Should i tell him?

I broke up with my boyfriend because of him, becasue i knew it wasn't right to love someone else while i was dating someone who i didn't even like as much. The guy that i love is waaaaay older than me but he has been there for me when ever i needed him, and for that i love him. and now he's leaving, and when ever i think about it i cry. sometimes i cry myself to sleep, other times i just lay on top of my bed and stair at the ceiling. currently im a mess. he doesn't know how much he means to me, and yes i know that we can never be anything, but i still will always love him, doesnt have to be as a lover, could be just as friends. i woulldn't even know how to tell him how much he means to me. i tried the other day, but miserably failed.

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  • If thats you K.S. JUST LET ME KNOW! I think we really need to talk.I never wanted to lose you as a friend and i would love to tell you why. J.M.

  • I don't think its the wrong decision but I don't think you can be best friends with him after that. It would be hard for both of you. I have been in kinda similar situation and we are "best friends" but we really aren't. He will eventually know so you either tell him or just let it go. Good luck..!!

  • Being honest with someone you truly care for can never be a mistake, and you can't fail at it, no matter what happens. It very well may not produce the outcome you hope for (or dream of), and may end badly, but honesty is its own reward. Tell this other man how you feel about him, what you want with him, and how you see the two of you together. He may surprise you.

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