I keep wanting to start trouble

I live in a white trash, redneck neighborhood. I have trouble with three sets of neighbors. One is a older grandmother that is a loud mouth alcoholic. The next set is a young punk and his stuck up girlfriend. They have two bratty kids. The third set is an old man and his wife. These people all hang out together. The gossip, cause fights, beat people up, get drunk, and generally run the park. The manager seems to have his hands tied because the owner only cares about getting his rent. My problem is that I can't stand this crap and have called the police and have complained to the park manager. A month ago, when someone else had called the cops, they thought it was me and ganged up on me and threatened me and pushed me around. Things have been quite until today when the punk got in his Jeep after drinking and him and his buddy who also lives in the park and has a Jeep started roaring around, driving up and over wood piles next to the kids and then drove into a vacant lot and parked the Jeeps with two tires off the ground on a log. I called the park manager and said people are doing this. I didn't give names. He came down and they started screaming and yelling drunkenly at him and I heard them talking about someone, probably me. They call me an animal hoarder. I have 4 cats and a kitten. Two birds, three fish and a dog. All fed, clean and cared for.
My confession is that I can't seem to stop wanting to report them. I hate the fact that they act like this and no one does anything about it! Should I just keep my nose out of it and let them run the park, or should I keep reporting their actions? The only thing it is accomplishing is making me the target of their misplaced anger.

Oct 8, 2013

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  • I am a female age 26 and I use to live in a trailer park on the back side of LA and there it was a nightmare for me for the first five months and the manager wouldn't do a damn thing about it either so I got fed up with it one night when they were racing thru the park, tires squealing around the corner where I live suppose to be 10 mph speed limit and they were doing a good 50 so early in the morning I went out and sliced all four of their tires beyond repair.
    A week later the same thin happened and again I sliced their tires. I did it four time and blew out the drivers side windows with a BB gun four times and guess what they moved and now we have nice neighbors.

  • That's the only language they understand

  • Just Move! Just Sayin.......

  • You know what? F.U.C..K. you and anyone else who says this. That's all anyone ever says to regular people who are stuck with trash neighbors. So OP moves, and chances are they'll end up with different pieces of dog filth for neighbors, because they are EVERYWHERE. Explain why respectful people should have to go to the trouble and expense of relocating when it's not them causing trouble?! Every time a good person moves away, the trash/bullies win. Maybe they need a few good doses of their own medicine, including losing a body part or two or even their lives. Too much walking garbage on this planet!!!

  • F****** WORD

  • Start being friendly with them. Deceive them, make them trust you. After a while take advantage of the situation by f****** the old grandmother and girlfriend. Then tell everyone they know including the boyfriend and laugh.

  • Yea, no... I'm a female.

  • I wish I could tell you that you can fix the problem. But if the manager won't do it, and the owner won't do it, and the cops won't do it, then your only option is to move. Get away from this pathetic human garbage before somebody gets dead over their stupidity and selfishness.

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