands, that they are secretly enjoying this situation and all the f****** their wives are getting, but I kind of get off on perversity like that especially in interracial relationships and where a much lesser spouse is sidelined for f****** someone else. As far as I know these husbands have never watched the bull do his f*** on these women but thats because the women don't want the husbands to see the threeways, which they have almost always done together since the beginning of the f******: it's kind of their "thing". That was the idea of the women, that they all f*** together most of the time. Although the bull likes that it's not his favorite way to f*** white women. He has relationships with a white mother and young daughter, too, although (I am told) he never does the two of them together: they both know he's with the other one, but there's no threewaying. He just f**** them straight up.

    As for you, you are surely no novice. You have a lifelong string of f*** success with white girls and women that few black men can claim: it's f****** impressive. It makes me f****** wet just to think of how much white p**** you've gotten into and f***** and satisfied with that big black c*** of yours.
    I wish one of those f****** p****** was mine. As for pregnancies, I think that God has something very f****** special and unique in mind for you, and when He makes it happen, the whole world will know about it. It will be magnificent and beautiful and memorable. He is preparing her for you right now and you'll be f****** her soon. Her parents won't like that she's with someone older than they are, but they will NOT be able to keep her off you. The two of you will f*** always and you will wear her out with f*** and pregnancies.

  • For what it's worth, I totally agree with ^this^. I think she will be young. Very young. Very, very, very, very, VERY young. The will make you uneasy when you first meet her.... but you will immediately know she is the one. More importantly......SHE will know she is the one. The attraction will be unmistakable, and irresistible. You will enter her body that very night, probably in an unconventional place (not your bedroom or hers, nor a hotel room, but rather a sideroom of meeting hall or an empty office or some such or a school room), and you will both know that you are meant to be. Meant by God to be together. You will impregnate her that night, and both of you will know it's you spill your magnificent seed into her womb. She will be pregnant, but you will continue to f*** like wild rabid animals. She will beg for more and you will give her more. Early on, you and she will go to her parents, seeking permission, and they will refuse to grant it, because of the difference in ages, yes......but more so because they are so so so white and you are so not. But both of you will persist, and you and she will prevail. The racist parents will know there is no way to get her off your d***. She is yours. And so is her baby. People will talk behind your back, gasp as you walk by together, shake their heads disapprovingly. But the s** will make all that worthwhile (she has those skills in her nature, just not in her experience) and then the babies will begin to come...... and you will forget the world. Eventually people will realize that the two of you are supposed to be together, and then the world will admire you. Envy you. Love you. And more white girls will begin to come to you. And more. And more and more.

  • I actually read that and liked it a lot. Then I laughed thinking this could really happen. I know for sure that two of the three black women I have had kids with could not stop at one. Some day, this quest could turn into a reality. What I am almost very sure about is that if I take my international vacation before January 2020, I will have two young black women knocked up. One has assured me and sends me ovulation dates regularly, the other will let me know tomorrow. At 35 and 25, I don't think any of them would stop at 1 each either.

  • May I interject here without having been part of this conversation? I'm so pleased to see that you realize you still have a responsibility to black women, and aren't so focused on your quest for white mothering (and white p****) that you overlook us. The two black women you mentioned MUST be taken care of and they deserve to have what they want from you. You have to see that these ladies don't just want babies, nor do they just want black babies: they want YOUR babies, and you have to oblige. You have to. You really must.
    The one already sending you her fertility/cycle data? You have obviously subliminally encouraged her in the belief that you will be with her and soon, and will impregnate her promptly. The other will contact you tomorrow and will begin a similar process regarding informing you of her ovulation and her availability. n the same way a child's delivery can be scheduled, so too can its conception. She is even more eager than the first, though she has come to the party late. Care for them both. DON'T YOU DARE NOT GO ON THAT VACATION!!!! Give them what they need and what you want so badly: to spread your seed further throughout the nations. You owe it to them both. Yes, you OWE it. After that, whether or not they want to stop at 1, you won't "owe" them any more than that. But for the love of God, darling man, why would you deny it to them? Why would you deny it to yourself????!?

  • I really admire your welcome interjection, hehehhe! You have sure made my evening. I had a rough day at work, rain started pouring down as soon as I got into my car and shut the door to drive home, I ate dinner by myself while watching pre-recorded 530 national news, then listened to local news about tornadoes and all that,then I decided enough of that and came to my laptop for some solace,and there you were! Not sure why I didn't feel upbeat but while thing about it here, I think it is because I am feeling overwhelmed by the developments of the last 2 days. For one, the 25-year-old told me today and 1 pm that she is ok with me being with her and she wants 2 kids, possibly a boy and a girl. She is a school teacher and at that age, a few years younger than my youngest daughter. Last night, a good friend over there that I was telling about my dilemma said the 25-year-old is too young for me, he suggested a 37-year-old high school teacher. He sent me her pic, phone number, text messages between themselves, and even a recorded phone conversation so I can listen and see if I like her voice. These are 3 fine looking college-educated women with good jobs in local standards. I think I may be biting more than I can chew, lol. I have been responsible for my kids though and I will always be involved and supportive. Being a father is one thing I love to no end and can't give up on. If you juxtapose the events of the last few days and my 6.1 years of craving a baby with a white woman, you can see how impossible my bi-racial mission is, although I am not giving up yet. I have many hours to burn and I have saved them for baby-making. I can't fail these mothers-to-be or myself. I can see 2020 kids and mothers for sure.

