South park 201 should be uncensored,save freedom of speech now.

I really hate that my country of america, is under attack from with in our own country.I also hate that freedom of speech is under atack from so few people in america.i demand that south park episode 201 be uncensored.everybody needs south park episode 201 to be uncensored someday.someday south park is going to be uncensored.and things are going to be alot better in america.because we are not afraid of expressing freedom of speech.we are not afraid of anything in america.we must save our freedom of speech.we must uncenor south park,episode 201.we need to save americas rights of freedom of speech.freedom of speech is the first amendment of the constitution of the united is against the law to uncensor South Park 201.please save freedom of speech in show to the world.that we are not afraid of anything that may happen after south park 201 is america from censorship.

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  • This is me,and this is trey parker.we are married.

  • Ha ha ha anyone who watch's south park has to be a little immature themselves..... grow up a little in a couple of years you'll realize how silly you sound.

  • F*** you,Brad pitt.

  • Is that all you gotta say? I rest my case!

  • You should lay blame where it belongs and that is Comedy Central. They're the chicken s**** who gave in to the Muslim backlash that didn't want Mohammed portrayed. Oh and by the way Muslims-here is a picture of Mohammed:
    1 1

    Here's another one: ==============D

  • Welcome to My nation of sacred Doom.mail My a gun and join My future militia.i love for you to name our future militia of sacred Doom.

  • South Park? Seriously? What are you 12......who gives a damn?

  • South park is not for is for oldet teens and adults only.anyway.what i am saying is not the point.the point is that America is all about freedom of speech and censorship.i love freedom of speech,but i hate censorship of a show that does no harm to Islam and Muslims.Muslims should love south park,not hate south park for freedom of speech.uncensor south park 201,we will all feel a h*** of alot better.

  • Who's we all? I only hear you gripping, well there has to be some guidelines for an immature audience... but whatever the case maybe you'd be better of watching sponge bob.

  • Thank you for the advice,but for now i hate that f****** sponge known as spongebob,i grew up on pokemon and only pokemon and south park.these two shows prevented me from smoking and drinking do uou feel about that?
    Or instead how do you feel aboot that?.

  • Cool dude, whatever turns you on and keeps you ass out of trouble.

  • LOL What the actual f***? You're tripping mate. Haha!

  • What I meant to say was,its against the law to censor south park 201,sorry about that,it will not happen.i wish I could correct that mistake.anyway,do you think south park episode 201 should be uncensored someday.

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