Cousin wanted me to stay

It was around 1o'clock in the morning and didn't want to go home and had my aunt's spare key on me,I thought i would sleep on her sofa but couldn't sleep so went upstairs to get a dvd from her bedroom,I turned her lamp on next to her bed and when i sat down i sat on a pair off legs,it made me jump as i knew she is working nights,the lamp next to her bed came on and it was my 13yo cousin,I said sorry did know anyone was in here and she pointed next to her and her 6yo brother was asleep,I forgot about a dvd and went to get up when she grabbed my arm and said i could stay and pulled the covers back,I asked if she was asking what i thought she was asking,I said we can't she said don't worry about him he won't wake up,I would of if he wasn't bin the same bed,I told her to come with me to another room,all she had on was a t-shirt she had already took off her underwear,when we got out of the room i took off her t-shirt she looked cute all bald and she wasn't shy at all,we got in her bed under the covers i was ready between her legs,I asked her if she was sure it's what she wanted and before i let her answer i pushed it in she let out a little cry and there wasn't any stopping me,all i was thinking was just pound away faster it was only after she told me she was trying to get me to stop because the headboard kept banging against the wall,I woke up to her saying i need to get out her mum will be home soon,my aunt even thanked me for staying if only she knew i gave her daughter a good seeing to.

Mar 16, 2021

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  • If she's this hot to trot as a 13-year-old, imagine how h**** she'll be when she's 15 or 16. Keep plowing the field and planting seeds and get her little ass on some birth control so nothing grows and watch her morph over time into an adolescent nymph whose entire sexuality was built up by you.

  • Lovely, I wish I was in your sister's place.

  • You don't like it yet still read them all,oh forgot it's the only way someone will chat to you

  • That’s a great age

  • What you mean great age lol

  • Not good.

  • 13 that’s too young but some girls do have older looking body’s. Should wait till she older. To f*** her.

  • Yes exactly because it can be more enjoyable

  • Yes they know how to f*** when older.

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