At one point in my life, I knew a girl who was willing to give up her entire world just to be with me... But I couldn't let her leave her husband,even though he was a chauvenistic piece of s***... that's history now.. but what kills me, is that my wife today isn't willing to give or sacrifice anything for me. I've given up the world I once knew and moved across the country. I could write a list of all that I've changed to make her happy, but it would just be too long. She tells me she'll make changes. nothing ever does. I tell her of my pain, she says nothing more than "I know" she's completely content with everything in our life, although i am discontent with nearly all of it. Nothing ever changes. she's happy. I'm glad she is, I do love her.. but im so sick of giving and giving without getting anything back.

I once had a girl willing to give everything just to be with me. Now i've got a girl i've given everything to be with.. and she wont give anything back.

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  • If you aren't divorced yet, is because you like it how your wife treats you.

  • She doesn't love you. When you love someone you aren't that selfish. Please divorce her and find someone who truly cares about you, you only have one life.

  • Been there done that, however i dated her (my ex) for 5 years and lived with her for 4 before I said to myself who the f*** is this chick and kicked her ass to the curb.

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