  • I'm so sorry if I made you think I wanted you to give up on having children with a white woman or women. No, that is not my point or my purpose. I want your seed spread far and wide, black and white. But please just don't stop knocking up those fine black ladies. And do not believe -- or allow your friend to make you think -- the 25 year old is "too young" or the 37yo teacher is "just right". NO!!!!! I think you already know that you should impregnate them both!!! And that you must also give one or more babies to the 35yo. All black children! Purebred black babies!! ALL BLACK!!!!!! You can surely still pursue your white dream, but oh my sweet dear delicious black darling! PLEASE tend to those fine black ladies!! Please work them HARD and don't stop EVER! I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a bad day, but please don't let yourself think of it or feel it was any type of omen or warning or sign. You need all three women, all three bodies, and you must go after them and get them. YOU MUST!!! Please make it your goal to schedule that vacation during the coming week. Set it up so that you cannot change your mind without losing or forfeiting money. Make it impossible for yourself to cancel the trip. Those women need you and you must respond. You must inseminate them. You must impregnate them! ALL OF THEM! You really must. I hope the coming week is better for you, and I hope you work h****** lining these ladies up......with their legs open. Stay in touch with all of them. Call or email every day. EVERY DAY. Ask about their cycles. Ask about their GYN histories. Be interested in their bodies. Keep telling them...."I'm coming there and I'm c****** in you and we are going to have a family." Please keep me posted on your progress. I want 2020 to be YOUR year! If the mothers of any of your current children give you any grief, you send them to me and I will make them understand how important -- how vital -- it is for you to be breeding.

  • Good to hear back from you again. I did not think at all that you wanted me to give up on the white woman. I clearly understood that you were urging me not to forget the black or any other race of women that I normally don't talk about. We are on the same page on this one. To address the financial commitment part you are talking about, I actually spent time yesterday shopping for a ticket. It may have been around the same time as when you posted your reply. I haven't bought one yet, but I need to buy it as soon as I can. I was doing that based on convincing ovulation dates I received from the 36-year-old lady, and since nobody knows her, I will post dates to give you an idea;

    Oct 5, 2019 - Oct 10, 2019, due date, July 2, 2020

    Nov 2, 2019 - Nov 7, 2019, due date, Jul 30, 2020

    Nov 30, 2019 - Dec 5, 2019, due date, Aug 27, 2020

    Dec 28, 2019 - Jan 2, 2020, due date, Sep 24, 2020

    Jan 25, 2020 - Jan 30, 2020, due date, Oct 22, 2020

    Feb 22, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020,due date, Nov 19, 2020

    I will try to get other dates and integrate them into a workable schedule, and then buy a ticket. I will need lots of energy, lol.

  • Just booked my flight few minutes ago. Dates did not line up quite as well as I wanted. I arrive Dec 4th and looks like the ovulation ends on 5th. But I will be there for Dec 28-Jan 2 ovulation dates. I have many others to worry about. Its soon going to be sowing season,God willing.

  • I really love your mind and the way it works, and the way you organize your thoughts. THAT IS SO RARE!!!!! We are, sadly, becoming a dumb species (whites AND blacks) and dumber people. But you brighten my outlook and my view of us as a people and as individuals, and so you give me hope. This is the reason that you really must keep breeding, black mothers and white mothers alike. You cannot stop: you must breed until you die. Your intellect and your way of thinking must continue if there is to be a better world. So yes, you must keep breeding.

    There are two things I probably shouldn't tell you, but I want to tell you so here goes. First, when I read your message above, it was still a couple of hours before sunrise here. Hubby asleep in our bed. Our final child (a daughter; the others are off on their own) asleep in her bed. So I went upstairs to the shower for the guest bedroom, turned on the water, and masturbated furiously, thinking about how -- for several months to come -- there will be three happy black ladies walking through the world simultaneously carrying your pure black children inside their black bodies (yes, you MUST do all of them), following the three best acts of conception in history. Those women are going to get the best f****** of their lives!!! And the second: if I were still in a condition where I could have children, there would be FOUR happy black ladies walking through the world carrying your purebred black children. I wouldn't let you NOT knock ME up: I would get on that black d*** and not get off of it until there was a little black baby up in there.

