I`m a man who never looked at another man until..

I`m a man who quite honestly who has never had even a tiny bit of interest in looking at another guy and being middle aged,married and plodding through life never thought i would.
That however all changed last year in a steam room at a local gym and nothing like that would ever happen again but i must admit i still get aroused when i start thinking
about what happened.
I done shift work SO would make an effort some mornings to
go to the local gym and most times you would only get a few guys around the sauna and steam room if any at all.
After a swim and shower it always felt good letting my towel reveal my nakedness with no one or a few there being naked anyway it was no big deal.
My favorite place was the steam room and being a double door you would here if anyone was entering but it was always empty so it felt you know nice letting my towel go completely in the hot steam and being naked and if i`m honest getting that aroused feeling.
My confession is on this particular morning the steam room
as i entered had for the first time i could remember there was this muscle looking guy slouched in the corner.Through not much steam we nodded to each other and for a split second my eyes could not help noticing his p**** not covered by his towel and it was way bigger than mine and sitting 90 degree to him so not to make eye contact although i was sure he saw me glance even though it was there as i nodded right in front of me.

I kept my towel wrapped around my waist but out of the corner of my eyes..b***** h*** he is starting to arouse himself.Not only that i could tell his towel had hit the floor as he put a foot up onto the seating and this man no that far away from me was fully erect and with a,well very big p****. I could here him silently groan and like a magnet and his almost willing me to move my head towards him i did. He gave a wry smile and new somehow that he had control of where i focused.
My eyes in that second or two left his and moved down and there i found myself staring at his endowed manhood but not only that i could feel my own p**** beneath my towel start to twitch and grow as this guy knowingly was getting me aroused and finally erect beneath my towel.He was rubbing himself properly now and gesturing with his head that he wanted to look at mine.The strange thing by now is that i wanted to show him and felt dirty but h****
as i pulled my towel off and with my hands pushing down i pushed my own p**** up into the steamy air.Looking at me his rubbing was frantic now and what seemed like seconds he groaned and i assumed he had relieved himself into his other hand.Well it took a long time to confess to you but it was hopefully worth it.Within seconds of his last sigh of pleasure he winked and was gone.My own p**** shrunk back down and before i new it i was driving home and almost in a state of shock and thinking i cant believe that just happened.Getting home i must admit i stripped off and rubbed myself off thinking about what happened.I still cant now really and something like that would never happen again I recently left the gym and even though i know i`m not gay perhaps it opened a little side of me that i never new was there.

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  • I would love to speak to you some more and exchange fantasies.

  • I'd love to speak to you also.

  • Would i of sucked him...now theres a question.At that particular time probably not as i was like a rabbit in headlights! I now enjoy looking at h**** penises and do wander what it would be like to put one in my mouth, So if my cards were dealt a similar hand in future and a decent looking guy gestured me over to suck him off then now i probably would

  • Very hot! Would you have sucked him?

  • Im a married man but find that so h****. So h**** that I started to play with myself and with seconds had a right h****** so i carried on and had a wonderful w*** dreaming that you were watching me.


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