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I'm a guy age 20 and i have a minor problem, i wish i was born a girl. for the longest time now, i've had this feeling that i'm not really a male, i think more like a girl, i like the stuff that girls like, but when it comes to stuff like sports, guns, cars and getting "my freak on" i just feel out of place. i like girls but i just don't feel like i'm a guy, i have several friends who are female and one of them asked me if i was gay because i liked the same things that most girls enjoy, i was a little offended because i'm not gay, and i have nothing against gay people and their relationships,but it got me thinking. do i act that feminine to other people. know i find myself wishing that i could start over as a different person, so that i could avoid feeling this way. i've asked some one close to me what i should really do about this, but the response they gave me was a bit much, they said "get a s** change done, that way you can feel normal by your standards." but that not what i want for myself, i want to feel normal by my standards yes but not by changing my entire existence, my family would never accept this, and i don't want to lose them. i feel like i'm stuck in a hole in the ground and have no way of climbing out, while it won't kill me to be here, it's depressing, so what the h*** can i do to get out, if there even is a way out.

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  • You are right. Gender dysphoria is different from homosexuality. Do whatever makes you feel happy. I personally think (as a female) that guys like you, feminine acting, are perfect boyfriends. I dated a dysphoric male once and we watched a chic flic together and both enjoyed it. My point is, it is OK to be dysphoric as a guy and still like girls. You probably are also simply more attuned, I would say.

  • I am straight but secretly wear mini skirt and panties when alone.
    And I also felt for a very long time I was born in a woman's body.
    So if you want to secretly dress just do it.
    Because there are thousands now who are straight but like wearing woman's clothes.

  • Gender dimorphism is a condition in which the subject suffers from delusions of being in the wrong body specifically the s**. It is important to remember that you are a man (male) and always will be. It is okay that you don't like preconceived notions o what it is to be manly, like Rambo or He-man. It's okay to dress up and feel pretty. If it will really make you feel better have surgery or hormone treatments, and before you do make sure it is a change for the better. Don;t lose your whole life over this. It would be best to see a therapist about how to feel comfortable with your body the way it is.

  • I agree with this post except I must disagree emphatically with one thing: if you feel like you fit better as a girl, then be a girl. You don't have to "remember you are a man", and you aren't trapped as a man forever. Your body won't ever be the same as one that was born all female, but that doesn't automatically make you a man no matter what forever. It's all very fluid and complicated, but basically... if you decide you are a girl, you are one and that means other people should respect that. If not... that's fine too!

  • Some guys just don't like sports and that's it. Theres nothing wrong with you. Your probably very artistic and don't even know it. You need to explore yourself, search. This feeling of being a woman well. Maybe you should go into therapy, I go for therapy and Im glad I did. I have someone to talk to in a nonjudgemental environment. I think youll feel a lot better and stop asking people what they think cause nine times outta ten there telling you the wrong answer. They don't know what your going through. Best of everything to you.....

  • If your gender identity is different than normal, that's okay. You should do some research about gender stuff. Look up terms like genderqueer and bigender etc. as well as of course transgender. If none of those things fit you, that's fine. Labels are just labels, they have a purpose but they're not the end all be all. Just remember that the types of people you're attracted to has nothing to do with whether you're a girl or a guy. They're two separate things. Love from a guy born in a female body. <3

  • I kind of feel similiar to you in the fact that as a guy I have no interest in "macho" things. I think society and our families put too much pressure on us to conform to preconceived gender roles. If you have feminine interests but aren't attrached to men that if anything you're probably mtreosexual. Gggole it if you don't know what it is. Having a s** change isn't what you need. Self acceptance is what you need. Don't listen to the idiot poster who told you you are f*****. Many women prefer their men have similar interests as them. That doesn't make you a women. It just means you're not "macho" but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We can't change who we are inside.

  • When you say metrosexual, i keep picturing the south park impression, and i don't see myself like that. i do seem to be more in touch with my feminine side, but i'm not hugely into the way i look really, i mostly just try to feel comftorable with the what i'm wearing, so i'm not hugely flamboyant but i do enjoy what women like for the most part, i think this has mostly to do with the fact that my mother raised me with the help of all her female friends so i never had a male role model to get me interested in the "Macho" stereotype. i never really gave any thought to the chance that i might be metrosexual honestly, but i guess that makes some sense, so thanks this helps a bit.

  • That helps, You can just be a regular guy and not like sports or whatever. I'm married with a kid and never got into football.

  • You're welcome. Just remember sexuality isn't based on what one likes, its based on what/who one is attracted to. I mean how many "macho macho" men do you really see? I too was raised by my mother without a strong father figure but never considered myselef anything other than a man.

  • You have to realize that it is possible you can feel effeminate, but at the end of the day if women are what wind your clock, then buddy, the proof is in the pudding.

    I think you might have some gender identity issues, which is mainly learned from society "be a tough guy, fix cars, like football, etc". Horseshit. Find your own identity, while still chasing the occasional woman.

  • Okay so i think i get what your saying here, it's fine for me to be attracted to women even though i feel feminine and act more like a girl. but i get a little confused after that, are you saying that what i said is horseshit or the stereotypes about what a male should be is horseshit. and last question here how do i even start wit the whole finding my own identity bit?

  • Hmmmm....uhhhh....welllll.....you're f*****.

  • ...thanks, that's what i needed to hear from someone...

  • Well I replied an you didn't thank me.

  • I feel like a girl too when I wear my miniskirt and hose, prance around the room and self-suck the whole night

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