  • When I am on my laptop,I listen to music from around the world while doing whatever I am doing,even though I may not understand the words-I love the beats, looks, or whatever. While reading your reply,I was hooked on to You Tube and had just started to listen to what I later realized is Yemi Alade - Kissing(not the one with 6 million views,the 9.8m one, though you may like both).

    Anyway, after reading your first paragraph, I stopped,walked into my kitchen and poured myself a glass of red wine. You have my ego so elevated;your sweet sexy words just catapult me to another planet. I am so flattered that you had to leave your hubby in bed just to go somewhere private so that you can totally be focused on me,so totally erotic. Even if I never get to knock you up,I would just be satisfied just to have an opportunity to make love to you.You sound very sensual and lovely.

    I must tell you that while looking for tickets,I saw many flights where there is anywhere from 8- 23 hour layovers. I could not help but laugh while wondering if these airlines folks ever think of how people with missions like mine are in a hurry to get somewhere fast to change other people's lives by creating new one. While talking to my gf last night and telling her I need to travel,she said I should wait till next year.I wished I could explain the mission and the urgency to her,but I know she can neither understand, tolerate,nor condone. But it is something I must accomplish at any cost.

  • My darling man,

    I have been trying to get back to this page every day but the indication was that there were "no comments yet" and this whole place was blank. I've seen that before, but not as persistently, nor as infuriatingly, as was the case with your page. All the others seemed to be working fine, EXCEPT yours. That's an insult to you. And it's maddening to me because I was concerned that you might think I'd posted and split. So, I was glad to find it back up and (I hope) running this afternoon.

    I was somewhat familar with Yemi because she's done some collaborations with Rick Ross. I know about him because the daughter of a friend of mine has been in some of his videos. She's a tall, thin, beautiful black girl with the flexibility of a contortionist, and she's a great dancer. She swears she isn't f****** him, but her mother and I both say we would happily spread OUR legs to him if it would ever help her get more work with him . . . or even if it wouldn't help. :)

    I'm so happy to see you striving so hard to get to your goal, and to see it coming to fruition. I hate the layovers for you, because I know how hard that can be on a person, especially now that the airplanes are so filled with the trashiest people alive. Today's planes are like the buses of yesteryear. You need to be well-rested and healthy in order to properly and successfully do what's out in front of you, and to impregnate all those ladies right. I know you will do that, but I will pray that the airlines and the trailer trash in the airports don't make your work any more difficult. Please keep us posted about how all this goes. You can of course keep practicing techniques on your girlfriend, but be sure to save plenty of that rich cream for the lucky mothers-to-be. I envy them, and I admire you.

    With all my love.....

  • I appreciate and savor the love.I will keep you posted,and I hope you will stay in touch.

  • I will do that. Thank you for being such a gentleman. And let me say that I am tremendously flattered, and more than a little aroused, by the fact that I know something about what is happening -- and what will soon be happening -- in your life that your own special lady doesn't know. It makes me feel to be on the inside of a great occurrence and a great romance. Thank you for that.

  • I could not get in here for few days.I tried other posts too and they were working just fine except this one,lol. I just wait a few days and it shows up again.It went few months one time but eventually appeared when most people had given up. Not a week goes by anymore without me seeing someone acting weird or wild in a plane anymore,hehe.

  • There is a comedian (whose name I can never remember) who does a routine about people getting on airliners "in their pajamas". It's true. These people are trash. Just trash.

  • I married my husband 3yrs ago right after i graduated from college and we moved from the midwest to north california (for his work, not mine) which is where i started teaching high school. about a yr ago i started being attracted to one of my male students, a black guy with a rep for being SUPER hung and for throwing that d*** around among the school's white female faculty. once he realized how i felt about him and that d***...... he targeted me. he talked dirty to me and about me. he said he could smell me get wet when he was around and he was right. i caved soon after. then after our third time together he said he wanted me bareback from then on and - you guessed it - i caved again. no more condoms ever. and as you also would assume he knocked me up last spring. during the summer i found out that another of our white female teachers was also knocked up for him and she was going to beat me to the finish line: she delivers in mid-october and mine will follow at christmastime. two things about this boy. first....he knocked us both up even though we were both on the pill. and second......... he's now back for his senior year at the school and even though classes just started a couple weeks ago he's already f****** a new teacher at the school, another married white lady, this one in her early 40s. and he already has her riding bareback too. some days i think i'm going insane and am being stupid for not resisting him at all. but when i'm on that black d*** of his i think i'm the luckiest woman alive. for being so young (and not terribly smart) he certainly knows how to take care of married white women. we all just seem to melt in his presence. i wonder how many mixed race babies he will father at my school by the time he graduates. dear god how i love his d***.

