I don't know what my problem is... but since i have started dating my boyfriend who is now my fiance i have gained 50 lbs... he has gained also. but last night he was trying to post something on his facebook wall (for the first time) and i told him he had to save the picture to his phone then upload it onto facebook using the app. so he saved it to his phone and then he went to his facebook app and i said here click on photo and it will let you upload any photo from your phone... well when he clicked on it he jolted away because it showed all the pictures on his phone which mainly consisted of other naked women and none of me... im supposed to be marrying this man next year and he has a ** ton of naked women on his phone and i know they are new because he got a new phone about a month ago and he inserted all numbers manually into his phone when i told him that verizon will do that for him he said no he didnt want a random person going through his phone. and to make matters worse our ** life ** because he is too large to get onto of me and i cant ** when im ontop of him... so its always laying down kinda like spooning but not really and he keeps falling out of me because his fat gets in the way or my ** is too big...
should i be concerned about all the naked girls on his phone who do not look anything like me not even close to body type or features? should i confront him? last time i confronted him about an old picture of his ex he was still carrying around in his wallet he took it out and put it in a book he reads constantly... his answer to that was it was the nicest picture she ever took. and to this day it is still in the book he reads almost every night and keeps in our bed side table! arggggg i dont know what to do!!!

Oct 9, 2013

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  • I think the first thing you should do is go on a daily walk for 30 minutes. You need establish a healthy pattern before you consider getting married. Put your wedding on hold. It will also help him if he joins you in exercising. Your both going to be miserable if you do not fix the obesity problem before you get married.

    The issues about him looking at pics of naked women are probably related to him and you being fat. He will always want a hot thin woman, but he will encourage you to sit around the house and eat with him because he will be afraid to be alone. Sounds like he is living in a fantasy world where he gets to ** hot chicks. Back in reality he can't ** you because he is too fat to do it.

    Can I ask a stupid question? Does he encourage you to eat a lot? Is he always ordering food and getting you more than you ask for? If he is, its his way of controlling you. He makes you eat and get fat and then he wants to get hard looking at other women? NOT a good way to treat

  • No he doesn't encourage me to eat but he doesn't say anything about it! I have a thyroid issue that I am workin on and fixing through diet and medication... And it has been working... But we don't eat out or order in we always cook!

  • If you have any doubts about marrying this man, put the wedding on hold. Don't get married because monies have been paid or venues reserved. And don't get married if you think things will get better. These things need to be worked out beforehand. For the photos, men are going to look. It's a little odd, because you two are engaged and have an active ** life. Are all the photos of legal aged women? That would be my concern..especially the secrecy. The one photo of the girlfriend would bug me too. And to use it as a bookmark is a slap in your face. Wonder how he would like it if you pulled out one of your ex's photos? His comment is disrespectful. Think you have some things to look at. You mentioned the weight gain, if it's something that you are willing to work on that could be a big difference not only in the bedroom but all other aspects of your life too. He may not be willing to work on his weight. But if anything, do it for yourself.

  • I feel your pain im ment to be marrying my boyfriend in march and have found out hes been texting another woman a ** of alot and lying about it....i feel angry upset and broken to the point of thinking do i want to marry a lier?? and ive come to the conclusion of do i **! Even though i still love him he has hurt me and i cant forget it. We have a little boy together which makes things even worse feeling rarther ** so i know how u feel. **

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