I'm a terrible, terrible person.

I'm horrible, honestly horrible. I used to be this great person with high morals- no s** until marriage, searching for the right guy, having these standards. And then I actually HAD s** with someone who didn't love me (which means of course I was in love with them), and they broke my heart.

After that I had two one night stands, and now I keep looking for more. I don't know if my heart is just screwed up from the first guy breaking it or what. But all I know is that when I feel the need for s**, I start thinking horrible, horrible things. Things like, who's my next "target" and how many guys I can get to sleep with. I start to look at them differently, trying to tempt them!

Gah! What's wrong with me? That's not the person I was nor do I want to be them! I want to be that girl that would blush at guys and didn't even know what s** felt like because now, now after the guy that broke my heart, it's like I use s** to mend my heart- even if it's just thinking about it or attempting to seduce someone!

And now, now I've got my target set on my younger brother's friend! He's two years younger than me! Everytime I see him, all I can think is that I want to get him into bed! Something is horribly wrong with me. I don't want to be that girl- I want to find a good guy, settle down, and have kids.

I'm such a horrible person.

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  • never get married,that's the key to happiness! I know some old people when they get hurt, it hurt as if they are a baby but they don't have a baby skin. Most of the time,they are lunatic, be very careful of that! some old people have crush on young single woman like you,and there is you telling them to go away,that's one thing that really make them being possessed, they don't understand when you are being true to them that you really just want to be single for life,they become more aggressive on hurting you. Sometimes you called them retarded for acting like that against you. you know old people get troops maybe not troops but a robotic troops, they force you to marry them,they are too selfish for giving you the freedom you want. they are so bitter and envying you. You giving them warning to get lost cuz you are honest on your feelings that you obviously don't like them! you are just being true, you don't kiss ass as a kat on the road. old people are so evil,never believe them. tell them go find a lost kat on the road,they are everywhere, perhaps there's another whale on the sea. tell these old people to get an ax when fishing,there's must be a big whale somewhere,good luck again!

  • OMG you are so f****** true and so f****** funny at the same time. you really deserve a freedom to be single! a true person! so hard to find. the old man must have a wide understanding to this, leave her alone! how dare these old man treat you like that. they must be so blind not to get you! she's right! there's always a whale or a lost cat out there! Don't be that bad old man! Heaven is watching you from a distance! Be nice to her. stay away from her,she is waiting for the old men to free her!

  • forget being horrible, you are a human,don't judge yourself. if people does not like you, let them be. single and s** is fun. relationship is no fun most of the time you get hurt and happiness always not there. but if you still call yourself "terrible,terrible" as long as you are happy, let it be terrible. long confession is useless :P get a f****** lawyer. LOL

    REMEMBER, to have more life is to stay single and happy, relationship is more terrible! Believe me! most relationship are not happy, some people force themselves to marry someone else just to mend their heart also, it's not only you :P you just made a fair choice for yourself. it is better to stay single than having a relationship. some hopeless force themselves to find someone else and they got themselves a kisser ass. :P

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