  • Is there any follow up to this story? How did your husband react to your black baby? How did the husbands of the other teachers react? Are you still banging your black student?

  • Back in the early 90s, I got f***** 9-10 times by one of my black students. I got scared one day when we almost got caught (we always f***** in my classroom at the end of the school day), and so I told him we had to stop. By the time I got over being scared and tried to get back on him again, he had already moved on to another teacher, much younger than myself, and much blonder (and hers was natural blonde), and MUCH better built, so I never had him again. It was so sad, and it got even sadder because he soon knocked her up, not once but twice. I always regretted not being in her position, carrying and then raising his illegitimate children, and with her older husband knowing it was a student who got to her. I envied her and I still do. I would give anything to have been impregnated by that black boy. Our children would be in their mid-20s now. He was a god....just a f****** GOD. And I'm certain that there are a huge number of white women out here in there in the world who feel this way about you, as well, and who will regret not surrendering their lives -- and their wombs -- to you. Do not allow any more opportunities to pass you by.

  • Just noticed it has been 6 years!

  • Very exciting! Very well done! Very impressive! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • Thanks much for your admiration and support. It took all the leaders and posters to get here.

  • Sorry to intrude but I was one of the posters a couple years ago or so and I've been a beneficiary of this blog I must say. Although I had never been with a black man before that posting I have been with several of them since then and I have had LTR affairs with three blacks since then and my husband has no f****** idea at all what's up. Two of the three men I had the affairs with treated me like a queen and although the third treated me like s*** he was actually the one I loved the most. In fact he may actually be the only man I've ever truly loved. No black babies yet but there's always hope right? Thanks for your advice which is always golden. And thanks for always responding to those who write in with questions and for always making all your women WET!

  • Hello! Very nice to hear from you, welcome back. No apologies needed as there is no intrusion here. I would like to look up the post many from years ago to bring myself up to speed. What was your situation then? How does a married lady discreetly date three black men over the years, fall in love, and hubby is oblivious to each dalliance? No pregnancy, you must be very disciplined and careful!

  • Thank you for replying. I'm very happy to see you still around. The last time I had just gone to work for a new boss who was black and who was stirring my cunny and my fantasies but I was afraid to move. You suggested taking small steps toward him which I did and it worked like a charm. Anyway he wound up being transferred to another state (too soon for me) but that has led me to more love and heat and filth and has deepened my life so much. It has also made me much more depraved but yes I am still very careful in all ways (with the exception of that one rough man who I loved and lost: with him I was not very careful but very wild). THANK YOU!

  • Wild is bold and very sexy. Enjoy life to the fullest carefully:)

  • I'm a MWF27, my white husband is 46. We have one child, a 4yo girl: we firmly agreed when we got married to have only one. Until this summer, I'd never been with a black man. Then, my husband's partnership got a new part-owner in a refinancing. That man is black. He's 54 and he has a black wife and four grown black children. I know you've bagged enough married white women to know what happened between him and me (and why) so I'll just tell you he bagged me and won't bore you with details, save to say he's one of those men who always get what they want. Our sexual relationship has deepened to the point where he now wants me to start having children for him (yes, plural). He has ordered me off my birth control by September 1. He says there's something called a "depth charge" in the business contracting that he can trigger at will, without anyone knowing he's done it. I don't want to intentionally hurt my husband, but I also don't want to let go of this black dream that I'm living. I take him at his word that he can do what he says he can do in business, and to be honest with you, it would be kind of thrilling to watch him do it.......while carrying his children, one after another. He hasn't told me how many he wants with me, although he has acknowledged that, at my age, and in my physical condition (a former college scholarship athlete and still in peak shape), I could easily have "six or seven" of his kids. The only catches: (1) they would all be illegitimate, because he won't leave his wife, and because he likes the idea of mixed-race illegitimacy; (2) we would continue the affair forever, and I would keep myself only for him; and (3) he would be the one to disclose our plans to my husband, shortly before our first child is born. Again, he has convinced me that my husband won't leave me or stop paying the freight, because he won't allow it. There's more to say, but I want your input. I know no one else who could offer any perspective.

  • It sounds to me that you have fulfilled your marital agreement with your husband...1 child. So you should make another agreement with your lover for whatever number of kids you and he would desire. My daughters mother had the two as at 18/19, my son's mom was 23/24,and my other son's mom at 29. I think DRs prefer someone to have at least 1 kid by age 27, so you just in the right speed and stage. I must say tho whatever you planning to do could cost you your marriage and put your life in real turmoil unless your love sticks by you the whole way.

  • All those () reminded me of my grad school papers, lol. Let me just think about this situation for a day or so.

  • Well,let me take pride in writing comment #3000 while its still 08/08/2019,lol.

  • Did they archive this post again? They just can never leave it alone!

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