I think i am jealous of my sister

My sister is a very rich lady, growing up she always hangout with people that have money. My grandma raise us but that was my grandma favorite
Out all the grandkids. She got everything.my sister got pregant by a very nice guy who is also rich he passed away. He left my nephew with alot of
Money. My sister takes trips around the world,has the finest clothes,nice
House and car. Now me i have to work hard for everything,live in a broke
Down house,mess up car etc. i ask my sister to invest in a business idea
I didnt even need that much. If i had money like that i would look
Out for family.

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  • That's why I don't automatically respect people who are visibly well off. It really cheeses them off, which is a big perk :D but 99% of the time, they didn't earn it themselves. They're very good at rationalizing how they did, but they're lying to themselves. And the few people who do earn it (like techy types) often see that as permission to let their douchebag rage free. So if you've got shiny crap you flash around expecting to be worshipped for it, keep moving unless you want your ego punctured :)))

  • NEVER! NEVER! NEVER.... Invest in a business with a friend or family member!

  • Way to miss the point entirely. Switch to decaf while you learn how to read! :D

  • Way to miss the point entirely. Switch to decaf while you learn how to read :D

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